Bean salsa or cowboy caviar, it’s good!

Are you a salsa lover? Grab a bag of chips and dig in! This recipe is good! One day I decided to take a little trip to one of my favorite stores. It’s about a half hour from here and if you’re in central PA you might know it, it’s Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill. They have a big garden center, a grocery and gift store and a great seafood department. There are lots of organics and all sorts of food that isn’t sold in the local grocery stores. In the refrigerated section I spied a beany concoction that looked pretty good to me because I love beans of every shape and size! I had to get it, those beans were calling my name! It was so good I wanted to make my own. When searching for recipes for Texas salsa, I discovered it goes by many names; cowboy caviar, cowboy salsa, Texas salsa and bean salsa.  There were so many recipes, so I added a little of this recipe and a little of that recipe and came up with my own version.

salsa, cilarnto, lime

I like to serve it with lime slices and avocado but I think sour cream would be good too. bean salsa

All the spices can be adjusted to your personal preference. I like it with lots of spice and always end up stirring in more after it’s refrigerated overnight.  It was a hit at our 4th of July party. Do you have a favorite salsa recipe?


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Whole wheat apple bread

This year the fall season has been so beautiful. The weather has been sunny most days with the feel of fall in the air. On one of those lovely days we made a trip to a local orchard to get some apples and other fall produce and came home with a whole lot of apples! As long as I can remember apples were one of my favorite fruits. So you know what I’ve been doing, baking of course! That means apple bread, dumplings, pie, well just about anything with apples and cinnamon. I even made applesauce and apple butter. The combination of apples and cinnamon is just about my favorite food and I love how it makes the house smell.

Here’s my recipe for whole wheat apple bread.

[gmc_recipe 2886]


apple bread

If you don’t like whole wheat flour you can use regular flour instead. I like the taste of whole wheat flour and use it in many recipes, just use half whole wheat flour and half regular flour.

apple bread 2

I have a few more apple recipes to share and will post them soon. How are you using apples? Got any favorite apple recipes to share? There are lots of recipes on my Pinterest board, A is for Apples.

Get out there and enjoy the season, winter will be here before you know it!


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Healthy eating, vegetable hash

After the sickness of this winter, I was feeling better but still had no energy or strength. I’d start to do something and quickly run out of steam. I even had to sit down to fold the laundry. All I wanted to do was lay on the couch and knew I had to get over that fast. My desires were to get outside and do some gardening or work on projects inside and I needed more energy for that.

On instagram I saw lots of pictures of the Paleo diet, clean eating and whole30. I starting thinking that maybe a change in diet would help and boy did it! I feel lighter and have much more energy and an added perk, it’s so much easier to fall asleep.

My new way of eating consists of vegetables, lean meat, fruits, nuts and berries, whole grains and some dairy. It’s not strictly Paleo but it’s working for me. Grains, dairy and beans aren’t part of the Paleo diet but I’m not ready to give up whole grain bread or beans, I just eat them sparingly. Today I had one slice of a good whole grain bread and that will be it for today.

veggie hash and eggs

Part of this new way of eating it trying out new vegetables and recipes. You can make a great vegetable hash to eat with eggs. It’s a colorful and filling breakfast.

veggie hash

I diced onion, orange bell pepper and parsnips and cooked them in a sauté pan with a little coconut oil. The vegetables browned up nicely and then I added a big handful of fresh baby spinach and let that cook a bit more. I served it with some eggs over easy and a side of sliced tomatoes. It was so good!

veggie hash and eggs  2

I’ve always loved vegetable but now I’m eating new ones like kale and parsnips and am loving them too. I’m using coconut oil for cooking and delicious balsamic vinegars for dressing salads or just drizzling on vegetables. As far as sweets and packaged, processed foods, I can’t say I will never eat them. If I get a craving for a slice of cake, I’ll have it but not often. That’s the key for me sticking to a healthy diet. It would be a sad state if I could never again have a yummy treat. ……but just a little. Send a kiss

Come on over to Instagram! I’ll be posting photos of the good food I’m eating.

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe to share?


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