2014 Garden tour

Welcome! Lets start this tour in the side yard at the arbor.

Every year our yard and garden changes a little, I guess it’s just a natural evolution but this year the harsh winter has taken a toll on many of our plants. Even though we had to remove 2 junipers, 4 hemlocks, 4 boxwoods and 2 cotoneasters, the garden is still so pretty



This is one of my favorite views into our yard. You can see a pink knockout rose through the middle of the arbor. On the right is a ‘Korean Spice’ viburnum underplanted with liriope. On the right is Canterbury Bells  protected from rabbits with wire mesh. I had climbing roses here but I got so tired of powdery mildew and black spot and then rose rosette disease showed up…so they’re gone.side yard with arbor


The purple leaves are coral bells ‘Purple Palace’.catmint


These huge catmints are on the inside of the arbor. Behind the catmint was a butterfly bush that didn’t survive the winter.fountain


Opposite that is this fountain that we’ve had a long, long time and it’s certainly showing its age. I planted New Guinea impatiens in a bright coral because I’m crushing on that color this year.

pink knockout rose clematis


This is the big bed beside the shed with pink knockouts and clematis ‘Etiole Violette’.lady's mantel



Another butterfly bush, beside the purple globe thingy, took a hit from winter but is coming back and filling in that blank space nicely.birdhouse clematis


Time to replace that birdhouse…… We’ll have to wait until the current occupants leave.yard


One of my favorite trees, Ice Blue Cypress, is shedding needles like never before…..another consequence of the harsh winter. cedar


I asked an arborist about this and he said that after it’s done shedding it will slowly fill in.

I could never plant impatiens before because rabbits would end up eating them, but this year there doesn’t seem to be as many rabbits eating everything is sight. They should fill in nicely.

knockout rose



This is the back of the house, there’s a red knockout and Gold Flame spirea.pink lemonade honeysuckle


Beside the spirea is pink lemonade honeysuckle growing on a wooden arbor made by my stepfather.

row of hemlocks


Across the back edge of our property is where the row of hemlocks are. You can see where we planted arborvitae in a space where they died. Eventually we will replace all the hemlocks. Because of wooly adelgid disease, Canadian Hemlocks aren’t recommended any more for planting in the north east.



Looking the opposite direction.

border vegetable garden


The arrow is pointing to another spot where we removed more hemlocks and planted arborvitae. This picture is the outer edge of the vegetable garden. The wooden things are DIY’d tomato cages.

There was nothing here when we built this house and we planted everything! Pretty crazy! Now, it’s a lot of work, but know what? I love it. Most days you will find me with dirty knees and dirt under my fingernails. If I had more space I’d plant more!

You can see lots more garden pictures HERE.

I’ll be showing the vegetable garden, the front yard  and the patio soon. What are you planting this year?

Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx)))