painting woes and yardsale prep

Did you ever start painting a room and realize the color was wrong? I think we all did at least once. Picking that perfect color is hard.


I tried painting my living room with paint I already had that I really thought would work. But while I was putting it on the walls I kept thinking it was going too be too light, so I stopped painting and decided to see how it looked in different lights after it dried.

I didn’t like it!

2011_04_25_1308 What was supposed to be a creamy color similar to Believable Buff by Sherwin Williams was too white and looked stark and cold. So off I went to get the real thing.

At the paint store the clerk didn’t even have to look up the formula.  He said he knew the formulas for all the colors on that strip.  Antique white, believable buff and whole wheat are some of the most popular colors! But bloggers already knew that, huh? (It’s about time that companies start to realize the powerful influence of blogs.)

He said Latte is a hugely popular color lately and he doesn’t remember when he mixed up a gallon of dark red. We all had to have that dark red room just a few years ago.Confused smile

Anyhow, stripping down my living room and deciding to get rid of stuff like this huge picture is a hard task . Lately my garage looks like an episode of Hoarders. I have a tendency to keep things thinking I can make them over.  Is that possibly how my basement got to be full of stuff?  Ya think!


If you’re near, stop on over. The whole town is having yardsales, bake sales and sidewalk sales. Don’t you just love this time of year! I’m usually out there looking for treasures but this year I’m feeling the need to purge.


See anything you might like…. all prices are negotiable!2011_05_11_1427

Be gone all the frenchy-Paris decorating things and roosters.




I still have some boxes of stuff to price and there’s plenty of faux greenery for everyone. Winking smile


Sure hope it doesn’t rain!


Debbie (((xx)))

A $5 floor lamp, thrift store burlap and a curbside find

This cute dressing table was a curbside find just sitting in my basement awaiting the day I got around to her makeover.
It’s a sturdy piece and I didn’t have to do much except scrape off some old glue where a skirt had been glued on, sand it and scrub off all the dirt.
Inspired by Miss Mustard Seed’s fabulous makeovers, HERE and HERE,  I decided to decoupage the top with pages from an old hymnal.
This is now in a corner of the basement family room. I have a set of old shutters (that need a little work) to go behind it to hide the breaker box, but haven’t added them yet.
I replaced the plug on the vintage $5 yardsale lamp and covered the shade in a piece of thrift store burlap.

It has 3 arms and a nice aged patina!  A great find for $5.
I’m trying to create a family photo wall on the stairs. I’d love to have the whole space filled up with black and white photos.

The piece of burlap was long and narrow so I had to figure out a way to cover the shade. I ended up pleating it and think it turned out ok, not perfect but still ok.

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I’ve been painting the living room today and working on my yardsale stuff in the garage. It’ll feel great to get this done! Laughing out loud
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Thrifty finds

Yardsales are dwindling with the weather being so hot, but I’M STILL always on the lookout for treasures.


This fiberglass urn came from the thrift shop and the cool turquoise burlap was only $2.50 for about 4 yards. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but it’s the perfect color for the patio.

As you can see I’m still buying white pottery! Yes, I need to control myself when it comes to white pottery, it’s a weakness, so……… yet another tureen, but it was only $3.50. The heavy vintage vase holding the plant was $1.00, the taller one was $5. I think it’s Hull or McCoy.
2010_07_17_0182 This one has a tiny crack on the rim so I asked the owner if she’d take less $ and she reluctantly agreed. I love the creamy color of the older pieces.

Little birdies and sweet black and white salt and peppers shakers were 50¢ each. The red framed chalkboard was only $1.25 at the thrift store! It needs a little more chalkboard paint, but the frame is worth at least that much.

The pyrex set of bowls are in perfect condition and were  $12.00.

So that’s it, for now. Can’t wait to see what you found too over at Rhoda’s, Southern Hospitality, thrifty finds.

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A Yardsalin Weekend

Our development was a yardsalers paradise this weekend. I got yardsale burnout and  never left the neighborhood! There were so many cars and people that it was dangerous at times.

But I was out there early! Here’s what I scored.


Cute little bamboo cage 50¢, huge frame that was only 25¢, shabby  frame 25¢.


New gardening knee pads 1$, new letters 50¢ each, necklace stand 25¢, new Pier One salad set 2$, New Pottery Barn tiered tray 5$.


4 giant ornaments 2$. I almost didn’t buy these but knew I’d regret it later so I did!



These cute boots are my size and they’re the perfect color for the patio and they’re new, 1$. I ♥ them.


Tray on stand 5$. I’ve been looking for a tray to use to carry stuff out to the patio and this is perfect! It had handles on the sides but someone removed them and did a real sloppy paint job but that’s ok, I’ll probably rough it up a bit anyhow.


All these wooden frames were FREE, just sitting outside on a free pile at the thrift shop. I used up all my frames in a project last week and needed a few more. I’ll  be posting about that soon.

So that’s my haul! I hope you found some bargains this week too.

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Another Curbside Find

 I’m getting so brave when it comes to curbside shopping. This old washstand was sitting just 2 houses down from our house and I grabbed it. I’ve been looking for something like this and it’s perfect  for what I had in mind.IMG_1772

It had 3 of the original porcelain casters and I just pulled them off and it now serves us on the patio as a ………


stand to hold a refrigerator!

Yeah, I know, the stainless steel spoils the whole vintage thing but, whatever! No more tracking dirt through the kitchen to get a drink when we’re doing yard work. The doors were missing so I’ll add a little curtain to hide shoes and stuff.

This next thing was half price at the thrift store, just 75¢.  What is it? I don’t know.ysale

My guess, it was a carrier for oil cans. Some kind of lubricator carried it around from job to job. Can you see it being used for that? It’s definitely homemade, what’s your guess? The base is about 10” x 12” and it’s about 16” tall. And what should I use it for? What would you use it for? I thought I might put two flower pots in it.


Those are the thrifty finds this week. I didn’t get out yardsaling because it was raining and so windy you could barely walk. Didn’t get finished planting flowers or doing anything outside, the weather was terrible and only 50 degrees. At least it didn’t snow!

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Thrifty Treasures!


There were so many yardsales this weekend. It was a yardsalers dream come true. I didn’t get out real early but managed to hit a few sales on my way to the grocery store.ysale3

It just looks like a pile of junk but wait,……..I got a kids table and 2 chairs, perfect condition for $3.

A couple of great old books, one of them is deep aqua and red, $1. Do you buy old books just because you like the color? I do!

A very large and ugly picture with a wonderful wooden frame that is stamped Illinois Moulding company on the back, $1.

Fancy framed mirror $1, possible black board project.

Vintage linens for $4. A beautiful big tablecloth, a monogrammed runner and 2 cotton ladies’ slips that are so pretty, they could be worn as dresses.

A couple plants from the Garden club annual sale, $1.50


$1.50 for this oil painting. It is gorgeous in person, no frame but I do love it.


IMG_1690 And another oil at the thrift shop for $6. It has a plain wooden frame that would look much better painted, so that’s just a little project.


And lastly, curbside shopping, a pair of old school desks. Free. I may just use them as plant stands, who knows…..

I can’t help it, they were free!

Hope you had as much fun as I did yardsaling this weekend!

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Thrifty finds

There wasn’t much going on again this weekend, but I managed to hit a church rummage sale and two yardsales. Things will pick up again in the fall, I hope.

I found this pretty bracelet at the rummage sale. It’s stretchy and I think the stones are real. Even if they aren’t for 2$ it’s a great casual piece and I’ll wear it with jeans.

Mugs were .25 each and the covered dish was .50! Yeah, can you believe it, only fifty cents! the bottom is marked, Savoir Vivre, Maison Blanche, Fine China.

Can you guess why there are holes in the pedestals? It took me a while, but it’s to let the water drain out after washing, while they’re upside down. Great idea!

Another heavy pitcher found me, just like the one I got last week, only not as tall. $1.00.

Besides needing a good washing, there’s a big chip in the handle of the covered dish…….that’s why it was only fifty cents. I think I’ll try patching it……plaster of Paris……might work, and if it doesn’t…….whateva!

That’s it, go over to Rhoda’s for lots more Thrifty Finds.

Been Yardsaling?

Isn’t this pretty?
I’ll never understand why people get rid of these things. Somebody actually sat for hours stitching away and then someone else just gets rid of it. It even has their family name on it. It always makes me sad when I see cross stitch and needlework at yardsales…….anyway……it was in a FREE pile! I grabbed it and am planning to give it to some friends who are avid stitchers.
This old mirror frame was just 1$ after some haggling, the owner thought it was a valuable antique……I didn’t think so, especially when it came apart when I tried to pick it up! Can you picture this as a blackboard? I sure can and know exactly where it will go. This will be an easy project, a little glue, a little paint and that’s it!

A huge ironstone pitcher was just a buck too. It’s got a bit of grazing on it, which I like. Maybe at one time it had a big wash bowl to match. There are no markings on the bottom.

For MiaKate, now this is so cute, all for 5$. A jumper with matching panties, red tights, red sweater and white onsie. I couldn’t pass up the animal print with red accents.

Another dollar find, this burlap bag is sturdy and has a nice plastic lining. It’s big enough to hold 2 grocery bags.

That’s about it. For 50 cents, I got a “teenagers Bible”, don’t know why I got it…it just caught my eye. There weren’t too many yardsales this weekend, but I spent a total of 8$ and had fun doing it.
There’s more to see here Enjoy!

Thrify finds

I managed to get out on Saturday and do a little yardsaling. Here’s what I grabbed. A p** pot….actually I’ve been looking for something like this for the patio to hold fish food. It was 4$ and of course the seller had to say something like, now she doesn’t have a pot to p…….in!

I got 2 microfiber pillows for a buck, 5o cents each! A steal and one still had the original tag.

At that price I can keep them on the patio.

A couple weeks ago, Lowe’s had hanging pots of Martha Washington geraniums on sale for a buck! They were water logged from all the recent storms. I know they were very heavy to carry. All I did was deadhead them, made sure they got plenty of sun and didn’t water them again until they were completely dry. I popped off the hangers and plopped them in these old pots. Look how pretty they are now.

I found these plates at the thrift shop. The big one is a cake plate from the Butlers Pantry line from Lenox and was 5 bucks! The smaller ones were 5o cents each. Aren’t you loving square plates these days?

More goodies are, a folding chair, like new, 4 $, canisters just 1$ and a cute litle plate, 75 cents.

That’s it! Mid July our town is holding a celebration and is urging people to hold yard sales! I won’t be, I’ll be out there having a blast hunting for treasures!

I’m joining Rhoda’s thrifty party, you’ll see lots of thrifty finds there!

Let’s go to the Jubilee Shop

By now you probably know how much I love yard saling and thrift shopping. Sometimes I go to the thrift shop, (the Jubilee, run by christian ministries) just to browse around. I know lots of people aren’t interested in thrift-junk shopping but I happen to enjoy it. Come on along and have a look see, you just never know what you’ll find! Be still my heart! No I didn’t buy this! I have so much blue/white I wouldn’t know where to put this pretty……it’s a tureen too……..sigh.

Nice wooden pears. didn’t buy those either.

WOW, look at this. It’s gorgeous. Didn’t buy it.

Now here’s a very cool wardrobe. The round knobs caught my eye and if you like pale blue and shabby it’s perfect.

I almost bought this piece. Almost……the basket interior was unique. I think it was a vegetable bin because the drawer had a slatted bottom, maybe for air circulation…I don’t know.

Nope, even though it was only 18$, I have no place to put it, but in my mind I saw it with a new finish and whole new life.

Just $60 for this set of four chairs and if you like this fabric, they’re in great condition.

Here’s a shabby white table, missing the drawer but still has lots of potential. It’d be good too for a porch or patio. Look what’s under that table, a great old wooden trunk …could be a coffee table.

A friend was recently telling me how she saw these kinds of old lunch boxes used as planters. Think overflowing with cascading flowers, maybe bright red petunias. That would be pretty.

Here’s some brown and white transferware. You don’t see that often.

Another table calling out for a makeover. Or maybe not if you like the green chippy finish.

Is this a changing table or a great potting bench? This was a great piece but I didn’t

buy it either.

I didn’t buy a thing, can you believe that? If only I had a bigger house! So if you don’t shop at thrift shops, I hope this inspired and encouraged you to get out and see what’s there.

While yardsaling this weekend I saw a gorgeous old buffet, mahogany I think. It was only 20$! I could kick myself for not getting it! Later in the day I realized it would have been perfect for our tv in the basement. I’ve been wanting to have the tv up a little higher and it would’ve done the trick. Every other piece I find isn’t long enough for a 52″ tv.

Oh well, next time I hope I’m in buying mode.

Courtesy of Leigh! Lots of thrifty finds there!

Yard sale finds

It’s not a great haul but, this week I got a salad spinner, a cute fish picture, the urn thing which is a picture frame, and these great rods with hooks included. I’m just not buying as much as I did last year. I’ve become picky about what I buy, because I have so much stuff already, but I still like to get out there and hunt for treasure.

Now. I’ll show you what I didn’t buy!

These rugs were so pretty in person and I think were about 80 bucks, negotiable of course.

I spotted these huge finials that would be great outside in the yard or patio.

Look at these beautiful lights! They were only 20 bucks each. I thought that was a steal. The man selling them was anxious to sell, so he would have negotiated a better price.

No, they didn’t come home with me……no place to put them, but they sure were pretty.

I’m particiapting in the Thrifty Monday party and
you can check out more thrifty finds at Rhoda’s Thrifty Monday party HERE.

Happy Memorial Day

Frugal Fashionista

Just a few years ago I never bought clothes at a yardsale! NO no NO! Home decor things and trash to treasure projects, of course, I’d eagerly buy that stuff, but never clothes. Boy has that changed. Look at this great linen outfit I grabbed. It’s new with the tags still on from JC Penney. The original price for the top was $39.99 and the cropped pants $29.99. The top has cute detailing on the collar and 3/4 length sleeves.

It fits me perfectly and I even got a Liz Clairborne bag and nice pair of shoes for a total of ….drumrollll…………..$8.00.

Linen top $2
Linen cropped pants $2
Liz bag $1
Shoes $3
How’s that for frugal fashion?

Whenever there is a yardsale in my neighborhood, I never have my own……’s much more fun to shop. The house around the corner is the go to place. That’s where I found my new outfit. Here is just a sampling of the things you’ll see at this particular yardsale. These 2 sheets were full of shoes, each just 3$ and there were several tables piled with clothes.

For more frugal fashion visit the Mr. Linky party at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.
You just never know what you might find!

~Decoupage makeovers & repurposing

Several years ago I was really into decoupage. If you’re not familiar with decoupage, it’s just a white glue that dries clear. You can apply wallpaper, paper napkins or just about any paper to wooden items, plastic items ….well practically anything and after a few coats of decoupage medium , you’ve got a whole new look! This was an ugly planter from Big Lots,…..painted it and added wallpaper with decoupage.

I’ll bet you see this type of breadbox at thrift shops and yardsales all the time. I think I paid about 2 bucks for it.

Here it is transformed and repurposed!

I used it to hide the toaster when it wasn’t in use. Holes were drilled in the back for the cord and the top and back to let heat escape if it was still warm when I stowed it away.

You could use this as a kitchen garage for a can opener and hand mixer. I think it would make a great recharging station for cell phones, cameras, whatever! It would work as a place to store phone books, pencils and pens.
I don’t use either of these things anymore, just thought I’d share some old craft projects. If you haven’t tried decoupage, it’s so easy, so give it a try.
The weather hasn’t been cooperating for getting out there and yardsaling! I was out for only a short time last weekend, that’s ok….I have so much stuff to work on! I’m working on the secretary’s desk and the dining room this week. I’m not really into it but I want to get it done!


While traveling this road you can’t help but notice the beautiful sunflowers. I’d like to thank the person who planted them……they’re a bright spot for me when I travel to & from visits with Mom. I had my camera along so I pulled over & started snapping pictures. It’s a long row of sunflowers along the side of heavily traveled route……an unexpected treat!

They search for the sun, nodding & tipping their heads in the breeze. I felt like they were saying HELLO.

At the far end you can see a blue umbrella, that’s where you can buy a bouguet of these lovelies.

I gathered the sunflowers in our garden & brought them to the patio to enjoy their beauty. They won’t be around long….it feels like fall is approaching quickly. I do love all four seasons but I don’t like the changing of the seasons…..I’ll feel a sadness to see summer leave.

See the black table…….it was a freebie…….stopped at a YS on sat. morn & there it was just waiting for me. It was already painted black and ready for my patio. I’d been looking for a table to paint black for the patio…….it had a FREE sign on it…..guess it was meant to be. It’s perfectly imperfect, or imperfectly perfect. I like it.

Have great day!

~Thrify Finds & Little Projects~

Of course I’ve been out & about hunting for bargains & cheap things that I can’t resist! Here are my treasures.

Baby shoes, are you familiar with Robeez? New, they’re about $30, but I got these gems, never worn for 2 bucks, for Mia. I really like the bamboo mirror with tray, it was $2. The black & white plates were $5 bucks for four plates. Curtain rod things $3, little birds $1 & the sugar bowl was $1. This Haeger urn was only $1 and so was the thingy inside it. I love the creamy color of the urn!. The cushions were $2 and are perfect for a bench I have to paint.

Now I know this looks like a bunch of junk, but let me explain……The Brethren Home near here was having a 3 day sale. It was huge! There were things in a big old barn, a tent, outside and in another building. Everything was organized so well and all the residents of the home who were working the sale were helpful and so friendly that I could hardly get away. They had a room full of jewelry & handbags, a whole section of the barn dedicated to furniture & lamps and rows & rows of stuff! On the last day things were drastically reduced so I got all the stuff from the bunny to the left for 25 cents….it was fill a bag for a quarter. The knives are for my daughter, she has terrible knives and these are all good quality. The Tupperware thing will be great for my cheap bags of cereal. There’s also a set of 8 coaster/ashtrays that are pretty old. See the walker behind everything… that for my H, he’s having knee replacement in the fall so that will be handy…4 bucks.The cake plate was 50 cents and the jar was a buck. At another yardsale I found this vanity & bench for $2! A great trash to treasure find. The little holes must be from a skirt that was tacked on.
Check out these pix , does anyone know what these swing out arms are for?
I have absolutely no idea. They come out when you pull open the drawer.

Here’s the bench that goes with the vanity. The short blue pedestal was 3 bucks & the tall one was 2. Another lady was very upset that I got the tall pedestal…sorry, I was there first!
And here’s something for Mia again…..a beautiful pack n play for when she travels. I couldn’t resist the black toile design and it was so cheap and in perfect condition. We were looking at new ones but you use them such a short time so this will do nicely.


Ok, now on to some projects….some finished projects at last.

From a yardsale last year, an old wicker planter that was sitting in the basement. It got sprayed black & planted with coleus & now has a new home on the front porch. I stuck the pineapple in to give in some height. The piece above it got sprayed too and I got DH to hang it .
Grow little plants. grow!
These doves are from the nest in the front door arrangement. As soon as we saw they left the nest we took the arrangement off the door. It was full of poop! ugh. I was afraid to go near the porch because the mama bird flew at me. Yes I was afraid of a bird! So now the porch is cleaned up for summer.
Finished project #2.
A mosiac table. I was so inspired by the beautiful work of Linda at Linda’s Blue Gate that I decided to give it a try. She was kind enough to share some of her knowledge so I just did it! It was a bit harder than I thought it would be but it was a great learning experience & I’m ready to start another mosiac.
Some of the china pieces I think are too big & definitelty too far apart but overall I like it. The original table, from a yardsale last year, was in good shape except for the top, so it was perfect for this project.

I finished with a few coats of white paint & some black dry brushing & accents.
Snipping china is a wonderful stress releiver. I could snip all day! Thank you Linda for introducing me to a great new hobby!

~Last Weeks Thrifty Finds~

Friday & Saturday I was out & about yardsaling & thrift shopping. There were several sales on one street & this pretty house caught my eye. You should have seen how nice the porch was with black wicker & red geraniums. Wish I’d had enough nerve to sneak up there & get a pic. There were tons of baby things at the yardsales & of course I got a few for Mia. This cute pink fleece sleeping sack is just what she’ll need for the coming cold winter. These things were just $1.50 for all 6 pieces.

I got myself this cute laced trimmed summer blouse for $1. The cake plate was .75, the piano was $1.00, frames .25, the kid’s clothes pole was $1.00 and the wooden tray was a buck. The pole & tray will eventually get a makeover.
How could I resist this little baby grand for Mia? Now she can be like her big bro who has a real grand piano in black too!
Shoes were .50 a pair! How can you beat that!? The brown ones are leather & the detail on the black ones is neat. The black/white is a sundress, $1.00, but not for me to wear, it’s part of a makeover……..
Here are a few things I didn’t buy,
I didn’t buy this table but it was a great buy at $50.00 OBO. There were 2 extra table slats & 5 chairs.
These country style lamps were nice & there were lots of yard tools at all the sales, just in time for gardening season.

I had to lighten this pic but do you know what it is? Two tomato plants growing upside down. I’ve read about this method but haven’t tried it, have you?
Here’s the sundress……. a great fabric for lampshade redos , A la Rhoda! She has a tutorial on her blog that explains how to redo lamp shades….well she has tons of great stuff over there!

There was enough fabric to cover 2 shades….this lamp at my computer corner & another floor lamp that needs painted. I was happy to get enough fabric from the sundress for both shades. Laying out the pattern…..
Voila ! Here’s the desk lamp finished, or maybe I’ll add a flat trim around the edges later.

This lamp was a yardsale find last year. I bought it because I liked the shape of it, so I painted it this red color but it still had the original white shade…..Love it now! THANKS RHODA!

Hope you are a little bit inspired, have a great day!

~Shelf & small projects~

Here’s another pic of the yardsale shelf I redid for the aqua bath. See the pretty paper I’ve added to the back? I was inspired by several other bloggers & decided it would be great for the bathroom shelf. It’s scrapbooking paper that was on sale for .25 a sheet. How sweet is that!

It really makes the objects on the shelf pop & I’m likin it lots!


The yard sale metal tray………

This metal tray will make a nice kitchen menu board.

I first rubbed the part to be painted with some Liquid Sander or Deglosser since it was shiny. Then I taped off the edges and spray painted with chalkboard paint.
” Stop fressing elst you spoil yer obbidit“…..Pa dutch, which means stop eating so much now or you’ll spoil your appetite for dinner.
I went over the edges with a little black paint to give it a tarnished, aged look & voila, there it is! These tray chalkboards are so fast & easy to make, I’m thinking of making some for gifts….which means another reason to yardsale & thrift shop! Yeah

I made a little name sign for Mia too but didn’t get a chance to take a pic. I used wooden letters from the craft store, decoupaged them & glued them to a little wooden plaque, all in pinks, of course.

It’s a drab, rainy day here in PA. I’m thinking of not doing too much of anything today. We all can stand a day like that occasionally, right?

~Thrifty finds this Week~Updates~ Award~

I found this little outfit, still has the original tags on it, for only $1.5o at the local thrift shop. It’s for Mia of course. All books were on sale for 10 cents so I picked up 5 kids’ books. This big pfaltzgraff meat platter was $3.00. I didn’t have a big meat platter so I was pleased to see that one.This cute dotted soap dispenser looks good in the newly painted pale aqua bath, it was just .75. It’s sort of spunky & makes me smile ……..
Sat. morning I managed to get to a few yardsales which are just beginning here in central PA. The tray was $2.00, a large full bottle of glue was .25, and the white vase was .75.
Ever since I saw some of these old trays turned into menu boards I’ve been looking for one. This one is perfect because of it’s smooth back and the fact that it’s not real silver. At today’s prices I’m not so sure I’d want to paint a real silver tray! This little project is quick so I’ll have pic of it completed real soon.

Update on Dawnie & Mia,( from post below) they’re doing just fine! The blood test numbers are improving, but not perfect. Dawn is happy & full of energy again and that makes me so happy too. Yesterday was her birthday & I sent her a big bouguet of flowers, she went out for a nice meal & had that good news from her Dr. Thank you all for lifting her in your prayers.

Did you know Joan’s daughter (Joans Journeys) is having a rough pregnancy ? She is due May 20th.
Brenda’s daughter (Country Romance from the heart) is also having problems and she is due in Aug. Please keep these dear blogging friends in your prayers also.

An Award, how I love me an award! Sheila from Gim’me Memories has passed this award to me. She is a delightful Christan blogger who always has interesting posts about her beautiful family, lots of great tips & menus too. Thank you Sheila! I’d like to pass this on to all you wonderful blogging friends…you make my day everyday!