Zucchini time

One of the joys of having your own garden is watching the plants grow and harvesting your home grown vegetables. I love zucchini, but have a fear of being overtaken by an enormous hoard of zucchinis…….many, many are given away. Stop by and I’ll give you a couple.

Aren’t they pretty & look at all the blossoms!
This year they have really grown quickly, they’re monstrous! 

Check out my husband’s homemade tomato cages……they are sure better than those wire things.

Zucchini pie (like a quiche) is one way to use them up. Zucchini crab cakes, (stupid name as they taste little like a crab cake), I still like them though, Zucchini bread, how much zucchini bread can you eat, good  thing it freezes well . Pineapple zucchini bread……have you ever tried that? Zucchini cobbler and one of my favs, Chocolate zucchini cake! Ever eat the blossoms, I think you batter dip and then deep fry them. Got any new zucchini recipes to share?

Last night I sauted some with garlic & onions, tossed in some fresh basil and jarred sauce and served it over pasta. Added some turkey sausage & romano cheese and it’s good.
Here’s the zucchini chocolate cake …… I’m a messy cook! I try sometimes to be neat & clean up as I go, but I am so much happier making a mess!

Chocolate Zucchini Cake
½ cup butter or margarine
½ cup oil
1 ¾ cup sugar
2 eggs
1 T vanilla
½ cup buttermilk

2 to 3 cups grated zucchini, squeeze out excess water after grating

2 ½ cup flour
½ t salt
4 T cocoa
1t baking soda
½ t cinnamon, ½ cup nuts, 2 cup chocolate chips.
In mixing bowl mix all ingredients together, except choc chips. Add 1 cup chips to the mixture and stir in. Pour into greased and floured 9×13 pan. Sprinkle other cup of chips on top. Bake 325 approx 45 minutes.

This is how it looks after it’s baked.You can see the melted chocolate chips throughout the cake. It’s very moist & chocolatey & would be good with real whipped cream or ice cream.


* Chocolate cake baking tip— dust the pan with cocoa powder instead of flour, no white flour will show on the bottom of the baked cake when it’s served.
* ButtermilkJust add about a T. of white vinegar to a cup of milk & voila!!…..sour milk = buttermilk some people actually drink buttermilk, not me!

~ Vacation with family ~

I’m back from my vacation in TN with my # 2 daughter and her family. Here we are, me on left with Tara and her gap baby Jake who is 16 months. She had a health problem and had to stop taking birth control….so here’s Jake. ….oops……12 yrs between kids. Quite a shock for her and her H because she got pregnant almost immediately.
Here is Taylor 13 yrs.
She’s sugar and spice and everything nice………….and a typical teenager.
Here’s Jake. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails……ALL BOY!!!
Ahhhhhhh….love your sister.
Jake and Kenzie found a mud hole. Fun, fun, fun
Muddy boy…..check out his arm bands, actually part of a blouse but he just HAD to wear them.
Took off his shirt and wiped off the mud and now he found some stones.
I love this shot. He looks like a sumo wrestler. He’s a big boy , too heavy for me to carry for long….35 lbs. Don’t know how his mama can do it.
He’s a busy guy too. He only stops moving when he’s asleep.
I love these black white shots taken with Tay’s new Fugi camera. It feels good to be home but I did enjoy my visit. I ate cheese grits and sausage gravy and biscuits, sweet tea which is soooooo sweet, too sweet, Pal’s and Bo Jangles which we don’t have in the north. Basically we just chilled out during the day because of the heat and in the early evening we would go out for icees or ice cream. Jake enjoyed being in his little wading pool too.
We had a 2 day yard sale and she made about $300. And I think “y’all” is what southerners say when a northerner would say “youse”. LOL

Have a great weekend!

~ Patio furniture ReDo ~

We’ve had this set for a looooooong time and recently were looking to replace it. We are tired of it and the paint is chipping off, the cushions have been replaced many times. I saw a set advertised at Target that I liked , we went to check it out & we both didn’t care for it. It seemed cheaply made & looked like it wouldn’t hold up well. So Krylon paint to the rescue.

It’s black now and looking good again. The new black & white cushions (Target) look great now too.Here the table is set with my vintage icebucket, Pierre Deux placemats, lime green dishes….love them, bunnies, even the faux geraniums, all from yardsales.
Isn’t it pretty. LOL

I am going away for about a week, visiting family. I’ll be going alone so that my H is here in case there’s a problem with my Mom. Sometimes you just gotta get away for a bit to clear your mind. I’ll miss blogging while I’m away but it will be fun to catch up when I get back.

Have a great week……cya soon

~ Flea Market & Yard sale ~

I didn’t see all that much out there this weekend but this is what I grabbed. A big old book on antique painting techniques with beautiful color illustrations, old hymnals, teacup & a bunch of stuff for friends…(the peach doily , the little frog, zebra pic ). I got one of my best buys ever! 33 vintage napkins, some are linen for 50cents!!!!The WHOLE box 50cents!
Note cards, paw print tissue paper & 2new sushi sets that I’ll give to my daughter and gson who adore sushi.The wicker bag reminds me so much of one I had as a teenager and that darn yellow patent leather bag just would not let me alone. I had to get it & those vintage gloves.
Later H and I headed to the flea market…..my how it has grown….I heard my H groan too!
Just beyond those trees in the lower right are the stacks of TMI. Remember the three mile island incident, March 28, 1979?

These roses were actually made out of wood. Someone was very busy!
There’s mr. impatient in the lower corner……..”come on” Some lovely produce we picked up at the flea market. Now I’m off to spend some time with Mom. sigh……….. Ciao

~What I’m reading now~

It’s a great summer afternoon for a good read outside…..not too hot today and a nice breeze.Currently I’m enjoying these books by Jodi Picoult. The one I’m reading now is The Pact. Right now I’m about 2/3 through & can’t put it down.

I don’t like plots that are predictable and this one isn’t. So far I’ve read
My Sister’s Keeper, Perfect Match and The Tenth Circle. My Sister’s Keeper ( not pictured ) was my fav, followed by The Pact then Perfect Match & The Tenth Circle. I’ll probably take a break from this author after I finish this one.

These are fictional stories with contemporary & controversial subjects…..date rape, organ donation, suicide, so the subject matter isn’t for everyone. The stories seem to really get into my head and hang around for a bit after I’ve finished reading them. Have you experienced that with a book you loved? Any recommendations for my next read?

You know what tomorrow is……….. LOL

~ Family, My Mother in law ~

A few people commented about my MIL when I mentioned her in this post.

Let me introduce her…..
My mother in law is 90 yrs. old, 91 in October. Her name is Catherine but everyone calls her Nan. She was unhappily married for 18 years and had 3 kids. My husband is her baby. She lives alone in a tiny apt. in a senior citizens building and manages quite well.

My husband takes her for groceries every Tuesday and calls her every day. Carol, her daughter takes her to the hairdresser every Thursday , out to eat at least twice a week and wherever else she wants to go. Her eldest son also visits her 2 times a week. She’s very lucky that her kids are near and care for her so much…..but she does have a tendency to cry “poor me.”

Her health is good except for some spinal stenosis so she very reluctantly uses a cane. I actually saw her cry because she couldn’t wear her high heels anymore. She is a total glamour girl with a capital G!!!!

She has a great wardrobe and is quite a stylish dresser…..always has her hair colored and looking great, wears jewelry and makeup and keeps her nails polished.

She is a total germaphob and a cleaning FANATIC!!!!!!! According to her it takes her 3 days to clean her living room…..about 10′ x 10′. Everyday she walks up and down the long halls of her building for exercise. She still has several good friends and socializes regularly….absolutely adores having a manhatten or 2 or 3 and smoked up until about 10 yrs ago. On the hottest days you can find her baking herself in the sun because it makes her joints feel good.
Here she is 3 years ago with her great granddaughter…….. nails, jewelry, makeup

Here she is today at age 90! She even rolled her collar up for this photo. She’s wearing shorts and has quite a tan. She cooked dinner for us today, her “eye-talian” chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed veges and a great salad.
What I love about her is, if she loves you she lets you know she loves you. She is a wonderful mother in law to me…I cherish her. We should all be so blessed to live a long and colorful life as hers. A Grand (old ) Lady she is!

~ Yardsaling This Week~

Here are my finds this week. It looks the same as before…..like I keep buying the same things! The old ice bucket is for use on the patio or resale…another soup tureen….plate easel….blue & white…..and the big sconces, I wasn’t going to buy them but the owner was desperate for them to go…$1…she practically gave them away. The tiara is a gag gift for a friend’s b’day and 3 pieces of silver for $2. The bottoms of the silver pieces are stamped.I got an old walking stick too…total spent was $14.

. Later I spent some time with my mom at her assisted living, I try to get there often, 2x a week. She was not too chipper today and seemed to just want to sleep. But I got her up, changed her top…it had stains on it, and we talked a bit and did a puzzle together. She drank part of a milkshake and ate a cookie and really wanted to sleep so I gave her a million kisses on her cheeks and told her I loved her & now she could take her nap. It is so sad to see her steadily decline. Sometimes when she first sees me I get the feeling she doesn’t know me. She now must wear adult diapers at night. Her bed was wet almost every morning. I don’t know what is worse, her alzheimers or all her physical problems. Her heart is very bad too. My poor mama. God bless her. I don’t write about her often but she is always in my thoughts and prayers. now I’m crying…

Sorry , didn’t want to be a bummer

Have a great day anyhow!

~ Strawberry time ~ Yummo!

It’s prime strawberry time in PA. The berries are so good this year. Doesn’t this picture of strawberry shortcake make your mouth water. I made this yesterday & added a few blueberries too since we had them in the fridge.

This recipe for “Blunda Cooka” came from a co-worker many years ago and it’s one of my favorites for shortcake. It has a cake like texture and it’s not too sweet. You could use it as a tea cake, coffee cake or whatever you like.
That’s her handwriting on the recipe card. I like to collect handwritten recipe cards from friends….I am reminded of them when I make their recipes.

Wishing all a wonderful weekend!

~ My Husband’s Midlife Crisis ~

Ah Yes, a corvette……don’t we all need one of these when we retire!

He’s trying to recapture his younger wilder days. ( Keep tryin honey)
Here he is in 1970. He would not like me posting this…….and I am chuckling right now. He even has a ciggy in his hand. A black vette then & a black vette now. It’s fun to go crusing in….if we can afford the gas. LOL
What were you doing in 1970? Those were the days!

~Yardsale humor ~

You must know by now that I love yardsales! I have a couple of funny stories………….

Several wks ago I saw a lady get in the wrong vehicle. A blue van, but not her blue van! She got completely in it before she realized it wasn’t hers. We had a good laugh and she was still laughing as she drove off.

Here’s my story……Last year……I was yardsaling in a nice neighborhood, walking from one house to the next when I tripped and fell on the sidewalk. I put my hand down to protect my face…I was wearing glasses……..SHOOT %$#%****….I think I broke my finger……it was sticking up at an odd angle. The house I was headed to had a whole table of blue/white so I got up with help and headed on my way to the bl/wh stuff. I browsed a little getting madder and madder at my klutzy self & knew I had to get to the ER. Yep it was broken pretty darn good! 5 hrs I was there because Life Lion helicopter came in several times and I had just a broken pinky. Boy did I ever get teased at work for breaking my finger while yardsaling.

Temporary cast
My lime green cast. Pix were taken with my cell so not so good.

There’s more…….several days later we were driving near there and I asked my husband to drive by where I fell to see if the sidewalk was bumpy……it WASN’T…it was smooth! I tripped over nothing! Guess I got so excited when I saw that blue/white stuff that I just couldn’t contain myself!!!!

So now I am really aware of my footing and try to be more careful!

Have great day!

~ Yardsaling Again ~

This saturday I was out and back fast. I only went to one neighborhood and then right back. I desperately need to vacuum today. This apothacary jar for $10 I absolutely could not resist. Six country french style placemats, and a beautiful lime green table runner,(it’s long and has a quilted design in it & it’s cotton on one side and crushed velvet on the other) blue/white bunny, a hugh jar( not pictured ) of sea shells all for $16.

An old compact for .25. That was a real treasure to me …I have about a dozen or so old compacts. French thing with hooks was $1. I don’t know why I bought those little chairs but for .25 why not. She even threw in the little bunny book.

It is soHazyHotHumidHusband grumpy today. Guess he got poison on the golf course, poor thing. It’s spreading on his arms and itching and weeping…looks pretty bad.

Have a wonderful weekend & pray for rain.