~Sneak Peek, Thanksgiving Table~

It was going to be plain white dishes but I changed my mind & decided to use the red & white instead. So the table is a collection of different patterns. The vintage napkins were washed & ironed, folded simply & tied with raffia and a piece of red twig dogwood! I’ll be adding a few more sprigs of red tinged leaves later. I’m using my Mom’s old peanut butter glasses….I love them! I laid the placemats horizontally with the edge hanging over the table for something different. It looks a bit sparse but I like to leave room for the food.

I hollowed out the white pumpkin that was my Autumn center piece & added carnations, white with lime green edges. After I put in a few springs of lime ting ting and dug out the lime acorn Christmas ornaments, I added some berries from the yard.
So there it is, I like it to be elegant but not too fancy, this is enough work!
Tomorrow I’ll be cooking, baking and doing all the prep work like dicing the celery & onions for the stuffing. It helps to have things ready to go and makes less mess on turkey day too. I’ve decided to add broccoli ramen noodle salad, spinach dip and a fresh apple cake to the menu. There is always so much food!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~Mondays Product Review~

Monday again……have you begun the countdown to Thanksgiving, working on the menu & setting the table? You’re probably not thinking about snacks for the football game but if you need some snack food for the munchers in your family I can recommend these pretzels.

Rold Gold Honey Wheat braided twists are about my favorite pretzel! The flavor is so good.

Snyder’s of Hanover makes some great pretzels too. The pretzel sandwiches are great and my H really likes the Jalapeno flavored & the Honey, Mustard & Onion. Very crunchy!

If you’re in need of some snacks, you can’t go wrong with these…..but you’ll probably have so much food on Thanksgiving that you won’t need more for snacking!

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~It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like~

A white turkey day! Look at the beauty we awoke to this morning. This is our backyard covered in fluffy snow.
I love how the trees look coated in snow. I couldn’t quite grasp the holiday spirit the day after Halloween that all the stores were pushing, but this should help to bring on the spirit.With Thanksgiving coming quickly, I know I’ll be cooking the same tried & true favorites. Here’s our menu,
roast turkey with gravy
warm rolls
Cole slaw, which is wonderful on leftover turkey sandwiches!
cranberry sauce, must be canned, isn’t that sad?
Pa dutch style potato filling
glazed sweet potatoes
baked corn casserole
green vegetable, probably broccoli
deviled eggs

two different desserts
There you have it, I planned this menu carefully, keeping the carbs to a minimum………of about a million.
Giving Thanks

What’s on your menu? Do you ever try new dishes or does your family demand tradition? Whenever I try to deviate from the menu I hear grumbling, how about you? You will find more Thanksgiving ideas over at There is No Place Like Home.

My H is home from the hospital now & he keeps me hopping! He’s got so many pills to keep track of, plus an ice machine that keeps his knee iced, a machine the bends his knee, a cane, a walker & a thing that looks like a dog leash that helps him move his leg around. But, I do have to say, he’s in extremely good spirits and that helps me so much. I was expecting him to be a bear!

~Ramping up for Thanksgiving~

Time to get started on Thanksgiving prep! Are you casual or formal? Buffet style or served at the table? You’ll eat more if the food is set out on the table!

Here, a simple centerpiece of corn tied with raffia is perfect on this casual table. Notice the old crock chilling the wine.Thanksgiving is the ideal time to decorate the table with natural elements, which I love.

Brown & white transfer ware is so pretty at Thanksgiving. It looks great with the twig napkin ring & berries. I’ll be using my old linen napkins too.

Do you use chargers? I never really understood their purpose, except to look festive.

Now isn’t that blue & white beautiful??

A brown paper bag & construction paper were used to make this cute kid inspired centerpiece. Got to get the little ones involved. Are you inspired, I know I am! We’ll be seeing lots of pretty Thanksgiving table settings on blogs soon, will you be posting yours? I will & I’ll be posting about our menu……..it’s always the same…LOL

Images from about.com, Better Homes & Gardens, Woman’s Day, & Holidays & Happenings.

~Monday’s Product Review~

It’s a little late coming but here’s Monday’s product review.
Rhodes Frozen Bread Dough
…..makes a great stromboli for an easy meal & you can add whatever you like. Meats, cheeses, sauces & vegetables…..I like adding sweet peppers and a drizzling of honey mustard dressing. It’s also in whole wheat but I’ve never seen it in any store near here.

Now doesn’t that look good? We like to dip it in spaghetti sauce too. Find some easy recipes here.
I’ve decided not to add Mr. Linky, since there wasn’t much participation, but feel free to have a product review on your blog.
My H’s surgery went well and he is so thankful it’s over.Thank you all for your prayers. My visit with baby Mia was wonderful except I got sick again….ugh! A recurrence of the nasty intestinal thing & a head cold, sneezing, runny nose, (we call it day care nose) sore throat! Hopefully I’ll be back in the groove soon. Have a great day!

~Sewing for baby Mia~

Years ago, years & years ago, I sewed everyday. So much that I just burned out, I was so sick of sewing. I made window treatments, lined jackets, pants, all kinds of dresses & lots of baby clothes. My Mom didn’t sew, I started sewing after making an apron in high school. But now I can’t resist some of the sweet soft fabrics that are available currently. So I made these adorable outfits for baby Mia. She’s 7 mos. now & such a sweet & happy baby who smiles easily & continually has a hand in her mouth and drool on her chin! This is her football watchin jumper and the thrift store baby legs. She watches football every Sunday. Yep

And here’s my version of baby legs…..kids socks cut off and zigzagged around the edge. They’re not as long as the real baby legs but still cute and lots cheaper! They’ll be great with the purple thrift store jumper.

This outfit is pants, beret & the dress is just sewn on a onesie. I added a little flower & some fabric to the cuffs to complete the ensemble.
The blue outfit is made from 2 coordinating quilted fabrics.It’ll be nice & warm on extra cold days.

Aren’t the berets adorable? She’ll be very frenchie in her berets!
I have another outfit that I’ll show you next week after I get home from visiting Mia and helping her move. After that, my H’s knee surgery and then it’s almost Thanksgiving…..I haven’t even started thinking about that yet! What to do about Mom….it’s about impossible to get her in the house since her walking is so weak & wobbly…I doubt we could get her in…..& a wheelchair…… I don’t know how much she might be confused…….. plus I know my H will be a bear because it’s only a week after his surgery….plus a million other things to fret & worry over…..life!
Please help me pray for my 2 teenage g’kids who are having some tough times, I sure would appreciate that….. Taylor & David.

FYI, Baby Legs is a brand name of leg warmers for babies. They sell for about 12 bucks at most Target stores…..just sayin in case you didn’t know. LOL Have a great day!

Monday’s product review features 2 of my favorite chocolates. Dove’s dark & Hershey’s dark Bliss.

Both of these chocolates are extra smooth and so good, and even good for you! Click here for a coupon for Bliss.

Here’s news that’s hard not to like. Eating a small, 1.6-ounce bar of dark chocolate every day is good for you. Very good for you, finds Mary Engler, PhD, RN, of the University of California, San Francisco, and colleagues. From WebMD, click here to read the complete article. Very few people wouldn’t want to eat a chocolate bar every day! I could eat 2 or 3!

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~Our Poor Pear Tree~

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn ( have you read that book?), and a tree fell over near Hershey. The wind howled for 2 solid days. If you were outside it was hard to walk a straight line, that’s how powerful the gusts were. It sounded like the house was coming apart! My mind kept repeating that famous line, “I’ll huff & I’ll puff til I blow you house down.” But there was no big bad wolf, it was the more powerful forces of mother nature. Our pretty ornamental pear tree split in half. You can’t see from this picture but it was split nearly to the ground. The whole tree will have to come down. That makes me so sad because the tree was a housewarming gift & it provided lots of shade on the patio.

A few days later my H decided that the part of the tree that’s still standing will survive! Can you believe that??? It’s leaning to the right and will probably fall over in another storm. hmmmm ….me thinks he was a bit lazy the day they cleaned up the branches.

There’s lots of pretty colors in our yard this time of year so I took a stroll around……….. Below, the variegated leaves of a primrose.

Beautiful deep reds of a barberry bush

Fire bush.

The last roses of summer.

The hemlocks are loaded with millions of miniature pine cones.
Bright orange berries of cotoneaster.

Hollies full of berries for holiday decorating.

This clematis on the light pole out front is still blooming.
I’ve lots of greenery to pick in the yard for holiday decorating. I make wreaths and garlands and decorate the mantle with greens from the yard. Instead of buying greenery just go out and get it from the yard, or your neighbors yard & you’re welcome to help yourself in my yard.

Mother Nature never has trouble picking the perfect colors for decorating, does she? Just look outside for color inspiration!

*****The Butterfly award was passed to me from Heather at Family Forever. She’s got a cute blog so hop on over for a visit. THANK YOU HEATHER! I sure do appreciate it!

Have a wonderful weekend.

~Thrift Shopping~

You all should know by now that I’m a thrift store/yard sale junkie. Well, yardsale season is about over but I still need my weekly thrifting fix. One of my favorite thrift stores is the Jubilee Shop, run by christian ministries.

The building has a rich history and was a sewing factory for years. For several years it housed a farmer’s market and now it’s home to a cafe, which has weekly entertainment, an outlet to buy Lebanon bologna ( have you ever had Lebanon bologna?) and the thrift shop which takes up 2 floors.

The sewing floor above, can you imagine working like that all day? They probably got piece rate. How it looks today, below.

You never know what you might find there. This sweet little girl’s coat was just $4. Isn’t it cute?

On the lower level all the clothes are just 75 cents…….yep…..75 cents! So think outside the box now, see all those skirts and dresses…. you could buy one just for the fabric. I actually covered 2 lampshades from a dress. There’s lots of possibilities for the fabric…. all kinds of crafts, baby clothes, swags, quilts, anything you need a small amount of fabric for.

I found a few things there for Mia recently. Baby Legs, I’d never heard of them before but they’re leg warmers for babies. They were new in the original package for just 50 cents. The cute leopard little skirt I’ll probably add straps to & it’ll be a jumper, for Mia, not for me!

A snowman top, pink top, purple jumper & corduroy pants for the long cold winter were all $1.50 a piece. The new pattern was 25 cents! Have you bought a pattern lately….they’re around $11-$12!

Years ago I would NEVER have bought clothes in a thrift shop! But babies grow so fast & the clothes are clean & in good, shape so why not?

I found seven blue/white plates, a cute little oil painting and a shape sorter toy for Mia. I always look for toys that can be easily sanitized and this is all plastic, so that’s good.

The suitcase in the middle was just a buck. Now I have a collection of three in the guestrom.
So that’s about all I found lately but I’m always on the lookout….you just never know what you’ll come across.
Lately I’ve been doing some sewing and will share that soon …..other than that, just cleaning & relaxing. My H is having a knee replacement on the 17th . Boy am I dreading that…he can be such a baby… you know how man can be…LOL

Have a great day!

~We Voted~

It was a beautiful Autumn morning to get out there and cast your vote.
We took our neighbor Vince to the polls & here they’re heading in to vote.

My blog is not where I choose to discuss politics, but I’m so happy to know that the negative tv ads and phone calls will stop. We get on average 4 calls a day…democrats, republicans, anti abortion groups…….it just becomes so annoying & feels intrusive.
This is a really bad pic of me taken by my H as I’m being escorted to the computerized voting machine.
We waited on line about 40 minutes to get inside, that wasn’t so bad, but we were hungry when we left so we stopped at a little restaurant in town for breakfast.

This being such an historic time for our country, I’ll be glued to the tv tonight. How about you?

I hope you got out there & claimed your right to vote!

~Monday’s Product Review~

It’s a good way to learn about new products or some we’ve never tried, so I decided to keep the product review as a regular post. Please join in on Mondays with your favorite products & your not so favorite products too.

This week I’m reviewing,

***Arm and Hammer ESSENTIALS.

Click here for a coupon I bought this with a coupon and am now hooked. It worked so much better than I expected, cleaning up stubborn fingerprints around door knobs, nasty spill stains on the kickplate under the kitchen cabinets and even paint drops on the floor that have been there for ages.

The label claims it’s made from plant based cleaners derived from coconuts and palm kernel oil and other biodegradable cleaner and uses 80% less packaging. That’s great because it works & I’ll buy the refill cartridge when this is gone.

****Great Value dish detergent. A sink full of suds is what I want when washing pans. I discovered this dish detergent while washing dishes at my daughter’s house. The brand is Great Value from, where else, Walmart. Look at all the suds from one squirt.

It comes in several scents and this 34 oz. bottle costs only $1.68! That’s quite a savings when compared to the other well known brands

Here’s a little picture if you’d like to post it in the sidebar on your blog. If you could link it back to product review posts that would be great!

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