How does your garden grow? Growing vegetables

Every year we plant a vegetable.   I’ve posted about it before many times, but every year it changes a little. It’s great to go out to the garden for fresh vegetables that you grew..   Our garden is 2 large raised beds with a path between the beds and around the perimeter. The beds are enclosed in wire mesh to keep rabbits out. Here’s what the garden looks like this, vegetables

Digging in the dirt is something I really like to do, I know I’ve mentioned it before but it’s so true. Here I am, the gardener. Don’t you love the outfit? My hat is soaked with sweat and water because it was raining a little. My pants are wet and dirty and my garden shoes have seen better days. I’m dirty and sweaty but happy.compost, garden,

Since the compost tumbler is broken, I’m making compost in a pile enclosed in wire. Bill is supposed to fix it…..sometime, but …..ahem…. when?  kale, vegetable garden

In the first bed this year is a new addition, kale. I love it but have to sneak it into soups or sauté it with other vegetables to get my husband to eat it.  cucumber plant

Cucumber is another vegetable that Bill won’t eat, so I’ll be giving plenty of these away.

argula, lettuce, vegetable gsrden

Arugula is on the left and those are lettuce sprouts coming up under that wire mesh.  Birds were eating all the little seedlings and this is how I out foxed those hungry pests.  zucchini and cucumber vegetable garden

Zucchini plants always claim their space. They’re growing nicely and loaded with blooms. Also in this bed are mint and perennials that I divided last year.

onion plants vegetable garden

In the other bed, onions are a variety of sweet onion called ‘candy.’ I hope they’re nice and sweet because I’m an onion lover!

jalapeno plant

Jalapeño peppers are at the top of my personal hotness scale.
bell pepper plants vegetable garden

Bell peppers, you can’t tell from the picture but these plants are loaded with peppers.

hot chili pepper plants
Hot chili peppers are Bill’s favorite.

yellow zucchini plants
Yellow zucchini, I thought I was buying yellow summer squash and ended up with these. Now I  think I like them better than green zucchini.

tomato plant,s vegetable garden DIY wooden tomato cage

DIY tomato cages that Bill made. You can also see part of the soaker hose we use to water the garden.

tomato plant

This is our first ripe tomato of the season! I’m planning to pick it and eat it tomorrow!

vegetable garden

Here’s a shot from the far end looking across both beds toward the garden shed.

path, vegetable garden, pine bark nuggets

We use pine bark nuggets for the path. I was asked how we get into the beds……See that rock? I use that as a step up and climb in.   coneflowers

I planted this purple coneflower in the garden to keep it away from rabbits who had eaten it down to just stems.  I think it likes its new home.

Get out there and dig in the dirt, it’s so good for the soul!  What vegetables do you like to grow?

Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx)))