Painting in the basement and more. Help!

This is a long post but please read to the end, I need your input.
The basement BEFORE.
I grew tired of the oak cabinets and wanted to do a black glaze on them. When I actually did…it was truly awful! It was ugly, oh it was ugly! ugly ugly ugly
Remember those popular  Laura Ashley golds? My basement, kitchen and family room are all painted in LA gold. I know I mentioned I wanted to change the colors and fabric in the kitchen…well add to that, the basement, powder room, and family room. 
I went ahead and painted the cabinets black (Valspar, Dark Kettle Black) and am really happy with the results. It’s a great black with no undertones, it’s just black.
Eddie Bauer, Almond Oil is the color I chose for the walls

When I added the texture to these walls, years ago, I was inspired by the Olive Garden restaurants. But like I said, change is a coming…..the new flatter paint makes the texture almost disappear.
Here are the stairs coming down….nothing special. I painted the railing black and didn’t put it back up yet.
The door on the right is to the unfinished side of the basement, where I store all my junk good finds waiting for makeovers.

2010_09_25_0555 Straight ahead you’ll see a bar area and this window into the sewing room, which I thought was a wonderful idea and in theory it is, but honestly I don’t think we ever sat there.  See that screwdriver stuck in the side of the molding? Yep, I ripped it off and am covering up the window and tearing down the bar!
Big honkin tv was in the corner on an ugly tv stand. Hubby’s choice.  Door on the right is to the sewing room.2010_09_25_055200
  Double doors to the laundry.
This is directly to the right as you come down the stairs. You can see the chandelier (a yardsale bargain), which was over the table, which is now upside down getting it’s legs painted. Another good idea in theory, having a table to eat at and play games, but it didn’t work for us. We never used it, so the chandelier is coming down and being replaced with a ceiling fan. I know, I know, ceiling fans are ugly, but this is PA, the winters are cold and all the heat goes up the stairway. A ceiling fan set on low would keep the heat down.
Please try to ignore the strange shadows, I used the flash.oo
The bottom of the hutch will be painted and repurposed as a tv stand. Stay with me now!smile_teeth

This is a shot of the whole room, it’s long and narrow but still pretty big.
Here’s a glimpse into the unfinished side of the basement. It looks a little like hoarders in this picture but actually it’s organized and neat.
That’s what I’ve been working on. So far the painting is done and the bar has been removed. Let me tell you, that was a job! I got a workout on that one!
Now I have to finish the hole in the wall, paint that and
the tv cabinet, install a ceiling fan and figure out the furniture arrangement. That’s where I need your help, how should I arrange the furniture? I think the tv would be good where the window/bar was.
I’m planning on using the table as an office work space and I have a huge, huge frame that I want to hang beside the cabinets to use for a bulletin board so the room will have 2 separate functions. An office space at one end and  tv viewing at the other.  There’s a green sleeper sofa, 2 dark burgundy leather recliners, a bookcase, some small tables and the big tv.  If you’ve made it this far you might as well tell me your thoughts. Please.rose

Debbie (((xx)))

Tablescapes and More

Last Saturday, my church, Community Bible Church hosted a women’s conference and I was happy to be one of the hostesses.


Being a hostess meant setting a table for 8, providing small favors and a centerpiece for a door prize, to someone sitting at my table. Gosh, it was fun putting it all together. I loved it!

2010_09_18_0500  A sunflower and peacock feather arrangement was the centerpiece. It was loose and kind of wild looking and I did lots of agonizing over it before just giving up!  The place settings were a collection of different white plates, a mix of black and white dishes and cute  yellow dishes. All came from a 10 cent sale at a thrift store.  I lucked out on that one! I had the mugs, glasses and silverware.

Aren’t those paper napkins cute? I found them at the grocery store. zzz

For the favors, I gave each lady a dry erase pen inside a little pouch made from ribbon that had peacock feathers on it…..which I found at Hobby Lobby, (someone suggested  they could use the case for their cheater glasses), and an easel 2010_09_18_0499

and their large dinner plate, which they could use to create something like this,2010_09_18_0499


As a base for the centerpiece I used turquoise burlap and a scrunched up zebra print curtain. Thanks for the curtains Tara!

For layering and levels I added 3 white pumpkins nestled in burlap on black pottery.


We were privileged to have three amazing women, Friends of the Heart, as speakers for the event. Shirley Brosius was hilarious as Hyacinth Bucket, (pronounced boo-kay). oo

from their website, With a gift for memorization, Shirley moves audiences as she offers dramatic presentations of the book of Philippians or the first 106 verses of the Gospel of John from memory.

She recited psalm 139 for us and believe me there was not a dry eye in the place. It was so inspiring!


We heard some amazing singing and were also entertained by Wonder Woman and Dora the Explorer.009  If you ever get the opportunity to see Friends of the Heart you don’t want to miss it!


Here’s a sampling of some of the centerpieces. All the tables were different and so pretty.

centerpiece centerpiece00 centerpiece2 centerpiece4 centerpiece8 centerpiece88 centerpiece99 

It was really a great time and I think we all got a tremendous blessing! I know I did.



Added to Between Naps on the Porch, Tablescape Thursday.

Debbie (((xx)))

Thrifty Things

White pottery is everywhere, including here! My collection is growing and growing and I’ll soon need to stop buying or find a better way to display it. Currently it’s just about all over the place.

arrow  In the kitchen, this coffee pot is

Tureens are my biggest weakness and the one on the right  was 5 bucks at the thrift store. It’s the heaviest one I own. It’s really thick and heavy and I ♥ it! The small urn and tureen are new too!smile_tongue

Another thrift store deal, just 50 cents for this bronze colored bag. It’s a little small but I love the bronze color for Fall and will probably use it for church.2010_09_20_0549   

So those are my most recent finds. I’m joining thrifty finds at Southern Hospitality.


I’m painting in the basement…cabinets, walls and stairway. It’s time for a change! It’s a big job and I’m almost done painting, then I can have some fun putting it all back together.


Debbie (((xx)))

A few recent thrifty finds

These old electric insulators are such a pretty shade of aqua blue and I see them from time to time at yardsales and thrift shops. And I see lots of interesting things since I work at a thrift shop! I found this pretty vase and paired it with my Mom’s little pitcher and the insulator and it makes a pretty vignette in the bedroom.


I found this little oil painting at the Humane Society thrift shop for 10$. It’s 8” x 10” and has a gorgeous frame. It was more than I usually pay for a thrifty treasure but I just couldn’t resist. I’ll be using it in the kitchen.2010_08_31_0434

So, those are some of my recent finds. 

Painting the cabinets in the basements is my latest project and I’m about done and can now start painting the walls. Remember LA gold, that popular paint color from several years ago? Well it’s about to be gone and replaced with Almond Oil by Valspar. I hate painting but I want this done.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new cooler temperatures….I know I am.


Debbie (((xx)))

Summer’s not over YET!

Well, not quite yet!

Come take a walk around the garden with me.


At the entrance to the garden a crabapple tree is heavy and messy with crabapples and falling leaves.

Beside the bench is Sedum, Autumn Joy, about ready to bloom and Russian sage. You can see the wire fencing to keep out rabbits, but can you believe it, they still get in and feast on the green beans! At this point I don’t care, I’ve dealt with enough green beans this year.

2010_08_31_0445 2010_08_31_0462

There are still lots of tomatoes and the plants are so lush right now. The wooden tomato cages were built several years ago by my hubby and serve much better than those wire ones.

2010_08_31_04592010_08_31_0446  On the other side you can see a butterfly bush in the background. Cleome and Black Eyed Susan are peeking out on the right.

2010_08_31_0456 2010_08_31_0464 2010_08_31_0470

My hubby’s absolute favorite, little chili peppers. He eats them like candy! I’m not kidding and he always coaxes me to try one. NO WAY.2010_08_31_0468

Poblano peppers are more my style. They don’t pack much heat.  2010_08_31_0467

We planted Jalapeno, Habanero, Cherry, Cayenne and several different varieties of bell peppers, I happen to love the red bell peppers.

Carefree Delight rose blooms all Summer. It’s always loaded with pretty pink blooms and is truly carefree.2010_08_31_0449 2010_08_31_0475

Along with the beauty of the garden are some nasty wasps. They stung me a few weeks ago. I’d forgotten how much a sting hurts. I should thank those wasps for reminding me.  

I need to get out there and plant some lettuce, but honestly, I’ve had enough gardening this year. I’m ready to clean it all up till next year and usher in the cooler weather. Summer 2010 has been brutally hot.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour.So how’s your garden growing? Are you ready to pack it all in and enjoy Fall? I am.

I’ve been painting cabinets in the basement and will soon be done with that. Just giving the family room a different look….always changing, tweaking, adding……it’s an evolution! Friday the carpet will be cleaned and then I can put the whole room back together.


Debbie (((xx)))