Halloween tablescape

Using items I already had, I created a last minute table setting for Halloween. A cloche, some old bottles and a collection of things like pine cones and a twine pumpkin are lined up on an old weathered board in the center on the table. I gathered  these things from around the house and the basement. It’s fun to have a stash of stuff to pick from.

welcome chalk board halloween

There’s even a creepy chalkboard Velcome from Dracula.

halloween table 5

The burlap tablecloth was ordered online.

halloween table

The rattan chargers were a 2$ yardsale find, the napkins are from a skirt from a thrift store. I liked the print so I bought the skirt just for the fabric.

halloween vignette

The brass quails belonged to my Mom.

old bottle

I found this vintage Dead Sure bed bug killer bottle in the basement of a house I used to live in.

halloween table old crow

This Old Crow bottle came from that same creepy basement!  It was a creepy place!

halloween vignette 2

The twine pumpkin I created last year. The only new thing was the burlap tablecloth.

Happy Halloween.

Let’s move on to Thanksgiving.Smile

Hurricane Sandy didn’t do too much damage in our area. We had mostly high winds that did a little damage in our neighborhood. The sound of the howling wind kept waking me up and I prayed our roof and siding would stay intact. How did you fare?

My dad is in the hospital with pneumonia, please pray for him. He’s a stubborn old guy and it’s hard to see him sick.



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Feature Friday, Three Pixie Lane

Christie finds refuge from the world and allows imaginations to run wild in her blog home at Three Pixie Lane. Her love of family and home and faith in God come through in every post and her blog is filled with gorgeous pictures of her talent.

Let’s take a look in her shed. Her husband built it for her so he could get her stuff out of his space. I like that idea. She’s decorated it with family treasures and vintage finds.

shed bed

In her shed, a salvaged picket fence holds vintage shovels and serves as a headboard. There’s also a fireplace mantel from the early 1800’s that belonged to her grandfather.  Her shed holds gardening supplies, things she uses use to decorate, family mementos and her children’s art work. I would love to have a space like this to decorate with all my treasures.


They built this absolutely gorgeous covered porch to fix a leak in the room below. It’s decorated in the same colors of the living room and is an extension of that room. {swoon}

porch 2

I gasped when I saw this porch, I think it’s that beautiful!

kitchen dining area

Her kitchen was recently remodeled and given a new look. The pictures on her blog are bigger and much better than these.


White cabinets with dark ceilings and floors help to lighten the space. I love those ceilings and the lanterns above the table. Christie shares sources for her lanterns and pictures of her kitchen before the remodel.

butchers block

She refinished her mother’s butcher’s block and was determined to have it in her kitchen.

master bath

Another way to use reclaimed wood, as a bath shelf. Perfect in her all white bath.

dutch secretary

Decorated for Christmas, a Swedish secretary in her daughter’s room.


Christie made this pretty garland from mismatched socks that’s hung at the bottom of the bed.

bedroom swedish

Clogs and a Dala horse are part of the Swedish style. Did you know that a Dala horse is a symbol of Sweden?


I love the woodsy feel of her Christmas mantel from 2010.


At Three Pixie Lane you’ll find Christie has decorated her home to create a very cozy abode for her family. With pretty pieces from her family’s past it has a comfortable look and homey look. You can almost smell cookies baking!

Stop on by Christie’s blog and say Hi, but be prepared to stay there a while!

Are you a new blogger, have a project or decor to share for a Friday Feature? Just email me Smile

All pictures are linked to original source.

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Progress on the cabinet project and Advance paint from Benjamin Moore

The paint I chose for this project was Benjamin Moore’s Advance, a waterborne alkyd. It’s a latex paint that acts like an oil based paint. I first cleaned the cabinets with TSP and then sanded with fine sandpaper to scuff up the surface before painting. I wiped off all the sanding dust and then painted. On the upper cabinets and doors that were new, unfinished wood, I first primed with BM Fresh Start primer. When I ran out of BM primer I used what I had, Kilz.

 products for painting cabinets

I applied the paint with Purdy brushes and sanded between coats with a sanding block.

BM claims that Advance paint is easy to clean up with soap and water, has low VOCs,  outstanding flow, and  is self leveling. It’s low odor and available in unlimited tinted colors and dries to a hard durable finish.

My experience has been that it is easy to clean up with soap and water, but not on your skin. I tweeted about cleaning my hands after using Advance and someone suggested using a magic eraser. It worked great. Magic eraser was the only way to get it off my hands. I definitely didn’t want to use smelly turpentine.

The flow of the paint was fine with the proper amount of paint on the brush, but the leveling was hard to get right. I have a definite love/hate relationship with this paint. It was hard for me to determine the right amount of paint to put on the brush. Too little made brush marks and streaks and too much left sagging and brush marks. A small roller left an orange peel look. You can’t brush back over it or it will gunk up.  I wish I had researched paint techniques for using Advance before I started painting. I’ve since found youtube videos on brush techniques when using Advance and lots of mixed reviews.  Seems I’m not the only one who had problems getting a streak free finish with this paint which claims to be self leveling.

As far as odor, I didn’t really notice much at all.

paint drying

This is how it looks as it’s drying. The streaks almost look like they are raising up, but they do level out a bit.

orange peel look

I call this the orange peel finish.

paint drying 2

It doesn’t look that bad in person. Thank goodness! And the finish is tough after it cures. There’s a definite leaning curve and I got better as I got further into the project. Some areas are perfect and others are not.

cabinet doors

Progress continues a little every day and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We decided to add another set of doors on the pantry wall and I’m excited about the extra storage space. There are a couple of doors to finish and then the cabinet painting is finished! Yippee! I still have to touch up the walls where the blue tape failed. I finished up the project with Frog tape after that.

Chugging along but Almost done!

As far as Benjamin Moore Advance paint, it’s hard to work with so I honestly don’t think I’d use it again.


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Decorating with the New Trends in fabric

Once again I’m re-doing what I already re-did. Does that make sense? Previously I tried to create a gallery wall in the living room but was never happy with the way it looked, so now I’m changing it again with new fabrics and art.

Orange has been catching my eye and I decided to add a few pops of orange to the mix in pillows and hang this gorgeous horse art from TJMaxx in the living room.

orange fabric, horse print

I found some fabric that complements the orangey color in the art.

blue chevrton, horse print, orange fabric

The chevron will be used on lamp shades in the dining room along with my yardsale art treasure. I love the colors in this painting!

orange fabric blue fabric

Wow! These fabrics aren’t really this bright in person. New fabrics and art should give the room a boost. I hope! It’s not easy finding great fabrics in this area. Even in the state capital, Harrisburg.  All the hot trends don’t reach us. Oversized geometric prints and ikats are almost impossible to find and I like to see fabrics in person before I buy. Someday I’ll take a trip to Philadelphia to check out fabric row. Bet I could find fabrics there!

What’s your take on large geometric and ikat fabrics? Do you like them? How often do you change your décor?

Did you know there’s a board dedicated to fabric and textiles on Pinterest? Check it out.


Source: spoonflower.com via Ruby on Pinterest





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Friday Feature, Top this Top that

Laura is a wife, mom to 3 and her family inspires her passion for creativity. This week let’s welcome Laura’s blog, Top This Top That and take a little tour to see the lovely home she’s created. Her welcoming front porch is the epitome of a southern home!

front porch 2

It’s the perfect spot for some conversation and a big glass of sweet tea on a hot summer afternoon. Decorating this space for the seasons would be so much fun!


Here’s a glimpse into the entry from the breezeway.

breezeway 3

Hop scotch on the floor! What a great way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day and work off some energy too. Laura shares how she did this on her blog.


For a self proclaimed non-cook, this is a pretty great kitchen. Her husband is the cook in the family and I’ll bet he whips up some yummy meals in this kitchen.


The family room part of the kitchen was repurposed into an eating area. I can imagine a lot of family activities going on in this space. With a roaring fire going on a cold day, meals would be extra special.

master bedroom

After her children were born, her style went from formal to more casual. She wanted a room where children could jump on the bed and her family could live in. The wall color is from Benjamin Moore, Homestead green and is a calm and peaceful color she never tires of. Check out that tray ceiling and all the light coming in, I love this space!

master bath

The master bath has a claw foot tub and gorgeous chandelier that make Laura feel like Zsa Zsa every time she walks in. I would love to have a vanity like this, a place to sit and put on makeup.

guest room

The guest room is all ready for guests.


For some Fall inspiration, I’ve added this beautiful tablescape. Can you guess what the cornucopia is made of?  A tomato cage!

side door fall decor

The side door is decorated for fall too and it all looks so festive and inviting. Makes you want to see what’s inside at Top This Top That. I hope you’ll visit and check out her tutorial gallery and the shop she runs from her blog. .

Thank you Laura for allowing me to feature your beautiful home!

All pictures are linked to the original source. Please be kind and pin from the original site.

 My kitchen update; I’ve been painting all week and today I need a break. The kitchen, dining room and family room are one hot mess! Where to go with stuff when you’re painting kitchen cabinets???!!! Did you ever get into a project and “what was I thinking” keeps coming into your mind? This is turning out to be one of those projects. I’ll explain later, today I’m taking a break.

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Backyard Bouquet { 3 }

Frost hit us on Friday night so all the flowering plants look pretty sad now. We were warned of  the frost coming, so I quickly snipped a few red knockout roses and tucked them in a pitcher, with sprigs of spirea. The color of this rose is so vibrant. It really adds a punch of color on the kitchen table.

knockout roses with spirea

The colorful tips of spirea compliment the red roses. This spirea is compact but offers up some amazing color and blooms with pink flowers in Summer.

goldflame spirea 4

If you’re looking for an easy care, colorful and compact shrub, this one fills the bill.

goldflame spirea

Goldflame spirea is a beauty in fall too. Can you tell I like this plant?  I Red heart it.

spirea 3


knockout roses with spirea in Fall

A warming fireplace and pretty flowers on the table. It’s the best of Summer and Fall. Makes you want to make homemade soup and snuggle in.

knockout roses with spirea 2

This simple backyard bouquet might be my favorite. The other ones are here. Have you created a backyard bouquet of your own?

Please pay a visit to my sponsors in the sidebar. Perfect Little House Company for house plans, Shabby Apple and Royal Design stencils.

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A Guest Post and Feature Friday from The Old Painted Cottage

Hello! So very nice to meet you. My name is Jennifer, and I blog over at The Old Painted Cottage. I’m excited to be guest blogging here for Debra today!

My husband, Adam, and I live in a cozy 1200 square foot ranch-style home, in Southern California. We purchased our home 4 years ago, and we’ve been renovating it ever since. It was in sad, desperate shape when we first laid eyes on it.

See for yourself. Here was the kitchen, the day we moved in, complete with missing oven door and painted dishwasher…

With little to no prior DIY experience, the two of us have tackled every single last square inch of this house.

Here’s how the kitchen looked after we singlehandedly ripped out all the old kitchen cabinets, tile, sink and appliances…

When we first started moving in, nearly all of our old furnishings (which were mostly leftovers from my Shabby Chic, let’s paint everything white and put a rose on it phase) didn’t hold up in our new home. I tried it every which way, but this ranch-style home just begged for something new and completely different, so I reinvented my style as I went. If you look at my blog from 3 and 4 years back, you can witness firsthand the photographic documentation of my style evolution unfold in many of my older posts.

I’m really happy with the end result. Our home feels cozy, intimate and speaks to both my husband and I, which is very important.

Among other things, I’m an antique dealer, so many of the furnishings in our home are the result of leaving the house before dawn and hitting the flea markets with flashlights and cash in hand. While I primarily buy for clients and my online website, if something catches my eye that’s perfect for our home, that baby is coming home with me!

Our kitchen we completely ripped out and renovated from scratch. The cabinets, butcherblock countertops and sink are from IKEA. The island is from JC Penney. The pendant lights were found on eBay. The subway tile is from Home Depot. And the small white sideboard Adam rescued from the trash outside of a wood workshop.

We had our handyman build the two chunky white shelves in the dining room, and the 11 foot fishermans table was built by my husband and myself.

Our master bedroom is actually quite tiny in size, so a large statement piece, such as this mantel turned headboard provides a perfect focal point for the space. I found the mantel on the side of someone’s house and offered them $100 for it. I dragged it home, painted it, upholstered it along with matching fabric covered buttons and the rest is history…

bedroom luggage3

bedroom luggage6

bedroom luggage9

bedroom luggage1

Although we have nearly everything completed (with the the exception of our master bath – that one’s going to require adequate time and funds), I still manage to come up with new projects all the time. I love interior design, and as I’ve often been told, I have "ants in my pants" by those that know me best. Just when it’s complete, I’m ready to start all over again with an entirely new concept. Keeps my husband on his toes : )

Thanks again to Debra for graciously allowing us to share our home with you lovely readers!


  Thank you Jennifer for guest posting and giving us a delightful tour. Your home is full of great ideas and inspires us all. Those “ants in the pants” must be part of your creative process that help you achieve your dream.  I’m going to take a look back a few years in your blog to see how your style has evolved.


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Progress in the kitchen, new Pantry doors

I’m doing a happy dance here because all that’s left to do in the kitchen makeover project is paint! This is the before picture. I added white lines to mimic where the trim and crown molding would go to get a feel for how it would look. The bi-fold doors out-of-here!kitchen-wall-refrigerator-Copy

I didn’t have a friendly relationship with those doors! They were always getting stuck in the track and were the source of much aggravation.  


Here’s how it looks now, all trimmed out with crown molding and new doors. It looks fancy and I love it! We decided to add another set of doors from the microwave down. That will give me tons more storage on this side of the kitchen.


Today the kitchen looks like this, a mess. The upper cabinets have been painted but all the other ones still need to be painted. The pot rack will be taken down and I might add pendant lights.


At this end of the island the shelves were removed and nice big corbels were added. Those shelves were nothing but dust catchers anyway and removing them opened up the space a little more.

red island 

It looked like this before, always very dusty.


Removing the shelves also made space for another stool.

That is where we are at today with this project. The upper cabinets are the only part that were DIY. I hired a carpenter to trim everything and am so glad I did. He got all the doors at a decent price from a cabinet shop and was easy to work with. He understood what I was trying to achieve.

When doing DIY projects it’s best to know your limitations. My husband wasn’t comfortable with doing this kind of finishing work and  crown molding is something we haven’t mastered but I’m working on it. Winking smile


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Friday Feature, Kate’s place

This week let’s visit Kate’s Place.  Kate’s favorite things are going treasure hunting at thrift shops, estate sales and garage sales. She loves looking for old treasures, and bringing them back to life. And so do I! She creates the prettiest vignettes for every season and uses old things in new ways. You are sure to find a ton of ideas and inspiration at Kate’s place.

fall table 058

Her Fall table is set with lovely old linens and she’s used old cutting boards as place mats.


In the foyer, pretty blue accents are used with framed botanicals and beadboard wallpaper.

main kitchen 023

Above her kitchen cabinets, she displays an extensive collection of white tureens. She mimics the look of a farmhouse sink with a burlap skirt and the rug is from wuslu. Be sure to notice her stenciled window treatment and board above that she made.


A few of her cuttings boards are hung above a cabinet in the dining area.

bottle carrier 002

Along with her vintage scale and antique bottle carrier, they make a beautiful display.


More touches of blue in the living room. The décor in her home changes often and she seems to effortlessly create new looks with all her thrifty treasures.


Her bedroom,  in soft neutral colors and textures,, looks like the perfect spot to curl up.

rolling pin

An old mailbox becomes a rolling pin holder. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one used this way before. Great Idea! I have an old mailbox that I’ve been saving and now I have an idea……

dough bowl 020

You’ll see some fantastic yardsale finds in her home, like this dough bowl that she got for only $30. Now that is a steal for sure. I’ve seen them for much, much more.

table runner give thanks 012

Kate made this table runner and uses her dough bowl to hold vintage towels.

soup 009

Now this is a pretty table setting all in white. Love this look!

nite shot fireplace 042

Some people just have a way with white! I know I would try to add color and change the feel but this is lovely!

potting bench

Go visit Kate’s Place for pretty pictures and inspiration everywhere. Open-mouthed smile 


All pictures are linked back to the original site. Please pin from the original site.


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Cleaning up the garden in Fall

It’s time to clean up outside and get the flower beds cleaned up. We only have one big tree that drops leaves but it also drops crabapples and makes a big mess. Time to start to clean that up and think about dividing some overgrown perennials to share with friends. Some people prefer to do this in Spring but I like to do it now.

tall grass, cabaret

This grass plant is starting to split apart on it’s own and really needs some attention. You can see all the little crabapples everywhere and a Russian sage plant that’s impossible to contain. That thing makes me sneeze when I get within 6 feet of it so cutting it back will be fun! We’ll probably dig all of this out and replant some of the plants in the bed on the other side of the garden and plant grass here. It’s hard to keep so many flower beds looking nice. What I really mean is,  I’m getting older and it’s a lot of work.


Sedum is so pretty in the Fall but my plants are open in the center and hanging over the edges of the bed. I have 3 of these giant plants and it’s going to be a lot of work getting them divided. Just digging them up will take some muscle! I use a big old knife with a sturdy blade to cut plants apart but it takes determination. Sometimes it’s really difficult.


Anyone know the name of this pretty purple thing? I did, but didn’t really pay much attention to it because it never bloomed like this before.


Peppers are what’s left in the vegetable garden. My husband eats these things like candy.

knockout rose

The red double knockout rose is still blooming but I’ll soon be cutting it back by about a third to keep it in bounds. I have a pink one that is so fragrant but this red one isn’t but I do love the red color.


knockout rose 2

There’s some competition for space happening here.

hen and chicks

Do you call this hen and chicks or cats and kittens? There’s an old wives tale that claims this plant protects your home from fire. Hmmm….wonder how that came about? We all know the popular ones about chicken soup, an apple a day and eating carrots for good eyesight, but a plant protecting you from fire…….I don’t know.


The garden shed is fancied up for Fall this year. This is what I see from my kitchen window.


Happy Fall Y’all!

Right now my upper kitchen cabinets are getting trimmed out and they are looking good. I’m so happy to be getting this project finished!


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Backyard Bouquet { 2 }

There are still plenty of flowers blooming in the backyard, so I decided to put together another backyard bouquet. It may not be as grand as the first one I made but it’s just as pretty, I think.


The hydrangea are the last of my ever bloomers. They’re kind of measly looking now but have a great blue color. I’ve used sedum again in this bouquet and a few stems of pink knockout roses. There’s also some catmint and ivy. 


Such beautiful colors!  I really enjoy this time of year when the flowers put on their last show of the year.

patio 2

I kept this bouquet the patio. All of our patio furniture is put away for winter and only these chairs are left out. We sit here until it’s too cold. I like to sit here with a hot drink and a snack and enjoy Summer’s finale.


I’ll be making another bouquet next week that’s completely different from this one.


We started cleaning up the garden for Fall and I’m tackling a few perennials that have overgrown their bounds. I’ll be posting a garden tour soon to share how messy my garden looks. There’s a lot of work to be done.  I don’t mind it at all. I’m a true fair weather gardener and this weather is perfect for outdoor work!

Some people prefer to wait and clean up their gardens in the Spring but I like everything trimmed and just waiting for Spring to arrive. Are you a fair weather gardener like me? Do you clean up now or wait until Spring?


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