Banging my Head against the Wall


It’s not a giant ice cream cone, it’s a giant snow cone in an urn in the back yard.



And this is what the house looks like in a blizzard! Enough already….no more snow…PLEASE.

Now you know why I’m banging my head against the wall, but at least I can dream of bright colors, flowers and sunshine.

so living

(from Southern Living)   Like this Spring table set with beautiful flowers, nests and even butterflies.

bet hom

 (from Better Homes and Gardens)   Or daffodils and cute little egg cups.

This is reality though, so for my sanity I better just keep on dreaming, because there’s even more snow forecasted.


The word is that this is one of the snowiest winters in history. I think all this snow makes the winter seem even longer, don’t you? How much snow have you had this year? A little, or 80” like we have here?

Keep on shoveling and dreaming!


Debbie (((xx)))


Someone actually won a million bucks with this recipe in the late 90s.  Yes, I said $1,000,000!!  I tried it and loved it. It may seem a little strange but I have to say, it’s so GOOD! 
 Salsa Couscous Chicken
What is couscous? Find out here.
Salsa Couscous Chicken
3 cups hot cooked couscous or rice, cooked as directed on package
1T olive oil
¼ c almonds, chopped ( I omitted) 
2 cloves minced garlic
4-6 chicken breasts, boneless, skinless
1 cup chunky salsa
¼ cup water
1T honey
2T dried currents (I use raisins)
¾ t cumin
½ t cinnamon
Prepare couscous according to package directions.
Heat oil in large skillet, add almonds & cook until golden brown. Remove from skillet, set aside.
Add garlic to skillet, cook & stir 30 seconds.
Add chicken, cook 4-5 minutes or until browned, turning once.
In medium bowl combine salsa & remaining ingredients, mix well. Add to chicken, mix again. Reduce heat to medium, cover & cook until chicken is fork tender & juices are clear. Stir in almonds, serve with couscous.
Use Spicy salsa if you like the extra kick.
IMG_1279I like to use flavored couscous, like this garlic and olive oil but parmesan couscous is yummy too.
The combination of cumin, cinnamon, salsa and sweet raisins is so good! And smells heavenly! Try this recipe and let me know if you like it. I would love the sauce over couscous without chicken.
Did you ever submit a recipe to a contest or win a ribbon at the fair? Ever try to make up your own recipe, like cinnamon soup or  sweet potato tacos? I tried to experiment and did come up with a recipe or two, but never bothered to enter them in any contest…..cinnamon soup was actually pretty good… that’s a post for another day.

Added to Jen’s Tasty Tuesday.

Debbie (((xx)))

Jubilee! Thrift Shop

I got me a little job at the JUBILEE! It’s a thrift shop run my Christian ministries.


A part time, part time, job is what I wanted and I’m working just 10 to 12 hours a week, so it’s perfect!  And, I get to see all the new (gently used) things that come in…you all know how much I love thrift shops!

The winter clearance sale is on now and all clothes, shoes and purses are half price. Bargains galore! I’m seeing lots of bargain hunters, both men and women, finding incredible prices on familiar names like Geoffrey Beene, Aeropostle, Coach, Polo, osh kosh, Gap, American Eagle, and more. This year there’s an over abundance of men’s and women’s coats. How about Columbia sportswear or London Fog for 4$ or $6 ?

All  clothes sold at Jubilee are in excellent condition or they’re not put it in the store, they goes upstairs to “discount land’ and are sold for practically nothing. So if you can sew on a button or fix a seam you might even find something up there too.

You know I bought a few things…. a pair of Ralph Lauren  shoes for $2, some elastic waist pants for my mom and a shirt for Bill. IMG_1276

I’ve only been working there for 3 weeks but I’ve learned lots that I can pass on.

*If your child is nearing age 7, you probably should think about taking away that pacifier.

*If you’re at the checkout, don’t fight with others in line, it makes people nervous. (me)

*If you have several blouses you want to try on and run into a long lost friend who wants to chat, please try on the blouses in the dressing room after you’re done chatting and not while chatting in the corner of the store where everyone can see you standing in your bra!

So far it’s a fun little job and I’m enjoying it. The Jubilee shop has a wonderful history and offers many services to the community. You can read more about it HERE.


Debbie (((xx)))

What do U want?

Everyone wants something, I’m not talking about world peace or anything as deep as that…… something material, just some thing…..

You want something, I know you do! I do….and I’m about to show you, so here goes…


A new couch,

like one of these beauties!180 268


Not for the family room or downstairs, but for the living room, where no one ever sits so I can relax and read and just enjoy the room and the quiet away from the noisy tvs.

 A new mattress,

What I really mean is a good night’s sleep.  grand_1

Got an extra 7K for this TEMPUR-PEDIC ? Maybe a sleep number is what I need. Got any recommendations?

A new camera,

ohhh how I want a new fancy schmancy camera like this beauty, the Canon EOS rebel T1i, I heard this is a good choice for beginners.


But then I’d need to learn a bunch of stuff to take the most awesome pictures. That would be fun!


I probably could think up a bunch more things that I want but that’s enough for now. 

Care to share want you want?



I think the secret to happiness is being happy with what you have, but still, everyone wants something, right?


We got more snow last night, only a couple inches but it just keeps piling up higher and higher. I can’t wait for the big Spring thaw!

Have a Great Day, Debra

Blueberry Dazzle Cake

If you have frozen blueberries in the freezer from Summer, here you go! A cuppa coffee, hot tea or milk and this = heavenly!
Blueberry Dazzle Cake
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup softened butter
1/4 cup flour
3/4 tsp cinnamon
Combine all ingredients, set aside
2 cup sifted cake flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup oil
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup milk
1 egg
2 cup blueberries, drained if frozen
Sift flour, powder, salt.
Combine sugar, egg, oil.
Add flour mixture alternately with milk. Mix well, fold in berries.
Grease, flour 9 x13 pan.
Sprinkle topping evenly.
Bake 350   40-45 minutes
This recipe came from a co worker many years ago. Sometimes she’d bring it into work for a special treat to have on our breaks. Thank You Donna! I’m still enjoying it after so many years! 
It’s nice to remember a person by a recipe they gave you, every time you make it, you think of them.
If you use an electric mixer, it seems to puff up more during baking. I mixed this by hand so it was more like a bar than a cake. The topping is thick liquid if you melt the butter, instead of softening it, but it works either way.
Sweet whipped cream or warm with ice cream, so good!

Tasty Tuesday, Lots more recipes and beautiful food too!     Thanks Jen for hosting every Tuesday.

Snow! Lots of it

IMG_1227 This storm has been dubbed snowmageddon by the local weather man. We were lucky to get only 19” of the fluffy  stuff.  Some areas nearby got as much as 30”.IMG_1237 Bread and milk fly off store shelves when there’s  snow coming, but we were prepared to be snowed in for a couple days.  The neighbor kids helped clear the driveway, for a few bucks of course. Young entrepreneurs that they are, taking advantage of us old folks…lol.
Check out the drifts over the patio roof.IMG_1221 IMG_1228IMG_1231  We just got the white barrels from the recycling center to make rain barrels and the brown trash can reminds me of a  gnome wearing a snow hat.

I had on a couple sweaters under my coat and pajama pants under the old sweat pants. With the wind blowing I was still cold. IMG_1218
I took this picture looking down and I can’t see my boots!

The shrubbery reminds me if giant prehistoric snow beasts.
So what do you do when you’re snowed in? Make soup, take naps and watch tv, just laze around….that’s what I did.
Snow is so pretty when it’s fresh, but in a few days we’ll all be tired of it and the ugly, slushy, dirty mess it makes.
Looks like tomorrow will be another stay at home day, even church was cancelled. Have a great Sunday!

Valentine’s Day Decorating


I thought some flowers would help to get rid of the grey of Winter, along with some bright Valentine’s day decorations……. 

5 so I planted some narcissus bulbs in white sugar bowls, 3

added in these pretty birds that I actually won in a giveaway, 


tied on some festive ribbon and set it all on a silver tray.



The bright colors are just what we need!

I used the little birds last year at Valentine’s day too.


Valentine’s day 2009.

Last year’s decorations were more romantic, this years are meant to chase away the blues.

It snowed about 4” last night with a bigger storm coming on Saturday. I’m yearning for Spring! I’m so yearning for Spring

Doilies 4SALE


Today I’m featuring 5 doilies all with red and blue designs.

The one below measures a generous 33” x 13” and has a pretty red scalloped edge.

The one  is 18” x 9” and is stitched on linen .

Next  is a three piece set. The larger one is 17” x 12”, the other two are 9” x 12”.

These are hand stitched and  gorgeous! They are all in perfect condition with no tears or stains. Seriously, these are really pretty.

For all 5 pieces, $10.00 plus shipping. Email me here if interested and I’ll get them right out to you. THANK YOU!

Happy groundhog’s day!

Tole Tray 4SALE


I have so many treasures that I just can’t use anymore, so I’ve decided to try to sell some of them here.
Hand painted tole trays are beautiful and it’s rare to find one this deep burgundy color. tray For an old tray, this one is in really great shape. Of course they are some scratches but that’s to be expected.tray2
A pretty generous size, it measures approximately 18” x 13”.

labelIt’s probably from the 1950s and the original label is still on the back.

tray3Here you can see the details and colors of the flowers. 
And a few scratches here and there.

I’m asking $22.50 plus shipping so if you’d like to add this beautiful  tray to your decor just email me and it’s yours!

Tomorrow I’ll be adding some pretty doilies with red trim, just in time for Valentine’s day….which means it’s getting closer to Spring. Yeah! Hope you’ll check back.

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