Are you eating your vegetables? Homemade vegetable stock

In summer our garden supplies us with plenty of healthy vegetables but in winter there are no fresh tomatoes or peppers straight from the garden. So I try to get every nutrient possible out of our vegetables. I like to make my own vegetable stock whenever I’m prepping vegetables for the week. I throw the stems of kale,  greens from broccoli or cauliflower in a pot along with whatever other vegetable I have, like carrots, onions even sweet potatoes. Any vegetable at all. It’s all good.


This pot of stock is made from kale stems and cauliflower leaves, the core of the cauliflower, some tomatoes that were a little past their prime, onions, parsley from my garden that I had frozen and a bunch of carrot peels and ends. Yes, I use the peels to make my stock.

vegetables for stock

This stock was yummy. It had a strong vegetable taste which I love.vegetable stock homemade

After it cooks, I mash it a little with a potato masher then strain it and put it in jars or freezer bags. I freeze it and use it when I’m making homemade soups. It adds so much flavor and must be packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

homemade vegetable stock

The trick to freezing in jars is to allow enough head room for expansion when it freezes. Wide mouth jars work best.

Every time I make vegetable stock it tastes different.  I used the last of my vegetable stock in homemade lentil soup and it was really tasty! The next time you’re cooking up a mess of vegetables try making your own stock for soups, it’s good to the last drop and you can sneak more vegetables in your family’s diet.


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Roasted red beets

Roasting is my new favorite way to cook vegetables.  Fall is the perfect season to give roasted beets a try. After roasting, I take off the skins and store them in the refrigerator. They’re great for tossing in salads, pickling or just sprinkling with salt and enjoying.

Red beets have always been one of my favorite vegetables. I tried growing them in our garden before and never had any luck but this year I harvested my first crop of beets. It wasn’t a bumper crop but I did get a couple dozen.  raw red beets

They aren’t the prettiest vegetable but I was pleased with my first crop.

To get them ready for roasting, I cleaned them and cut off the leafy greens. Some of the greens I tossed in a salad. Leave some stem attached to help hold the beet while taking off the skin.  roasting red beets

Roast them in the oven at 375 to 425 until they are easily pierced. You can drizzle olive oil over them if you like. To contain any juices, wrap the beets in foil. Wrapping in foil kelps to keep them from drying out too. I didn’t do that and it wasn’t too messy. Nothing like red beet juice all over. I ruined my kitchen curtains a long time ago with red beet stains!

roasted red beets
You will get pink fingers though. After roasting and cooling the skins come off easily. They will keep for about a week in the refrigerator.  red beets in salad

Beets are slightly sweeter after roasting and make a tasty combo with a mild goat cheese or feta, a little salt and balsamic vinegar.

red beets

Lots of people say they don’t like beets but I bet they’ve never tried roasted beets with coarse salt, feta and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Now that’s good eating!

Most recipes for roasting beets recommend wrapping them in foil but I didn’t and they turned out fine. I’ll try that next time, It probably would cut down on oven time.

What’s your favorite way to eat beets? Please don’t say you don’t like them!   They are full of good for you fiber, vitamins and minerals! I love beets!

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