2010 Project Review

In 2009, Old Patio New Patio project began and was completely finished in 2010.  Our small cement patio became a beautiful outdoor room and totally changed the way we live in warm weather!


In March it was fun to create this Spring Wreath with Pink clogs.


New Life for an Old Bench that was used in the Hershey Chocolate factory for years, was a project I did in April.



The Rain Barrel was also completed in April.



and New Life for an Old Table.


In May, the Jewelry Organizer


and Mini Makeover in the master bedroom, adding a pop of aqua and Drop Cloth panels.


curtain floor

June, An Old Swing makeover


And the Patio is completely finished reveal. There were so many projects for the patio, like this old dresser that got a paint job and jazzy knobs.















Inspired by so many other bloggers, I created a Hall of Frames.

In October,

No more hole in the wall

I tore down this bar area to make a better furniture arrangement in the family room.

2010_09_25_0550 and Painting the basement walls and oak cabinets.


In November I finally got around to a chair makeover.

The Red chair project


Another project in November. was converting a big frame into a bulletin board using ceiling tile.


A Huge Old Frame becomes a Bulletin Board


December projects were Burlap Wreath[33.jpg]


Burlap Stockings11

The Patio Project was the biggest project of 2010 and it created even more smaller projects. We really enjoy our new space!

I wonder what I’ll tackle in 2011? I still have work to do in the basement family room, like a bookcase redo, cabinet knobs and finishing up  hanging things on the walls and then onto more projects! I definitely want to paint the kitchen and den and make new window treatments and possibly a board and batten project!  Maybe….

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Frugal Fashion

My first attempt at vlogging is a presentation of some frugal fashion.

Gosh, why was I so serious?!

Thrift Store fashion.


It IS ridiculous and I DO need to lighten up so…..Go ahead and laugh at me, I don’t mind at all! smile_teethI’m laughing now.

I was actually wearing a long sleeved tee shirt that had Jones New York on the front, you can’t see that in the video though.

Watching yourself on video is a hoot. It’s a great way to bring laughter to your day. It probably gets easier with practice or a script!


Beret $5.

Shoes $4.

Boots $6.

Necklace $6.

Sweater $3.50

Sweater .50


Total $28.00 and you can’t beat that! smile_nerd


Debbie (((xx)))

Oh Fudge!

If you love sweets as much as I do, then you probably love fudge. Blessed or cursed with a sweet tooth, I have been indulging in sweet treats all my life. Fudge is one of my favorite sweet indulgences.1
Chocolate chip cookies were the only cookies I made this year so I decided to whip up some of my favorite peanut butter fudge.
This recipe is from  Ladies Auxiliary of the Hershey Volunteer fire dept. cookbook. An old book that belonged to my Mom. The pages are dog eared and stained. Some recipes are circled and some have GOOD written beside them. It’s got lots of scribbling in it, (probably from me as a child) and the front cover is missing. Isn’t that the best kind of recipe book?
I sprinkled some peanuts and chocolate chips on top. OH MY it IS so good!

Here’s the recipe,
1 ½ c peanut butter
2 c marshmallow crème
5 c granulated sugar ( Yikes)
15 oz can evaporated milk
½ c butter
Combine peanut butter and marshmallow, set aside. In large saucepan combine sugar, evap. milk and butter. Boil gently, stirring constantly for 10 minutes. Add to peanut butter and marshmallow and beat until candy begins to thicken. Put into 2 8×8 pans or 9×13 pan. Cool and enjoy!44
On my DaySpring plate it looks tempting. Grab a big piece, it makes lots, so I think I’ll be sharing it with neighbors. It’s so sweet that just four pieces wrapped up in parchment or brown paper and tied with a little bow is a neighborly gift I would appreciate.
Do you make holiday treats to share?

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This post should be titled, “My pathetic attempt at bokeh.”

What’s  bokeh? I really didn’t know either.

If you don’t know, there’s a bokeh party going on over at Darcy’s, My life with 3 Boybarians, where you can learn all about it.


I recently bought myself a Canon T1i and I lurve it! It’s my first DSLR so I’ve lots to learn. I only have the kit lens, 18-55mm, but hope to get a great new lens soon. Maybe I’ll win the Tamron lens giveaway! Fingers crossed

My subject is not completely in focus but the lights are orbs, so I guess I was semi-successful at bokeh.


I don’t have Photoshop so I use Photoscape. It’s a free download that’s so much fun to play with. You can enhance your photos, create different effects, add frames and more. I added a tape type frame to the above photo and a newsprint effect to the one below.



This is antique photo…You can adjust the effect to varying degrees.






oil painting

oil painting




and even Holiday frames.

For a great free program try Photoscape. Got any tips for a DSLR beginner?


Debbie (((xx)))

The Stockings were hung

But not by the chimney this year. I hung them in the dining room.
Going right along with the burlap trend again, I decided to sew up some stockings. I  drew out the shape with chalk on burlap, sewed them up, added a little embellishment and that’s it.
I added some greenery and hung them from a shelf in the dining room. The white poinsettia is actually much prettier than in this picture. I wrapped the base in burlap and added some curly gold ting ting. The small nativity was from Kirklands, several years ago.
My first attempt at making fabric flowers was successful….at least I think so. I used pieces of fabric from my stash. A fabric stash is a good thing.                Am I imagining it or do you hear Martha Stewart too?
This one is edged with some of the piping I got at the thrift store and tied with a burlap bow. 11The stocking aren’t lined and probably should be for added strength and so nothing could poke through the burlap. I’ve seen many versions of burlap stockings lately and lots of rolled flower tutorials……do a search and you’ll come up with plenty of ideas and inspiration to make your own.
I still didn’t make any cookies, but I’m fixin to real soon. Be right back
How about you?

*Here’s more of my Christmas decor this year
Kitchen, Dining room
Burlap wreath 
Red Mantel
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CSN Stores GiveAway

By now you must know that CSN has over 200 online stores selling everything from bathroom shelving to warm boots to gourmet cookware. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect item because CSN has it all!    CSN giveaways are popular around blog land and as a preferred CSN blogger, I’m happy to be hosting another $55. gift certificate giveaway.
Click here to enter the giveaway on my review page.

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Burlap wreath

Who would’ve thought that lowly burlap would make it big time!  From table runners, lamp shades, window treatments and even pillows, burlap is the hot trend right now.
I’ve seen so many different burlap wreaths lately that I was inspired to make my own.      3 While burlap is inexpensive and easy to work with, it sure is messy. messy. messy. Strings are everywhere!
Here’s how I made mine:
You’ll need a Styrofoam wreath frame, mine was 16”, about 1 ½ yds burlap cut into 3 or 4 inch squares and a whole bunch of floral pins, pictured below. You could probably use ball headed straight pins too, but regular straight pins could slip through the loose weave of  burlap.
1You can see that I wasn’t too fussy about the size of the squares.                                      

I folded them into a cone shape, put a pin through the bottom and pushed the pins into the wreath frame.
Just keep going all around the frame, filling it in as much as you like. Don’t forget to fill in the sides so it looks pretty from all angles.
I’m lovin ♥ how it looks in the dining room.

Below, this beautiful wreath from thediyshowoff  was my inspiration. It’s gorgeous!

For more burlap wreath inspiration visit these talented gals,
clapCraftaholics Anonymous
  startatertots and jello
  thumbs_upWhere the Heart is
  smile_regular Confessions of a Plate Addict

I’m adding this to the Christmas craft party  Kate is hosting at Centsational girl.

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The Christmas flower

Do you buy a poinsettia at Christmas? I do and its usually a deep dark red color, but this year I wanted a white one.

Fortunately, if dark red isn’t for you, there are lots of softer colors to choose from.

File:Poinsettia pant 784.jpg

Source     Like this pink beauty with variegated leaves.

winter blush poinsettia picture

 Source   Winter Blush

poinsettia pictures from paul ecke poinsettia ranch   Source Winter Roses. This is my least favorite. It looks old and shriveled up to me and nothing like a rose!

  Source What a stunner! Strawberries and Cream.

 Source  Symphony of Freedom.

Ice Punch. This is a stunner too!

Here’s Orange Spice. Can you see this at Halloween through Christmas?

orange poinsettias

Source How about a Poinsettia in topiary form?

So, what’s your opinion of this Christmas icon? Like it or leave it?

I never keep my poinsettias and try to get them to bloom again. When they start dropping leaves and looking straggly which they inevitably do, out they go. I do appreciate their pop of color at Christmas though. They always heighten my Christmas spirit.

Did you know that poinsettias are not poisonous as once thought…….I read that somewhere recently.

*I finally found my white poinsettia and will post pictures soon. I have the perfect spot for it!

Debbie (((xx)))

Christmas Inspiration


While web surfing I came across some beautiful photos of Christmas decorating and wanted to share them with you. There are some good ideas here.

See for yourself….

Photo Source This green and white  table is stunning.

Catch the light

Ornaments hanging on a mirror…So pretty! The candlelight makes them sparkle more.


Photo Source Isn’t this gorgeous?

Mix white and crystal

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. sigh

Frosty and glamorous

This is my favorite picture. The flocked tree, mirror and branches make my heart smile!

Traditional living room

Throw in some classic red and it really pops. I could grab that throw off the chair and curl up right there on the couch!

Decorate your hallway

Hang your stocking on the railing if you don’t have a mantel. Great idea! I love those red snowflakes too!

Traditional dining table

Add blue to red and it looks elegant and inviting. Do you use poppers? I’m not even sure what they are. Is there candy inside?

Light up a lantern

Turn an everyday item into a beautiful Christmas accent with a little embellishing.  I don’t have a lantern but I’m on the lookout for one. 😉


I love this idea! A coffee station at a party would be awesome with stacks of cups spelling out wish, joy, or noel.

I hope you enjoyed these photos from Ideal Home, a British home decor magazine, and got some ideas and inspiration.


Today I’m going to try to make a wreath. I have a plan so we’ll see how it goes!


Debbie (((xx)))

The Halls are Decked

Not putting up a tree has some advantages. You can use all your pretties for creating festive vignettes AND……. putting things away after Christmas is so much easier. 🙂
Let’s start in the kitchen…….
On the kitchen table is a tiered stand dressed up with lime and red, one of my favorite Christmas color combinations. I use the little lime acorns somewhere every year.
I lurve me that little boot ornament hanging from the edge. ♥
The sign on the ivy in the background says Happy Birthday Jesus. My yardsale chandelier is perfect for hanging glass baubles.
In the dining room the chandelier is bedecked simply with snowflakes and icicles.
The empty corner beside the candle will soon be home for some white poinsettias.
On the table are three white platters filled with greens, mercury glass candle stands that I got last year, lots of pinecones, some are sprayed white, and silver and white balls.
I just got this twig basket at the thrift store and sprayed it white. Don’t you love it?
77 I added some bling with this pretty flowery ornament from Walmart.  
Birdie ornament from Walmart too….this year. We don’t have huge pinecones like this up here and I can’t remember where these came from, but if I ever get south again I’m going to get more!
dsb full
Just a little aqua on the sideboard…..
The faux trees in mercury glass came from Christmas Tree Shoppes…tons of good stuff there! The crackled  finial is from a trip to NYC several years ago. A stack of platters holds a bird’s nest.

dsb  Two aqua glass acorns, one beside the nest and one by the tureens are from Walmart…this year, I just couldn’t resist them.
Nativity set is displayed on the family room coffee table.

That’s all the decorating I’ve done. I wanted to decorate the front porch today but it was too cold and wet to be out, so that will have to wait.  I’m planning on getting a few poinsettias because they just scream Christmas to me…….plus they’re so pretty.
In the previous post I linked up at Layla’s and I’m linking up this post with http://southernhospitalityblog.com/kitchen-vignettes-lime-and-red/ I can’t wait to see what you’ve done this year.  😉

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Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!    xoxoxo

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