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What girl doesn’t have a long standing love affair with shoes?It starts young and lasts a lifetime.
My little granddaughter’s is modeling her new thrift shop birthday shoes and she ♥s them.  Cute toes too!
mia shoes
These are my older granddaughter’s prom shoes. Vera Wang! Personally I think they’re ugly but I’m not 17. If I were I probably would love them.
tay shoes
Apparently they get their love of shoes from me. I had a little…. ahem…….shoe shopping spree.
I got these strappy cork wedges at Ross.
Great looking shoes at even greater prices!

Every gal needs a pair of metallic pumps this season, right?
s2silver heelsprice2
Ignore the popping foot veins please.
Check out this price, just $13.99!
I couldn’t resist these for that price. I wore them on Easter with a new black suit that came from Ross too.

Another metallic pair, these sweet ballerina flats came from Lord and Taylor’s friends and family sale. Soft and so comfortable.
My gladiator sandals have a little wedge heel and are so comfy, from Lord and Taylor’s sale too.
These shoes are so cool with a little zipper on the back. Lord and Taylor again.
Since they’re a little stiff, I’m taking Dr. Oz’s advice and breaking them in while wearing socks. Medium weight socks  help to stretch them a little. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to actually wear socks with these shoes….maybe I’ll wear them to church like this!
And here are some I got last year.
I wore two different shoes for modeling purposes but I remember when I was a kid and my Mom wore a black shoe and a brown shoe. I don’t remember where we went but I do remember we came home quickly, she was horrified!
Working at a thrift shop, I get first dibs at the things that come in and some great shoes show up. I just bought a pair of kickin red pumps today!
And many more shoes live in my closet. I do need more shoes…I don’t have a decent pair of flip flops!
Nothing like a new lipstick, pocketbook or a great pair of shoes to make a gal smile! Laughing out loud

I lurve me some shoes! Are you a shoe hound like me?
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Debbie (((xx)))

L’eggs eggs, remember these?


Remember when L’eggs pantyhose came in an egg? In the early 90’s they stopped using the plastic eggs and put them in a box instead.

From: HanesBrands Inc. has ceased packaging the hosiery in the hard plastic shells. Notwithstanding the secondary uses for the eggs by crafters, artists, and hobbyists, the two-part plastic egg containers were seen as an example of wastefulness.

That is just a shame! We are not wasteful! Think of all the ways bloggers and crafters could use them. Burlap wrapped, silver leafed, decoupaged, blackboard paint……..




Legg’s were the only pantyhose I ever wore, back in the day when I wore pantyhose.


So I got a little nostalgic when I found a bag of Legg’s eggs at the thrift store. They reminded me of my younger days!



With a little white glue and yarn they become colorful Easter eggs. Just brush on the glue and start wrapping the yarn around and around.4 I found it easier to start at the tips and end in the middle, wrapping each end separately so I could still open the eggs.


Nothing beats a great pair of L’eggs {eggs}Winking smileand they hold plenty of treats too! What’s your favorite Easter candy?

Peeps! I love me some sugary purple peeps!


Debbie (((xx)))

Whoopie Pies! Whoopee

Recently there was an article in the newspaper about the great Maine versus Pennsylvania whoopie pie debate. Each state is claiming this tasty treat as its own creation.

I don’t know anything about that but I  was inspired to bake up a batch of my own.


Lined up like chocolate soldiers, they smelled heavenly and the kitchen was filled with the scent of chocolaty goodness.


Just for fun I colored the filling pink and lavender and added some sanding sugar around the edges.


The daffodils were blooming, the whoopie pies were pretty and delicious ….what a great way to say  “Hello Spring!”

Here’s the recipe.

Linked up at Tasty Tuesday

I‘ve been trying to get some rest and rev up to start working on projects.  Painting the living room is next on my list. I’m painting it the same color as the dining room, SW antique white. Currently it’s whole wheat, from the same color strip. I love whole wheat but in my north facing living room I’m not loving it so much.

I got a new/old sofa to show off and I just finished up a curbside find project………I’m on a roll!   Smile



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