~Dye Easter Eggs Naturally~

Did you ever dye Easter eggs with natural dyes from Mother Nature? The colors that emerge might surprise you.
Coffee grounds will produce a light chocolate color,
tea bags a reddish brown.

These gorgeous colors came from onion skins and red cabbage leaves. The blue, from the cabbage leaves is so pretty.

Turmeric gave this sunny golden color and the beets produced a light mauve, it’s my least favorite.

To make a mottled looking egg with onion skins, wrap the paper thin skins around the eggs, place in a pot with water about 1 inch above the eggs, put a few more skins on top and boil for about 5 minutes, then set aside for an hour. Remove to paper towels to dry.

With coffee & tea bags, you put 4 T of coffee grounds or about 12 tea bags, 1 T white vinegar & water, enough to cover eggs, in a pot and boil the eggs for about 15 minutes. I usually cut open the tea bags.
To use vegetables, you’ll need about 2 cups of material, 1 T white vinegar in a pot of water & boil for 15 minutes. Then add room temperature eggs……make sure there’s enough water to cover the eggs & boil again for 15 minutes.
Leave the eggs sit in the water for more color, that’s the trick. To shine the eggs just rub them with vegetable oil.

Blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and basil will all create beautiful colors. And you could create your own colors by combining materials.
I love the colors of eggs dyed this way, the old fashioned way! This must have been how it was done long ago!
Now what to do with all these hard boiled eggs? Egg salad, deviled eggs…any suggestions?
natural dyes Easter eggs graphic

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Have a great day! Debbie

~ Were You Unplugged?

If you joined Kimba’s party and tried to stay unplugged on Friday, how did that work for you?

I really thought I could do it. I’ve done it before when I was busy or wasn’t feeling well. But, I couldn’t do it….I caved! It was all Mia’s fault! 0327091615

How can I blame my sweet little grandchild?
She was at daycare that day and I just had to log on to see how she was doing. There’s a camera in the room and you can watch what’s going on at daycare over the net. How neat is that….watching your little one while you’re at work!

Who, BTW is crawling a little, standing a lot and wanting to eat everything she sees. It’s hard to believe that she’s almost one year old.

So while I was on the computer anyway, I had to check my email, of course! It was almost 4pm when I logged on and I didn’t stay on more than 15 minutes, so that was good, I thought. I did get two closets cleaned out because I wasn’t wasting time at the computer.

Even though I didn’t make it through the whole day, I was happy that I spent only on a short time on line. Maybe I should consider making Friday an unplugged day from now on! Great idea KIMBA!

~The coffee Blessing~

I’m blessed to be a young retiree. A whole new world has opened up. That world that has no alarm clocks that startle me out of bed and allows me to awaken slowly and peacefully. It’s revealed those few moments before I’m fully awake and yet not quite asleep. In those moments, random and unrelated thoughts drift through my brain. I firmly believe that we need to listen up in those moments. When we’re quietest we can hear what the Lord is saying to us.
On this particular day, the thought that stuck with me was to have the Best day! A happy day, a day to smile, be kind, to take care of my body with healthy foods and exercise and to be aware of all the blessings around me.

With winter being so dreary, it’s easy to fall into the slump of wanting to just stay home and hibernate…..but not this day……that is past, Spring is here. Now get out there and smile!

This is the day which the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118

So I did. I needed to activate a new debit card at an ATM machine so I went to Sheetz. Sheetz is one of those mega gas stations with hot foods, delicious sweets and of course coffee. The smell of coffee is the only thing you smell in Sheetz! Being a coffee lover, I knew as I was using the ATM that I would have to get a mocha frappa cappachino vanilla latte drink thingy! But……. I heard it in my head……no…not the healthiest, calorie laden choice, not today, so I left without my coffee drink.

Next stop, the flower market to get some pansies to brighten up the kitchen. As I was approaching the entrance, I wasn’t thinking of coffee, I was thinking about the joys of Spring, and I was anxious to see the colorful pansies.

There I was, inside the sun warmed room filled with beautiful pansies and………. I saw a sign……………….free coffee!

I think I laughed out loud. Wait on the Lord. I did! Afree cup of coffee was the reward. I guess the Lord knew I wanted only the taste of coffee and not all those empty calories. It’s such a silly little thing and yet I felt so Blessed and so rewarded.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37

I felt compelled to share this silly story that I’m calling the Coffee Blessing. The lord is always with us…no matter how trivial the situation.
Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all yout heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways know and acknowledge Him and He will direct and make plain your path. Proverbs 3:5-6

Share your blessings!

~Blog Land is rockin this Week~

Parties, Prizes, GiveAways and Challenges, WOW. Blogland is in Party Mode!
Pretty Organized Palace is hosting a Toile party.
Toile is one of my all time favorite designs. I’ve heard it’s popularity may be waning slightly. It may be slipping, but it’s a classic that will be around forever. So TOILE LOVERS, get your party on!

These three pictures are from my inspiration file.

You can see touches of toile in the pillows and the drapes in this country style room. Below is our master bedroom in red toile.

A toile skirted table in the basement family room.

Since I’ve taken these pics several years ago, I’ve changed the bedroom a bit, got rid of the greenery and changed some of the furniture, but it’s basically still like this. I enjoy the toile in our home. Now I need to get rid of some of the outdated gold in the frames and lamps.


Wednesday, Jen from Sanctuary Arts is hosting a makeover party. If you’re into furniture makeovers, this lady is one of the best I’ve seen. Her skills are amazing! So get on over there to see lots of makeovers on all kinds of things and add your own.

The kitchen island redo was my latest project. It went from plain white to jazzed up red.

Here’s the yardsale desk I took from frumpy to fabulous.
Click here if you’re interested in seeing more of my makeovers.
Prizes galore!
Have you joined the ultimate blog party at 5 Minutes for Mom? There’s still time.Ultimate Blog Party 2009 You can meet lots of new blogging friends and win prizes too! Don’t miss it. It’s the biggest bash ever.
Kimba at A Soft Place to Land has issued a challenge. Can you unplug and stay off the computer for 24 whole hours?

No blogs, email, twitter , facebook, or myspace for a full day! How would you spend the day? Would it be grabbing a nap, spending time with family, cleaning or using that one day for reflection, rethinking, and prioritizing. I can do this challenge, no sweat…….I think. It’s this Friday, are you up for it?
GiveAway, I’m hosting a giveaway here. It’s ends on Thursday at midnight, so if you haven’t entered there’s still plenty of time left to win a tassel or a wire cloche.

Blogland is sure partying this week!


Lasagna is something I don’t make often, but when I do, it’s never the same recipe. This time I decided to try these whole grain noodles. Have you tried them? They’re good. Lasagna is always sauce, noodles, cheese, sauce, noodles, cheese…….

And sometimes I’ll add in vegetables. This time I added a box of frozen spinach. Now you probably couldn’t get away with this if you have kids. You’d have to use way less spinach and chop it into little bits to hide it, but that might not work either. I also added mushrooms and a few nice peppers from our garden last year that were frozen and sometimes I add grated carrots or zucchini.

I used lean ground turkey and Bill didn’t even know. He prefers ground beef…oh well…you gotta think healthy once in a while.

The noodles were the kind you don’t need to boil. It was my first time using them and was definitely lots quicker and they tasted great too. I’ve heard that the no cook kind can be gummy, but these weren’t.

Here it is. It was so good with a salad!

So, what’s in your lasagna recipe? Home made sauce? I use jarred sauce! Do you prefer ricotta cheese or cottage cheese? Provolone or mozzarella? What do you think of the no cook noodles?
Do you make different variations, like chicken or vegetable lasagna or seafood lasagna? My friend makes an awesome seafood lasagna, but it is SO rich with cheese and creamy sauce!
Share your recipes Please!

There’s still time to get in the GiveAway, it ends on Thursday night so click HERE.

~Ultimate Blog Party~

I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Party. Check out all the COOL prizes that YOU could win! Ultimate Blog Party 2009

I’d sure like to win a $30 Christian book Distributors gift cert. from A High and Noble Calling
A Carrabbas gift cert. from The Divine Miss Mommy
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or #123, 91 or 58. Or, 22, 19 or any other gift certificate.
IT’s the biggest blog bash ever, so get on over there. Janice and Susan, identical twins run this lovely blog for Moms and everyone else. It’s a friendly site where all are welcome. They promote all things MOM, Mom business and web sites and give us this opportunity to meet many more bloggers.

Don’t miss my little Giveaway one post below. If this is your first visit here, Welcome! I’m happy you’re visiting.

~GiveAway Time~

In honor of the first day of Spring, the 2nd anniversary and the 300th post of my blog, I’m having a GiveAway as a thank you to all my visitors.

Remember the wire cloche…….well, I’m giving one away. It’s about 12″ tall and 8″ wide and features a Paris tag with a cute green ribbon. It’s perfect for Spring decorating, covering a nest, eggs or little birds. In Fall, it could cover pears, pine cones or you could use it anytime to showcase precious mementos …….the possibilities are endless. A few small clothes pins are included to clip on notes, business cards or recipes.

A pear tassel is the 2nd part of the GiveAway. This baby is about 12” long not including the hanging ribbon. It’s got a cute little fleur de lis attached and is in colors of green, burgandy, gold with cream colored fringe.

*There will be TWO winners. The first winner will choose the tassel or the cloche. The 2nd winner will get what’s left.

*To enter, all you need to do, is comment that you are following my blog in a reader. Just look in the right sidebar where it says, I’d love to see your name here too and click follow. That’s it! Easy as pie!

*The GiveAway will end on Thursday, the 26th @ midnight. Saturday the winners will be announced.
Good Luck!

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This post is also on Hooked On Fridays over at Julia’s, Hooked On Houses. I’m hooked on Spring! Yeah

~Spring Fluff~

I’ve added this post to the Spring Fling over at The Decorating Voice. You can show off your decorating and might just win a fabulous gift.

Decorating Spring Fling

Welcome to SPRING FLUFF here at the BUNGALOW! Come on in.

The front door greets you with a basket of pretty faux spring flowers. It’s one I’ve had for years. Every year some mama bird builds a nest in it and makes such a mess but that’s part of the rebirth of spring.
Just inside the door are bunnies, eggs and nests with black and lime green. I love that combination. The bunny urn was black and got fluffed up with white spray paint yesterday.
A touch of purple in the nest along with bits of paper and twigs.

A zebra plate from TJMaxx is a touch of whimsy!

Some reindeer moss would’ve been a nice touch….maybe next year I’ll find some.

With the arrival of Spring comes Easter. The colors of Easter are symbolic of the events surrounding the Resurrection. Green symbolizes the palm fronds. Red is the symbol of blood and pain. Purple is the symbol of royalty and suffering and is draped around crosses during Lent. On Good Friday, the purple cloth is replaced with black, the symbol of sin and death. White, representing purity, transforms the cross on Easter morning. The black color of sin is replaced by white, signifying the passage from darkness to light.

Eggs represent birth and that’s why we dye them such pretty colors….I think.

Another vignette on a silver tray in the LR.

I found the little nest sign and the nest at a yardsale last year.

Lime green wreath and bunny sign in the DR……. The dark red DR, which is about to receive a lift from a lighter color.

More nests, eggs and white urns on the DR table.

Welcome Spring, you couldn’t get here fast enough!

Hop on back to Rhoda’s for more Spring Fluff.

Friday I’ll be announcing a Spring Giveaway! Don’t forget!

~Consignment Shopping~

It’s not quite yardsale season up here yet, but some indoor sales are just starting. A sale was advertised for Saturday morning in a new store called The Annex. There was a back room with tables to rent if you want to sell stuff and the front of the store was a consignment shop. It was a nice place with decent prices but I didn’t hear anything calling my name so I left empty handed. Then I headed across the street to another consignment store called Old2New. Look at this red dressing table! It caught your eye as soon as you walked in the door. In the right setting this thing would be gorgeous. I’m just lovin red right now. I forgot to catch the price…
Pretty chair in excellent condition was $115.
It was then that I spied this baby….be still my heart….I’ve been wanting one of these secretary’s desks for a long time and almost bought one last year for $450. The price on this was $175. I shamelessly tried to do a little negotiating but wasn’t successful……but Wooo Hooo! I’m so glad I waited for a better deal. It needs a little TLC, but it’s only scratches in the finish. The piece is sturdy and in better shape than the one I almost bought. Thursday we’ll be picking it up and bring it to it’s new home.

Are you all ready for Rhoda’s spring fluff tommorrow?

Don’t forget, A GIVEAWAY is coming soon.

~A yard sale Chandelier~

The yardsale chandelier is hung now and what a job that was! It was one of those projects where you feel like it’s beyond you! Why did I even attempt this?

I took this picture of the old chandy is the process of being removed. The fabric was covering the chain.

Then the Ys chandy had to be completely rewired so I could swag it over to the table. That meant adding a new longer wire and chain……..AND disassembling the whole thing. I took it apart slowly studying every piece and finally got to the guts to see how it was wired. The wiring was fairly simple but the reassemble was not! First I started out assembling in the wrong direction, then I realized one piece was upside down and I couldn’t remember how all the pieces went………….then the AHA moment…….. I looked at the pic on my computer. Glad I had that picture. Note to self, always take a picture to refer back to.
Here it is I as found it, 5$ at a yardsale. It originally had a silver finish that I repainted with Sophisticated Finishes in blackened bronze.

After about 4 hours of fussing with this thing I finally got her up. Then I decided to paint the fabric shades.

Some textile medium mixed with the paint I used on the island did a nice job.

Here she is in all her prettiness! I like how the design of the fabric shows through the paint. Now all that’s left to do is to find some pretty fabric to cover the chain.
While not the perfect chandelier, it’s so much better than the brass one that I sprayed black. I still want to paint the cabinets, but not red like the island, lighten up the DR with a fresher, lighter color and redo the chandelier in there too.
Yesterday I was so excited to find something I’ve been looking for, forever. I found it at the local consignment shop, the price was right and I was almost giddy with delight! So stay tuned for that and a Giveaway next week too!

~How the island was transformed~

It would have been so much easier if I wouldn’t have kept changing my mind. But, sometimes it’s just so darn hard to make up your mind.
I wish I could say that this project went perfectly and smoothly, but does a project ever go that way? NO, especially when you’re learning as you go. The beadboard was not in the original plan. I was going to use trim to create boxes on the side and back….you know like wainscoting…..but just kept thinking ..no….not sure if I like that, so beadboard it was! This was after I had already primed the whole island. Lowe’s cut a sheet of beadboard for me so it was easy to install…..Liquid Nails = a good thing. Next I primed and painted the beadboard.

The trim on this end is plain poplar boards. Bill didn’t like that at ALL. He wanted to use proper mouldings. I won that one and I’m happy with the way it looks.

The back and side look like this all trimmed out.

Remember I said I kept changing my mind? Well, beadboard was added to the shelf end too when I realized there was enough. Should have painted it first, it would’ve been much easier. Learn by doing!

I used an old miter box for this trim…..it’s not bad for a beginner. If you look real close you’ll see the bottom piece is upside down…..oops! In not buying more trim just for that, no one will notice anyway….I hope.

Now onto the corbels…..the white piece in the photo above is a piece that I cut off to make it fit. A handy little Dremel tool did the trick. You can see why I had to cut it in the bottom photo.

The legs were just a hair too high. I tried sanding them but that would have taken too long, so I cut them with Bill’s compound miter saw. Power tools are a gal’s friend! I just need to learn how to use them….. Safely.
There it is, the saga of how the island was “pimped.” In one of the pics you’ll see an old pitcher. I used that to mix the paint to get the color I wanted. I used the paint from the DR but wanted it to be more orange and less purple. I added some yellow, white and orange craft paint to tweak the color.

Here’s the cost breakdown,

  • paint, primer, nails, sandpaper, $0
  • beadboard, $19.00
  • legs, $22.00
  • poplar boards $15.00
  • corbels, $15.00
  • liquid nails, caulk, $9.00
  • trim, $6.00

Total, just $86.00! Not bad for a whole new look.

Nest post will be the yardsale chandelier, and there’s a giveaway coming next week so stay tuned!

~Take a Tour of the new Island~

Oh My Gosh, it’s finally done and I’m lovin it!

Here’s the front view all dressed up with a whole new color and shapely legs. Oh la la!
Corbels were added at this end along with legs, trim and beadboard. The white tureens really pop now against the red. So purdy!

I love this end and can’t stop looking at it!

I’m extremely happy with the end result. It’s so different and makes a bold statement now after the plain white. It looks like a piece of furniture.

Believe it or not…..the trim work was done by me and an old miter box. There’s still some touch up painting to do, maybe a little sanding too, so don’t look too closely…..it’s definitely not perfect, but that’s ok. “It doesn’t need to be perfect to be beautiful.” from the Nester.

Yes, I do paint outlets. A white outlet would stand out so much and every time I saw it I’d cringe, so I just painted it!

I’m going to add these brackets soon, just had to make sure Bill wouldn’t bump his knees when he sat here or I’d never hear the end of it! You know!

My H, Bill cut the trim for the plain end and helped me with some nails, other than that I did it all. Isn’t it amazing what a determined gal can do!?

After I live with it a while I’ll decide if I want to glaze it. What do you think, glaze or not?

The yardsale chandelier is hung in it’s new home and it’s lookin good. That thing was a bear! I had to rewire the whole thing! More about that later and one more post coming about how the island got transformed.
So far I’ve done carpentry and electrical work, just try, you’ll be amazed at what YOU can do! DIY is so much cheaper too and I really like that.

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~Almost finished with the island Redo~

Slackin off with my blog postings….

but I’ve been busy, working on the island project along with running errands with Dad, Dr. appts, taxes and car inspection among other things. I thought I’d show you the kitchen as it was when we moved in. This is the original kitchen with laminate counter tops and a white sink that I ABSOLUTELY hated because you could not keep it clean! So much steam came from the dishwasher that the underside of the counter started to break off in tiny pieces. The counter top on the island was Corian, a white color, I think it was called bisque and while I liked the Corian it just felt cold to me…..all that white.

There was a white pull out sprayer- faucet that never did work right and the cabinet knobs were brass which I sprayed with car primer then sprayed black.

In 2007 we got granite counter tops, a new silgranite sink, Price Pfister faucet and a Bosch dishwasher.

I wasn’t sure I would like the configuration of the sink with one side being so small but I love It and the faucet! It’s a really deep sink and you can pile up lots of dishes before it starts to look messy….gotta love that! The disposal is on the smaller side, which works out well. The color is anthracite,(black) and it’s so easy to keep clean with Rock Doctor cleaner and polish which I use on the granite counters.

I wish I could remember the name of the granite, but there are so many different ones that are similar. Mine has a just a tiny bit of gold in it. I tend to like the ones that have more movement in them.

My dream kitchen would have tons more storage but, that’s the kitchen and the changes it’s seen.
I’ll be revealing the island redo soon. It looks so much better now and I’m amazed that I did most of it myself…with a little help from power tools and Bill….just a little. It turned out even better than I dreamed it would!

~Family and Shopping~

My dear daughter #2 was visiting for a few days and we planned a day trip on saturday to King of Prussia mall. If you’ve never heard of this mall….let me say, it was the biggest mall I’ve ever see! With fancy stores like Bloomingdale’s, Fossil, Betsey Johnson, Vuitton, Macy’s and Coach. And more, Armani, Tiffany (with rather imposing guards standing sentry), Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor……on and on! With 400 hundred stores and 40 restaurants it’s a shopper’s delight and enough to poop out even the most experienced shopper. It’s about an hour away from here and just 3 miles from Historic Valley Forge, near Philadelphia.

Here are the happy shoppers , Taylor, my G’daughter and Tara my daughter, doing their part to stimulate the economy. A three year old in a mall can be frustrating and seriously dampen your shopping spirit so my job was to be on Jake duty while they shopped.

My G’son Jake…… with such a sweet face how can he be trouble? The truth is, that he’s just fine alone with me, no trouble at all! When he sees his Mama, that’s when he acts up.

We spent some time in the Lego store where he made his version of an airplane.

We were all tired after all that shopping and Jake fell asleep before we were even out of the parking lot. Taylor’s favorite store was Urban Outfitters where she scored big and I was content to just tag along. Since I don’t see them often it was a great day for me.
Snow! All day it’s supposed to snow. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy inside so let it snow!