Knockout Roses and Ladies Mantle

If you love roses but thought they were too much work this is the rose for you. Knockout roses have been around since about 2000 and definitely won’t disappoint.

In my garden a pink Knockout is paired with Ladies Mantle and Salvia.IMG_1902

IMG_1905  Not only does it look beautiful, it smells great too. Don’t you love the scent of roses? My pink Knockout has the appearance of an old rose with it’s flat flowered look. The double Knockouts have more petals and a classic rose shape.

   Sunny, a yellow and Rainbow, a coral and yellow combo are the newest varieties.sunnyknockoutrose                 






from conrad   I’m loving this yellow one.


This is my red Double Knockout. What a pop of color, it’s a stunner!


You can see that the flowers have more petals but there is no scent with this one. IMG_1915 If you have space for a new plant, try a Knockout rose. You’ll get bloom after beautiful bloom and they’re disease resistant and carefree. What more could you ask for in a rose?


Ladies Mantle is another of my favorite plants. I bought these plants from a catalog about 12 years ago and got the tiniest little sprigs that I thought would never make it, but boy did they ever and they keep going year after year. They drop seeds too so I get lots of new plants to share. alchemilla_mollisThe leaves resemble a woman’s clock or mantle and are waterproof and covered with a furry coat which catches drops of water after a rain or a heavy dew.

raindrops-on-ladys-mantle from webshots

This little drop of water was thought to be magical and hold properties capable of causing fertility or restoring one’s virginity.


Red double Knockout, pink Knockout and the lime shade of Ladies Mantle make a beautiful display. This one’s a little droopy from being on the patio in the heat all day, but still so pretty!

How does your garden grow? Everything is green and growing so fast, I love this time of year.  What are your favorite plants?

The patio is almost all decorated and ready to be revealed….soon. There’s a little giveaway coming up  AND I’ve got too many projects going all at the same time….what else is new?!

Debbie (((xx)))

A Yardsalin Weekend

Our development was a yardsalers paradise this weekend. I got yardsale burnout and  never left the neighborhood! There were so many cars and people that it was dangerous at times.

But I was out there early! Here’s what I scored.


Cute little bamboo cage 50¢, huge frame that was only 25¢, shabby  frame 25¢.


New gardening knee pads 1$, new letters 50¢ each, necklace stand 25¢, new Pier One salad set 2$, New Pottery Barn tiered tray 5$.


4 giant ornaments 2$. I almost didn’t buy these but knew I’d regret it later so I did!



These cute boots are my size and they’re the perfect color for the patio and they’re new, 1$. I ♥ them.


Tray on stand 5$. I’ve been looking for a tray to use to carry stuff out to the patio and this is perfect! It had handles on the sides but someone removed them and did a real sloppy paint job but that’s ok, I’ll probably rough it up a bit anyhow.


All these wooden frames were FREE, just sitting outside on a free pile at the thrift shop. I used up all my frames in a project last week and needed a few more. I’ll  be posting about that soon.

So that’s my haul! I hope you found some bargains this week too.

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Sure Fit, Are You sure?

This pretty old chair has been hanging around in the basement just waiting for me to get inspired. I bought it new many years ago when I was in love with wing chairs and matching ottomans and I loved everything about it, from the flame stitched fabric to the curved legs. Mauve and blue, what year was that popular? Yep, it’s that old.
Finally, this great old chair is getting a new home in our master bedroom. I got rid of two ugly……really ugly, chairs in there and am replacing them with this chair and it’s matching ottoman.
I wanted to attempt to make a slipcover but knew that wouldn’t happen soon, so I shopped online and found this one from  Sure Fit at JC Penney.IMG_1847
As you can see, it’s not quite a Sure Fit. The arms are narrow and there’s an extra curve  that’s giving me a problem.
A Sure Fit person should come with every slipcover to make sure it fits as the instructions state, “your slipcover should fit snugly, almost like it was custom made.” Wouldn’t that be GREAT!
I used the wooden spoons trick to tuck, tuck and tuck. I think it will end up looking ok. Not perfect, but ok.

After I experimented by wrapping the arms with towels it looked much better! So I’m going to get some sort of padding and put my towels back in the linen closet. It could stand a little ironing too. I think I’ll be satisfied with the results. I hope! After I get it all tucked and fitted I’m wondering if it will stay put. Got any slipcover tips or advice?

The ottoman cover came from Overstock but I didn’t take a picture of it. It fits perfectly and both are in natural cotton duck fabric.
SO far the mini makeover of the master bedroom has been, new drop cloth panels, made over artwork, a jewelry organizer, new lamps, pillows and a slipcovered chair….it’s almost done. I’ll post pictures when it’s finished!

The winner of the Rusted Chain giveaway was tarabil_tay. Thanks for sending me your email address!

I feel like I’ve been missing lately and I have. A coworker at the thrift shop was in an accident and I’m working extra hours to help out. Last week I was busy working on details for a Ladies’ Spring celebration at church and the weather has been too dark and dreary to get decent pictures of projects I’m working on.
Another giveaway is coming next week so be sure to check back!

The Jewelry parade and a GiveAway!

The Giveaway has ended. Thank You for entering!jewelAre you ready for all the BLING?

Let me start by showing off some of my pieces.
First, I can’t believe that I won something.
I won this beautiful Lisa Leonard necklace from Cyndi Spivey, at Walking in His Grace. Thank you so much! I am thrilled! I’m positive it will become one of my favorite necklaces.
Some pieces that I seem to wear lots are these from Premiere Designs. Are you familiar with that company?
A little about Premiere Designs… The company  started as an opportunity for mothers to be able to stay home more with their children. They wanted to minister to single parents and provide a way in which they could be encouraged, increase their self-esteem, and do something worthwhile while supporting their children. They wanted a company that could provide a way for individuals, especially those in full-time Christian work, to meet their financial needs. At the same time they wanted to provide an opportunity for wives of pastors and church staff members to find a ministry and identity of their own outside the church. They wanted a company that would support ministries around the world and in America.
  I like it so much that I’m planning on having a home party near the end of June. 13I really like the aqua, green and turquoise colors, and the copper tones, below, of these Premiere pieces.14
Relevant10 Necklace from Daisy Corner Designs, is my newest piece. It’s so pretty!
Big fat chunky necklaces and old fashioned beads are hot now and such fun to wear. And they’re so easy to find in thrift shops. There are tons of cool vintage pieces at the Jubilee thrift shop where I work.
Recognize any of these famous women wearing their chunky necklaces?
 eva-mendes-in-dior1 sandra-bullock_mode_large_qualite_uk
How to store my jewelry has been a problem for me since I have a tendency to just put in on my dresser and hang it from the lamps and just generally lay it around.

By now, you’ve probably seen some version of a jewelry hanger around blogland. Whoever thought of this is a genius! It’s a great way to keep your jewelry neat and within reach.

I covered a board with burlap and put it in an old frame, added hooks and there it is.  I laid out my necklaces and played a little with the placement of the hooks and I ended up staggering them.
11 If I keep buying more pieces I may have to make another one!15 I’ve seen these jewelry boards made with chicken wire and screens too, instead of hooks.20
It serves it’s purpose well and looks good hanging on the wall!

* AND now click HERE to get to the GiveAwaY.


How does Your garden Grow

Every Spring I marvel at the beauty of the garden. Not just the flowers, but the vegetables and lawn too. Let’s take a tour.

The grass is a sea of green. Thick and lush, it’s the perfect carpet for bare feet.lawn  The rabbits didn’t eat the white impatiens I planted last year so I planted them again this year. I know they’ll eat the pink ones……..dang rabbits.   lawn

In the vegetable garden, spring onions and lettuce are a salad  just waiting to happen.

lettWe planted tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, green beans, zucchini and cucumber.

knockoutI planted another Knockout rose, this time a double knockout, which means the flowers have more petals. These are so easy to grow, I highly recommend it if you want a rose with no fuss. Just look at Home Depot or Lowe’s, they’re very popular.knockout                                                                                                                                  n213365735929_2798                                                                                                                           I can’t remember the name of this tree/shrub, but it looks like 2 Snuffaluffaguses from Sesame Street. Doesn’t it? Bill said it looks like 2 horses. Poor guy, he’s never been to  Sesame Street!


I still want to plant lots of different sunflowers and fill in a few spots with annuals. What have you planted this year? I’m so glad it’s Spring, aren’t you?

*Don’t forget the Bling Bling jewelry link up tomorrow.



Debbie (((xx)))

Another Curbside Find

 I’m getting so brave when it comes to curbside shopping. This old washstand was sitting just 2 houses down from our house and I grabbed it. I’ve been looking for something like this and it’s perfect  for what I had in mind.IMG_1772

It had 3 of the original porcelain casters and I just pulled them off and it now serves us on the patio as a ………


stand to hold a refrigerator!

Yeah, I know, the stainless steel spoils the whole vintage thing but, whatever! No more tracking dirt through the kitchen to get a drink when we’re doing yard work. The doors were missing so I’ll add a little curtain to hide shoes and stuff.

This next thing was half price at the thrift store, just 75¢.  What is it? I don’t know.ysale

My guess, it was a carrier for oil cans. Some kind of lubricator carried it around from job to job. Can you see it being used for that? It’s definitely homemade, what’s your guess? The base is about 10” x 12” and it’s about 16” tall. And what should I use it for? What would you use it for? I thought I might put two flower pots in it.


Those are the thrifty finds this week. I didn’t get out yardsaling because it was raining and so windy you could barely walk. Didn’t get finished planting flowers or doing anything outside, the weather was terrible and only 50 degrees. At least it didn’t snow!

Added to Thrifty Finds @ Southern Hospitality.

Don’t forget about the jewelry party on Wednesday! Show off your favorite pieces and share how you keep your jewelry organized. Do you have a signature piece? What’s your best jewelry story? Where do you find pieces you love, Tiffany’s or flea markets? All gals love some bling bling! Come on by and link up.




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My Mom on Mother’s day

You may know that my Mom has Alzheimer’s.
The disease is slowly progressing, but the quick downward spiral has tapered off.
The following are excerpts taken from previous posts.
I wonder where she is and I know that sometimes when I visit she’s just not there. I can’t connect, at least that’s how I feel. Maybe I am connecting with her on another level…I don’t know.
I had to face the reality that Mom has slipped into the end stages of Alzheimer’s. We will be using hospice to help….
Can you imagine what that feels like? Seeing your Mom as an old person, her hair mussed up, sleeping in a wheelchair with her head hanging down? Heart breaking…… It’s the picture that comes to mind when you think of a person in a nursing home. … that’s Mom now.
I think I’m getting it. I can hear you now Lord…… I’m learning to just love her. That’s all I  need to do. All the other stuff, all the irritating details will be taken care of, no matter how much I stress or worry about what’s not in my control.
You can read posts about Mom HERE.
It’s about 6 years  since my stepfather died and I began overseeing  her care.
There were many things in her life that she should have shared, but didn’t. I wish she would have, it would have helped me to understand her . But no matter what Mom didn’t say and  should have, or  what she should’ve done, but didn’t, it all  comes down to love.
And now, she teaches silently about love. When I visit, if I am just there with her, not trying so hard to connect, I can feel her love….. as a tiny smile or a little twinkle in her eye. Her presence has become more powerful, if that’s possible. I feel honored to sit beside her and hold her hand. There is love between us …that’s all that matters.

Happy Mother’s day.

BOOKS Make a difference for KIDS in need

To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all of the miseries of life.   William Somerset Maugham.

 BlogHer and BookRenter are launching a book donation drive. You can help by commenting   at about a book that has had a great impact on your life. You do have to be a member to comment, but it’s free and you can log in with your Facebook account.

4574141897_a37e01d7a5_o BookRenter, a company that rents textbooks to college students will donate 1 book for every comment left on the post from May 3 – 28. Up to 1000 books to kids in need.
THE FACTS: Books Are Shockingly Scarce for Kids in Need
• In low-income neighborhoods there is an average of only one book for every 300 children, compared to 13 books for every child in middle-income neighborhoods.
• 80% of preschool and after-school programs serving low-income populations have no age-appropriate books .
• 70% of 4th graders from low-income families in the US score ‘below proficiency’ in reading.
• 85% of juvenile offenders have reading problems.
THE CHARITY: BookRenter will donate up to 1,000 (this may increase) on Blogher’s behalf to Head Start through
FirstBook, a non-profit organization. Head Start is a federal program for preschool children from low-income families to help them prepare for kindergarten. The program is operated by local non-profit organizations in almost every county in the country. Children participate in educational activities, receive free medical and dental care and healthy meals and snacks.

You can help just by commenting HERE, it’s that easy.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss


Debbie (((xx)))

The Laundry Experiment.

My experiment with home made  detergent is over and it was a success! You can read all about it and find the recipe I used  here. Next time I mix up a recipe I may try  to find castile soap, or Zote, but I do like the smell of Fels Naptha.


Here’s the scoop on homemade detergent! Sorry about the pun.

 The  clothes came out clean and smelled fresh, not perfumed. I do add some oxiclean to my husbands clothes that he wears for yard work and I still use bleach for really dirty whites. You can find generic oxiclean at Big Lots.

I love using vinegar instead of fabric softener, it makes your clothes soft and no, they won’t smell like vinegar. Plus, vinegar is so cheap compared to fabric softener!

If you do a search for homemade cleaners you will find lots! Vinegar and baking soda have been around for ever and were used for many more things than we use them for today. Vinegar is a great natural cleaning product as well as a disinfectant and deodorizer, baking soda can be used as a mild abrasive to scrub surfaces and the list goes on …….woman_hanging_laundry

                                                          When the weather is nice  I hang laundry outside on my umbrella type clothes line. I don’t like the way it looks but it’s a chore that I actually like to do. I just don’t like paying the electric company for heat when there is free heat and a nice breeze outside. And hanging my laundry outside just makes me feel good, I don’t know why.

 Next experiment, dishwasher detergent, here’s the recipe,

1/2 C borax
1/2 C washing soda
1/4 C kosher salt
1/4 C citric acid powder, substitute unsweetened LEMON Kool Aid

Use 1 Tablespoon, and add vinegar to rinse agent reservoir.



 Do you hang laundry outside? Have you tried other homemade  recipes for cleaners?

Hope you get outside and enjoy your day!

Debbie (((xx)))

GiveAways and a winner

Kim @ Starshine Chic was the winner of the book, A Very Modest Cottage. Congrats to you, I know you’ll love this sweet story.

Don’t you love giveaways?

 I sure do, and there are so many all the time in blogland.

You all know Rhoda, aka Southern Hospitality, is known to have many really great ones, like this one,

and PW, that’s pioneer woman in case you’ve been living under a rock, is rockin blogland with a fancy camera giveaway. Of course she will get a brazillion comments, (how many is a brazillion)  but it’s worth a try, right?

Here’s another one….lisa leonard jewelry giveaway at Walking in His Grace!

Next week I’ve got another giveaway too, so stay tuned.

Can you lead us to any great giveaways this week? I need to win something, anything.


Debbie (((xx)))


An Art Makeover

Finally I found something I like to hang above the bed. Something I already had. Reuse, repurpose, recycle and shop the house first. I guess I need to follow my own rules! mbr[6] 

Here’s the  before with yardsale botanical prints, two were a set and had real mats, one was printed to look like a mat.


Since I like these prints, why not just paint the mats? I got out my paints and tried to mix some together to get an aqua color that was the right shade.

A little of this color and a little of that until it looks about right. I will admit though, that my first attempt was too bright, so I tried again. The second time was much better.


The deep burgundy mats are now aqua blue. After the mats were painted, the flowers seemed a  too pink, so I added some red to the flowers along with a few dabs of the mat color………hey, whatever works, right?


And after, VOILA, new art for the bedroom.IMG_1726

  The print in the middle is smaller so I hung it just a little higher this time and it looks much better than in the before picture. Because I messed it up a little when I painted it, I added a mat to it and that gives it a better look too.



New art, new lamps and new drop cloth panels….. it’s getting there. I need to add some touches of aqua around the room for balance, get a slipcover


& I think I’ve  come up with an alternative to hanging jewelry on lamps and strewing it all over the dresser.




So let’s talk about that next week.  Link up next Wednesday to talk about all your favorite pieces and if you have a signature piece, whether it’s  from Tiffany or a yardsale. Share how you organize your jewelry or any jewelry story you’d like to share.    jewel

Most gals love jewelry so it should be a fun topic.





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Thrifty Treasures!


There were so many yardsales this weekend. It was a yardsalers dream come true. I didn’t get out real early but managed to hit a few sales on my way to the grocery store.ysale3

It just looks like a pile of junk but wait,……..I got a kids table and 2 chairs, perfect condition for $3.

A couple of great old books, one of them is deep aqua and red, $1. Do you buy old books just because you like the color? I do!

A very large and ugly picture with a wonderful wooden frame that is stamped Illinois Moulding company on the back, $1.

Fancy framed mirror $1, possible black board project.

Vintage linens for $4. A beautiful big tablecloth, a monogrammed runner and 2 cotton ladies’ slips that are so pretty, they could be worn as dresses.

A couple plants from the Garden club annual sale, $1.50


$1.50 for this oil painting. It is gorgeous in person, no frame but I do love it.


IMG_1690 And another oil at the thrift shop for $6. It has a plain wooden frame that would look much better painted, so that’s just a little project.


And lastly, curbside shopping, a pair of old school desks. Free. I may just use them as plant stands, who knows…..

I can’t help it, they were free!

Hope you had as much fun as I did yardsaling this weekend!

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