September Pinterest Review


Pinterest is a useful tool for bookmarking all your favorite things. You can categorize all your inspirations and tutorials in one place. It’s been so handy for me and I’ve posted about that before, but there’s another bonus that’s equally as good.

Picnik collage

It drives so much more traffic to your site! Trust me it does! 

Want to see how many of your images are pinned and  repinned?  Type in blog name here, put in your own blog name.

At over 88 pins in September, my burlap pumpkin came in as my number one pin for the month.  #2 is the twig wreath at 55+ pins, #3 is the ruffled shade vignette at 30+pins and #4 at 22+pins is the burlap wreath I made last Christmas.

That’s a lot of pins and repins and I‘ve seen a tremendous jump in traffic. Let’s just say that when I checked my stats, my jaw about hit the floor.  

I’d love to see your most pinned in September and think I’ll have a monthly recap every month. Would you like to join in? Maybe a monthly linky party? Are you interested? If you’re not using pinterest just ask me for an invite and I’ll send you one.

With all this pinning going on, don’t forget to watermark your photos, it’s important.

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Autumn Front Porch



For Autumn, I’ve hung my twiggy wreath on the front door and added  twigs and natural elements to the vintage wicker planter. I’m into twigs this year. Eye rolling smileJust call me tree hugger!


I started building this arrangement by laying branches and twigs in the planter, then I added faux pumpkins and hydrangea.



The pretty tassels are from a grass plant in the back yard.


To help them appear more real, the pumpkins got a brownish color wash.


The burgundy colored leaves are fake too, everything else was snipped from the yard. I think the gold and deep red feathery stems are Amaranth. Not sure, anyone know?




They reseed every year  in a bed beside our mailbox.  Guess I should try to dry some and see if they keep their pretty color.










It can’t really be Fall with flowers like these still blooming, can it?



So that’s my Fall porch, can’t wait to see yours! Send a kiss


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Autumn Mantel 2011

Mantel or mantle, this always confuses me. I googled it and it seems that mantel is correct. Mantle is a cloak, a covering, jacket or a layer between the earth’s core and crust.
Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the Autumn mantel in the family room, which still has that once famous Laura Ashley gold on the walls. I do have the new paint color picked out though.
The white frame was a yardsale find that I’ve had for a long time. All the twigs and branches were cut from our yard. The thin stems are actually a clematis vine that I cut down. All the leaves and pumpkins are faux and the larger ones holding the leaves are ceramic. I added in a few pinecones on the ends.
The beautiful yarn wreath is the star of my mantel. My hand ached for days after making it but I love the way it turned out.
Tucked in are a few berry stems from an old wreath.
Making the flowers was so much more fun than wrapping and wrapping and wrapping and wrapping. I just used yarn I already had and wrapped , wrapped…….
First I spread the clematis vines on the mantel and then added in the other elements, tweaking over and over until I liked it.
I like the vines hanging loosely over the edge of the mantel.
So there it is! Fall is such a pretty season, ENJOY!

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Inspiration, 12 ways to use natural elements in your Fall decor

Summer is officially over and the cool air signals the turning of leaves. Autumn is such a beautiful season with the colors and smells of wood fires and cinnamon and mother nature puts on her brightest clothes. Let’s enjoy Fall before winter arrives.

 #1 Indian corn
Dried Indian corn and jute twine wrapped around a candle create a simple and pretty Autumnal display. 

#2 Old wood, pumpkins, corn and leaves
An enamel basin filled with pumpkins, corn and leaves in an old chair is a unique display that really catches your eye. I can see this on the front porch of a big old farm house.

#3 Sticks, leaves and twine.
I’d describe this mantle as crisp and I love everything about it! The bright color of the leaves, white pottery, the banner and of course the twigs and twine wrapped candle sticks.

#4 Bittersweet.
This wheelbarrow welcomes you with pumpkins and bittersweet. I sure wish I could find some bittersweet growing in the wild. I don’t even know where to look!

Source: via Bungalow on Pinterest

#5 White birch limbs, pinecones and berries.
White birch limbs and pinecones. Wow, what else can I say? I see pumpkins, berries, moss, gourds, pinecones and sticks.

Source: via Bungalow on Pinterest

#6 Miniature Indian corn and wheat
Centerpiece and place cards made from Indian corn and wheat. Elegant, simple and inviting. Wooden handled utensils too!

#7 Chinese lanterns, vines, bittersweet and gourds.
This colorful grouping would look great indoors or out. I can see this on a foyer table.

Source: via Bungalow on Pinterest
#8 sticks and pinecones
I just plain love sticks in décor!
#9 Apples
Can you see these on a buffet table, tucked around lifts and levels of food?

#10 Sticks
Sticks again. A great idea to display Autumn’s fruits like apples or pears.

#11 And more sticks
Ok, so it’s a bit of overkill with the sticks, but look how versatile they are. The addition of flowers is a colorful accent.

#12, my twig wreath.
I hope this inspires you to bring some of the beauty of Fall indoors.  
Happy Fall y’all !

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Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Scallopini

You’ve heard of Pioneer Woman, right? 
Well, duh!
That woman can cook! Now she has her own cooking show.
I decided to try her recipe for Chicken Scallopine and it did not disappoint one bit! I loved it. 
From her site, she says this about her recipe, “If you’re looking for a classic, no modifications, authentic recipe for Chicken Scallopine/Scallopini, this probably isn’t it.  If you’re looking for a dadgum delicious pasta dish that’s perfect for either family or company, you’ve landed in the right spot.”
chickenThe chicken is sizzling in butter and oil and I can almost smell it right now. Be right back

f2011_09_10_2038  A perfect accompaniment for this dish were the last of our garden tomatoes. Colorful too.

Just look at it. Can you imagine how delicious it was? Tender chicken with a bit of a crisp edge, lots of mushrooms in a buttery sauce, Parmesan cheese and a very generous amount of capers are in every dadgum delicious bite, just like she said!
This recipe is a keeper, for sure. I will definitely make it again.   Thumbs up 

Now HERE’S the Pioneer Woman’s recipe.   Enjoy!
pw0921111537I spotted her on this Country Woman magazine too.
A huge blog, book, children’s book, tv shows, magazines….she gets around. And we ♥ her!

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5 Minutes to craft a pumpkin with plastic bags & burlap

**Step 1:
Gather up a bunch of plastic bags, stuff them all into one bag and tie shut. Find a piece of fabric, preferably square, but I used an oblong shape because it was all I had. Burlap looks cutest when it’s finished.
*Step 2:
Pull corners together and tie tightly to form a stem.
*Step 3:
Tuck in any ends and forget about them.

It should now look something like this. If you’re thinking, “what the what,” just keep going.
*Step 4:
To create the pumpkin shape, wrap with twine/jute, sort of like wrapping a gift with ribbon.
The bottom should look like this.
It’s still not looking like much, just wait…..

What step is this?
Wrap stem with same twine/jute, wrapping tighter as you go up the stem and bend to the side. The stem, bend the stem to the side.

Last step:
Adjust the sections to your liking, squish into shape and most importantly, don’t be too fussy.

Voila! Here’s your 5minute-plastic bag-burlap-pumpkin! She’s such a cutie!  
Embellished or not, she’s all ready to be added to your Fall mantle or décor.

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Watermarking your photos

Watermarking your photos has always been a good idea. You don’t want anybody else taking credit for you original ideas and the popularity of Pinterest is another good reason for watermarking.

Why?  Because your pictures are now being seen and used for inspiration by many more people.  When your picture is pinned, the url is pinned with it and will bring the viewer back to you, but some really good ideas and pictures are pinned over and over again.   


This absolutely adorable peacock costume was featured on and pinned from How sweeter it is and has been repinned over 60 times, but is was actually made by Creatively Christy. See where I’m going with this?


I didn’t watermark many of my photos because I was just too lazy. I knew there was a batch editor on Photoscape (a free photo editing program) and I played around with it but couldn’t quite figure it out. Then I found  Mommy’s Camera.


She shares photo tips, editing tutorials and photography lessons which are easy to understand. Her tutorial on batch watermarking in Photoscape walked me right through the process of watermarking a whole batch of photos and it’s sure faster than doing each individually.Thumbs upI encourage you to visit her site if you need help or have questions.







These three photos of mine were each pinned over a dozen times and none were watermarked.

Sad smile





196921731_JRbVcvN3_b    1a2011_09_05_1980

So, that being said, are you watermarking? What program are you using? In Photoscape you can also use your logo to watermark.


Now about Pinterest;

it’s an online virtual pinboard and it’s totally addictive. I could spend hours looking at all the inspiration. You’ll need an invite, so just let me know and you can start pinning too!

Want to see how many of your images are repinned?  Type in your blog name here, blog name here

These are my personal thoughts on pinning and watermarking. The choice is yours, but it’s a good thing! Send a kiss


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New Living Room Drapery Panels

The drapery panels for the living room are done! 
I make my drapery panels with the pillowcase method described HERE on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog. You know her right? She’s a big star in blog land and her tutorial is easy to understand.
Since I had no lining fabric in my stash, I ran over to Walmart for some cheap twin sized sheets and they couldn’t have worked out better. The size was perfect for lining these panels.
The method I’ve shown below is how I’ve previously made rod pockets.
This time I used Miss Mustard Seed’s method and added a piece of fabric to the back to create the rod pocket. Either method works well, I just wanted to try her way.
I used a regular old pencil to mark straight lines. It’s on the back, no one will ever see it.
The fabric was $6.00 a yard at Joanns. It was only 45 inches wide, so I added another 22 inches to get the width I needed.  22 inches was half the width. Actually 22.5 inches. So I cut a piece of fabric the length I needed in half and sewed it on the side to make it 67 inches wide.

And here are the new panels. Getting a decent photo in this room is about impossible…… least for me.

I really love the blue table and have some splashes of blue on the other side of the room, but it’s not quite done yet because I keep changing my mind about the wall décor.
Now, should I add a rug or not? Whaddaya think?I don't know smile

For fun I added these BEFORE pictures. The new room is so much lighter and brighter. Sun
So that’s it, on to the next project, which is cleaning up the garden and trimming shrubs and perennials. The weather is supposed to be great over the next few days so now’s the time.

I’ve got a few fall crafts and a great recipe to share soon!

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Southern Living’s Apple Cream cheese Bundt cake

What caught my eye on the cover of the current issue of Southern Living magazine was Our Best and Easiest Apple Desserts. As soon as I saw that cake I knew I had to make it.
Here’s my version.   I even tried to recreate the cover shot. Not bad, huh?
If you love apples and cinnamon as much as I do, then this is a cake for you.
OH  MY  IT’s  SO  GOOD and here’s why………….↓↓↓

You will find Southern Living’s Apple Cream Cheese Bundt Cake  recipe HERE
For more of my favorite apple recipes click  HERE.
Even though I’m a northern  gal, Southern Living is one of my favorite magazines!
Autumn and apples, enjoy!

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A Skirted table, what’s hiding underneath?

I’ve been busy sewing projects for my living room and skirting a table with burlap was something I wanted to do. For this project I even made my own piping, on the bias, no less! 21
First time I ever made piping! I used THIS tutorial.
Can you guess what’s hiding underneath there?a2011_09_05_1958
A wine rack, seldom used, dusty and old. It’s now skirted in burlap.
It was fun creating the tabletop vignette by using what I already had.

I seem to have a thing for twigs this year.SmileAnd burlap, moss, antlers…….
I had this old mirror for so long that I can’t even remember where I got it! I think it might have been from an auction.
Tennis balls covered with twine and fabric and a feather ball from a yardsale are nestled in moss to add to the organic feel.
That’s another sewing project completed and checked off the list. Next, the curtain panels. They’re cut and ready to be sewed. I had to get another rod, a very long dowel rod, and it’s up and ready. I bought some cheap flat sheets to use as the lining so this project will soon be complete too. Smile

I think I might be gearing up for a board and batten project next, we’ll see. Hubby is on board with it , woohoo!

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A pile of twigs becomes a wreath

In between storms and rain I’m starting to clean up our yard for Fall and have been snipping branches and trimming like a crazy woman.2011_09_03_1913
In the branches I can see pretty shapes and interesting curves and just can’t throw them all away. So I decided to try to create a wreath.
2011_09_03_1915 I picked some thicker branches to use as the base, used some twine to tie them together and added thinner ones on top. It’s pretty sturdy if you tie it tightly but you could always glue it for added strength.
Here’s the finished project with the addition of burlap flowers on a bed of moss. I’m loving it!
Google burlap flowers to find tutorials if you want to make some….there are lots of great tutorials on the web.  Be careful if you use hot glue, I’m sporting a big old blister……that stuff is HOT!
You like?
More twigs will be showing up when I’m finished decorating the front porch for Fall.

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