~Autumn is in the air, Name meme & more~

You say toMAYtoe,I say toMAHtoe……these are almost the end of our tomatoes this year. There are still plenty on the vines but most are cracked like this. So how do you get from this ………..
to this? Fresh tomato cake is so good! I could eat the whole cake! Lots of cinnamon…..yum… & cream cheese icing, heavenly & moist.
I made a cake for us & one to take to work. Of course it was scarfed up in no time. The recipe is so easy too.

Fresh Tomato Cake

Add 1 cup raisins to hot tomato mixture
(2 cups peeled tomatoes cooked for 10 minutes)
Cool, add 2 tsp. Baking soda
Mix ½ cup softened margarine and 2 cups sugar
Add to tomato mixture along with:
1 tsp salt, 2 tsp. Cinnamon, 2 tsp vanilla
Mix in 2 ½ cup flour

Add 1 cup nuts

Bake, 9 x 13 for about 35 min. @350 minutes.

This planter REALLY took off……..from this………………..above to this………. WOW !

Since it’s starting to feel like fall in the mornings when I leave for work here are a few pic of my garden this year. It’s soon time to say, “See ya next year” to all the pretties.

This bike was a curbside find. It’s propped against the shed & filled with impatiens.

Planters on patio.
Peony in perennial border.
My first water lily in the pond. Black eyed Susan vine.
Catmint & Zepherine Dourhin.
Tea table in garden.
Bottom…. butterfly bush which seeded itself from a neighbor’s garden. AND I’ve been tagged by Sandi @ Whistlestop cafe with a middle name meme.

So this meme works this way (condensed version):
*You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name.

*If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
* At the end of your post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.

OKAY, I’ll play, because I’m a Kind person.

My middle name is Kay.

K …….One of my first jobs was at Kmart, I was a Kashier!

A………As I Age my Allergies get worse! Antihistimines are Always Around.

Y………I love Yams, Yarn, YellowYachts & Yogurt. I Yearn to reclaim my Youth of YesterYear.

I’m tagging these three,

Living the Life, She has a beautiful blog & shares her wonderful family with us.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality, she shares her natural hospitality with all!

Sandy @ Dream, Inspire, Create, she creates beautiful things and inspires us all.

Come on girls, what’s your middle name???

Have a great day!

~ Diana, the People’s Princess~

It’s like remembering where you were when you heard the news that President Kennedy was shot. The death of Diana is something I’ll never forget. She was hounded by the press. It was all too much. What an awful way to have to live, never being able to do anything without it showing up in some tabloid.

It was amazing to watch her transformation, a shy school girl to a sophisticated woman with a lot of guts. After the separation & divorce can you imagine what she had to endure. How the Royals treated her….they didn’t really know what to do about her………just don’t make them look bad.

I admired her spunk & loved her fashion sense.

Sadly her charitable efforts were overshadowed by her personal life.

It’s 10 years since her death. My dh & I were in the kitchen eating breakfast when we heard the news. My jaw dropped, I had a difficult time believing it was true. The night of her funeral I stayed up all night to watch…my dh left for work at 10p.m. & I was still up watching at 6a.m. when he got home. Watching her boys was so sad, my heart broke for them.

I saw an interview on tv where Diana said there were 3 people in the marriage……….Camilla will not be attending her memorial service. Do you think she should?
The duchess’s statement:

“I am very touched to have been invited by Prince William and Prince Harry to attend the thanksgiving service for their mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

“I accepted and wanted to support them.

“However, on reflection, I believe my attendance could divert attention from the purpose of the occasion, which is to focus on the life and service of Diana.

“I am grateful to my husband, William and Harry for supporting my decision.”

Diana, Your legacy lives on. May you rest in peace.

~ the Nest~

Here’s my nest.

Where’s your nest? The place you go to relax, I mean really relax. My Dh calls this spot, “the nest” & he just leaves me to myself when I’m curled up here either watching tv or reading. You can see that I love pillows! This spot is in our tv room off the kitchen, we have a bigger tv downstairs in our family room or den , I never know what to call it. Downstairs is more my dh’s spot…..you know how guys like those ginormous tv’s. Anyway, currently I’m reading
The Husband by Dean Koontz, it’s getting more & more intriguing as I read along. It’s the best day for reading in my nest…….. a dreary, cloudy day.

As far as tv watching, I love ‘The Closer” Kyra Sedgwick plays Miss Brenda Lee Johnson. It’s on Monday night but we always watch it on Demand from our cable system on Tuesday evenings. You can hear some of her sweet southern classics here.
After that I like to watch Holly Hunter in “Saving Grace,” it’s on the same network, TNT. She has her own angel named Earl that she is constantly trying to get rid of. Grace is a wild woman so some might not like the content of this show.

Two of my all time favorite shows are ER…..love it….I still watch the reruns over & over & Everybody Loves Raymond. Ray’s mom is a classic.

Do you have a nest?

I’d like to see you favorite spot & learn what your favorite shows are too .

~ A Favorite Restaurant & Basil Time ~

The Hershey Pantry has always been one of my favorite restaurants. I love the decor, the owner changes it every few years. It’s been decorated in country french style but currently it’s in a more contemporary style with leopard print carpeting . It’s so warm & inviting & even has a great AL fresco dining area.

We were there for a late lunch to avoid the supper crowd. The food is always great & served so beautifully! This time it wasn’t great for me! I ordered one of the specials, fish taco with peach salsa & bistro sauce. Doesn’t it look delish?

Well, it was so spicy hot that I couldn’t eat it. It was the fish that was so spicy, it had a Cajun hot seasoning on it. My husband and I switched meals because he likes hot spicy foods. He ordered an albacore tuna melt & it was so good. So what do you do when this happens to you? If your food is cold or under cooked do you send it back? Do you ask to see the manager? Demand a refund? Or just never return ……..the waitress never said it was spicy & she should have & I should have spoken up. Oh well………..

It’s basil time in the garden. I love basil & tomatoes! They go together naturally like peanut butter & bananas. This year we  have lots of basi,l  I like to chop it finely, (chiffonade) & put it into ice cube trays, then slowly add water. When it’s frozen I put it in freezer bags. Then just plop a cube or 2 in sauce or soup. I think it’s better then drying basil & it’s easy!
We have tons of tomatoes too. I always plant yellow ones for my Dad & now I’m hooked on them. I made this salad with fresh tomatoes & basil, a little chopped onion, coarse salt, olive oil & a splash of balsamic vinegar with feta cheese sprinkled on top. Mozzarella would be good too. That & some chicken breasts was our supper. A great summer meal!
Isn’t the salad pretty? Are you hungry yet?

~THE WINNER IS………………….

A big thank you to all who entered! I wish each & every one of you could win! It’s fun giving things away, almost as much fun as winning.

Drum roll please………………………………………………….and……….

The winner is

Kat’s name was drawn out of one of my caps this morning ! Her blog is beachy & fun & she has a great attitude about life! Congratulations KAT!!

I have contacted you by email.

My next giveaway will be at 110 posts, only 47 more to go. Now what will it be, hmmmm.

~ Thrifting finds & Thoughts ~

At our thrift shop in town run by christian ministries, I found this great tablecloth, a big sea shell & can you see the sweet little bunny? Isn’t he the cutest? For the dining room I put together this arrangement on the tiered stand I got at a yard sale last week. I added some hydrangeas but they’re sad looking this year. They seem smaller than usual……guess the plants are stressed by the lack of rain & sweltering heat.

The coffee table has shells on it too, for a summer feeling. It’s soon time to be thinking about changes for fall. Can you believe it’s almost Sept.? Where did summer go? When the seasons change I always get a feeling of melancholy, a sorrow to see the seasons transition from one to the next. I’ve always felt this way even as a child. I love every season & all the wonders each has to offer, but I’ll miss all the glorious tastes of summer. Red and tasty tomatoes, sweet juicy berries and all the luscious melons will be summer memories.

It will soon be time to neaten up the garden & get everything ready for it’s long winter’s nap! I do love working outside in the autumn air.

Some hydrangeas were added to the tureens too.

Have you signed up for the giveaway? Sign up now if you haven’t. Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

~ HERE’S the GiveAway ~

It’s bright & early Monday morning & as promised it’s time to reveal the goodies.

A FRENCH THEME, oh la la!

The GiveAway goodies are, a Bodum french press coffee maker, a tres’ sophisticated way to make coffee & Gevalia Kaffe (coffee) Paris Le Procope, named after the oldest coffee house in Paris. You’ll sip your coffee from a white ironstone cup & saucer from Homer Laughlin china, the Seville pattern. Included are two little Paris prints which are mounted on burlap frames, some toile note cards, an Eiffel tower tag & a pretty red & white toile vase. That’s it !

To enter the GiveAway just leave a comment.
SATURDAY morning, August 19th, is when I’ll have a drawing to pick the winner.
Hope you all like this French theme!
PLEASE spread the word !

Thank you for entering !


~ S.O.S.~

My H & I were out & about very early this weekend just cruising in his toy before the heat set in. We stopped for breakfast along our way in a little town called Ono where we had breakfast. I ordered creamed chipped beef over fried potatoes. You can also have it over toast. When it’s served over toast it’s called S.O.S. ………& has nothing to do with a sinking ship, it stands for sh*t on a shingle! Where else but Pee-A (Pa) do they name their food after bodily functions!

He had french toast & a side order of scrapple……I like scrapple but please don’t tell me how it’s made !

The town of ONO has a truck stop & the O’YES market!

I’d very much like to thank Lori @Pink Faded Roses for giving me the “Nice Matters” award. She really made my day & I can’t thank her enough.

~ Natural wonders ~

Dummo me thought you were suposed to use the 7 natural wonders of the world & it was just NATURAL WONDERS ! I need to read more carefully….but it was fun anyhow…….LOL

I’m giving myself the OOOOOOPPPPS AWARD 🙂

A few fries short of a Happy Meal!

~ 7 wonders tag !!! ~

Sandi’s wonder is a Pyramid & I’ve added her name in Hebrew script to the bottom.

I’ve been tagged by Sandi @ whistle stop to write names on the seven wonders of the world. ….. forcing me to learn printshop 22 that I bought but never learned….it was on my roun2it list! I read up on the 7 wonders because I knew there were new ones & didn’t remember what they were. There are new wonders & ancient wonders……..everything is a wonder to me! So here’s my go at it.

Here’s Deserae at Peeking through the Sunflowers……..I love her tastes , classic styles & lots of toile. Sunflowers are a wonder of mother natureNext is eye-dyllic ……..KJ loves her coffee & is having a coffee giveaway. Get over there & sign up! Her wonder is Stone Henge.
Next is Fat Jak Originals……. I am new to Jackie’s blog, but she is a talented artist & has great stories and pictures. A Buddha is a wonder, right !!???

Next is Pink faded Roses……Lori loves pink & is a fab baker, check out her creations! That’s the Great Wall.

Next is Sue @ Life at Home…… She has a beautiful home & a lovely blog, bunnies & beautiful gardens too. Her home is for sale at Machu Picchu. Interest rates are down too.

Next is Aisling @ The Quiet country House…..She has original poetry & beautiful flowers and a food blog too. Her wonder is the Grand canyon.

Next is Bella-Enchanted….. Genevieve has just created a NICE MATTERS award at her blog. Her blog is filled with tea parties, family pics & lots of red things. She also has a website with original creations from various artisans called Glitter & Grunge. Her wonder is the Eiffel Tower, not sure if that’s a wonder or not but it is to me.

Well that’s it! Hope you liked it…..feel free to snatch your tag if you want. So now that you’ve been tagged, what can you create?

That was fun y’all, have a great day. It’s raining !
I’ve come back later to add this quick note, I sincerely hope no one is offended by the pics in this post, if you are please contact me & I will delete them. If you were tagged & can’t participate, that’s ok……please don’t feel obligated.

~I’ve been tagged~

Here are all the tureens I’ve collected this year. Still need to find a better way to display them but I’m so glad I keep finding them.

Rhoda from Southern Hospitality tagged me for 8 random things so here they are…..

*When I was born both of my feet were pointing in the same direction. I had to wear special shoes with a bar attached between them to hold my feet at the right angles. When I had my first daughter she had the same thing & wore a similar device. I remember it didn’t stop her from kicking her feet though & she only wore it for a few months. Now her feet & mine are fine.

* I took modern jazz dancing lessons and baton lessons for years when I was a child.The dance school , Audrey’s, would put on shows at parks & I marched with my school in parades & football games. I twirled 2 batons but never went to the next step….fire batons….I was afraid!

*My first car was a burgandy 65 mustang convertible! It was a 4 on the floor. I thought I was so cool shifting gears & driving around with the top down. Wish I had it today!

*Before we moved in this house we lived in a 200 yr. old house for about 12 yrs. My friends thought I was totally crazy buying that place, but I loved it. We put in a whole new kitchen & remodeled the bath & did just about everything you could do to it. I had blood, sweat & tears in that place. The new owners haven’t taken very good care of it 🙁

*I HATE my name. What older woman is called Debbie!? I wish my name was Claire or Kate or something that is fitting ……not Debbie & definitely not Deb! Jill, that’s it….Jill.

*I have been to Jamaica,Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Acapulco, Cayman Islands 2x, Cozumel, Cancun, California, Las Vegas & a couple more places I can’t remember but I am scared to death of flying & pray continuously while we’re in the air.

* Dh & I got married in Las Vegas. Not by Elvis!!!!! At a beautiful little chapel called ” the little church of the west”

*Disco music! I love it, The Bee Gees, Donna Summer…love them all! Stayin alive, stayin alive… Yeah
Am I supposed to tag 8 people now ? Well, I’ll have to do that later.

Here’s what I got today when I was yardsaling. It’s too humid & hot to stay out long, but I found some goodies.
Have a great day & keep cool !

~ A little of this & that~

Blogging…………..when I started to blog I didn’t know what I was doing. Mainly I was just playing around, then I got hooked. I loved trying to figure out how to add different things & change the look of my blog & make it pretty like so many others I’ve seen. I started out with a different template but I messed it up and then I searched for a template with 3 columns and found some. The first one I tried didn’t work so good for me. If I’d put in a picture the sidebars would get messed up…..I kept at it though and got it pretty much figured out….with some help along the way. (I’m still trying to get that comments widget to work without much success). Now I love changing the outer wrapper, the font colors and the header picture. AND not only that, now I am hooked on reading blogs! Everyday I must sit and read my favs and always some new ones. It’s like a little personal visit with a friend. For me it’s relaxing and totally stress reducing. Some blogs are about decorating, some cooking, some family and needlework and all are very personal, like a glimpse into someone’s life.
So that’s how I feel about blogging. I don’t know how long I’ll do it but for now I’m enjoying it so much! A great big((( hug))) & thank you to everyone who stops by & leaves a comment. If you don’t leave comments, why not give it a try, I’d honestly like to hear what you have to say & I appreciate each & every comment. It feels like each visitor is a new friend!
The front door……………

I’ve added a lime green ribbon to the front door arrangement to comlpement the green of the sweet potato vine in the planter. The sw potato vine said to the coleus, ” Ohhh noooo here comes the crazy lady with the blue water again . I can’t take much more of this !!!!”

Excuse my craziness, it’s just so unholy hot today! I’m about ready for fall.