Building shelves for basement organization, part 2

Meet our beautiful and lovely DIY shelves in the basement. They’re 15 feet long, 24 inches deep, hold a ton of stuff and are beautiful and lovely to me.

In part 1, you can see how we created the frames for the shelves. Then we screwed them into the wall studs and added 2 x 4 legs at the ends. The particle board shelves are just laid on the frames. Because they’re screwed into studs, we didn’t feel we needed more legs in the middle.

Working together with my husband isn’t fun. He’s OCD and very difficult to work with. Everything must be perfect, as in level, even, plumb, square and precisely measured. I might measure at 6 and a little bit past 1/2, so I don’t do much measuring. If it’s off more than a hair, I’m in trouble. I’ve learned that perfect is called dead nuts, but being off by a wuss hair is acceptable too. It goes from dead nuts, to a wuss hair to a hair. In some instances a hair is acceptable too.

I feel like yelling, “hello, down there.”

long shelf 1

The space between the 10 foot section and the 5 foot section created a little space to slide in large things like mirrors, etc.

From the other end, “hello up there!”

basement shelf3

These shelves take the phrase, ‘shop the house,’ to a whole new level. I know I have too much stuff, and with this storage system I can see what I have and won’t bring anything new into the house unless I get rid of something else.

basement shelf 4

There’s actually free floor space. You could even work out.

basement space

Here’s the full view with more empty floor space.

basement organize full

This table is where I do messy crafts.

crafting area basement

Here’s the tool corner and that’s the miter saw covered up. I told you OCD! You can see the entry to the smaller room where we store the patio furniture.

basement tool area

basement shelf3


I do love the shelves, and if you measured, I will guarantee, that they aren’t off anywhere by more than a wuss hair !









Can you tell which tools are mine and which are his?tools

Wish me luck with our next DIY project., There’s more about that next.

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Debbie (((xx)))

7 thoughts on “Building shelves for basement organization, part 2

  1. Omigosh! Look at that! A break room in the basement. Looks like so many I have known and loved. Though I hear "honey" a lot, I do not enjoy working with my darling either. For all the same reasons. Plus he thinks I "ought to know" things. Really?!

  2. All that and I forgot to say what an amazing job you two did! It's fabulous and I'm jealous. Besides, I think it could work in my basement because the shelves are up high enough, if we just set the bottom legs on a concrete slab or something.

  3. THose turned out so cool! I love the large shelves like that, well done you two! I wish my hubby was a little more OCDm he just kind of does things not to the best of his ability sometimes. 🙂


  4. Oh Debbie how true, I think you speak for most of us 🙂

    Love your space….

    Kathy 🙂

  5. I am so jealous! My stuff is all over the house and in the attic. Wish I had a basement like yours!

  6. You two are doing a great job on your basement. That's a lot of good space. We ended up buying some large stacking shelves at Home Depot to use in our basement and my hubby built doors to close them off. I just did a post on part of our basement re-do…come by for a look. Linda

  7. Hi Debra! I really love the transformation. I have a little space just like yours and I have a lot of things in my house. I’m thinking of moving them out, but after seeing your post, I realized that I just need to sort thing out. Thanks for the inspirations.

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