Thanksgiving 2011 recap

Sharing a little recap of Thanksgiving before we get totally engulfed by Christmas.

Here’s my husband and me. It was so warm outside and extra warm in the kitchen with all the cooking going on that my hair was totally a limp mess. 2011_11_24_2991


My granddaughter Mia, enjoying some veggies and dip before the feast. If it has dip on it, she’ll eat it!

My daughter Dawn and her husband Scott.


Dawn and Mia are making green bean casserole. I planned on fresh broccoli, but the broccoli I bought was brown on the inside and bitter tasting, so I had to come up with something else.




She’s so cute, I love this picture of her cooking like a big girl.


My oven isn’t big enough for all the dishes, so I always end up using a roaster to cook the turkey. If I ever have another kitchen, it will have double wall ovens!nan2011_11_24_3011

Mia had a great time talking to my husband’s mother, Catherine, who’s almost 95.  Mia called her Nona, and told her she had pretty rings and earrings and pretty hair. She can be quite a chatterbox.




Care for a little Kahlua with your chocolate trifle?


It’s so good!dave2011_11_24_3020

That famous after Thanksgiving dinner snooze… grandson, Dave, a student at Pace university in NYC, was sleeping soundly with a smile on his face!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, now let the Christmas decorating begin!


Debbie (((xx)))

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2011 recap

  1. Lovely family! Especially your grandkids. Looks like you all had a great time. And I can't believe your MIL is 95!! She looks fantastic!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. My son is probably about the age of your Dave, Debbie, and he slept quite a bit while he was visiting for Thanksgiving weekend. Your daughter is so pretty and she looks just like you! Great photo of her and her hubby. Such a great idea to use the roaster rather than moving things in and out of the oven to get heated up.

  3. Holidays are wonderful for bringing family together. Great memories. Mia is adorable.


  4. Looks wonderful to me! The perfect family Thanksgiving. I'm with you…double wall ovens would be fantastic!

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