I Painted our tile Backsplash, yes I Did

After adding upper cabinets in my kitchen, painting it and giving it a whole new look, I decided the gold backsplash wasn’t working. I guess I wasn’t thinking that far ahead when I was thinking about freshening up the space. I hate when that happens, don’t you? All I could think about was a shiny, new subway tiled backsplash. I love the fresh, clean look, but realized that change wasn’t going to happen soon, so I came up with plan B, my substitute for subway tile. upper-cabinets


The gold backsplash was great with my old kitchen and really wasn’t that bad with the new look. It was the gold I wanted to be gone.

tile backsplash painted

Plan B was painting the tile. It was a quick and easy solution. I used plain old flat white paint. Because of the texture of the tile, I didn’t think a shiny finish, like subway tile, would look good.

backsplash painted

I didn’t cover every nook and cranny completely to emphasize the texture of the tile. It looks more like a whitewash.

kitchen painted backsplash 2

It really looks so much brighter.

kitchen painted backsplash

So there’s the new look! It’s working for me now. I’m almost certain that I’ll get tired of this too! Confused smile  Who knows what will be trending next?


It looks pretty with pops of bright colors.

kitchen plants

Here’s a closer look at the tile and my pretty old cheese box filled with plants. Hope I can Keep them alive!

Next up on the interior project list will be painting but that will have to wait until all my work outside is finished. I’ve been enjoying working in the garden and getting the flower beds ready for summer. The weather has been just about perfect for working outdoors and it feels great to be outside. We’ve got some power washing to do and I need to paint the shed door but it’s looking good.What have you been up to?

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Healthy eating, vegetable hash

After the sickness of this winter, I was feeling better but still had no energy or strength. I’d start to do something and quickly run out of steam. I even had to sit down to fold the laundry. All I wanted to do was lay on the couch and knew I had to get over that fast. My desires were to get outside and do some gardening or work on projects inside and I needed more energy for that.

On instagram I saw lots of pictures of the Paleo diet, clean eating and whole30. I starting thinking that maybe a change in diet would help and boy did it! I feel lighter and have much more energy and an added perk, it’s so much easier to fall asleep.

My new way of eating consists of vegetables, lean meat, fruits, nuts and berries, whole grains and some dairy. It’s not strictly Paleo but it’s working for me. Grains, dairy and beans aren’t part of the Paleo diet but I’m not ready to give up whole grain bread or beans, I just eat them sparingly. Today I had one slice of a good whole grain bread and that will be it for today.

veggie hash and eggs

Part of this new way of eating it trying out new vegetables and recipes. You can make a great vegetable hash to eat with eggs. It’s a colorful and filling breakfast.

veggie hash

I diced onion, orange bell pepper and parsnips and cooked them in a sauté pan with a little coconut oil. The vegetables browned up nicely and then I added a big handful of fresh baby spinach and let that cook a bit more. I served it with some eggs over easy and a side of sliced tomatoes. It was so good!

veggie hash and eggs  2

I’ve always loved vegetable but now I’m eating new ones like kale and parsnips and am loving them too. I’m using coconut oil for cooking and delicious balsamic vinegars for dressing salads or just drizzling on vegetables. As far as sweets and packaged, processed foods, I can’t say I will never eat them. If I get a craving for a slice of cake, I’ll have it but not often. That’s the key for me sticking to a healthy diet. It would be a sad state if I could never again have a yummy treat. ……but just a little. Send a kiss

Come on over to Instagram! I’ll be posting photos of the good food I’m eating.

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe to share?


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About my recent absence from blogging

Recently blogging has been on the back burner. I didn’t even get all of my Christmas or Valentine’s decorations posted…sigh. I wanted to, but the energy to do that simple task just wasn’t there. I was sick all winter. It started immediately after my father passed away and I thought that I may have caught a bug from being in the hospital with him. Because the holidays were fast approaching, I went to the doctor immediately.  He gave me a refill on my steroid nasal spray and a different antihistamine. The very next day I was much sicker with fever and chills. This time I got an antibiotic and thought after I finished taking it I would be fine.

I wasn’t. I kept getting worse! The cough was unrelenting and my sinuses sounded like squeaky floors.I was coughing so much that I could barely speak.

 snow 2013 Dawn's

To make it even worse, I was stuck at my daughter’s house in snow. Another snow storm hit after this one! There was a lot of snow.

When I finally got back home I went to the doctor again for yet another antibiotic. I don’t do well with antibiotics, while they took care of my sinus infection, I ended up with some awful intestinal problems.


Guess what?? I needed another antibiotic to get over the crud in my gut! That’s 3 different ones, cipro, augmentin and flagyl!  At one point I was so sick that I went to the ER and spent the day there getting rehydrated.

It took about three months before I started to feel better. After all this I’m determined to be healthy. My diet has changed drastically. I shop the outer aisles of the grocery store now and try to stay away from processed foods. My diet consists of vegetables, lean protein, fruits, nuts, whole grains and low fat dairy.


I’ve always loved vegetables and now I’m eating avocado, kale and parsnips which weren’t in my diet before.

Collage junk food

Fast foods and sweets aren’t a daily part of my diet like they were before. I will eat something sweet if I’m really craving it but that hasn’t happened too often.

So that’s the scoop. It’s been a rough winter…..dark, cold and sickly for me. I’m feeling better and the sun is starting to shine, flowers are growing…..things are looking up!

How did you manage the winter? Did your family get hit with virus and flu? Got any tips for staying healthy?

I ‘ll be sharing my recipe for breakfast veggie hash soon. It’s good!


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Re-purposing a coffee table into a kids table

Some pieces of my Mom’s furniture I just couldn’t bear to part with after she passed on.  I kept her living room tables and use them in my family room. They’re really sturdy and will last generations. The coffee table I wasn’t using, so I decided to re-purpose it as a kids play table.

I had to remove one leg on either end to accommodate the chairs I found at the thrift shop. I moved the legs out to make a wider space for the chairs and reattached them with glue and corner brackets. I also added wheels to make it easy to move around.
The little chairs were a great find at just $1.10!  I spied them at a thrift store and they were mine!
table tea party
I painted the top with chalkboard paint and the rest is Annie Sloan Provence. I love that color! The pouf is from Target and looks so cute with this set! I gave it to my granddaughter Mia for her birthday.Now it’s the perfect spot for tea parties. tea party2
tea party brackets
If you look closely at the leg you can see the corner brackets that I used.
chalk table
Alzheimer’s had already claimed Mom so she never met Mia but I’m sure she would approve of the way her table is being used and I’m happy to be able to give it a new life, even if it feels bittersweet to me.

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