Front porch Christmas decorating 2011


Welcome to our home!

This year the porch is decorated with a trio of wreaths on the door and greenery filled urns flanking each side.

Using sparkly silver ribbon on the wreaths and touches of spray snow on the greenery in the urns makes it feel like a winter wonderland.


The greenery in the urns was clipped from shrubs and trees in our yard, and a few sprigs of greenery are tucked into each faux wreath.



For height in the urns, I added a few longer twigs and sprayed on a little fake snow.


I added a few pinecones, snowflakes and silver ornaments.



Creating the trio of wreaths was a bit trickier than I imagined and I’ll explain in another post.

I get asked a lot about the iron piece on the stone wall; it’s actually supposed to be a door mat, but because it’s iron, it’s hard to stand on. So, it hangs on the wall instead.

I’ve been doing some baking and will post a few recipes soon.

Hope you’re enjoying this holiday season!

My Christmas 11 posts are here.

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Thanksgiving 2011 recap

Sharing a little recap of Thanksgiving before we get totally engulfed by Christmas.

Here’s my husband and me. It was so warm outside and extra warm in the kitchen with all the cooking going on that my hair was totally a limp mess. 2011_11_24_2991


My granddaughter Mia, enjoying some veggies and dip before the feast. If it has dip on it, she’ll eat it!

My daughter Dawn and her husband Scott.


Dawn and Mia are making green bean casserole. I planned on fresh broccoli, but the broccoli I bought was brown on the inside and bitter tasting, so I had to come up with something else.




She’s so cute, I love this picture of her cooking like a big girl.


My oven isn’t big enough for all the dishes, so I always end up using a roaster to cook the turkey. If I ever have another kitchen, it will have double wall ovens!nan2011_11_24_3011

Mia had a great time talking to my husband’s mother, Catherine, who’s almost 95.  Mia called her Nona, and told her she had pretty rings and earrings and pretty hair. She can be quite a chatterbox.




Care for a little Kahlua with your chocolate trifle?


It’s so good!dave2011_11_24_3020

That famous after Thanksgiving dinner snooze… grandson, Dave, a student at Pace university in NYC, was sleeping soundly with a smile on his face!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, now let the Christmas decorating begin!


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New Living Room Drapery Panels

The drapery panels for the living room are done! 
I make my drapery panels with the pillowcase method described HERE on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog. You know her right? She’s a big star in blog land and her tutorial is easy to understand.
Since I had no lining fabric in my stash, I ran over to Walmart for some cheap twin sized sheets and they couldn’t have worked out better. The size was perfect for lining these panels.
The method I’ve shown below is how I’ve previously made rod pockets.
This time I used Miss Mustard Seed’s method and added a piece of fabric to the back to create the rod pocket. Either method works well, I just wanted to try her way.
I used a regular old pencil to mark straight lines. It’s on the back, no one will ever see it.
The fabric was $6.00 a yard at Joanns. It was only 45 inches wide, so I added another 22 inches to get the width I needed.  22 inches was half the width. Actually 22.5 inches. So I cut a piece of fabric the length I needed in half and sewed it on the side to make it 67 inches wide.

And here are the new panels. Getting a decent photo in this room is about impossible…… least for me.

I really love the blue table and have some splashes of blue on the other side of the room, but it’s not quite done yet because I keep changing my mind about the wall décor.
Now, should I add a rug or not? Whaddaya think?I don't know smile

For fun I added these BEFORE pictures. The new room is so much lighter and brighter. Sun
So that’s it, on to the next project, which is cleaning up the garden and trimming shrubs and perennials. The weather is supposed to be great over the next few days so now’s the time.

I’ve got a few fall crafts and a great recipe to share soon!

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A Skirted table, what’s hiding underneath?

I’ve been busy sewing projects for my living room and skirting a table with burlap was something I wanted to do. For this project I even made my own piping, on the bias, no less! 21
First time I ever made piping! I used THIS tutorial.
Can you guess what’s hiding underneath there?a2011_09_05_1958
A wine rack, seldom used, dusty and old. It’s now skirted in burlap.
It was fun creating the tabletop vignette by using what I already had.

I seem to have a thing for twigs this year.SmileAnd burlap, moss, antlers…….
I had this old mirror for so long that I can’t even remember where I got it! I think it might have been from an auction.
Tennis balls covered with twine and fabric and a feather ball from a yardsale are nestled in moss to add to the organic feel.
That’s another sewing project completed and checked off the list. Next, the curtain panels. They’re cut and ready to be sewed. I had to get another rod, a very long dowel rod, and it’s up and ready. I bought some cheap flat sheets to use as the lining so this project will soon be complete too. Smile

I think I might be gearing up for a board and batten project next, we’ll see. Hubby is on board with it , woohoo!

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My Pathetic slipcovers

Dark colors and red dining rooms were the rage and I loved this black and red print fabric from Calico Corners. Several years later I grew tired of it, especially since the decorating trend has gone in the opposite direction and the dining room has been lightened up.

 I’ve been sewing forever, but never attempted slipcovers, so making slipcovers couldn’t be too hard. Right?    WRONG
 I used Miss Mustard Seed’s video tutorials as my starting point. She sure makes it look easy, but I think it takes talent too. There’s no denying that she’s got tons!

And so I began cutting, pinning the pieces together and sewing,

and ripping out and pinning and sewing again. Pathetic, huh?

Then I decided to baste it together.
Amen, that did work better for me. I could see exactly where to sew the seams. WooHoo!

The hardest part was the skirt and I did NOT add piping. Phew, that would have put me over the edge!

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Ta da!

It’s not great, definitely could be better, but I think I like it as it is, loose and casual.
Just check out those wrinkles. Aren’t they to die for? (snort) Wrinkles are so hard to get out of drop cloth fabric.

The back is just plain b o r i n g.

Here’s the spot I had the most trouble with. Since there are two chairs, I thought doing the second one would be easier. I would figure out how to make this better. That didn’t happen!
So now I own two (almost done) slipcovered chairs, wrinkled and puckered and lovely in their imperfections.
I honestly doubt that I would ever attempt to slipcover again, but have you got any tips on making slipcovers? Or a disaster story to share?

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Since I’m still not quite finished with the skirt on the 2nd chair I’m linking up to

Creative Kristi Designs

**I changed my mind about the gallery wall in the living room and am rethinking the whole thing. I still need to find fabric for the curtain panels and am thinking about skirting a table in that room that’s on the other wall.  Slow and steady………that’s how I git her done.

Please take a few minutes to comment on the blogs mentioned in this post. Design gives Back has helped many kids with cancer. You can help just by leaving a comment.

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Collage of yardsale finds

I wanted to create a gallery wall somewhere and since we don’t have high ceilings or  lots of wall space I decided to use the wall behind the couch in the living room.

wallThe old frame and oils were all found at yardsales and I think I got the birdcage at a thrift shop. If you remember Rhoda’s gallery wall…..she had a birdcage in a frame too.  Just call me copycat. Cat face


It doesn’t look quite right yet ……I still have to find a few smaller things to add before I call it finished and I’m working on that.  wall2Maybe when I find a few more pieces I’ll redo the whole thing, like hang the large framed piece on a different wall.  I like how the oils have the same subject matter but hate that dang thermostat!


The mercury glass lamps are from TJMaxx, I can always find great lamps there! Fabric across the back of the couch is from the thrift shop and I’m contemplating just what to do with it. The pear on the coffee table was green and I sprayed it white.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten on this room redo. I still have curtain panels to add and finish hanging things on the walls. And I’d love to add some kind of rug, maybe, I’m not sure about that.

On the other side of the room is a table makeover that I’ll be sharing soon.

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An Unexpected color on the front door

I was tired of the color of our front door and it did need a paint job so I decided to make a few changes.


I picked out these lights with a verdigris finish for the porch and garage when the house was built and loved them at the time but you know how that goes. They were faded and looking in need of help and it’s time for a new look.


I took the lights down, cleaned them up then gave them a few coats of black spray paint. This job was a pain! A real pain, with the heat and humidity and I forgot how to put them back together! But I finally got her done! Phew.


Here’s an old picture of the burgundy color. It’s a classic look, not bad at all.


Here’s the new look. Updated and a bit fresher. I like it, even though it reminds me of split pea soup. The color is Valspar, La Fonda Olive.

Do I need something on the door? I don’t want a wreath because there is already a big urn full of flowers, so what do I hang there?


Wow it is hot today. Sun I’m hanging my clothes out to dry in the free heat but I come in drenched. 

I’m psyching myself up to start a slipcover project, a good indoor project for a heat wave…..we’ll see how that goes! Fingers crossed 



Clean out that freezer!

Happy New Year! Are you ready to take a deep breath and start off the new year on a positive note?

The first few weeks after the holidays are the perfect time to get yourself and your home together.  Declutter and start fresh!  Magazines are full of organizing tips and stores have shelving units, baskets, plastic bins and everything you need to get started, on sale.

Christmas decorations need to be packed away and it’s the perfect time to get rid of some you don’t use. This year I actually got together a big box of things to donate or yardsale. Honestly, there are still many Christmas things I could get rid of but it’s hard to let go sometimes!

My drawers and closets are organized. It’s something I do on a continual basis and to keep everything in order you need to purge. Get rid of stuff! The more you get rid of, the more new stuff you can bring it! AND I do, guess that’s why I have a yearly yardsale.

But I do have some space yelling for attention.

The freezer! I’m taking everything out of the freezers to clean them and take stock of what’s lurking in there. Hope I’m not too surprised.


This freezer in the kitchen doesn’t look that bad, except for all the unidentified packages in the back that end up with freezer burn……..mostly roasts, fish and ground meat.


The freezer in the garage refrigerator looks pretty good, but again, stuff is crammed in the back. I bought turkey on sale at Thanksgiving, shrimp at New Years and ham at Christmas. We do love carbs too……snack cake, breads, rolls, muffins, waffles and pizza. DiGiorno, of course! Where are all the healthy vegetables? Gotta work on that…………Cleaning out the freezer gives insight into your eating habits too.

So don’t forget the freezer. Got something that’s been in there for years! What’s lurking in yours?


Debbie (((xx)))

Girl party on the patio

Recently I hosted a  jewelry party on the patio.  I invited a few girlfriends over to a Premier Designs party. It turned out to be a perfect evening for outdoor entertaining.collage
Snacks are expected. So what do you serve a bunch of women on a warm evening? Some snacks that aren’t too heavy, because no one is going to do more than nibble, but you want to have a nice colorful selection and a great cool drink.
Since it was a Premier Designs party, I dubbed the drink a ‘P D tini.’  Non alcoholic. Blue elixir, fizz, over ice, garnished with cherry and lime. 1
This simple drink was such a hit. I think because of the way it was presented, it was festive and fun. The chalkboard was just a piece of old paneling sprayed with chalkboard paint. (Edited to add this post to the Chalkboard party at Beth’s blog, The Stories of A to Z. She’s a talented PA gal who has a fun and fabulous blog! Having a portable chalkboard like this one has so many uses, everyone should have their own. Think yardsales, picnics, cookouts, lemonade stands and lots more!)
To make it mysterious, I didn’t share the ingredients until the end of the party.
Blue elixir=white grape juice and food coloring.
Fizz=ginger ale.
Simple as can be!

My large white pitchers handled this job prettily! The chalkboard labels came from etsy and I can think of hundreds of ways to use them!
I served 2 cheeses, and green and purple grapes on a double white pedestal,  strawberries and fruit dip (recipe follows) on a big white platter and for something crunchy, I mixed pretzel sticks and goldfish crackers and served them in a large round lidded, clear glass canister. It was a pretty spread but I was too busy to get any pictures so these pictures are a mini re-creation!
Something sweet, inspired by Paula Deen was frozen margarita dessert. I skipped the tequila.
(Take from Paula Deen’s best Desserts magazine.)
Here’s my fruit dip recipe.
Mix up equal parts of softened cream cheese, marshmallow creme and cool whip. That’s it! Have you ever made this? It is some seriously good stuff. It’s fluffy, heavenly, yummy!pdtini

Mary Kay, Tastefully Simple, Pampered chef, Longaberger, Arbonne, Southern Living at Home…I think these are still around. Are you into home parties, like 31 Purses, Miche Bags or tupperware? Is tupperware still sold at home parties? I’m going to a Miche bags party on Saturday and am looking forward to some girl time.
Home parties, love em or leave em…I’m somewhere in the middle. The only other home party I hosted was Mary Kay, how about you?
I’ll be showing you all my goodies on Thursday! Come on back to see all the bling!

Another chalkboard project HERE.

Tour the patio

The patio is furnished mostly with trash to treasure makeovers from yardsales and thrift shops, come on, I’ll give you a tour.
My old baker’s rack got a coat of aqua spray paint. The boots, basket, green pitcher, white Haeger planter and bunnies are from yardsales. And there’s a glimpse of an old door waiting for it’s new home. (another project) The lime green food dome is from Big Lots.
IMG_2011IMG_2012   IMG_2020
There are pair of boxwoods and spruce trees among other planters at the entrance.
This old wicker planter was from a yardsale  and was just 5 $. It’s seen better days but I still love it.IMG_2021 IMG_2026
You can get an idea of how large the patio is from this shot.
A real treasure from a yardsale was this vintage wrought iron patio set, 20$! The small rug at the door is from

IMG_2013  I love this shot… swing…ahhh! This large rug matches the smaller one and is also from The rocks on the bench are to keep magazines from blowing away.IMG_2001
Opposite the swing are the adirondack style rockers. The small black table was free from a yardsale. I love this big rug!
The curbside desks were turned into plant stands.IMG_1995
Pillow and shell book from yardsales are on the old Hershey break room bench.IMG_1982
My Mom used this old dresser in her bathroom and it was stored in my basement waiting a makeover.
I sprayed it lime and aqua and used a marker on the plastic knobs. It’s a great place to keep magazines, paper plates and placemats.
The clock and cage are from yardsales.

This mini fridge might not be too pretty but it sure is handy on the patio. Just help yourself to an icy cold drink.IMG_2016
IMG_2017Another treasure is this white tray table, 5 $, yardsale. I keep it near the back door so it’s close  when I want to bring out food. Holding the fridge is a curbside find, an old washstand that’s missing it’s doors and now has a little curtain hiding shoes, plant food etc. I think someone started to strip it and gave up. I like it just the way it is.IMG_2027
You can see the watering cans lined up on the storage bench. Right beside is where you step down to the grilling area. Our old patio set is at least 20 years old and was sprayed black a few years ago.  The cushions have been replaced several times but the set doesn’t wear out so it’s working just fine for me. I’m always tempted to buy a new set, especially when they’re on sale, but don’t think I will.  Looking at this shot I think I need another rug for the other side of the patio. What do you think?
The chandelier is an old one I had in the basement, sprayed and branches added. I’m into branches…..they’re free….lol.  I love the way they look and the organic feel. Add some votive candles and it’s a candelier!
IMG_2023IMG_2028I got this firepot from my daughter’s for my birthday. I love the colors and it coordinates perfectly with the colors out here. It’s the neatest thing. Are you familiar with firepots?  You use gel fuel and it even crackles when it’s lit. It’s so nice out here after the sun sets and the fire’s lit. Apple green candle is from a yardsale.
  I’d like to spray the plastic storage bench we use to hold the cushions and get another rug. I can see some larger pieces on the wall above the doors and windows and some tall palms, so I will be on the lookout for the perfect pieces. But for the patio’s first year in use, I’m happy.
I never imagined this would expand our living space so much. It’s where we have breakfast and read the paper, eat meals, entertain and just sit and relax and swing of course! The vintage patio set is shaded in the morning  and the other side of the patio is shaded later in the day.  What a great space and we are sure enjoying it.  Hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for stopping by!

Linked to The power of paint at Domestically Speaking. All of these things were spray painted:
wicker planter, swing,
both patio sets, old Hershey bench, little blue bench, old dresser, baker’s rack, flower pots, school desks, adirondack chairs and chandelier and both birdcages!   Phew, I think that’s it.
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You can see more of how the patio began here and here.

Debbie (((xx)))

Unexpected Visitors at the Bungalow

We’ve been receiving gifts on our patio that were too big to be left by the doves that roost on our property and were wondering what could have left them for us. It could have been a red tail hawk because they’re always stopping by.

Then we say him, Mr. Mallard! He’s all ready to strut across the patio and leave more poop gifts.

DSC03471I took these pictures through the window and he didn’t seem too concerned. DSC03474Mrs. Mallard is always near. We always see them together. Because we were inside I couldn’t get a good picture of her, but while he was standing by, she was in our tiny pond with her head under water and her butt in the air. It was hysterical!

DSC03469Hysterical because our pond is tiny. It’s all of about 3 feet by 5 feet. Mr. Mallard was probably saying something like, “You go ahead Dear since there’s not enough room for us both.”

Picture 043

This is a picture from a previous year. See how tiny the pond is!

We see these ducks every morning. It’s so cute to see them strutting by the back door as we’re having coffee. They must have a nest nearby. I just hope Mrs. Mallard doesn’t plan on letting her brood play in our pond.

We’ve lots of doves, yellow finches, robins, an occasional mocking bird or blue jay and of course about 19,000 bunnies, or so it seems, and now ducks too!

The bunnies can go but I do hope the ducks stay a while, I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Spring!

~It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like~

A white turkey day! Look at the beauty we awoke to this morning. This is our backyard covered in fluffy snow.
I love how the trees look coated in snow. I couldn’t quite grasp the holiday spirit the day after Halloween that all the stores were pushing, but this should help to bring on the spirit.With Thanksgiving coming quickly, I know I’ll be cooking the same tried & true favorites. Here’s our menu,
roast turkey with gravy
warm rolls
Cole slaw, which is wonderful on leftover turkey sandwiches!
cranberry sauce, must be canned, isn’t that sad?
Pa dutch style potato filling
glazed sweet potatoes
baked corn casserole
green vegetable, probably broccoli
deviled eggs

two different desserts
There you have it, I planned this menu carefully, keeping the carbs to a minimum………of about a million.
Giving Thanks

What’s on your menu? Do you ever try new dishes or does your family demand tradition? Whenever I try to deviate from the menu I hear grumbling, how about you? You will find more Thanksgiving ideas over at There is No Place Like Home.

My H is home from the hospital now & he keeps me hopping! He’s got so many pills to keep track of, plus an ice machine that keeps his knee iced, a machine the bends his knee, a cane, a walker & a thing that looks like a dog leash that helps him move his leg around. But, I do have to say, he’s in extremely good spirits and that helps me so much. I was expecting him to be a bear!

~Harlequins & Valances~

I‘ve had some requests to explain how to do the harlequin pattern. Well, here’s the thing…I’m not quite exactly sure how I did this…I have a tendency to jump in & fiqure it out as I go. But, I’m going to try to explain how to do it. Here goes…….

*First paint the wall the background color, that would be your lighter color.

*Next get the exact center of the wall. You can use a chalk line to go from top left to bottom right & vise versa. The center of that X is the exact center of the wall. Put a dot in the center of the X. It is the center of your first diamond.

*Measure the length of the wall to determine the width you want the diamonds. Pick a # easy to work with.

* Measure the height of the wall to determine the height of the diamonds. What I mean by this is to pick a # that will give you full diamonds at the top & sides of the wall…….if that is what you want. You can see that I didn’t to that because I hadn’t thought it out all that much!
This iron planter with a harlequin design was a $6. yardsale find.
* After you have determined the size of the diamonds, you work out from the center on a level horozontal line, placing a dot the width of the diamonds. REMEMBER, the center dot is the MIDDLE of your first diamond so your first dots going right & left are 1/2 the width of your diamond.

* On a level vertical line do the same for the height of the diamonds. Work out from the center, again, the center dot is the middle of your first diamond.

* You just keep doing that until you have the wall laid out, then you connect the dots. You will need to put horozontal dots on one row & vertical dots on the next. This probably doesn’t make sense but it will once you get going.

This may sound complicated but it’s really not. You could try a template or a stencil but you’ll still have some measuring to do.

When doing something like this, where you need to make marks on the wall, I use colored pencils in a color close to my paint color, they blend in well. The fleur was a stencil. I was thinking of using a bee but couldn’t find a stencil I liked.
*Tape off small sections at a time & start painting. That’s it!

Anyone who’s done this pattern, please feel free to jump in here with any advice.

Now to the valance………I’ve had some questions about the pattern & how it’s hung.

The valance is hung on tiebacks from one of my favorite stores, Big Lots! This McCall’s pattern(3632) was meant to be hung on a rod from the 3 rod pockets, but I wanted to try & stagger it with these fleur de lis tiebacks. Underneath this tassel cording is a rubberband holding it on the tieback. Play with it until it suits you, then wrap the tassel around the tieback & fabric.

I hoped that I answered all your questions. Please feel free to ask anytime……I’m complimented by your asking….I may not answer immediately, but I’ll get to it. I’m glad to be able to help anyone with their projects.

~Out with the Old~

In with the new…..
At this time of year people are thinking of new beginnings, clearing out clutter in our lives & in our closets. This past week I managed to clean out the pantry, back hall, hall closet & a bathroom closet. All the Christmas decorations are neatly put away & organized by color in plastic bins. Still, there are lots of things my H would like to see out of here! Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things, but I’m resolving to try in the new year.

This year has a huge change in store for me, I will be retiring. The official day of my retirement is April 1, April Fools Day. I sure hope that holds no significance! I’m starting the official countdown to retirement…..90 calender days, 58 working days! OH MY…what a change in my live! I’m looking forward to spending more time with Mom & the rest of my family & doing so many new things. Some possibilities are, tap dancing class, yoga or tai chi, taking a photography class, studying a foreign language, doing volunteer work & joining a gym. Finally I’ll have more time to work in the garden & I can blog all day if I want to! At this point I’m really looking forward to this new time in my life & hope that I can keep the negative thoughts at bay, like…I’m old, I’m retired, I’m old! I have to remember that I’m taking an early retirement package & what a blessing it is. I’ll be posting more about my job in the next few months as I get closer to the big day.

Here in central PA we usher in the new year with the traditional meal of pork & sauerkraut & mashed potatoes. Pork and sauerkraut is a Pennsylvania Dutch New Year’s tradition dished out in many midstate homes, firehalls, churches and restaurants. Superstition has it that because a pig roots forward, eating pork on New Year’s Day helps a person move ahead. Yesterday we had my MIL over for dinner because she just loves sauerkraut. She really enjoyed it & I dished up a plate for her to take home. We had a visit from h’s daughter & g’kids and played several games of concentration with the kids. It was fun….Samantha beat us all! I think she’s a psychic five year old! How can she know where the matching card is so quickly ?
Wishing ALL a very good 2008!

~Me= Martha wannabe~

This is a picture of the 200 year old house we used to live in, yes it was snowing. Back then I was a real Martha wannabe. I ADORED her & all she did & I wanted to do it to! She inspired my cooking, gardening & just about everything else. I made her turkey with herbs under the skin. It was easy to do & pretty, I thought. You put your hands under the skin to separate it from the meat & place the herbs in a pattern, it was supposed to resemble a mosaic. The whole meal was based on her recipes, not the standard Thanksgiving fare we always had. WELL…..Never again will I go through all that. My family turned up their noses at wine poached pears & roasted root vegetable gravy. My husband wanted his jellied cranberry sauce out of a can, not homemade! The turkey was cooked covered with cheesecloth…I don’t remember the exact recipe…it was very good though….but the whole meal was so much work! The turkey was garnished with home grown sage. Wasn’t it pretty??!!
Her pie dough, pate brisee, is the only pie dough recipe that works well for me, but I don’t care for her apple pie recipe. These old pictures make me laugh at how I staged them…..LOL
This is a black forest trifle…..the cookies on top were made from her cookie cutters. I have about 8 sets of her giant copper cookie cutters. One year I made a personalized cookie for everyone I knew & wrapped them up prettily in cellophane. It was during those crazy years that I had a Christmas party & made everything myself except the bread. I made all the appetizers, 2 main dishes & a salad with a dressing made with blackberry brandy. I cleaned & decorated, shopped, cooked, made centerpieces, planned the music….ugh… was too much for one person & it was then that I started to realize that Martha didn’t do all this by herself……what was I thinking? But she has inspired me to not be afraid to hide the fact that I like things like cooking, gardening & creating a nice home. The last time I was inspired by Martha was when she was released from jail wearing that great crocheted poncho that a fellow inmate made for her, I loved it, so I learned to crochet. Now I never watch Martha & rarely visit her website…..I’ve fallen out of love with her & I’m so glad! So what do you think about Martha, has she inspired you?

If you’re feeling like doing something a bit different with your turkey this year, you might try the herbs under the skin. Wow your guests & they might call you Martha too!
Behind the trifle is a limestone wall in the kitchen of the old house. We removed the horsehair plaster & had the stone repointed. It was beautiful.

~A Bath & Pajamas~

One of my favorite things to wear & buy is pajamas. I’m a pajama gal, like Oprah, no nightgowns or lacy things for me….I want my comfy pjs.The light colored flowers under the scotties is the only nightgown I own. I wear it but it’s not as comfy as pjs. Out of season pjs are stored in a big plastic storage box under our bed. Since the weather is getting colder, it’s time to switch them around, that’s why they’re all on the bed in the guest room.

I have scottie dogs, polar bears, red hatters, comic strip pjs & diner pjs. There’s mooses, stripes, lots of florals, plaids & polka dots! Do tell now, how many pairs of pjs do you own, or are you a lacy nightie type of gal?
I once had a pair of Pjs that I just adored. I loved them so much that I would iron them & hang them on a padded hanger & they were just a pair of flannels. They had red, white & blue pinstripes & were mens pjs. Can’t really say why I loved them so much, but I sure did! Now they’re cleaning rags. I think I’ll wear the pretty pink & black toile tonight……….Now that my pjs are picked out it’s time for a hot relaxing bath…. We have a wonderful whirlpool tub that is so underused, we’re mostly shower people. Tonight I decided to soak my cares away…..& I DO put bubbles in the whirlpool! I know you’re not supposed to but sometimes we just need the warmth of those fragrant bubbles encircling us. So just lay back, close your eyes & listen to the sounds of the whispering bubbles as they work their magic. If you leave the jets on, the bubbles could reach the ceiling! Fun!
Swirling bubbles, steam
A testing toe hesitates
Glide into the bath

Thank You KJ for the lovely giveaway prize. After the bath I’ll be enjoying a cup of wonderful flavored tea…I really enjoy slowly sipping a cup of hot tea. She also sent a lavender sachet & a pretty tag along with the beautiful teacup, pumpkin biscotti & book. I was thrilled to win!

My dear hubby, Mr. B, came into the bathroom as I was readying the bath, “Why is the camera in here?” “I’m taking pictures for my blog.” ” Are you putting nude pictures of yourself on the internet!!???” “Yeah, now get outta here!”

~Monday’s this n that~

Here’s the yardsale Kirkland’s bunny picture hung finally. We sure do have a way of procrastinating around here. All the tureens were found at thrift shops & yardsales. The 3rd from the right is my latest find, just 75 cents at Goodwill. Guess I have enough now as there’s no more space. haha
The walls are not quite as dark as in the picture….I just can’t take a good shot in this room. After the chairs were covered in that bold print from Calico Corners, I thought …oh no…..I hope I don’t get tired of this fabric, but I’m still lovin it. I made the WT with fabric from Hancock’s and embellished store bought pillows for the chairs.

Kj at eye-dyllic is having a contest, a poetry contest. Now don’t roll your eyes, go over there & give it a try, it’s easy & addicting. Her blog is chock full of beautiful words! She has an amazing gift. On a previous post she challenged others to write a nonet. Don’t know what a nonet is? Find out here. This is my nonet.

The wordsmith weaves her world around words,
Dictionary and thesaurus–
Tools of her double edged swords;
To amaze others, yet,
No triumphs are met;
Never she speaks
As her words
Can’t be

DebraK 2007

Special thanks to Joan @ Joan’s Journey & Kat , JustaBeachKat, for the Christmas spirit Award. Thank you gals so much! It’s fun getting awards….kinda warm & fuzzy!

One more tidbit….I’m at 91 posts, when I reach 100 you know what! A giveaway!

~Ugly Potting Bench Redo~

Before…..full of junque.After………..I gave it a black wash with craft paint & Voila!….. still lots of things, but now a spot with a purpose.

I had this potting bench in my craft room. It was holding knickknacks & stuff, really serving no purpose. Now I have a pretty spot for wrapping gifts & packages & holding ribbons, of which I have tons….lots more than pictured here!
Here’s how I used the chicken wire I found at a yardsale…… added it to the back to hold cards, addresses or notes. Scissors are hanging on hooks & the drawers are big enough to hold my note cards, tags, markers etc!

The front is skirted with scrap fabric & hides tissue paper, bags & boxes. I’m happy that this project is done! We’re having a yardsale in 2 weeks….I need to do some serious decluttering, especially in this room.

One woman’s junque is another woman’s junk! Ah well……..