Orange pineapple pie, A summer delight

This is a really simple recipe with just a few ingredients and takes about 5 minutes to whip up. Any recipe that starts out with a ready made crust gets my attention. I’m not much for making pie crust, even graham cracker crusts.

Whip together 1/4 cup lemon juice ( I use bottled ) and a 14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk. Fold in 8 oz. Cool whip.
Add to that, a 20 oz. can of crushed pineapple, drained and  two 11  oz. cans of mandarin oranges, drained. Save some oranges to decorate the top of pie. Put the filling into the pie shell and that’s it!
Refrigerate to give it some time to set and that’s as easy as it gets!

This recipe fills two 6 ounce crusts or one of the larger size.

My mouth is watering just looking at the picture!
One of the nice things about a ready made crust is that the lid serves as a cover.  That makes it easy to tote to a potluck or a friend’s house.
If you’re not toting it anywhere,  you can flip a ready made graham cracker crust into one of your own glass pie pans. The direction are here on the Keebler site.  You’ll fool everyone into thinking you made the crust yourself! Winking smile

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Table makeover X2

When I bought this table at an auction many years ago, it looked like this. It was a sturdy little table, I liked its look and enjoyed it like this for a long time.
Eventually I got tired of this look and it got a makeover. It became green with an antique wash and gold Rub n Buff on the edges.
entire tab
But then I got tired of it again………

It looks like this now.
As much as I would have loved to try out the Annie Sloan chalk paint that everyone is loving so much lately, that didn’t happen. It was made over with trusty, dependable, good old spray paint in Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon.

After the paint was dry, I sanded it off to make it look distressed.
I scratched it up here and there too!  Basically, I just beat it up!

After sanding all the old paint off the top I stained it with a dark stain, then waxed it with S.C. Johnson  paste wax.
I like it again now.  But for how long, who knows!Winking smile

Have you tried chalk paint? I heard only great things about it. Do you love it?

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The other side of the room can be seen in the previous post……it’s getting there, slowly.
Starting to get lots of goodies from the garden, more about that coming.
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Collage of yardsale finds

I wanted to create a gallery wall somewhere and since we don’t have high ceilings or  lots of wall space I decided to use the wall behind the couch in the living room.

wallThe old frame and oils were all found at yardsales and I think I got the birdcage at a thrift shop. If you remember Rhoda’s gallery wall…..she had a birdcage in a frame too.  Just call me copycat. Cat face


It doesn’t look quite right yet ……I still have to find a few smaller things to add before I call it finished and I’m working on that.  wall2Maybe when I find a few more pieces I’ll redo the whole thing, like hang the large framed piece on a different wall.  I like how the oils have the same subject matter but hate that dang thermostat!


The mercury glass lamps are from TJMaxx, I can always find great lamps there! Fabric across the back of the couch is from the thrift shop and I’m contemplating just what to do with it. The pear on the coffee table was green and I sprayed it white.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten on this room redo. I still have curtain panels to add and finish hanging things on the walls. And I’d love to add some kind of rug, maybe, I’m not sure about that.

On the other side of the room is a table makeover that I’ll be sharing soon.

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What’s blooming/Garden 2011

I had beginner’s luck with this orchid. My daughter received it as a gift and was about to give up on it. I brought it home and it bloomed! All I did was water it and was rewarded with these beautiful blooms. Amazing!



Outside my Endless Summer hydrangea is blooming nicely. I think I planted it about three years ago.


I tried to keep it simple this year and scaled down on the number of pots I plant.  Impatiens in stacked terra cotta pots  in a rusty wheelbarrow, the ground cover is Sweet Woodruff. It was from a friend and I’m hoping it will fill in this area.


Nothing fancy just more impatiens in a window box on the shed.


Knockout roses are amazing! This is the second round of blooms. If you have space for one I would recommend it. You will not be disappointed. This is double knockout in red.


Another Knockout rose, this one is pink, but not the double variety so the flowers have less petals. The white airy plant is Guara.


More impatiens at the entrance to the garden. Rabbits won’t eat white impatiens so that’s what I plant in the ground, bright colors for the pots only! Notice the wire cages in the garden!


This is the perennial bed edging the vegetable garden. I really should get in there and divide some things, but I actually like the overgrown look.


Our potager, french style kitchen garden….vegetables, flowers and herbs.


The crazy vine is cantaloupe and it grew on its own….a volunteer from last year. It took over the space and has the peppers surrounded.2011_07_04_1494



Look at this beauty! It’s almost ready for picking.

I found and old galvanized bucket to hold this fern.


These pots are on the patio and the urns are out front.


Hen and chicks or cats and kittens…whatever you call them, I actually brought these from my old house. It’s an old wives tale that they protect your house from fire.

Well, that was the tour, Happy Gardening!

Every year I post pictures of our garden so you can check out previous years here. It’s interesting to see how it changes from year to year.

Got to get to work…putting down mulch today…..


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An Unexpected color on the front door

I was tired of the color of our front door and it did need a paint job so I decided to make a few changes.


I picked out these lights with a verdigris finish for the porch and garage when the house was built and loved them at the time but you know how that goes. They were faded and looking in need of help and it’s time for a new look.


I took the lights down, cleaned them up then gave them a few coats of black spray paint. This job was a pain! A real pain, with the heat and humidity and I forgot how to put them back together! But I finally got her done! Phew.


Here’s an old picture of the burgundy color. It’s a classic look, not bad at all.


Here’s the new look. Updated and a bit fresher. I like it, even though it reminds me of split pea soup. The color is Valspar, La Fonda Olive.

Do I need something on the door? I don’t want a wreath because there is already a big urn full of flowers, so what do I hang there?


Wow it is hot today. Sun I’m hanging my clothes out to dry in the free heat but I come in drenched. 

I’m psyching myself up to start a slipcover project, a good indoor project for a heat wave…..we’ll see how that goes! Fingers crossed 



Family fun in the mountains


Going to the cabin in upstate PA is not one of my favorite things, but it always turns out to be a good, relaxing time.

I’ve posted about it before,  more posts about the history of the cabin and interior shots are here.


It is rustic at best, but the views are spectacular!


The fire outside is still smoldering from the previous night of camp fire stories and making  s’mores.



My husband and his daughter have a little target practice and friendly competition and his grandson gets a shooting lesson.



This is the view directly across from the cabin.


You should see this sky at night! I’ve never seen so many stars.


The kids playing in the creek, looking for fish or anything interesting.2011_06_30_144652

These stone steps lead up to the swing.


With a broken seat there was no swinging this time.


What’s there to do in the mountains? Taking walks or hiking in the mountains, riding bike or riding on the Pine Creek rail trail, horseback riding, fishing for native trout or swimming in the deep swimming hole and if that’s not for you there’s the magnificient PA Grand canyon. You could take a drive on  Route 6 and surrounding small towns like Wellsboro, Coudersport or Blackwell. You will find antique shops, Mom and Pop restaurants and just have fun exploring. 



Plenty of beautiful photo opportunities too.

Even though every year I balk and moan that I don’t want to go……each time I’m glad I did, There’s something about connecting with nature that makes everything right!



Debbie (((xx)))