Time for a change.

Inspired by Rhoda’s Decor Longevity post I’m sharing my own urge to redecorate. Not to completely redecorate, just change to some fresher fabrics for a new look. Hip, festive fabrics that make me smile.

I spotted this pillow at TJ Maxx and was instantly smitten.heartCan you fall in love with a fabric? 2010_08_31_0435

It has all the colors I currently love. Red, gold, teal and green. Notice I said, currently? My tastes change constantly and when I get tired of something, I just want it gone. How about you?

My old window treatment and fabrics were blacks, reds and gold and while there is nothing wrong with them, I just need to look at something different.

kitchencurt 11

I’m thinking that painting the kitchen and adding new fabrics will give the kitchen a facelift.

 2010_08_31_0438 Anyone have any idea how I can find out the name or manufacturer of this colorful retro fabric? I only have one pillow and if I don’t find this fabric I’ll use it for inspiration. I looked at Hobby Lobby and didn’t see anything I liked so I’ll be checking at Joanne’s and Hancock soon.

So do you get this urge too?

It’s been hectic around here the past weeks….we had so many appointments and things to deal with and then I decided to have a 2 day yardsale!  I cleaned out my closet, the basement and shed and am really feeling good about purging. All that on top of the mess created by our mini flood. And we are still dealing with the insurance over that! Phew, I feel like a need a few pajamas only days to regroup.


Debbie (((xx)))

Art show at Mt Gretna

Once again I have been a bad blogger and not kept up with my blog! 🙁 . The house is still a mess from our mini flood and is going to get worse because all the hardwood floors are going to be refinished. There are lots of scratches from moving the refrigerator and some of the floor behind it has split.  We’ll have to stay at a hotel when all the work begins…….maybe our insurance will put us up at Hotel Hershey…….do ya think!!

And I have made it a worse by deciding to have a yardsale this weekend. A friend will be bringing some of her stuff too so it should be fun. I’m in a purging mood and I mean a MAJOR purging mood!  We cleaned out the shed and the garage is piled with stuff to get rid of.

Anyway, I went to the art show last weekend……I posted about this beautiful village before.

poster2010 Mt Gretna outdoor art show 2010.






These pictures are from the craft show, which is across the street from the juried arts show.


I thought these hummingbird feeders made from decanters were interesting and the candles below really looked like drinks.



Food food food! This is the craft show side, the food at the art show is of a more gourmet variety.

2010_08_21_0398 2010_08_21_0401 2010_08_21_0395

I actually bought one of these tops. Crazy huh?

These hammocks were awesome in person.



Funnel cake anyone?


I drank some fresh squeezed lemonade and sat in this shady spot to enjoy the music before I headed across the street to the juried art show.2010_08_21_0418






The weather was hot and humid but it was still a beautiful day.



There was so much to see, modern sculptures and oil paintings and beautiful handmade hats. There was also leather work, water colors, mixed media, wood working and lots more. And the jewelry was spectacular!


2010_08_21_0408 2010_08_21_0409

I loved these pictures with the keyboards!

2010_08_21_0410 2010_08_21_0412

Calling all rooster lovers. These were amazing!



Isn’t this a beautiful setting for an art show?


A bubble machine was blowing bubbles from the porch of this storybook cottage.


I strolled back across the road, past the craft show to the car and headed home, hot, sweaty but content! If you have never been to Mt Gretna, I urge you to visit.  Each charming cottage has it’s own personality and it’s truly straight out of a storybook. It beckons you to relax and take in the sounds and beautiful sights of nature. It’s like stepping into another time.

Have you ever visited Mt Gretna?

Debbie (((xx)))

What’s on your bucket list?

Want to win one hundred bucks?

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My  BlogHer $100. question is, what’s on your bucket list?

  Remember the movie, ‘The Bucket List’ with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? It’s about two terminally ill but unlikely friends who escape from a cancer ward and take off on a crazy journey with their list of things to do before they kick the bucket.


It made us all think of what’s on our own bucket lists.

Run in a marathon

learn the samba

swim with sharks

jump off a cliff

sky dive

write a best selling book

star in a movie….I’m really not interested in doing any of those things.

Speak a foreign language fluently,

play an instrument, maybe the harp or piano,

ride in a hot air balloon,

walk where Jesus walked,

live in a foreign country,

feed an elephant,

talk with the president,

drive a tractor trailer,

…..these are things on my list.

Most people think of all the exciting things they’d like to do, but what about things like starting a business, or spending more time with your loved ones, getting fit, volunteering or finding your passion?

I like the part of the movie where Morgan Freeman asks these two questions,  “have you found joy in life” and “has your life brought joy to others?”

Now that’s something to think about!

So , what’s on your bucket list?  Hmmm



Debbie (((xx)))

Summer foods link up and Rhubarb crisp.

Fresh fruits and vegetables of Summer are some of my favorite foods……….well….. actually just about any food is my favorite.

Are you familiar with rhubarb? It’s kind of sour, but rhubarb is so pretty. It really should be in season at Christmas time. The colors would be perfect.IMG_1956

I was given some rhubarb several weeks ago and made my first rhubarb cobbler. Ever.



Here’s the recipe I used,

1 c. brown sugar

1 c. flour

1 c. quick oats

1/2 c. melted butter

1 t. cinnamon.

Mix all together and press 1/2 of this mixture in bottom of a 9” x 9” pan.

Cover with 4 c. diced rhubarb

In a saucepan combine 1 c. sugar, 1 c. water, 2 Tbs. corn starch, 1 t. vanilla, Cook till thick and bubbly. Pour over rhubarb in baking pan.

Cover with the remaining brown sugar, flour, oats mixture.

Bake 350 for about 1 hour


It was so good. Vanilla ice cream is a perfect accompaniment to this yummy dish.

 Congrats to the winner of the giveaway, Ms Bake-it, who won a set of 400 thread count sheets from CSN.

If you’d like to share a favorite Summer food or recipe, I’ve added  Mr linky, so come on and join up. You can link up an old post or any food post.

OpenSky is Here

 I’ve partnered with OpenSky and am excited to announce the opening of my Shop at OpenSky!
This darling little grocery cart from Melissa and Doug is the very first item I’m offering in my new shop.2010_08_09_0389
You’ve got to admit, it’s cute. Doesn’t it make you want to be little again so you could push it around?
Why am I offering toys in my shop?  Well, I picked this item because I’m familiar with toys from Melissa and Doug so I know from personal experience what great toys they offer. My granddaughter Mia, has a wooden dollhouse from Melissa and Doug, with little people and furniture and I love playing with it as much as she does!
This grocery cart even has a seat just like a real one, that’s perfect for a doll or favorite stuffed animal.
2010_08_09_0386  It’s got stabilizing legs so it doesn’t tip.2010_08_09_0388w
Dimensions: 18.5″ x 13.5″ x 22.5″.
– Looks like a real store cart.
– Features durable metal construction.
– Includes pivoting front wheels and a folding seat.

This is one sweet little shopping cart that will last through generations and I know your kiddies will love it. Pop on over to OpenSky to check it out!

Thank you so much for your support.

Debbie (((xx)))

Too old for this?

57  sounds so old. If you think about it, it’s actually older, because it means that I’m in my 58th year on earth.
What does that have to do with this purple Kathy pocketbook I found for $2.50 at the thrift store? My thrift store, the Jubilee, where I work 12 hrs a week, put out all Summer purses on clearance. There was a yellow Kathy bag too but I grabbed this one.
Do you think I’m too old to be using a purple, funky, spunky purse like this? A purse that yells, “hey look at me, I’m so trendy, hip and rockin, but why am I with this old lady??”
So what do you think?
Because I just don’t know!sigh

Debbie (((xx)))

Linked up to Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures at Southern Hospitality.

Corn, Now Ear This

There was an article about corn in the Parade section of the Sunday paper. Did you see it?
No, aw ScHuCkS! (sorry, that’s just so corny)
The article states that corn possessed the power and the glory that inspired James Stevenson to write this “Why am I happy / that I was born?/Just one reason (in season): / SWEET CORN!”
Then it talks about the corn from Thomas Jefferson’s day versus the genetically engineered corn of today. I don’t care one little niblet. Give me some corn on the cob in all it’s sweet, salty and buttery goodness.
Yellow, white or mixed, it doesn’t matter we’ll eat it.
If you cook it we will come!IMG_0070

Micro waved, boiled or grilled, we will eat it.   I read that if you grill it naked, the sugars will caramelize and the flavor becomes even sweeter! Never tried it though.
We usually grill with husks on, or boil. That’s the old fashioned way, and I was told to cook it until you smell it, but that’s probably overcooked.
On to the buttering……2010_07_27_0237

Ever butter it this way? Butter up the bread and roll the ear in it.

2010_07_27_0234Do you flavor the butter with garlic, cajun seasoning, tarragon or dill? I like plain butter and lots of salt. Lots of saltsaltsalt.
That’s how we like our corn, how about you? Do you freeze up a bunch to enjoy in Winter?
Before Summer comes to an end, would you like to share your favorite Summer food or recipe? Or a childhood memory of Summer foods?  Let me know and get a post ready I’ll have a link up party next Friday the 13TH. OK? Hope you’ll link up! I really do.

Added to Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum
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******Don’t miss the giveaway. It’s HERE.
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Ocean City Boardwalk

On day 2 of our vacation we rode the bus from the condo to the southern end of the boardwalk to eat at Harrison’s. 2010_07_3RT From our table we could see the Ocean City inlet and  Asseteague.

Assateague Island is where wild ponies are herded into the water for the swim over to Chincoteague, where some are sold at auction.  I’d love to see that!2010_07_31_0345RT

2010_07_31_0352RT 2010_07_31_0356RT

The food was fantastic. We all got seafood of course, and I got my favorite lump crab cakes.

After we were stuffed we hopped on the tram and rode to the northern end of the boardwalk because we were too lazy to walk the whole way down and back.


At the northern end, we got off the tram and then walked all the way back to the southern end, because that’s where we’d get the bus to head back to the condo.  It was a plan that worked out well!


The sights, sounds and smells of the boardwalk surrounded us! There’s so much for kids to do.


Ever whac a mole?  Check out this cutie smiling at us!


Arcades and rides are everywhere.


Henna tattoos and hair braiding.


This was an art gallery. You could get lost in there and never see all of the art work. Prints and oils take up every inch of space 3 stories tall.

2010_07_31_0368  It was disappointing, but we didn’t see Lady Gaga.

These sand sculptures drew a big crowd and were stunning in person. This was a quiet spot on the noisy boardwalk.2010_07_31_0375RT



I think eating ice cream on the boardwalk is an absolute must, or french fries, fried oreos, cotton candy, hot dogs, fresh squeezed lemonade…….There’s so much to enjoy! Pizza! Fried snickers….

That was the end of our mini vacation in Ocean city and we headed home early the next day.


Coming up soon, a CSN giveaway I think you’ll like. Come on back and enter.


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Goin “down the shore” Ocean City, MD


Years, that’s how long since I’ve been to the shore. I’m not much of a beach person because it’s usually so hot for me and the sand gets everywhere and burns your feet…….. but for 2 days I can stand it. And I actually enjoyed the beach this time. The weather was perfect, not humid and in the mid 80s.

Bill’s family vacations at the beach every year  We have an open invitation to visit and stay with them, so we took off for the beach and left our wet and noisy home behind.


We only had to walk this far to get on the beach!


Yes this is the beach, now I remember!

2010_07_31_0320RT  dom rt

Bill and Dominic posing in front of their giant crab sea sculpture.


Samantha played for hours in the sand, totally immersed in her own world. Makes me wonder what she was thinking.

2010_07_30_0276rt   2010_07_30_0278RT 2010_07_30_0291RT

Oh to be a kid again, that’s what I was thinking.



Thank you Ocean City MD beach, hope I can visit again!

Next, pictures from the boardwalk. What’s better than the boardwalk? The sights, the smells and so many things to tempt you senses!


I got a new Canon T1i, my first DSLR, and was playing with my camera and Photoscape, a free program that does amazing things to your pictures. I’m definitely not a pro so I really appreciate free programs. Thanks Rhoda!

The Service Master crew has dried out the house and removed all their equipment now, but they did remove more drywall in the basement.smile_sad  Next, drywall work, new insulation, carpet padding, cleaning and stretching and painting. Water can do so much damage! The wooden floor in the kitchen is ok….phew!


Debbie (((xx)))