Powder room makeover

Another room makeover, the powder room is almost finished. We added beadboard wallpaper and painted the top Wythe blue from Benjamin Moore. It’s a great blue with a touch of green and I’m loving it.  The previous version of this room had a harlequin pattern on the walls. I loved it too and was reluctant to change the walls because I painstakingly painted the pattern by hand, but after so many years you’re ready for a change

a sink 1

The vanity was black but for the redo I painted it and the frame around the mirror in Annie Sloan’s creamy white, used clear wax and distressed it just a little.

wythe blue powder room

Here’s my homemade art work  and an orange thrift shop vase.

wythe blue powder room 3

For the art, or whatever you want to call it, I lucked out and found a frame in the basement that was the perfect size but it was an ugly brown. No problem, just grab a can of spray paint! DIY bloggers will spray paint anything, so don’t stand in one spot too long. Smile with tongue out

frame spray painted

I painted the frame with Rust-oleum’s aluminum knowing it would be too shiny but wasn’t sure how I was going to get the look I wanted, so I tried Annie Sloan clear wax and it worked like a charm!


The wax rubbed off just enough of the paint and took away the shininess. You can see the shiny part on the bottom of the frame and after the wax, on the top.

frame detail

I used a waxing brush and pushed the wax into all the recesses, then rubbed over it with a soft cloth and added a little dark wax in some spots.

wythe blue powder room 2

Adding shelves over the toilet is part of the plan for this room. I’ve been looking but haven’t found anything yet. Maybe I’ll make them myself when the weather isn’t too hot to work outside. The frame sitting on the toilet is about the same color as the one I painted, it’s just waiting for me to be inspired to use it.

vintage plate

I found this old plate in the colors of the room and will display it on the shelves when I get them!

If you like Wythe blue, there’s a Pinterest board full of beautiful Wythe blue rooms.

There is only one more project to finish up now, the upper cabinets and then painting all the cabinets in the kitchen. I work on it a little at a time. Smile They just need a real good sanding, priming, doors added, painted, and the trimmed out.

Did you happen to notice something wrong in the powder room? 

The chair rail is upside down. How could we be so stupid??? The chair rail in the dining room is upside down too but we didn’t install that! You know I’d love to tear it all down but…..the husband is none too keen about that!Crying face  What would you do?



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Friday feature, Our Vintage Home Love

Diana is the proud mom of 4 wonderful kids, the wife of an amazing man and she blogs at Our Vintage Home Love. She shares her passion for DIY projects, designing, building, decorating, organic gardening, cooking and making something from nothing when you have little in your pocket. I guarantee that you will find ten tons of inspiration at Our Vintage Home Love.

Diana and her husband dreamed of one day finding their perfect home, not fancy, just an old home with lots of character and they sure found it in a 1905 charmer.

Click on pictures to be taken to original post. Please pin from original site.


It didn’t always look like this, they transformed in into this beauty. Ferns, a swing, colorful pillows, a painted floor and pretty paned door welcome you.

side porch curtains

On her back porch, she created curtain rods from PVC pipe. Your jaw will drop when you see all that Diana has accomplished! She knows how to work those power tools, it’s a skill she learned from her dad. Be sure to read her bread board story.


Window treatments are made from burlap bags and you can see a corner of the island that she built! Her husband is a picker and brings home found objects, and he bought an old barn for the wood! That’s where she gets all the lovely old reclaimed wood for her projects.

dining room2

In the dining room, she built the industrial looking shelves and that beautiful table using turned legs that her father made.

living room 4

This is the first room you see when you enter the house and it showcases more of her wood projects. The desk behind the sofa, she built it!


In the den, a chest that her father made now serves as a coffee table.


This room houses another set of wooden shelves that hold some of her husbands finds. Using the minnow bucket as inspiration for decorating the room, she added the pillows in red stripes.

barn door headboard

A romantic rustic and gorgeous headboard, yeah she made it!

So many projects and you’ll find so many more at Our Vintage Home Love. She has some crazy-mad-awesome woodworking skills!  Diana and her husband have created a beautiful home that welcomes you. When you visit be sure to take in all the details, you’ll be inspired!

With so many great blogs all over the blog-o-sphere, Friday Feature  is a way to showcase other bloggers while gaining lots of decorating inspiration. If you have a project or makeover that you think is feature worthy,  please email me or leave a comment.


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6 Favorite Zucchini recipes

It’s zucchini time!  Every year we get so many of these delicious vegetables.Smile with tongue out This year they seem extra hard to get rid of, I can’t even give them away. So I had to get busy in the kitchen cooking them up. Here are 6 of my favorite zucchini recipes that I make every year.

Zucchini cobbler, honestly, it tastes like apple cobbler! Warm with ice cream it’s so yummy!

zucchini cobbbler

Peel and cut up about 8 cups of zucchini. If they’re large and have big seeds, I remove the seeds. Smaller zucchini have small and softer seed so you don’t need to remove them.   Put in a pan with 1 cup sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg to your taste and 3T lemon juice.  I like lots of cinnamon, about 2 T. Cook until soft.

Make crumbs by combining 4 c flour and 2 c sugar, cut in 1 1/2 c cold butter, stir 1/2 c into the cooked zucchini mixture. Press about half into bottom of a 9 x 13” pan, spread zucchini over and add remaining crumbs on top.  Bake @ 375 for 35-40 minutes. This freezes well for the holiday season.

Ricotta stuffed zucchini, rich and delicious! This recipe is a little different because it doesn’t use ground meat.

zucchini stuffed

Cut a medium sized zucchini in half lengthwise and scoop out as much as you can but still leave a sturdy shell.  Sauté a medium onion in olive oil. Chop up what you scooped out and add it to the sautéed onions. Cook until liquid is gone. Cool, then add in 3/4 c ricotta cheese, 1 cup of corn kernels and 1/4 c parmesan cheese.  Salt and pepper. Mound filling in zucchini and sprinkle 1/4 c parmesan on top.  Bake 350 for 35 minutes.

This is really good. The corn adds just a little sweetness.

Zucchini pasta sauce, a favorite at our house. Click the following pictures to go to the recipes.

zuchini pasta

Chocolate Zucchini cake, we love this! It’s moist and gooey. So good!

zucchini cake

Zucchini relish, it tastes just like pickle relish and makes a great little gift too.

zucchini relish

A great zucchini bread recipes is zucchini bread with pineapple or pears.

pineapple pear zucchini bread

zucchini page 5

What do you make with zucchini? Got any good casserole recipes? I really need a few new recipes because I gotta use them up!



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The redecorated Family room Reveal

In January we started work on painting our family room, adding board and battens and redecorating. I’m happy to say the room is done, well, about 99% done. The golds and reds of the 90s are gone and we’ve got a new lighter look.

Here’s the tour and all the projects it took to get to this point.

First we painted the top walls palladian blue, an historic color from Benjamin Moore and painted the bottom a premixed white. Next we put up the board and battens.family room

We ordered a new couch from Hickory Craft and got our comfortable chairs and ottoman slipcovered.  The wire basket from TJ Maxx is a good place to throw newspapers or pillows.

couch coffeetable board and batten

The window panels came from Target and the pillows from TJ MAXX. I love that store for home accessories. They always have the best stuff.


The clock got a makeover with homemade chalk paint and I brought in the lamps from the living room. The mannequin came up from the basement.

family room stenciled table2

This sweet little Annie Sloan chalk painted table with a Royal Design stencil is used in the room, where ever it’s needed.

cece-caldwell-chalk-paint 2

The bombe chest was painted with CeCe Caldwell chalk paint.

stone fireplace

The black lantern is from Pottery Barn outlet, silver trays and horses head are thrifted pieces and the pallet sign is a DIY project.

urn, chalk paint chair, antlers

The side chair got a new look and the urn came from a thrift shop. I like how the antlers look in the urn.

plate wall

I created a free form plate wall that wraps around the corner, above a repurposed yardsale dresser that now holds the tv. A vintage stool is from an antique store and rope trim was added to a plastic planter. And yet another pillow from TJ Maxx. I found the galvanized box in my husband’s stash.

slipcover chair ottoman

Here are our slipcovered chairs with an old shutter from the re-build it store. Check out my cool old rotary phone.


I love how the slipcovers turned out with their little pleated skirts. My slipcover gal does a great job. Slipcovering is one project I won’t do, I think I would get so frustrated and wouldn’t finish, so I’m happy to have someone else do it.

black lamp shade

My husband’s black lamp is old and really heavy. I was going to look for a new one but I think I’ll keep this one. It serves us well because it has two light bulbs, one on either side.


familyroom coffee table restoration Hardware knockoff

And finally our Restoration Hardware coffee table knockoff. I think it turned out great and I can stash some baskets or wooden boxes underneath for added storage.

The red and gold is gone, but it took a ton of projects to get this room done.  I still want to tweak it a little and add in a few more things on the walls and in some empty spots, but I want to keep it light and comfy looking.

a family room1

Here’s a before of the clock and bombe chest that were made over and chairs that got slipcovered.


Here’s the giant tv armoire that got moved to the basement and the chair that was made over.

When we started this project we also painted the kitchen and powder room. Yesterday I painted the vanity with ASCP and I still want to make some shelves for in there. In the kitchen I’m still working on the top cabinets. The weather has been too darn hot to work outside and I’ve been invaded by zucchini so I’ve slowed down on projects, but it’s getting there. Smile

So what do you think? Will board and batten be on its way out soon and define the early 21st century as a decorating trend? Or will it stay around a while? Will blue/greens be replaced by a new darker color?

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Friday Feature, The Poor Sophisticate

 The Poor Sophisticate, creating beauty inexpensively, is the feature this week. Molly and her husband, recently transplanted from California to a little village in Germany, are trying to create a new home in a contemporary apartment with just enough rustic accents to feel like their home. Molly shares beautiful pictures of the countryside while trying to soak up the design, culture and foods of her new home.

castle six

This is one of the castles they visited. I’ve never been across the ocean so I really enjoy the pictures Molly shares.

Let’s take the mini tour of their gorgeous apartment….

german kitchen 2

They were lucky to find a landlord who allows them to paint, add shelves and change light fixtures. The IKEA shelves look like they were always there. Be sure to check out the before pictures of this kitchen. It was dark, but they transformed it into a light and inviting space.

german kitchen

There is a view of the German countryside from the kitchen window. I am jealous.

kitchen wall

I think she has succeeded in adding a little rustic charm to this contemporary German kitchen. I like those cute pitchers on the wall.


Grey and cream stripes in this beautiful hallway can also been seen from the kitchen. Under the spiral stairs is a bar area.

hallway stripes on walls

What a beautiful space!  I love this eclectic collection, it was what first attracted me to her blog.

In Molly’s words,  “I like things to go together and compliment each other, but don’t like things to match perfectly. I am most comfortable in a space that looks like things have been collected over time, not all ordered out of a catalog.”

medallions on wall living room

Inexpensive medallions make a bold statement on the living room wall and help to anchor the space. Notice more rustic accessories.

pallet table living room 

A DIY pallet table adds tons of rustic charm.

tree stump living room

stump side table

I’ve been seeing a lot of tree stump tables lately but not one that’s painted silver. Rustic luxe, perhaps?

chalkboard vignette

On The Poor Sophisticate you’ll find tutorials for flavored sugars, vintage cake pedestals and a beverage bar just to name a few…there are many more.

Molly is an interior designer who has assisted with a Williams-Sonoma Cookbook and Pendleton Wool Catalogue and also offers design services through her blog. Grab a cup of coffee, you can spend some time there, across the ocean!

Thanks Molly for allowing me to feature your blog!

I’m running a little behind this week, the invasion of the zucchini continuesConfused smile The family room reveal is coming, I promise.

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Softer skin with Dove’s new body wash and a Sweepstakes

At some point in the aging process we all yearn to be younger, maybe not in years but in appearance. Your skin is one thing visible to the world that reveals your years, so why not have it look its best, no matter your age, because if your skin is beautiful you’ll feel beautiful.

I’ve been given the opportunity to try a revolutionary line of premium body wash from Dove, a body wash that claims to improve the look of my skin after just one week. With that bold claim I was certainly skeptical. I use body wash but usually it’s a generic brand, so I was anxious to try it out and test these claims.

body wash

My shower time is my time to relax and let got of everyday stresses. If I found a product that made my shower even more pleasant, I’d want to use it everyday. With the highest concentration of NutriumMoisture technology across the Dove® portfolio, the new body wash did not disappoint.

Of the three variants, I tried the softening crème body wash. It claims to soften skin and dry spots. On my skin it felt like lotion with luxurious lather and had a light pleasant scent. It didn’t feel like soap. It felt like nourishment for my skin. In the Summer my legs are always so dry and scaly, but they aren’t anymore and I only used the body wash a few times. Seriously, my skin feels so soft and smooth just from a body wash!

soapy hands, body wash

The other varieties are, Dove® VisibleCare Toning Crème Body Wash, which helps to promote skin’s elasticity and strength and Renewing Crème Body Wash, which nourishes and replenishes skin. Dove® has turned the best of its technology into a luxurious experience for you to use at home as part of your daily routine.

As women we want to look our best and feel good in our own skin, and having beautiful skin will contribute to our sense of well being. We’ve all heard that 60 is the new 40. With youth being the message of today, we want to make sure our skin looks its best and Dove’s new body wash will do just that! It’s earned a permanent place in my shower!

Despite my initial skepticism, you can have visibly more beautiful skin from a body wash. To make sure your skin looks its best now that you’ve shed your winter wear, try Dove’s new line of premium body wash and show off your skin!

Be sure to visit Dove’s site http://www.dove.us/, to see the full line of Dove products. Is your skin dry and scaly? Dove® VisibleCare® to get a coupon for $1 off!

Now here’s the sweepstakes!


Enter to win one of two $500 Spafinder gift certificates!



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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. Winners will have 72 hours to claim the prize, or an alternative winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 7/18/2012 – 8/22/2012

Be sure to visit the Dove® VisibleCare™ Crème Body Wash brand page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!

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Repurposing a Dresser into a TV stand

Those humongous black box tvs are gone or at least on their way out, but what do we do with the flat screen if we don’t want to hang it above the fireplace? Since I only have one fireplace, I want to be able to enjoy that mantle and decorate it for the seasons so I definitely don’t want to hang a tv there.

In the process of redecorating the family room we got rid of the huge tv/media armoire. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, I was just tired of it’s largeness in the room and with a flat screen you don’t really need something like that. The room seemed to get instantly larger after we removed the behemoth thing.


I’ve been pinning pictures of buffets and dressers that were repurposed to hold flat screens, so I decided to swap out the armoire for a dresser from a yardsale that I was using in my sewing room. Good idea, the armoire is great for fabric storage.

tv stand

It’s pretty easy to repurpose a dresser, just take out the drawers, but you could take it further than that if you have more components to house.


I removed the doors on this china cabinet bottom to hold the tv in the basement.

Source: homestoriesatoz.com via Bungalow on Pinterest





This dresser from East Coast2 has drawers removed and a little restyling and it looks great holding a tv!


Here’s another example with drawers removed. I love the longer dressers because you can use the tv as part of a vignette on the top.

Remember those metal tv stands….I’m glad they’re gone. A piece of real furniture looks so much better! My pinterest board has more furniture examples for plenty of inspiration. What do you have your flat screen on?


The family room is finished at last and I’ll be posting it on Wednesday, so come on back and take a look.  Be right back


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Friday feature, {aka}design

Friday feature this week is akadesign. Dean & Shannon are the Canadian couple behind this  blog. They share  thrifty design finds, organization ideas & affordable DIY projects.  In their words, we show you how we reno and pretty up our wee little bungalow on a budget… all while lovin’ on our three growing kiddos.

Click on pictures to be taken to the source.

In the fall of 2009 they bought their second house…then a run down 67 year old, 1050 sq. ft. war-era bungalow. It was long on potential and short on just about everything else.


Lots of people would think that a house this size would be too small for a family of five but they have creatively used every inch of space.


In the entry a pretty gallery wall greets you.



They share plenty of inspiring before and afters and this kitchen has undergone a total transformation from the original.


I love this multi-functional room……a dining room, an office and a family room at the other end. It’s a perfect space for gathering. The banquette saves space and looks great!


This stenciled wall and beautiful painted hutch add lots of personality and provide storage.


The desk was a DIY knockoff project!  I love the industrial look with a classic chair. Board and battened walls architectural detail.


The family area with more DIY knockoffs….the shelves. You have to check those out!


The family room is so pretty and comfortable looking.



Another DIY, the headboard. I want those lamps!


An example of how to use every inch of space is in the boy’s room. The train slips under the bed.


At {aka}design you will find a ton of tutorials and DIY projects that will amaze. The ottoman is a DIY and it is fabulous!  Seriously there are so many wonderful projects at {aka}design, you will be amazed at this sweet little house. It lives so big!  Check it out!

With so many great blogs all over the blog-o-sphere, Friday Feature is a way to showcase other bloggers while gaining lots of decorating inspiration. If you have a project or makeover that you think is feature worthy, please email me or leave a comment.

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DIY Knockoff, How to make a Restoration Hardware coffee table Part 2

The DIY Restoration Hardware coffee table project is now finished! It’s a fairly simple DIY and will definitely get you the look for less. So here’s how to make a Restoration Hardware coffee table.  Part 1 is HERE.

 welded coffee table frame

Part 1 is here. We used angle iron to create the base. It needs to be welded together, so you will need to find someone to do that for you. A friend maybe, or check a metal shop or a welding shop.

This project originally was intended to use pallet wood for the top, but after a lot of work creating that top, it just didn’t cut it. Despite all our efforts, the wood didn’t lay flat and the top looked too thin for the base.

pallet project1

Here’s the pallet wood laid out for the top. I loved the way it looked and was so disappointed that it didn’t work out,


We glued the pallet wood to a piece of plywood.

pallet table top

Next, we weighted it down while the glue dried.

pallet top plywood

This is the old piece of plywood we glued to the back. It fit inside the frame. I was planning on sanding it to make it look better. I didn’t get a picture of how this top looked on the base. Thumbs down  No good. Too thin, not flat, a total failure!   Failure #1.

boards coffee table top

Off to Lowe’s we went to get some new boards for the top. We used 2” x 6’” boards this time. We laid them side by side and used 3 pieces of 1” wood to fasten them together. You can see how those pieces fit inside the frame to keep the top from moving.


We used 3 pieces of 1” wood across the bottom and screwed them in place.

boards coffee table top 2

The top lays on top of the frame, it’s not fastened to the frame. The 1” boards fit inside the frame.

 staining top

Now it was time to get to work on finishing the wood. I started by sanding, then stained the top with a gray stain. I used a practice board to get an idea of how the stain would look and ended up adding water to the water based stain to make it lighter.

When we took the top inside, it was way too dark! Failure #2. I ended up sanding, sanding and sanding off a lot of the stain to get the look I saw in my mind.

2family room coffee table. restoration hardware knockoff

Here it is all finished and in the family room!

 3 family room coffee table. restoration hardware knockoff

Before I stained the top, I beat it up with a hammer and whatever I could find to add dings and scrapes in the wood.

4 family room coffee table. restoration hardware knockoff

I like it!

5 family room coffee table. restoration hardware knockoff


 55 family room coffee table. restoration hardware knockoff


56 family room coffee table. restoration hardware knockoff

What do ya think? Here’s my DIY version.

coffee table. restoration hardware knockoff

Here’s the original.


It’s longer and looks lower but our DIY version costs MUCH less! Here’s the cost breakdown.

The original $1500-2000 depending on the size!

Our DIY version, angle iron $114.

welding, $80.

wood for top, $25

total  $219.00

$219.00 verses $1500.00

I’ll take the DIY version any day! Hope you like our version.

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Thrift store finds, Paint over an oil Painting


These pretty glass vases and bottles were all on sale for 25¢ at my favorite thrift store. At that price I couldn’t resist getting a couple more pieces of white ironstone and that peachy colored planter.  Sometimes they put the housewares on sale just get rid of them and that’s just ,fine by me.

colored glass thrifty finds

The colored glass pieces look so pretty grouped together.  I have plans on using these pieces in my kitchen when I get around to restyling the shelves in there, after I finish the cabinets.


vintage bottle

The carafe has a great glass stopper and I think the other bottle is pretty old. It has bubbles in the glass.

oil painting

This oil painting on canvas was just $1.80. You can’t even buy a canvas that cheap!  The painting isn’t bad, but it felt kind of dark to me, so I painted over it. It was signed by Mona. Sorry Mona. I really hope you don’t mind.

modern art painting

First I painted it white and then went crazy with the paint.   Pretty ugly, huh? Don’t gag now, it’s modern art!  Think Jackson Pollock.

oil painting.2 JPG

It’s not that bad. is it? It might look better framed. Probably just wishful thinking.

I hated it at first, but I’m starting to like it now. It’s for the powder room which is painted BM Palladian blue. I’m not sure I‘ll use it, we’ll see.Be right back  maybe, I dunno…….

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Friday feature, For the Love of a House

Transplanted from Dallas to a small New England town that doesn’t even have a traffic light, Joan has turned an old farmhouse into a stunning home.  In her blog, For the Love of a House, she shares her story of their journey of turning a once unloved antique farmhouse into their home.  It’s a gorgeous home and I won’t add much, just take it all the many details.

EntryI 058

150 year old stair treads greet you in the entry.

living room

I love the traditional style layered with antiques, collections and accessories.

pillows living room


kitchen 2

This kitchen is amazing with beadboard, old floors and marble counter tops.


Isn’t this gorgeous? Picture coffee in front of the fire on a cold New England morning,…..

dining room

An antique French dough bowl filled with vintage Japanese fishing floats adds a pop of color to the dining room.

 wasp nest

A wasp’s nest in an urn. You’ll see lots of organic elements throughout the home.

reading room

I love the all the layered accessories. Everything looks like it’s been collected over time.

master bedroom 2  

The aproned tub was original to the house.

master bedroom

Soft colors, beautiful, collected furnishings, accessories and organic elements make the master bedroom a very restful space.


In the master bath, the vintage flame-mahogany buffet-turned-vanity was found for $75!

From Joan, My design credo has always been that there shouldn’t be any place in your rooms that isn’t beautiful to look at. It can and should be functional yes, but it should also always be pretty.

The combination of collected antiques, collections, layered accessories, organic elements and  traditional style make this home look so inviting and comfortable. There is so much more at For the Love of a House. You better get comfortable with a cup of coffee because when you visit, you will be there for a while!



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Diy Pallet coffee table, Restoration Hardware knock off

This Reclaimed French Floorboard coffee table from Restoration Hardware is totally the look I wanted in the family room, but at $1500 to $2000, depending on the size, it’s too much for my budget. So if I wanted it, I had to figure out how to turn it into a DIY project.

restoration hardware coffee table

Making this knockoff wasn’t hard at all after I figured out how to get the frame made.  My husband can weld, but doesn’t have his own equipment, but he knows someone who does. Smile  So that solved the dilemma of how to get the frame made.

welded coffee table frame

We bought steel angle iron at Lowe’s and I drew up a plan of how I wanted it to look and the dimensions. My DIY knockoff version  is 45” long, 22” wide and 18” high. I plan to have the top come over the edges a little.

welding rusty

The welded parts are very well done. I couldn’t wish for it to be any nicer….as for as welds go. To get a nice rusty patina, we left it outside.  I finished it off by spraying it with Valspar clear sealer.


pallet project

A pallet came in handy for the top. I had a hard time using a sawzall to cut it apart so I had to have Bill help. He has much more experience with power tools so it was easy for him. I really struggled and got the blade caught and didn’t even seem to be getting through the nails. I cut a pallet apart before and didn’t have this much trouble.  Of course the blade just went through those nails like buttah for him.

pallet project1

I started laying out the top, staggering the boards, so that meant more cutting to get the length I needed. Then we had to stop for the day. It was getting too hot and I had someplace to go so we’ll finish up this project probably on Thursday.

Once it’s in place I’ll show you the room, at last!





                               Enjoy the holiday!


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How to create a chevron pattern on a rug

Creating a chevron pattern on a small rug is pretty easy and quick. I don’t think I’d try it on a bigger rug unless I had a stencil to keep everything in a straight line. This is a small sisal rug that I first painted grey. You can see that I need to put more gray paint on the edges. 2012_06_30_5725

Basically I just starting putting on the tape, measuring a little as I went along to make sure it wasn’t too wonky.  I filled in the parts I didn’t want to paint with smaller pieces of tape so I didn’t paint the wrong area. The width of the stripes is random because I was too lazy for all that measuring. I did measure down on each side to make sure the stripes were level and for the points, I used the weave of the sisal to help me keep it straight.

chevron rug 2

I used the Frog Tape I got at Haven 2012 and was pretty impressed at the sharpness of the lines. I used a cheap chip brush and had to really push the paint into the weave of the rug.

chevron rug

You might wonder why I painted it orange ……to match my toes!

wythe blue

My plan is to use this colorful rug in the Wythe blue powder room.




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