Latest Thrifty finds

As I hit up the local thrift shops on my travels I come across a few things I can’t resist. There are always so many treasures just waiting for a new life. With a little imagination and TLC they are as good as, or better than new!

fork spoon

These large forks and spoon were only 25¢ each. I got them last year but am not sure if I shared them. They must have been hanging in somebody’s kitchen for years because they had a kind of greasy film on them! They’re finally getting a makeover and will soon hang in my kitchen. Continue reading

Thrift store finds, Paint over an oil Painting


These pretty glass vases and bottles were all on sale for 25¢ at my favorite thrift store. At that price I couldn’t resist getting a couple more pieces of white ironstone and that peachy colored planter.  Sometimes they put the housewares on sale just get rid of them and that’s just ,fine by me.

colored glass thrifty finds

The colored glass pieces look so pretty grouped together.  I have plans on using these pieces in my kitchen when I get around to restyling the shelves in there, after I finish the cabinets.


vintage bottle

The carafe has a great glass stopper and I think the other bottle is pretty old. It has bubbles in the glass.

oil painting

This oil painting on canvas was just $1.80. You can’t even buy a canvas that cheap!  The painting isn’t bad, but it felt kind of dark to me, so I painted over it. It was signed by Mona. Sorry Mona. I really hope you don’t mind.

modern art painting

First I painted it white and then went crazy with the paint.   Pretty ugly, huh? Don’t gag now, it’s modern art!  Think Jackson Pollock.

oil painting.2 JPG

It’s not that bad. is it? It might look better framed. Probably just wishful thinking.

I hated it at first, but I’m starting to like it now. It’s for the powder room which is painted BM Palladian blue. I’m not sure I‘ll use it, we’ll see.Be right back  maybe, I dunno…….

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A few thrifty finds

Stuffstuffstuff and more stuff! Saturday was our annual neighborhood yardsale. My plan was to stay home because our basement holds my large stash of great stuff, (some from yardsales) and I can shop at home whenever I need something. But, how can a gal who loves yardsaling stay in when temptation surrounds?  She can’t, so just when I thought my yardsale career was over, I scored!

batting fiberfill 

All this batting was only 6 bucks! And I need this! I was planning on using a coupon at Joanne’s to buy some, because I want to wrap my slipcovered couch cushions in batting to plump them up a little.   This is a great example of how yardsaling saves you money! Love it!

ceramic horse head

Also found this horse head for 14$ at a new thrift shop and the old bridle was just 50¢.

For the last 2 years I have really cut back on yardsaling because there comes a point when enough is enough and I have definitely reached that point. Smile  But I still love it!


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Spring Vignette andThrifty finds

It’s that time again! Yard sales are just beginning to pop up around here and I haven’t been to any yet, but I did get a few things at a thrift store. Once you start checking out thrift shops and yard sales it’s hard to stop because you see so many good things that could become great things.


The old tool box and shutter came from the Re-Build it store. The tool box was just a couple bucks and the shutter wasn’t a real bargain, I think I paid 20$ for it, but it was perfect for our family room.

antique stool

One of my favorite new junk shops, The First Floor Attic, is where I found this charmingly aged  metal stool. It was 16$ but I got it for 12 bucks. Haggling over a price used to be difficult for me, I just didn’t have the nerve, but sellers will almost always lower their prices. Make a  reasonable offer, be flexible and don’t insult the seller by making your offer too low. Usually you’ll end up meeting in the middle.


bombe chest vignette

I only bought the tool box because I liked the teal blue color. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but it ended up  holding a Spring vignette.


tool box

It’s twigs, twine,moss, feathers, nests and eggs from my stash.

bird nest



I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family. My husband’s mother was here with us. She’s 95 years old now and quite a character. It’s hard to talk to her because she doesn’t hear well, even with her hearing aid. I’m exhausted but it was a great day.

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Collage of yardsale finds

I wanted to create a gallery wall somewhere and since we don’t have high ceilings or  lots of wall space I decided to use the wall behind the couch in the living room.

wallThe old frame and oils were all found at yardsales and I think I got the birdcage at a thrift shop. If you remember Rhoda’s gallery wall…..she had a birdcage in a frame too.  Just call me copycat. Cat face


It doesn’t look quite right yet ……I still have to find a few smaller things to add before I call it finished and I’m working on that.  wall2Maybe when I find a few more pieces I’ll redo the whole thing, like hang the large framed piece on a different wall.  I like how the oils have the same subject matter but hate that dang thermostat!


The mercury glass lamps are from TJMaxx, I can always find great lamps there! Fabric across the back of the couch is from the thrift shop and I’m contemplating just what to do with it. The pear on the coffee table was green and I sprayed it white.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten on this room redo. I still have curtain panels to add and finish hanging things on the walls. And I’d love to add some kind of rug, maybe, I’m not sure about that.

On the other side of the room is a table makeover that I’ll be sharing soon.

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My new/old sofa and some Thrifty finds


This love seat wasn’t really working in my living room. Thumbs down2011_03_21_1254 (This is the picture I put on Craig’s list. The love seat is pushed to the end of the dining room until it’s sold. Great condition, hardly ever sat on! It’s still for sale if you’re interested. Reasonable.)

I was noticing pretty slipcovered sofas everywhere. Of course, they ARE everywhere now!  I loved the clean lines and the sassy skirt of this one from Country Living.


Then I saw  Miss Mustard Seed’s and that did it. I wanted it, as in.  Had.  To.  Have. It! Thumbs up



couch orig fabAnd when I spotted a classically styled sofa with curvy legs, at the thrift store for 12$, there was no holding me back.

It was actually on sale the day I bought it so I paid about 7 bucks!





Here’s how she looks now in my freshly painted stripped down living room.


Nope, I didn’t sew up that drop cloth slipcover. I found a wonderful lady, Dawn Wise, only a few miles from here who owns a business called Sew Wise. She created my slipcover and did it quickly too.


I asked for a kicky little skirt and she nailed it and we replaced the original long cushion with three new ones.


I love all the piping detail! She did a great job!

Even though I have sewed quite a bit, I didn’t want to tackle this project. My sewing machine doesn’t handle thick fabrics and piping easily and I knew this would be a big hassle for me and would never turn out this great. So I was thrilled to find someone so close by to make a slipcover.

Total cost of the sofa, drop cloths, new cushions and labor was about 400$. I figure that’s about half the cost of a new sofa and I’m happy with the end product….very happy!


In my mission to lighten up, the living room is painted and stripped down. I took out everything except the furniture and tables that I’m keeping in there.   After I took down the window panels, the room was flooded with light and looked much larger, so I’ll be doing something at the windows to keep that light and adding new accessories.

These dark fabrics are gone and walls are lighter now.


And I’ll finally get to use this 6$ thrift shop oil painting……love the colors but hate the frame.



The warmer weather has given me a blast of energy and I’m getting lots accomplished! woohoo.    This week I’m working on yardsale stuff for our community sale on Saturday. Some friends are coming over to sell stuff too so it will be a madhouse! But fun.

One more thing,

I mentioned I needed flipflops in this post……I found a pair for 6$….yeah, at the thrift store again. In loveThat’s not a teabag laying there, it’s a label. Brand new Bass leather flipflops.


I’ve decided to take some time off from my job at the thrift store and won’t be going back until September. That gives me the whole summer to work on projects and spend time with family. Insert happy dance here! There are lots of projects just waiting for me and I’m ready.

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A $5 floor lamp, thrift store burlap and a curbside find

This cute dressing table was a curbside find just sitting in my basement awaiting the day I got around to her makeover.
It’s a sturdy piece and I didn’t have to do much except scrape off some old glue where a skirt had been glued on, sand it and scrub off all the dirt.
Inspired by Miss Mustard Seed’s fabulous makeovers, HERE and HERE,  I decided to decoupage the top with pages from an old hymnal.
This is now in a corner of the basement family room. I have a set of old shutters (that need a little work) to go behind it to hide the breaker box, but haven’t added them yet.
I replaced the plug on the vintage $5 yardsale lamp and covered the shade in a piece of thrift store burlap.

It has 3 arms and a nice aged patina!  A great find for $5.
I’m trying to create a family photo wall on the stairs. I’d love to have the whole space filled up with black and white photos.

The piece of burlap was long and narrow so I had to figure out a way to cover the shade. I ended up pleating it and think it turned out ok, not perfect but still ok.

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I’ve been painting the living room today and working on my yardsale stuff in the garage. It’ll feel great to get this done! Laughing out loud
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$5.00 coffee table in the family room

I found an awesome coffee table at my thrift shop, the one I work at, in the area they call discount land. You never know what you might find there. You just might stumble across a beauty like this square coffee table with a price tag of $5.00.12

This thing has so many possibilities……I can see it as a tufted bench/ottoman/coffee table with a tray on top, can’t you? Yep it’s a pretty sweet find.

So while I’m showing off my new table, I’ll show you some of the family room. Our basement family room was in need of a makeover and I’ve been working on it finishing up some lots of  small projects. I’m happy to say it’s now almost finished. clap

The old door in the corner came from the thrift shop too. It was $6.00 and has a beautiful old cracked and chippy finish and old hardware. Holding the tv is the bottom of a hutch that I painted black2011_01_09_1039 and now wears new knobs from Hobby Lobby.




The Longaberger baskets I had forever and one in the tv stand, (bottom left) is an antique picnic basket….not Longaberger. Only the clock in the middle works but I like the look of three together.  You know that old rule of three…… odd number is more pleasing to the eye. The old red chair was a previous project and the rug came from a yardsale a few years ago. I think was $6 or $7.00.


The walls are actually a color from Eddie Bauer called almond oil, a nice tan that just doesn’t show well in my photos. The pillow with a leaf/postal design came from CSN stores. I made the burlap table skirt and wreath. That lamp will eventually be replaced.


The candle holders belonged to my Mom and the antlers were a gift.`


These old bottles finally get displayed under the cloche on the round table. I’m putting this room together using items I have, pulling things out of the other side of the basement where my cache of junk waits for me to become inspired. 

Beefing up this bookcase is my current project. I’ve added a new back and am ready start trimming it out.


There’s still a few more things to do , but I feel good about getting to this point. smile_regular

If you’d like to see more of the family room click HERE to read how it started.


Oh and I do lurve me that 5$ coffee table!♥

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Frugal Fashion

My first attempt at vlogging is a presentation of some frugal fashion.

Gosh, why was I so serious?!

Thrift Store fashion.


It IS ridiculous and I DO need to lighten up so…..Go ahead and laugh at me, I don’t mind at all! smile_teethI’m laughing now.

I was actually wearing a long sleeved tee shirt that had Jones New York on the front, you can’t see that in the video though.

Watching yourself on video is a hoot. It’s a great way to bring laughter to your day. It probably gets easier with practice or a script!


Beret $5.

Shoes $4.

Boots $6.

Necklace $6.

Sweater $3.50

Sweater .50


Total $28.00 and you can’t beat that! smile_nerd


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A few recent thrifty finds

These old electric insulators are such a pretty shade of aqua blue and I see them from time to time at yardsales and thrift shops. And I see lots of interesting things since I work at a thrift shop! I found this pretty vase and paired it with my Mom’s little pitcher and the insulator and it makes a pretty vignette in the bedroom.


I found this little oil painting at the Humane Society thrift shop for 10$. It’s 8” x 10” and has a gorgeous frame. It was more than I usually pay for a thrifty treasure but I just couldn’t resist. I’ll be using it in the kitchen.2010_08_31_0434

So, those are some of my recent finds. 

Painting the cabinets in the basements is my latest project and I’m about done and can now start painting the walls. Remember LA gold, that popular paint color from several years ago? Well it’s about to be gone and replaced with Almond Oil by Valspar. I hate painting but I want this done.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new cooler temperatures….I know I am.


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Too old for this?

57  sounds so old. If you think about it, it’s actually older, because it means that I’m in my 58th year on earth.
What does that have to do with this purple Kathy pocketbook I found for $2.50 at the thrift store? My thrift store, the Jubilee, where I work 12 hrs a week, put out all Summer purses on clearance. There was a yellow Kathy bag too but I grabbed this one.
Do you think I’m too old to be using a purple, funky, spunky purse like this? A purse that yells, “hey look at me, I’m so trendy, hip and rockin, but why am I with this old lady??”
So what do you think?
Because I just don’t know!sigh

Debbie (((xx)))

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Thrifty finds

Yardsales are dwindling with the weather being so hot, but I’M STILL always on the lookout for treasures.


This fiberglass urn came from the thrift shop and the cool turquoise burlap was only $2.50 for about 4 yards. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but it’s the perfect color for the patio.

As you can see I’m still buying white pottery! Yes, I need to control myself when it comes to white pottery, it’s a weakness, so……… yet another tureen, but it was only $3.50. The heavy vintage vase holding the plant was $1.00, the taller one was $5. I think it’s Hull or McCoy.
2010_07_17_0182 This one has a tiny crack on the rim so I asked the owner if she’d take less $ and she reluctantly agreed. I love the creamy color of the older pieces.

Little birdies and sweet black and white salt and peppers shakers were 50¢ each. The red framed chalkboard was only $1.25 at the thrift store! It needs a little more chalkboard paint, but the frame is worth at least that much.

The pyrex set of bowls are in perfect condition and were  $12.00.

So that’s it, for now. Can’t wait to see what you found too over at Rhoda’s, Southern Hospitality, thrifty finds.

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I ♥ Free samples

IMG_1870Getting free stuff in the mail makes my day. I want to live on free samples and never have to buy anything again!  Some days my mail box is full of lovely little boxes of free stuff.

IMG_1872Deodorant, body wash, soap and lotion….feels like Christmas!
This week I also got coffee, enough for a pot, and more shampoo.
 You can get samples at  Currently they are offering  Crest white strips,  Pantene and Playtex samples, plus a few more.
The freeflys web site offers coupons and free samples too. Currently they are offering Dove, Aveeno, Nivea, Burts Bees, Prilosec, and too many others to mention. You can even get a free NetiPot, the thing to rinse out your sinuses! I have one.
It works and gives some relief if you have a sinus problem. Check  out freeflys on facebook.
IMG_1935 (1)
Any offer that requires jumping through hoops to get a sample or coupon is not for me. I want to go directly to the page to sign up and get my free stuff, like this site  for a free granola sample.
Yes, I know I’m el cheapo, I can’t help it. These samples are the perfect size for travel and a great way to try a new product. So if I’m sitting at this box anyhow, why not just take another minute to fill out an address form for a free sample?
Give it a try. You might get hooked like me!
Do you have a great site for free stuff? Care to share?

Debbie (((xx)))

A Yardsalin Weekend

Our development was a yardsalers paradise this weekend. I got yardsale burnout and  never left the neighborhood! There were so many cars and people that it was dangerous at times.

But I was out there early! Here’s what I scored.


Cute little bamboo cage 50¢, huge frame that was only 25¢, shabby  frame 25¢.


New gardening knee pads 1$, new letters 50¢ each, necklace stand 25¢, new Pier One salad set 2$, New Pottery Barn tiered tray 5$.


4 giant ornaments 2$. I almost didn’t buy these but knew I’d regret it later so I did!



These cute boots are my size and they’re the perfect color for the patio and they’re new, 1$. I ♥ them.


Tray on stand 5$. I’ve been looking for a tray to use to carry stuff out to the patio and this is perfect! It had handles on the sides but someone removed them and did a real sloppy paint job but that’s ok, I’ll probably rough it up a bit anyhow.


All these wooden frames were FREE, just sitting outside on a free pile at the thrift shop. I used up all my frames in a project last week and needed a few more. I’ll  be posting about that soon.

So that’s my haul! I hope you found some bargains this week too.

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Another Curbside Find

 I’m getting so brave when it comes to curbside shopping. This old washstand was sitting just 2 houses down from our house and I grabbed it. I’ve been looking for something like this and it’s perfect  for what I had in mind.IMG_1772

It had 3 of the original porcelain casters and I just pulled them off and it now serves us on the patio as a ………


stand to hold a refrigerator!

Yeah, I know, the stainless steel spoils the whole vintage thing but, whatever! No more tracking dirt through the kitchen to get a drink when we’re doing yard work. The doors were missing so I’ll add a little curtain to hide shoes and stuff.

This next thing was half price at the thrift store, just 75¢.  What is it? I don’t know.ysale

My guess, it was a carrier for oil cans. Some kind of lubricator carried it around from job to job. Can you see it being used for that? It’s definitely homemade, what’s your guess? The base is about 10” x 12” and it’s about 16” tall. And what should I use it for? What would you use it for? I thought I might put two flower pots in it.


Those are the thrifty finds this week. I didn’t get out yardsaling because it was raining and so windy you could barely walk. Didn’t get finished planting flowers or doing anything outside, the weather was terrible and only 50 degrees. At least it didn’t snow!

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Thrifty Treasures!


There were so many yardsales this weekend. It was a yardsalers dream come true. I didn’t get out real early but managed to hit a few sales on my way to the grocery store.ysale3

It just looks like a pile of junk but wait,……..I got a kids table and 2 chairs, perfect condition for $3.

A couple of great old books, one of them is deep aqua and red, $1. Do you buy old books just because you like the color? I do!

A very large and ugly picture with a wonderful wooden frame that is stamped Illinois Moulding company on the back, $1.

Fancy framed mirror $1, possible black board project.

Vintage linens for $4. A beautiful big tablecloth, a monogrammed runner and 2 cotton ladies’ slips that are so pretty, they could be worn as dresses.

A couple plants from the Garden club annual sale, $1.50


$1.50 for this oil painting. It is gorgeous in person, no frame but I do love it.


IMG_1690 And another oil at the thrift shop for $6. It has a plain wooden frame that would look much better painted, so that’s just a little project.


And lastly, curbside shopping, a pair of old school desks. Free. I may just use them as plant stands, who knows…..

I can’t help it, they were free!

Hope you had as much fun as I did yardsaling this weekend!

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A thrifty project and THE GIVEAWAY

Rain barrels,
I love them and wanted one for a long time. The water doesn’t have a fancy label, but it’s free for all your plants.
I did some searching online and found these.
$79. for this blue one seems like a lot for a plain blue barrel.
This one’s a little prettier for $159.
master_RTS001 master_MMI008
For $219 there’s a white one that’s much prettier.

And there’s $699 for this monster. master_TG237
(Pictures from Rain barrel source)
It couldn’t be that difficult to make a rain barrel, could it? So I searched  online again to find directions on how to make your own.  I found this site, which we used as a guide to making our own for much less $$.
And here she is, I’ve named her Rainee.  She might not be so pretty to you, but she’s beautiful to me.  Because she’s a little shy, she stands beside the shed, behind a big arborvitae where people can’t stare at her.IMG_1515
We paid just $1.00 for the barrel at the salvage center and about $30. for the  hardware. That’s pretty thrifty, don’t you think? If you have a local salvage center, you should check it out, there’s all kinds of stuff for cheap!

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There’s a giveaway going on over at Bungalow’s review page! It’s a good one. Don’t miss it!Zone 7160 Zebra Print Rug

And  it’s from a great website with stores where you can find tv stands, furniture, toys, home decor, and so much more. You’ll want to check it out.

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Spring Wreath and Pink clogs

It sounds like an unlikely combination, but it’s just so gosh darn cute.
My thrifty finds were the little pink crocs, $1.50 and the straw wreath form for $1.00.
To create the wreath, I used moss that was a 25¢  yardsale find from last year, floral pins and ribbon I had, a bit of  old faux (you know that’s just a fancy word for fake)  ivy and some pretty pansies.
I used the floral pins to loosely hold the moss and the fake faux ivy on the wreath. Next, I tied on the crocs with purple ribbon and a pretty bow.  I stuffed more moss in the crocs to keep the dirt from falling out, then added the pansies and hung it on the shed door.
Now when I’m standing at the kitchen window I can see this pretty wreath instead of snow! I’m sick of looking at snow.
The birds will love me for the free nesting material and it’ll be fun to watch how quickly all this moss disappears.
Pansies are a sure sign that Spring is finally here, are you as happy about that as I am?
  Doing the Happy Dance!

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