Tour the patio

The patio is furnished mostly with trash to treasure makeovers from yardsales and thrift shops, come on, I’ll give you a tour.
My old baker’s rack got a coat of aqua spray paint. The boots, basket, green pitcher, white Haeger planter and bunnies are from yardsales. And there’s a glimpse of an old door waiting for it’s new home. (another project) The lime green food dome is from Big Lots.
IMG_2011IMG_2012   IMG_2020
There are pair of boxwoods and spruce trees among other planters at the entrance.
This old wicker planter was from a yardsale  and was just 5 $. It’s seen better days but I still love it.IMG_2021 IMG_2026
You can get an idea of how large the patio is from this shot.
A real treasure from a yardsale was this vintage wrought iron patio set, 20$! The small rug at the door is from

IMG_2013  I love this shot… swing…ahhh! This large rug matches the smaller one and is also from The rocks on the bench are to keep magazines from blowing away.IMG_2001
Opposite the swing are the adirondack style rockers. The small black table was free from a yardsale. I love this big rug!
The curbside desks were turned into plant stands.IMG_1995
Pillow and shell book from yardsales are on the old Hershey break room bench.IMG_1982
My Mom used this old dresser in her bathroom and it was stored in my basement waiting a makeover.
I sprayed it lime and aqua and used a marker on the plastic knobs. It’s a great place to keep magazines, paper plates and placemats.
The clock and cage are from yardsales.

This mini fridge might not be too pretty but it sure is handy on the patio. Just help yourself to an icy cold drink.IMG_2016
IMG_2017Another treasure is this white tray table, 5 $, yardsale. I keep it near the back door so it’s close  when I want to bring out food. Holding the fridge is a curbside find, an old washstand that’s missing it’s doors and now has a little curtain hiding shoes, plant food etc. I think someone started to strip it and gave up. I like it just the way it is.IMG_2027
You can see the watering cans lined up on the storage bench. Right beside is where you step down to the grilling area. Our old patio set is at least 20 years old and was sprayed black a few years ago.  The cushions have been replaced several times but the set doesn’t wear out so it’s working just fine for me. I’m always tempted to buy a new set, especially when they’re on sale, but don’t think I will.  Looking at this shot I think I need another rug for the other side of the patio. What do you think?
The chandelier is an old one I had in the basement, sprayed and branches added. I’m into branches…..they’re free….lol.  I love the way they look and the organic feel. Add some votive candles and it’s a candelier!
IMG_2023IMG_2028I got this firepot from my daughter’s for my birthday. I love the colors and it coordinates perfectly with the colors out here. It’s the neatest thing. Are you familiar with firepots?  You use gel fuel and it even crackles when it’s lit. It’s so nice out here after the sun sets and the fire’s lit. Apple green candle is from a yardsale.
  I’d like to spray the plastic storage bench we use to hold the cushions and get another rug. I can see some larger pieces on the wall above the doors and windows and some tall palms, so I will be on the lookout for the perfect pieces. But for the patio’s first year in use, I’m happy.
I never imagined this would expand our living space so much. It’s where we have breakfast and read the paper, eat meals, entertain and just sit and relax and swing of course! The vintage patio set is shaded in the morning  and the other side of the patio is shaded later in the day.  What a great space and we are sure enjoying it.  Hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for stopping by!

Linked to The power of paint at Domestically Speaking. All of these things were spray painted:
wicker planter, swing,
both patio sets, old Hershey bench, little blue bench, old dresser, baker’s rack, flower pots, school desks, adirondack chairs and chandelier and both birdcages!   Phew, I think that’s it.
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You can see more of how the patio began here and here.

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Burger wars are on!

Jucy Lucy verses Juicy Lucy.
I was flipping through the channels one night and came across Burger Wars. There’s a town that has two restaurants that each claim to have the best Jucy Lucy/ Juicy Lucy.  Ok, what’s a juicy Lucy?
A burger stuffed with cheese. Yep, the cheese is inside the burger.  At one restaurant you can pick your cheese, at the other it’s only American cheese and they even spell it differently!
I always buy 97/3 ground beef which my husband hates. He likes fatty burgers because they’re juicer and hold together when you cook them… blahblahblah…….I don’t want all that fat, so I came up with this. My own version of the Juicy Lucy.
To the lean meat I added chopped mushrooms, green pepper and onions and garlic powder. I made the burger patties and  put on a couple different cheeses and another thin burger on top. Patted the edges together and threw them on the grill.
IMG_1972  The raw version looks kind of gross, but the cooked version looks yummy.  My husband liked his so much he even posed it for the camera before he devoured it. See the cheese oozing from the center?

Call them stuffed burgers or Juicy Lucys, I will make these again! What’s your favorite burger? Do you add anything to plain meat to jazz up your burgers?
Cooking on the grill is  my favorite way to prepare Summer meals. It not only tastes good, it keeps the mess of pots and pans out of the kitchen…less clean up and that’s a very good thing!

Enjoy your Summer meals!

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Is free THRIFTY?

Finally I think I’m finished decorating the patio, at least until more ideas pop up…which would probably mean more projects…….but I wanted to show off my free swing!
My husband mentioned to a friend that I wanted a swing and  since his friend had recently moved and would not be using his, he offered it to us.  When I saw it I was thrilled! A swing is something I’ve always wanted and this one is better than I imagined. It’s almost 6 feet long and I can lay on it and nap and I do!  It’s awesome.IMG_1998It was plain brown and not very pretty so I sprayed it black, added a cushion and covered the chains with fabric and now it’s looking beautiful and comfy.  
IMG_1986 IMG_1995 Remember the school desks that I found curbside? They got sprayed with lime green spray paint and now serve as plant stands.IMG_1987
So that’s just a little tour of the patio, there’s more to come. Hope you liked it.

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The winner of the set of zippy bags is Kristi from the Thrifty Gypsy.

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A Spring celebration

Oh so pretty! Just look at these beauties.IMG_1805

Recently we had a Ladies’ Spring celebration at  church and I had the horrible task of creating some pretty but simple centerpieces. I hated, I detested, going to the garden center  and oohing and ahhing over these beautiful Gerber daisies in all their bright colors.


NOT! It was a ton of fun picking out all the daisies!

For the centerpieces, we just wrapped two pieces of tissue paper around the bottom of the pots and called it done. It was quick and easy and they had a lot of impact lined down the center of the tables. At the end we drew names and gave them away as door prizes.

ppr flower

Remember making flowers from tissue paper? The kind where you fold the paper end over end like an accordion pleat?  You fasten it in the middle with ribbon or wire, trim the ends in a sort of petal shape then carefully fan it out into a flower. I made a few of those for the  buffet table in lime and purple. You couldn’t say it wasn’t a colorful event.



This picture is from the Nester, don’t you just love the touch of pink flowers!DSC_0266-550x364


Here’s another picture of huge paper flowers from Home and Harmony.


The Ladies Spring Celebration  was a brunch, the food was awesome and there was so much of it. I made overnight French toast, (Rhoda’s recipe), that disappeared quickly, and I mean it was like POOF gone! I love that french toast, it tastes like a custard dessert. With so many breakfast casseroles, bowls of fresh fruit and sweets, you know I ate too much. Oh I really did.


I’ve got a few projects going on here and hope to share them soon. I added more aqua to the master bedroom and did a frame project and have been working on the patio, doing lots of gardening and working extra hours at the thrift shop.

Enjoy your day!



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Almost Summer


Green grass

flip flops



warm breezes







I’m back from my trip to my daughter’s new house in  Tennessee and hope to get some posts up soon!


You can read my first ever interview HERE at Decor Medley. It was a thrill to be included with so many talented designers.vpyux2

There’s still time to get in on the giveaway below!

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relevant10 and a Zippy Bags Giveaway

Are you going to Relevant 10? Never heard of it? Relevant 10 is a Christian bloggers conference right down the road in Harrisburg PA.  So, I’m going!


From their web site, Relevant is a place to connect kindred hearts; to enjoy sweet and fruitful fellowship; to engage one another in sharing, inspiring, and learning, and to figure out how to integrate our lives fully with our faith and family…all the while glorifying Him amidst this blogging tidal wave.

I’ve never been to a blogging conference before….I almost went to Blissdom but didn’t make it and I was so disappointed. But this conference is very close, I won’t need air fare or a hotel room.   Yahooie!

IMG_1828Recently I purchased some of these cute monogrammed zippy bags from Meghan at Half Pint House Handmade. She’s trying to get enough money together so she can to get to Relevant 10. The zippy bags are 5” x 8” and are the perfect size for so many things. Makeup, or as a bag to keep in your purse for receipts, keys, I even used mine as a mini bag full of change and small bills for yardsaling. I like to keep a smaller bag in my bigger bag to help keep things organized.


She offers her cute bags in tons of different fabrics and linings.


You can read her blog  Half Pint House, where she blogs about home schooling, family life, sewing and writing.




I’m happy to offer you a chance to win 2 zippy bags. One for you and one for you to give to a friend……or not….. You can choose your own fabric and they are even monogrammed just for you.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is go here and take a look at her bags and then come back here and comment. That’s all.

Have a great day!


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I ♥ Free samples

IMG_1870Getting free stuff in the mail makes my day. I want to live on free samples and never have to buy anything again!  Some days my mail box is full of lovely little boxes of free stuff.

IMG_1872Deodorant, body wash, soap and lotion….feels like Christmas!
This week I also got coffee, enough for a pot, and more shampoo.
 You can get samples at  Currently they are offering  Crest white strips,  Pantene and Playtex samples, plus a few more.
The freeflys web site offers coupons and free samples too. Currently they are offering Dove, Aveeno, Nivea, Burts Bees, Prilosec, and too many others to mention. You can even get a free NetiPot, the thing to rinse out your sinuses! I have one.
It works and gives some relief if you have a sinus problem. Check  out freeflys on facebook.
IMG_1935 (1)
Any offer that requires jumping through hoops to get a sample or coupon is not for me. I want to go directly to the page to sign up and get my free stuff, like this site  for a free granola sample.
Yes, I know I’m el cheapo, I can’t help it. These samples are the perfect size for travel and a great way to try a new product. So if I’m sitting at this box anyhow, why not just take another minute to fill out an address form for a free sample?
Give it a try. You might get hooked like me!
Do you have a great site for free stuff? Care to share?

Debbie (((xx)))

lettuce work

It’s that time again.
Time to work outside in the heat and get dirty, stinky, sweaty and thirsty.  
IMG_1898 But the rewards of all the hard work are a beautiful garden and fresh home grown produce.  IMG_1939
So far we’re enjoying sugar peas, spring onions and lettuce. This year I planted a blend of 5 different varieties of lettuce. We just cut what we want and it keeps on growing.IMG_1942
I like to dress these delicate greens with a light homemade vinaigrette.
My mother in law makes the best salad dressing. For years I tried to duplicate her oil and vinegar dressing with no luck, until one day I watched her make it. It turns out that she uses very little vinegar, only 1 little capful and about a quarter cup of oil. No wonder no one could ever get it right! And salt. Salt is the secret ingredient.  She never mixes up the dressing, she just adds the oil and vinegar to the lettuce and then tosses it all together with a generous dash of  salt. It’s so good!
Well, I can now say I mastered her dressing and decided to try to create my own  house dressing.
I use vegetable oil and olive oil, vinegar,  salt and pepper and I whisk it all together before dressing the salad. 
IMG_1547 It’s pretty good. Sometimes I’ll add honey and mustard and that’s good too. My husband loves that touch of sweetness. There’s no real recipe, I just eye it up as I’m making it. Guess I should write it down for posterity.
I love eating fresh foods from the garden and never tire of these salads. How about you, how do you dress a salad?
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