Fall on the front porch

   It’s a  different twist on a door wreath.
I’ve added a yardsale initial. OK, it’s not an original idea that I just dreamed up, I totally copied it from another blogger.  The problem is……I can’t remember who that was! If it was you, speak up and take credit for this unique idea.
On the front porch I added the shoe sign that everyone comments on. It’s so  cute! The planter looks about the same as last year. That’s about all the Autumn decorating that I got done so far. I know I’m way behind!
I love the way this looks in person! There’s a mirror behind the wreath that gives an unexpected shine. The yardsale initial  sprayed black is tied on with a bit of ribbon and the berry wreath is one I’ve had for years. It’s simple and I love it!
Remember this inspiration  from last year from  Mary Carol Garrity, Nell Hill’s? It inspired me to put a mirror on the front door. 

I’m looking forward to blog hopping to see all your wonderful and  creative Autumn decorations!

 Check out It’s Fall Y’all.
Lots of ideas there!

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Cleaning Burlap

 I love getting emails from readers!  Recently I received this email  from a reader, Elena,  asking about washing burlap.

Hi, I am enjoying your blog so very much. New to the blogland and it is all surreal to me. All the beauty out there. I was hoping you could answer a question for me, since I read you bought burlap at Joann’s for a project.  I saw some awesome burlap window treatments with smocked tops on our last visit to Canton First Monday Trade Days,TX, and my little heart went pitter-patter. Then it about stopped beating when I saw the frugal price tag of $150 each panel! (need 4) I decided to try my own hand at making them since I knew burlap by the yard was in my budget.  Upon arrival at the fabric store I was reminded of the odor burlap has.  Do you wash it first and take a chance on it womping so out of line it’s unusable? How do you alleviate the odor? What am I missing here?

  Honestly, I never thought about washing burlap, so I didn’t know how to answer. All I have is a dresser scarf, some lampshades and the cushions that are on the bench I gave to my daughter. The smell dissipates after a while, but the lint is horrible. If I had window treatments I don’t think I’d wash them, I’d be afraid that they’d shrink and become too wrinkled and lose their crispness.  Would putting them in the dryer on fluff with fabric softener sheets work to take away the smell? 

eHow has this article about washing burlap and another site said to hand wash in cold and air dry, but the preferred method is dry cleaning.

So what are your thoughts on washing burlap for Elena? Do you have burlap panels on your windows? How do you clean them? Thanks for helping us out!

I’m back from my trip to Tn where my daughter had a giant yardsale. It was lots of work but now it’s done. YEAH! I picked up a terrible cold and couldn’t  do as much as I wanted. The 9 hour car trip was horrible and today my plans are ……nothing…..nothing at all. The good part was that I got to spend time with my family and I love that!

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The colors of Autumn

Have you ever seen painted ivy before?

Everywhere you look up and down the street you see lots of bright Autumnal colors…deep reds, lots of orange,  some yellow, gold and lots of spooky black.

Lawns were spray painted to mark each different utility. Little red and orange flags wave in the breeze. A fiber optic network is being installed. It’s muddy and it’s a mess! 

Does anybody have any comments on using fiber optic networks….is it faster than cable on a computer, how about HDTV?

There are still some nice Autumn sights along the street, like this little scarecrow, smiling in spite of the mess.

And here’s the cutest one of all, Mia Kate in the flowers.

We’re having a yardsale this weekend and then heading south to have another yardsale at daughter #2’s house. I hope we make lots of $$$$!

Project BOO HOO & project complete

Remember this secretary’s desk that I was so happy to finally find? I procrastinated for a long time trying to decide what I wanted to do with it. And of course, what I decided on was not my original plan.

When I saw this white desk  from Eddie Ross I was smitten! 

Then I saw another lovely one!

                                          Somerset Bay
That did it, I knew It would be creamy white.

There was a week when the weather was absolutely gorgeous and I decided to get this done. When I sanded, most of the original finish came off. There were some small spots where the veneer had lifted, but wood filler to the rescue.

A larger area of veneer had lifted where it looked like ink had been spilled. A few layers of filler fixed that too. When Bill saw it, he mumbled something about it being a piece of junk. He has no vision, poor guy!

OK, so it’s not a precious antique of solid mahogany! It’s still lovely, I like it and it didn’t cost what a solid mahogany piece would have! 

All the pieces were nicely primered but the body still needed more work. I was happy with the way it was going…………..yeah, almost done. Oh what a feeling when a project is going well!

I took the back off to make it easier to paint and repair.

We moved it to the patio and wrapped it in the tarp. And then it rained and rained and rained! Stupid me, ( I’m kicking myself here ) I thought all would be fine……..forgetting that the patio awning leaks The whole side  got soaked right through the tarp because of the drip, drop, drip.

The veneer lifted and crinkled and I about sobbed. Gritting my teeth, stomping my feet, swearing…..can you picture it?

Bill saw it, I told you it was a piece of junk.

But, I’m fixing it….glue and clamps and it’s turning out OK. I’m happy again and never ever will I be so stupid to let a piece out in the rain!  It’s still not finished, but when it is I’ll proudly post pictures of that piece of junk!

Another project, this one, is finished now. I stenciled some numbers on it to help Mia learn to count. Just another piece of junk!

And last, look what I uncovered in the secretary desk. Coin wrappers, some sort of cording and a sheet of well used carbon paper with a date of 1955. It makes you wonder about the history of the desk. Somebody must have sat there typing away long ago.

 I’ve added this to Met Monday at Between Naps on the porch. 
Lots more projects over there!

Have a great week.

Kipona 2009

In Delaware Indian language, kipona means sparkling water. In this area, it means a big Labor Day festival held on the shore of the Susquehanna river in the state capital of Harrisburg. There’s an arts festival, chili cook off, boat races, rubber duck race, fireworks and plenty of entertainment and FOOD!

Food as far as you can see! The smell just makes your mouth water.

We had Samantha for the day and she spent Grandpa’s money trying to win junk great kid stuff.

Next, the chili cook off…..that’s the capital building straight ahead.

 Bill loves chili, the spicier the better. 25 cents gets you a sample. Here he’s trying Swamp Rat Chili!


The weather was beautiful that day and Samantha was happy with the FOUR things she won. She wasn’t interested in watching any of the entertainment, and we were getting tired, so after some Rita’s Italian ice, we decided to head for home.

We had to walk back all the way  across this bridge to city island, where we parked. On the way home we stopped for pizza and ice cream. A great end of Summer day!

Farewell Summer!

The chandelier story, final act

He noticed.

You can read the whole story and learn of all my little lies HERE. It’s only been about 6 weeks. Only.

I was in the bedroom and he was outside. I heard him come in the back door and ask me to help him do something. I heard him walking past the dining room and then I heard, “WHAT DID YOU DO???!!!!!”

I laughed and laughed………and so did he! Then he said, “I told you I didn’t want you to paint it.”

I just raised my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders.  The house smelled like paint when he came home from the shore, a ladder was on the patio and a paint tray and roller were in the garage and still, I convinced him that I hadn’t painted anything. Oh, I’m so bad!

Does he like the redone chandelier…..he won’t commit to that, he just gives me a look!

The end.

Grilled Peaches. YUM!

Have you ever tried grilled peaches? OH MY, they’re SO good!  Our neighbor gave us 2 pieces of pork that looked like strip steaks. Since it was such a gorgeous day I grilled them, but I knew that Bill wasn’t fond of fatty meat and would fuss, so I decided to try to avert his attention from the meat with sweet grilled peaches. It worked. He loved them. So did I.

Here’s how I made them;

Start with firm, not too ripe peaches,
Cut peach in half, peel and remove stone,
coat with a little melted butter,
sprinkle with brown sugar,
grill about 3 minutes on each side, depending on how hot your grill is. You want those nice grill marks.

We started thinking of different ways to eat them and of course first thought of vanilla ice cream with warm grilled peaches on top. How about for breakfast topping old fashioned oatmeal!
Ya gotta try them…so good!  

I’m adding this to Foodie Friday over at Designs by Gollum. Lots of wonderful recipes to check out over there. 

About our neighbor…His wife is mostly away teaching and  taking care of grandkids in another city…….a long story, but we are always exchanging food. We give him peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and things from our garden and he gives us food back….like the pork steaks. Sometimes when his wife is home she makes pies and cakes and they always share their goodies. If we are grilling burgers and his wife isn’t home we always make extra for him. I’ve invited him over to eat with us but he always declines, even though I know he is a lonely guy. Love thy neighbor, that’s important!
Love each other as I have loved you.

Projects Completed. …almost

Finished up Almost finished  a couple little projects. Whoppee!

I got this kids clothes rack last year at a yardsale and painted it for Mia Kate. I think it’s cute, but I’m not totally satisfied with the finished look.


When I sanded it, most of the pink paint started falling off.  Loved that! Next I sprayed it with French Lilac from Rustoleum.

I’m no artist but I tried! It’s a bear holding a flower, in case you couldn’t tell!


I dug out my old stencils for some extra detail….didn’t have a plan, just added here and there. 

I used a limey green, teal and lilac with black. I really  like how the black gives it a little punch. 

I’ll probably tweak this a little more before I call it totally done.
NEXT Project——–

 I went to work on these little steps that I got from my neighbor when I lived in the old house. He  made it for his daughter when she was little. I had this thing for years and sometimes used it in the bathroom to hold towels and soaps beside the tub.

The paint color is Soft Wheat.

I still want to add some numbers and then I’ll call it done.This piece is for Mia too. She can use it to wash her hands and brush her teeth in the master bath. The colors will work well in there.

I’m adding this post to the Blissfully Domestic link up because doing these small projects really does make me feel Blissful. “Blissfully” – full of, marked by, or causing bliss (extreme happiness or joy) 

I’m just that kinda gal! 

I’m also linking up at  DIY day at A soft Place to Land. Lots and lots of project inspiration over there!