It’s Peach Season

I love the taste of fresh peaches, especially old fashioned home canned peaches, but I’m a little too lazy for that, so I’ll have to be content enjoying them while they’re in season.


A friend gave us a big bag of delicious ripe peaches and I had to come up with ways to use them fast. So, I tried peach upside down cake. Think pineapple upside down cake with peaches instead of pineapple. I used this recipe, a dressed up cake mix… that, it was so good and pretty to look at. I added some nuts I had on hand to use them up.

IMG_0110After baking it looked like this.

IMG_0114And then it was gone.


Have you ever made peach salsa? I tried it with fish tacos, a recipe that came from a grocery store handout.

Fish Tacos*

*to make the peach salsa mix up, 2 large ripe, peeled, chopped peaches

1/4 c minced red bell pepper

1T fresh or 1 t.dried cilantro

the juice of 1 fresh squeezed lime

chopped onion and jalapeno, optional

*for the fish , sprinkle a mixture of 1 t chili powder, 1/2 t ground cumin and 1/4 t garlic powder, and some salt over 1 lb. tilapia filets. This recipe calls for steaming the fish but I cooked it in a pan with a little olive oil.

IMG_0125 A soft tortilla, some shredded cheese and a little shredded cabbage for crunch and there it is. Pretty good!

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Mantle Makeover

spraypaint2 001

Remember when I was spray painting my bed bench and went crazy and starting painting everything in sight and remember the yard sale1$ frame ……….


When I started working on the frame, it practically fell apart, so good old wood glue to the rescue. Collages1 That frame was destined to become part of a chalkboard, but when I tried it out , it was too wide for the space and I don’t have much wall space in my kitchen, so onto plan B.

The frame and the remodeled finials are now a new mantlescape.

(is the frame crooked?)


The finials got a glaze, some heavy and some a very light glaze. IMG_0156mantle09

Can you spot the difference?

Which do you prefer? The oval dark frame in the center or not? BR2

OODo you still have your faux plants? I got rid of almost all of mine and I’ve noticed that I miss the softening effect they create. This fern is real and soon will start dropping leaves, at least faux plants don’t do that.

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Welcome to Mouse T#rd Manor

We’re taking a drive to Tioga county and eventually we’ll arrive at the Mouse T#rd manor, appropriately named by my daughter. Back six miles on a narrow and twisted dirt lane she sits.

There’s lots of beauty along the way, if you appreciate the woods, and I do. It’s just so darn pretty with hills, valleys, streams and wildlife.DSC04287

We’re real close now and I can just begin to see the cabin.


Here we are, near what’s left of the historic town of Leetoina. The Mouse t#rd Manor is a hunting camp that my husband belonged to since 1975. There are a total of 10 members who don’t hunt much any more, it’s become more of a place to hang out. All around the area are great sites to see, like the PA Grand Canyon, trophy trout streams and lots of fun family activities, hiking, kayaking, Rails to Trails…any kind of outdoor activity and lots more on Route 6.

DSC04293 DSC04311

The sound of the stream across the road is so peaceful. DSC04308 DSC04316On Christmas, 1990, the original camp burnt down to the ground. All that was left was part of the original stone wall. Arsonists set fire to several camps that year. In Spring 1991, the members bought logs from a local logger, stripped all the logs by hand and created the new camp. The slate floors are from a nearby slate mine.

Inside the cabin the accommodations are campish. Some of the furniture was made by hand from the leftover logs that were purchased to rebuild the camp. Ignore the dirt, dust and soot, please. There’s a fireplace and a big wood stove to heat the place in winter and chase out the dampness and musty smell, replacing it with a smoky smell that penetrates your clothes and your hair! All the furnishings are from yardsales or were castoffs. DSC04313 Around the fireplace you can see the original stone wall that was left standing after the fire.

This is the stairs going up to the sleeping area. DSC04303 DSC04301 The kids love climbing on the bunks. DSC04295 One of these out buildings is the tool shed, the other is my least favorite part of coming to camp. The dreaded outhouse! Oh, it IS dreaded…I hate it. Inside the camp there’s a bathroom that consists of a sink and a shower…at least we have running water. DSC04310 DSC04326 DSC04321

Here’s Bill posing by the swimming hole which, at times, can be about 8 feet deep, but it’s so cold.

That’s a little tour of beautiful Tioga county in PA, hope you enjoyed it. And I’m lucky to be going back there again in August! Guess I have to start getting into my camp mindset!

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APRONS 4 sale

Remember the little online shop I used to have? It was fun, but took lots of time to keep up. Well, I still have so many nice things that I’d love to sell, so take a look!

Here are 2 lovely kitchen towels that somebody lovingly stitched. There is a small amount of fraying on the inside but it’s hardly noticeable. $9.00 for the set.
These aprons are sold.
How about these 2 gorgeous gingham aprons? Aprons are very collectable and make a nice display when they’re hung together. I love old aprons and at one time thought of starting another collection……..but I talked myself out of it, thankfully! I certainly don’t need to start collecting another thing.

I’d love to have another house, a little vacation cottage that I could decorate with old linens and mismatched dishes, lace curtains and maybe a vintage kitchen table from the 50’s. An apron collection would fit in perfectly. But, it’s not happening so…

The aprons are $10.00 for the set. They’ve both got hand stitching on them and are in great shape.

If you’re interested, you can comment or email me HERE. Next week I’ll put up another 4sale post.

The DIY Show Off

The DIY Showoff blog, have you visited yet? What a great idea to put bloggers projects together in one place! Yesterday my bed bench was featured and today the kitchen island is featured. OK, I’m showin off!

The DIY Show Off
The DIY Show Off
Before & Happily Ever After
Home Improvements, Decorating projects to inspire & motivate…….
Thank You Roeshel,
who happens to be from PA! Another Pa blogger!

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Summer Meals

Summer means meals of salads loaded with fresh vegetables and grilled meats. Recently I’ve started grilling corn on the cob. Just pull back the husks to remove the silk, pull the husks back over the corn, soak in water for about an hour and put on grill. That’s how I do it. The outer leaves get charred but the corn is great. I think you’re supposed to tie the husks closed over the corn, so they steam, but I don’t.

For the chicken, I made a marinade of honey, garlic, onions, fresh chives and oil. The honey really added flavor, but of course, Bill had to cover his chicken in cajun seasoning, he always does.

Fresh salad, homemade red potato salad, grilled corn and chicken breasts, it was delicious.

Since crab meat was on sale I made crab cakes with this mix from Old Bay. Have you tried it? It’s pretty good, and fast to mix up. I added some diced red bell pepper.

I just plopped these beauties on foil on the grill……..less clean up in the kitchen! And here’e another meal that screams Summer, crab cakes, salad and fresh broccoli.

Grilling in the Summer is one of my favorite ways to cook. It’s fast, simple and always good. Enjoy your Summer meals outdoors if you can, winter comes quickly.

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The Smelly Washer winner!

Well, they didn’t really win a smelly washer, but they did win a smelly washer cleaner called SMELLY WASHER CLEANER. Here are the three giveaway winners chosen with the random number generator.

Random number between 1 and 46, 20, Madge1967, please contact me
random between 1 and 46 12, Southern Belle, please contact me
random between 1 and 46 35, mishebe, I have sent you and email.

Thanks to everyone who entered! I wish I could give each of you who need this product a free bottle, but only have 3 to giveaway.

Madge1967 and Southern Belle, I couldn’t find your email . Please contact me here.

Been Yardsaling?

Isn’t this pretty?
I’ll never understand why people get rid of these things. Somebody actually sat for hours stitching away and then someone else just gets rid of it. It even has their family name on it. It always makes me sad when I see cross stitch and needlework at yardsales…….anyway……it was in a FREE pile! I grabbed it and am planning to give it to some friends who are avid stitchers.
This old mirror frame was just 1$ after some haggling, the owner thought it was a valuable antique……I didn’t think so, especially when it came apart when I tried to pick it up! Can you picture this as a blackboard? I sure can and know exactly where it will go. This will be an easy project, a little glue, a little paint and that’s it!

A huge ironstone pitcher was just a buck too. It’s got a bit of grazing on it, which I like. Maybe at one time it had a big wash bowl to match. There are no markings on the bottom.

For MiaKate, now this is so cute, all for 5$. A jumper with matching panties, red tights, red sweater and white onsie. I couldn’t pass up the animal print with red accents.

Another dollar find, this burlap bag is sturdy and has a nice plastic lining. It’s big enough to hold 2 grocery bags.

That’s about it. For 50 cents, I got a “teenagers Bible”, don’t know why I got it…it just caught my eye. There weren’t too many yardsales this weekend, but I spent a total of 8$ and had fun doing it.
There’s more to see here Enjoy!

A Bench from a Bed

Creating a bed from a bench has been on my to do list for a long time. Here are some examples from a file of pretty benches that I saved for inspiration.
This child’s bench, done up Mackenzie Childs style, (where you’ll finds tons of painting inspiration) is from Junkmarket style as is the romantic one under it.jbench_lg 167_lginspirasjon%2Bbildet%2Bkommer%2Bfra%2BBelle%2BMaison%2BSjekk%2Blinken%2Bmine! I can’t remember where this pretty red and white one is from. I’ve always loved big gingham checks. This black one from Design Sponge is even upholstered!bench_after_side_rect540 DSCN4703 The bench above is from Robojunker.
Here’s mine…….I finally got this bench, that my husband and I created, up from the basement and tackled the job of painting it.
bed benchYou can see it’s just a headboard and footboard and a few extra pieces of wood put together to make a bench. I sanded it and even used a router on the seat edge. spraypaint2 001
While I was painting, I decided to do these pieces too, that’s another post, and to go ahead and get one of these spray can attachments.IMG_0065
Wow, this gadget makes painting easier, at least for me. I think I’m a much better painter when I use it, I only got one run!
Here’s the finished project. I like the way it turned out. Simple. After I sprayed it, I glazed it, added some spatters and stenciled it.
IMG_0092 Glazing this piece was fun and fast. I used some glazing medium, craft paint and a little water. A small brush got the glaze in the crevices and then I just wiped until it looked good. d I used a toothbrush to splatter here and there. DSC04331
I think I’ll add a cushion covered in burlap and a small pillow with a starfish design. I bought a striped cushion and pillow last year at a yardsale and they are perfect for recovering.
One old project finished! That feels great! Now what’s next?

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Spa Day at Hotel Hershey


What a beautiful place! Can you imagine spending the day here? Well that’s just what I did after I came across a spa gift certificate that I had forgotten about!


Having your own parking space near the door makes you feel like a celebrity.


You can even sneak inside the private entrance. After check in, you’ll go to a waiting room, of sorts, where you’re offered coffee, tea or hot cocoa and plenty of yummy chocolate desserts, fresh fruit and muffins. Bowls filled with chocolate candy are every where. With the breathtaking views and comfy chaises it’s easy to unwind. Next you’re escorted to your room for the service you’re receiving, in my case a pedicure,

Visualize yourself on the sugar soft Cuban beaches while experiencing a classic manicure or pedicure with a Mojito Sugar Scrub to soften and smooth the skin followed by a refreshing mask for the feet, paraffin dip, and Mojito moisturizing massage.

From their website. toes

After my Cuban pedicure my toes never looked or felt better and check out the bright carpeting that was in the hallway. With any service you’re welcome to stay all day….there’s an aroma therapy room, a quiet room, pool, gym, restaurants…and more.


These gorgeous grounds are in the back of the hotel where you’ll find formal gardens, koi ponds and a new area with a restaurant, swimming pool, private cabanas and villas for rent.

The day was just perfect to be out for a stroll. Look at that sky! fount


Breathe in the air. I think I smell chocolate! DSC04273DSC04271

This is the path to the new restaurant that serves only local foods from within 100 miles of Hershey. backStill in the back of the hotel, this is a roller-skating rink in summer and ice skating in winter.


So that’s it, if you are ever in Hershey you must visit the Hotel Hershey, even if it’s only to enjoy the grounds, it’s even more beautiful in person. rug

I’m leaving relaxed and refreshed and, oh yes, I will be back!

You can read another post about Hotel Hershey HERE.

Patio Dilemma

A few years ago we had our small cement patio replaced with a much larger patio of stone pavers. I laid out the design in gentle curves and it’s a great looking patio but there’s an area that’s just wasted space because it’s not covered by the awning. We had the awning over the original patio. Now everything gets pushed and crowded under that awning.

Great space….not used!

This old awning has about had it. It’s 12 years old now and needs replaced, so we had the awning maker come over and give us some ideas on how we could cover the whole patio. He wasn’t too helpful….he felt that there wasn’t enough pitch to take the awning out any further and water wouldn’t run off fast enough, and he wasn’t too keen on the curved edges either. The problem is, when it rains it washes out the sand between the pavers and how can you put spouting on an awning without it looking bad?
Here’s the awning with mold and mildew and it’s not as waterproof as it once was. We had it repaired where the seam tore. It’s just showing it’s age. The reason we didn’t get a retractable awning was because of wind. Now they have wind sensors, but I like the patio covered. It makes it feel more like an outdoor room.

So I’m dreaming of a pergola or a permanent roof for our patio. A gal can dream, right?

I’ve always loved the look of a pergola and I’ve learned that you can get an awning type thing over a pergola to block the sun.

I’m picturing myself here with a good book and a glass of green tea.

These covered patios are so inviting and peaceful looking.

Just love these curtained outdoor rooms, don’t you.

Got any suggestions for the patio dilemma?

Pix from Better Homes and Gardens and Shade Tree.

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Thrifty finds, White Pottery

Collecting white pottery is popular lately with trends leaning towards lighter colors. These pieces were all collected from thrift shops and yard sales. The bunny was sprayed white.

Some are old and grazed and some are newer pieces, like the Pfaltzgraff pieces. I’m not a fussy collector, I’ll take almost anything!

This collection of handled pieces is about to get away from me….but I see so many that are so cheap….it’s tough to stop collecting!

My newest plate, from Lenox, sits under the tiered stand on the dining room table. The Haegar piece, below is one of my favorites. I love it’s heavy feel and creamy color.

I didn’t get out yardsaling or thrift shopping this week. There weren’t too many sales because of the holiday, so I thought I’d share this white collection.

There are always lots of thrifty finds to see over at Rhoda’s Thrifty Finds party.

If you love a bargain, check it out.

I got a new camera, a Canon A1100IS. I’m still in the learning curve and some of my pics are grainy. Anyone else have this camera?

Enjoy your day!

Computer issues

Help. It’s getting worse! Is anyone still having issues with internet explorer? It’s so frustrating! I moved followers to the bottom of my blog to see if that helps. I thought the problems had something to do with mr. Linky…anyone who can help? I’m desperate.

I try to visit blogland and all I get is …..blah, blah….cannot open this site!
It’s sad….

Gardening Tools and How it all Began

Here are the tools I couldn’t live without….well…maybe that’s a small exaggeration.

  • Big hat to keep the sun off my neck and face, and I use sunscreen too.
  • Ethel gloves
  • Heart shaped hoe, I first saw Martha using one of these.
  • My red felco trimmers, I adore these, yes, they’re pricey but will last forever.
  • Kneeling pad.
  • Adjustable rake, love it!
  • Smaller hand tools, great for small chores.
  • Trimmers, I like mine because they’re old and don’t have serrated edges so they’re easy to sharpen.
  • Pop up flowered thing is great for throwing in clippings and I drag it wherever I need it, then dump into the composter.

Neat edges in a garden look so good! My husband (another great garden tool) really excels at edging! He uses an ice chipper to first make the edge and then follows up weekly with his edger.

This is the edger he uses. He’s putting edging in a neighbor’s yard now….Isn’t he a nice neighbor!
Here’s another p** pot that sits on the patio, I fill it with kitchen scrap and then it goes to the composter.

Almost all kitchen scraps go in the composter along with clippings and sometimes newspaper.

So there you have it, my favorite tools along with a strong guy and a composter and that makes gardening so much easier.

**Now as promised, here’s how the gardening frenzy began.

No grass, just lots of dirt. Not good top soil either, the builder sold most of that.

Grass is finally growing and the garden is laid out. A row of hemlocks is planted along the back edge of our lot.

Limestone was everywhere because the builder had to blast to get past the limestone to dig in the basements. I just helped myself to it and created stone walls. Here you can see the hemlocks and the first of many stone walls.

More stone walls around the vegetable garden.

Here’s my pear tree, the one that recently blew over, the boxwood circle wasn’t added yet.

This is the beginning of a stone walk way….remember I said that limestone was everywhere. The whole place reminded me of the town of Bedrock from the Flintstones. I kept expecting to see a dinosaur! I had an old van and would go out and gather up the stones, bring them home and get to work creating a wall or a walkway.
Gosh , these pictures make me laugh…’s funny to see everything so small.
Next, I’ll talk about the patio, why we have an awning and what’s happening next.
Recently I’ve gotten a few gardening questions, if I can answer them I will gladly, so please feel free to ask.