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The post below got all messed up & I’m tired of trying to fix it. I don’t know where those giant letters came from. LOL… I’m off to make chicken for supper……I’ll do better next time…

~Down Comforters & Bed n Breakfast Inns~

Sleeping under a down comforter, now that’s heavenly. I first experienced down comforters & mattelasse coverlets at a BnB in Spring Lake, New Jersey.this was our room at La Maison
I knew I was smitten & would have to get one for home. I managed to find some great deals & got one for our bed & one for the quest room. They are both medium weight & we use them year round. So warm & toasty, never will I be without a down comforter on my bed! There are mattelasse coverlets on all our beds too. I love the classic style & never seem to tire of it.

The BnB was La Maison in Spring Lake New Jersey. It was my first BnB, had a french theme, great gourmet breakfasts & those indescribably comfy beds. The town of Spring Lake has lots to offer….antique shops, cafes, theater, the ocean side & the beautiful lake. We rode bike all over the town, enjoyed the lake & the theater. I’d sure love to go back for another visit.

Another time we went to a BnB in Cape May, New Jersey. That town is loaded with Victoriana! It’s a great vacation spot if you love antiques & it’s not far from Atlantic city. We stayed at The Bedford Inn.

our room at the Bedford, Deborah’s room
There’s so much to see & do in Cape May, I even managed to get My H to a tea house. He was worried that he would be the only guy there…but there were plenty of men having tea. There are so many BnBs that it’s hard to choose where to stay. Some are in high old victorians with turrets & plenty of gingerbread detail.

Another BnB story.
We went to Niagara Falls with friends & stayed at a pretty BnB. I made reservations on line at what seemed like a reasonably priced nice place. When we arrived we thought nothing of the fact it was run by 2 women & they referred to each other as their partner….we thought business partner, not life partner! Later the guys were on the big front porch enjoying cigars & my H thought another guy made a pass at him. We just laughed that off until, while sitting in the parlor I noticed that there were a great number of books about the lesbian lifestyle. Seems it was a gay BnB! Ok Stop laughing now……I had no idea that a rainbow signified homosexuality. Their web site had several rainbows on it. Well DUH!!!
We had a great time at Niagara Falls & still get a good laugh every time we talk about it. And yes we were the only straight couples at the BnB.

Now, Can you top that story???!!!!
Those were the only times I stayed at BnBs……I really enjoy it & hope to do it again soon.

For those that asked about the valance, the pattern is McCall’s pattern 3632. It is a “home decorating in a sec” pattern…90 minutes or less. Easy, give it a try. I hung it from tie backs instead of a straight rod to get that look.
Have a great day!

~I Love Pillows~ & an Award~

Pillows are a little bit of luxury & seem to soften up the decor. I love pillows! Any pillow that is trimmed & tasseled seems to call my name. Even though I don’t need more pillows I still browse the store aisles looking for great pillows & pillow inspiration when I’m shopping.
This is the pull out sleeper sofa in the downstairs family room. It’s my 2nd favorite nesting spot……quite comfy & long for tall people like me. The sleeper gets used quite a bit when family visits. Notice all the pillows! Here is the Napoleonic bee print. It’s on of my favorites.

I covered these pillows with a bit of left over fabric from the WTs, hand sewed the fabric together on the back & glued on trim. VOILA!A touch of animal print brings a bit of unexpected drama to the LR sofa. Animal print pillows & a throw are also used in our MB.

The picture below is a pillow I did for my Mom. It’s now in our smaller guest room which I never really decorated in the 10 or so years I’ve lived in this house! Shame on me! I have plans to do it when I retire along with redoing the bigger guest room & the main bath.
The last 4 pictures are examples of how you can change out a store bought pillow & take it from
blah to beautiful with only a bit of fabric glue, some trim & your imagination.

It’s just that easy! Look for simple inexpensive pillows that can be trimmed & tasseled in a jiffy!
Tammy from the Pink Magnolia honored me with this “Young at Heart” award. Thank you so very much! This little girl on the swing reminds me of how much I loved to swing as a child & still do. There’s something so wonderful about swinging high in the air….a carefree feeling I guess. I loved to sing loudly while I was swinging. Songs like You are my Sunshine or My Darlin Clementine. Remember those songs from long ago?You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are gray
you’ll never know dear, how much I love you,
please don’t take my sunshine away.
Oh to be young again…….

~The letterT~

So many of my favorite lovely things begin with the letter T. Teapots, teacups, tea, topiaries, tapestries, transfer ware, tole, tassels, tureens & of course toile de jouy.
I love visiting tea houses with friends, sampling different teas, eating scones with delicious jams, lemon curd & clotted cream. There’s always little finger sandwiches & yummy bite sized desserts. If you’ve never been to a tea house you should try it.

This white teapot is from a yard sale & there is a red/white transfer ware teapot beside the sofa.

All through the house you’ll find trims, tassels & transfer ware!

Pillows embellished with trims & tassels ….I can’t resist.
Tassels, giant sized!

Tasseled pillows in our toile bedroom.
Tapestry & transfer ware in the dining room.
Tassels & trim on kitchen WT.
Powder room transfer ware.

Topiaries on the mantle!

I have several outdoor topiaries & am thinking of creating another from a boxwood in the back yard….I’m thinking bunny! What else!!! When it’s closer to spring I’ll do a post on creating topiaries.Tole trays can be found at flea markets & antique malls & if you’re really lucky you may find one at a yard sale. I found one at a yard sale & it made by day!
I guess you get the idea now……I just love these things in my home. Every time I see them I smile. Is there a better way to make a house a home than to fill it with things that make you smile?
Brrrrrr….it is frigid! Today we had a high of 12! Add the wind chill to that & you’ve got Arctic….your nose hairs freeze……now that’s cold! Keep warm & have a great day!

~Paying it Forward~

A few days before Christmas, I had just arrived home from Walmart & was putting my groceries away when the phone rang. On the other end was a nice lady’s voice informing me that they had my pocketbook at Walmart customer service! What! I hadn’t even missed it yet! It seems I left it in the cart in the parking lot. Oh my! Some very nice person took it back in the store to customer service. How absent minded of me & my H scolded me as if I was a child, like he’s perfect…LOL
When I was back at Walmart I asked who had returned it…..just a nice person they said.

Ever since I’ve been looking for ways to ‘pay it forward’…….remember that movie? What a great concept! Oh sure I help the elderly in grocery stores if they need something from the top shelf or hold the door for a young mother with a baby stroller & let someone in front of me in a long line of traffic…..but now I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity to really do something unexpectedly nice for someone. I’ll wait patiently while holding the door, reaching to the top shelf & being a courteous driver for that perfect time……I’m sure it will come & when it does I’ll post about it.

Have you experienced this? Do you believe in fate, kismet, karma & what comes around goes around? It all goes back to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, doesn’t it? If you’ve had a similar experience I’d like to hear about it. Maybe it will inspire me.

Speaking of purses……a while ago I read in a blog about revealing the contents of your purse…here’s mine, 2 small bottles of hand sanitizer, 3 lipsticks, a chapstick, several Hall’s & a bunch of tissues, my wallet, a comb, mirror & sunglasses. Hmm……what does this reveal about me besides I’m a germophobe with a runny nose & sore throat that can’t be seen without lipstick.

One thing’s for certain, doing nice things for others will make you happy too. It’s an all around winning situation. Now, care to reveal the contents of your purse?

~Been tagged 2x~

I was tagged by Kat, JustaBeachKat with a 5 things meme. Here are the rules.
Link to the tagger and post these rules on your blog. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here goes…
* One of my all time favorite tv shows was ER…. Way back when George Clooney was on…I’m swooning here
* I refuse to drive with my H as a passenger! He never stops driving even when he’s not the one driving! Turn here, you’re too close, slow down, go this way, pass this guy, etc…he may as well drive! I may have posted this fact before but once it was so bad I pulled over & refused to drive. I was screaming at him! Guess I’d had enough….lol
*I hate football.
*My job sometimes involves driving a stand in, hi-lift fork truck. It reaches up 2 stories to retrieve pallets.
* Last week I joined Weight Watchers.

I’m tagging,
Sheila, Gim’me Memories,
Des, Peeking thru the Sunflowers
Meggie, Meggies Stuff
Steph, It’s Toile ya’ll
Allison, Creative Art & craft.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality tagged me also with 4 things about me.

*4 jobs I’ve had:

waitress in an ice cream parlor
asst manager of a restaurant
money room clerk for a large vending company
working for Hershey’s

*4 movies I watch over and over:
The Color Purple is the only one I have ever watched several times.

*4 places I’ve lived:
I’ve only ever lived in a few towns in PA

*4 TV shows I watch:

The Psychic challenge
Saving Grace

*4 places I’ve been:
San Francisco
Puerto Rico

*4 people who email me regularly:


*4 favorite things to eat:

Lobster tail
Mashed potatoes
Ice cream, Black raspberry!

*4 places I’d rather be:

at a 5 star restaurant in Italy
on a fab vacation, Paris perhaps
taking a train ride to Quebec
picnicking beside a mountain stream anywhere

*4 things I look forward to this year:

The birth of Mia
Spending more time with my Mom & family

*4 people I will tag:

If you are reading this…YOU ARE TAGGED! I love reading things about YOU!

~Meet Mia~

Here’s Mia, the American Girl doll of the year.
Are you familiar with these dolls? I understand they are extremely popular. Here’s my Mia, the soon to be newest addition to my family. Can you make out the profile? She is facing left with her hands under her chin. NO, I am NOT pregnant!
My #1 daughter will be presenting Mia Kate in mid May. What a blessing! We are all excited! She has been going through a long rough patch in her life & it’s finally been settled. Maybe not the way we all would have wanted, but in the midst of the turmoil comes Mia. She is so happy about this & I am so happy she is happy. All mothers can relate to that. I have been praying constantly for her…just to see her smile again & this is part of my answered prayers. I’m thanking the Lord for bringing an end to this stressful situation & giving us a beautiful baby girl!

She chose the name Mia as a form of Mary, (even though it’s not), she wanted a biblical name & Mary is also the name of the baby’s other g’ma. Kate for me, my middle name is Kay. I’m thrilled!
I’ve been busy crocheting for Mia …….I made this blanket last year when I was learning to crochet. Pink & white & now I’ll have a little baby girl to give it to. There’s also a little tiny hat trimmed in fun fur & I just made a hooded sweater . All I need to do is sew it together, crochet an edge on it & it’s done. You can see the edge of the sleeve in the pic. It turned out nice. I love to crochet, especially for a new baby!

I’ve known about the pregnancy from the beginning but have been waiting for the right time to share the news. I guess I’ll have to break down & buy the American Girl doll for our Mia.

~Jan 29!~

KJ’s big birthday! Here’s a little poem just for her big over the hill day.
She’s talented and smart ,
blogs from her heart,
loves a marine man Barry,
a lovely tune she can carry,
when her voice takes wing,
like an angel she sings.
Let’s loudly say
to eye dyllic KJ

Kj is having a surprise 50th birthday party giveaway. Wonderful things she’s giving to 2 lucky people! Please mention my name when you enter.

For my 50th my H took us & 2 other couples in a white limo to an underground medieval feast at a restaurant in Mt Joy. It was a total surprise! Read about the Catacombs restaurant here.


~Going Green in the New Year~

Most grocery stores have been selling reusable bags. I bought several & try to use them each time I shop for groceries. They are sturdy & large, with nice wide handles. You can get lots of groceries in one bag. The first time I used them, the cashier wanted to put plastic bags inside these bags. She didn’t quite get the ‘save the planet’ idea.

Do you recycle? We do. Plastic bags get returned to the store & placed in recycling barrels, cans, plastic & newspapers are recycled by our trash hauler.We compost, donate all our old magazines & generally try to recycle , reuse or re purpose whatever we can. And yes, yardsaling & thrift shopping are forms of recycling IMHO.
Free paper comes to your home in the form of junk mail. I stick my coupons in a junk mail envelope & write the grocery list on the back. Then off for groceries I go with list & coupons in hand. Junk mail is a great never ending source of scratch paper for notes or reminders & we always have a stash in the kitchen drawer.

The weather has been so unseasonably warm lately, you can either mourn global warming or enjoy the beautiful day. I’m doing a bit of both. Have a great day!

~Bullet Soup & Chelly Bread~

My husband will eat jelly bread with any meal, even eggs! A true PA Dutchman would pronounce it as “chelly bread.” Where we live you don’t hear that strong dutch accent often. Click on the link to hear the accent.
Now, what the heck is bullet soup? THIS IS BULLET SOUP, named by my husband because he says he shoots bullets after he eats it. We like to give food silly names, remember the tuna twins? Read the post, Silliness at suppertime. These are the bullets!
I made this yummy soup from a nice meaty ham bone, dried beans, carrots & a few potatoes. Ham & Bean soup is popular where we live. It has the same flavor as southern soup beans. No corn bread here in the north, we prefer “chelly bread!”

Bean soup recipe

W are having record breaking warm temperatures. It is near 70 degrees! I’m headed outdoors to get some fresh air. Have a great day!

~Winter Whites~

Maureen from Penchants,Ponderings & Posies is having a giveaway. A winter white giveaway!

While reading Maureen’s post I remembered the pretty winter white clothes I wore when I was a size 6, oh so long ago. ….sigh… It all started with a JH Collectibles wool jacket & lined pants. The jacket was cropped, double breasted and classic. I was lucky to have found the matching pants in a tall so they fit perfectly. That was the beginning of my winter white wardrobe. Next came a Liz Claiborne knit skirt & turtle neck sweater, then a Liz v-neck & the softest knit pants & matching sweater from Liz & co. that always brought compliments, even from strangers! I had to accessorize of course so there were white boots, a leather shoulder bag, white isotoner gloves, leather gloves, a short wool coat & a full length wool coat, low heeled pumps & Charles Jourdan high heeled pumps. I knew that Princess Diana loved his shoes & I felt like a princess, an angel & a snow bunny whenever I wore my winter whites. That’s my winter white list…….hop over to MO’s blog & add your fav winter whites.

Since I’ve no pictures of my old winter white ensembles, here is winter white from 2005.

Wishing everyone a good & relaxing weekend!

*Edited to add this, another giveaway! Judy, a fabric artist from Fabric Arts & Crafts is giving away an Anna Griffin folder filled with lovely cards, ribbons, beads & trims. Hop over & enter. Please say I sent you. Thanks!

~Out with the Old~

In with the new…..
At this time of year people are thinking of new beginnings, clearing out clutter in our lives & in our closets. This past week I managed to clean out the pantry, back hall, hall closet & a bathroom closet. All the Christmas decorations are neatly put away & organized by color in plastic bins. Still, there are lots of things my H would like to see out of here! Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things, but I’m resolving to try in the new year.

This year has a huge change in store for me, I will be retiring. The official day of my retirement is April 1, April Fools Day. I sure hope that holds no significance! I’m starting the official countdown to retirement…..90 calender days, 58 working days! OH MY…what a change in my live! I’m looking forward to spending more time with Mom & the rest of my family & doing so many new things. Some possibilities are, tap dancing class, yoga or tai chi, taking a photography class, studying a foreign language, doing volunteer work & joining a gym. Finally I’ll have more time to work in the garden & I can blog all day if I want to! At this point I’m really looking forward to this new time in my life & hope that I can keep the negative thoughts at bay, like…I’m old, I’m retired, I’m old! I have to remember that I’m taking an early retirement package & what a blessing it is. I’ll be posting more about my job in the next few months as I get closer to the big day.

Here in central PA we usher in the new year with the traditional meal of pork & sauerkraut & mashed potatoes. Pork and sauerkraut is a Pennsylvania Dutch New Year’s tradition dished out in many midstate homes, firehalls, churches and restaurants. Superstition has it that because a pig roots forward, eating pork on New Year’s Day helps a person move ahead. Yesterday we had my MIL over for dinner because she just loves sauerkraut. She really enjoyed it & I dished up a plate for her to take home. We had a visit from h’s daughter & g’kids and played several games of concentration with the kids. It was fun….Samantha beat us all! I think she’s a psychic five year old! How can she know where the matching card is so quickly ?
Wishing ALL a very good 2008!