jadite collection and Lemon yellow


Cleaning out the basement seems to be something I do every year at about this time and each year I get rid of more and more stuff but still have so much. I came across my collection of Fire King Jadite and decided to get it out and use it occasionally……why have it if it’s just stashed away in a box is my new motto.jadite vase


The pretty soft green color brightens up the kitchen and looks good on the baker’s rack.

jar of lemons


I found this cute little peep and paired it with yellows flowers in a Jadite vase and a jar of  lemons.

jadite collection

The pyrex bowls on the top shelf draw out the colors in the painting.


This pretty tablecloth is from Target….



and the lemon squares are from Betty Crocker. Yep, a mix and pretty darn good too!

It’s looking so much like Spring! The sunshine has renewed my energy and I’m getting lots of little projects done….yeah!

What have you been up to lately?

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Spring 2010

   It seems like the weather is behaving this week. We’re supposed to have some days in the 70’s! Woot…woot!
Inspired by the return of Spring, I’ve created a little vignette in the kitchen. Does the beautiful weather inspire you?
All the salt and pepper shakers came from the thrift store and were just 20¢ each. The bunny is faux chocolate but he looks like the real thing….I’d like to bite off his head. The daffodils, in another salt shaker, came from the back yard and I just planted the rosemary in a white sugar bowl.
52  The teacup pedestal stand I made last year and looks perfect displaying the old salt shakers.
On the front porch are some silk daffodils and greenery that were in an arrangement I won on my birthday many years ago…..that’s why I keep things……I just might reuse them. The vintage wicker planter and  the pineapples were previous yardsale finds. The giant eggs were from Big Lots.
A little birdie sticks his head out to say “welcome.”
And on the front door, last years Spring basket makes a reappearance.p44
That’s a little Spring decorating here at the Bungalow.

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Spring Wreath and Pink clogs

It sounds like an unlikely combination, but it’s just so gosh darn cute.
My thrifty finds were the little pink crocs, $1.50 and the straw wreath form for $1.00.
To create the wreath, I used moss that was a 25¢  yardsale find from last year, floral pins and ribbon I had, a bit of  old faux (you know that’s just a fancy word for fake)  ivy and some pretty pansies.
I used the floral pins to loosely hold the moss and the fake faux ivy on the wreath. Next, I tied on the crocs with purple ribbon and a pretty bow.  I stuffed more moss in the crocs to keep the dirt from falling out, then added the pansies and hung it on the shed door.
Now when I’m standing at the kitchen window I can see this pretty wreath instead of snow! I’m sick of looking at snow.
The birds will love me for the free nesting material and it’ll be fun to watch how quickly all this moss disappears.
Pansies are a sure sign that Spring is finally here, are you as happy about that as I am?
  Doing the Happy Dance!

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I ♥♥♥ Magazines

Nothing’s better for relaxing than a good cup of coffee (or diet Dr. pepper, iced green tea,  or diet coke) and a magazine.

My favorite  magazines have  gorgeous pictures that force ooohhhs and aahhs  and feature drool worthy recipes and the latest trends in design and fashion.

From a magazine you can learn if wallpaper is now or then, and if pointy toed shoes are in or out.

These days I’m not drawn so much to the fashion magazines. It’s the  women’s magazines that are my favorites, like Ladies Home Journal, Family Circle and Better Homes and Gardens.

In 1922,  Fruit, Garden and Home and sold for 10 cents.

fruit_garden_1924_05_c fruit_garden_1923_11_a 

In 1925,  the name was changed to the familiar Better Homes and Gardens.


While searching the web for Spring images, I came across these facts…….BH and G was part of a group of magazines called the seven sisters, along with Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Woman’s Day and McCall’s, which is no longer published. All these magazines were aimed at married women who were homemakers, rather than single working women.

I also found these beautiful pictures of Spring on the BH and G website.  Eggs with tiny sprigs of alyssum mean Spring to me.

 bet hom2 bet homes n gard eco friendly ss_10134322bet homes

An Easter basket with crocs and a pretty Easter egg swag say Spring will soon arrive!

You can read more of the history of BH and G HERE. Isn’t it amazing that they’ve been around for over 80 years?

What magazines are your favorites? Do you still read magazines or do you visit the web sites instead? I do both, but nothing beats relaxing with your favorite magazine!


I just got a ticket to the Relevant10 conference in October.  It’s my first blog conference….I’m excited! Are you going to be there?


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Banging my Head against the Wall


It’s not a giant ice cream cone, it’s a giant snow cone in an urn in the back yard.



And this is what the house looks like in a blizzard! Enough already….no more snow…PLEASE.

Now you know why I’m banging my head against the wall, but at least I can dream of bright colors, flowers and sunshine.

so living

(from Southern Living)   Like this Spring table set with beautiful flowers, nests and even butterflies.

bet hom

 (from Better Homes and Gardens)   Or daffodils and cute little egg cups.

This is reality though, so for my sanity I better just keep on dreaming, because there’s even more snow forecasted.


The word is that this is one of the snowiest winters in history. I think all this snow makes the winter seem even longer, don’t you? How much snow have you had this year? A little, or 80” like we have here?

Keep on shoveling and dreaming!


Debbie (((xx)))

~Sunny Skies

It’s that time again! I love hanging my wash out under clear blue skies, especially sheets. Finally the warm weather has arrived. I should say hot weather because yesterday and today it’s in the 90s! That’s too hot, too fast for us northerners. But I’ve been out enjoying these beautiful days. The garden’s planted with many hot chili peppers as usual, along with bell peppers in different colors, lettuces, onions, zucchini, tomatoes and this year Bill planted corn. Good luck with that corn! The last time we planted corn, it got some awful disease and we had to pull it out. I’d like to plant some white pumpkins again but Bill is fussin about that, saying they take up too much space.

A little angel, a gift from a friend is sitting in this urn with pansies. I don’t think the pansies are enjoying the hot weather.

That’s my shadow taking pictures of pulmaneria, one of my favorite early bloomers. There are pink and purple flowers on this lovely gal.

Last Saturday was my birthday and I received these from a friend. Aren’t they pretty? You can’t tell from this picture but they’re tiny rosebuds. I love getting flowers! Bill surprised me with these red roses! They have a dark red stripe running throught them, the buds are giant sized, and the smell is divine!

I hope you can get out there and enjoy these warm days and beautiful blue skies!

I’m about to start a new project…..lightening up the dining room. Be gone dark red! I just feel like getting rid of some of this heaviness……ya know what I mean?

~A Spring Gift from a Little Birdie & KAT~

This happens every year! As soon as I saw that long dried up leaf hanging there I knew it! I put a pretty basket on the front door & a bird claims it as it’s home. Oh Well…. You may borrow it for a while…..
The eggs are so perfectly white and smooth.
In comparison to the eggs, the nest seems so small. I wonder what kind of bird this nest belongs to. Anyone know? I’ll try to stay away from the front porch, I don’t want to scare her away.
Ahhh Spring!
Miss KAT from Justabeachkat has gifted me with this wonderful award!
Her latest post is about an email from her sweet g’daughter. It’s a cute letter to her MeMe. Not only is Kat a kind blogger, she a great MeMe….so full of love! Thank You KAT!

I’ve been working on lots of little projects but don’t have anything new to share yet. I’ll be going back to NY to spend some more time with Mia tomorrow….what a pretty time of year to be out & about. Today I’m spending the afternoon with MOM.

Happy Mother’s day!


A true sign that spring has arrived, bright bursts of yellow dot the neighborhood as the daffodils begin their show. In our yard they aren’t so ready to shed their cloaks. Their lovely heads are held downward as if tensing to keep warm.

As soon as they’re warmed by the sun they will lift their heads skyward saying, “ahh….that feels good.” In honor of & inspired by the daffodils I’ve made this pretty cake. It’s really an angel food cake with egg yolks used in half the batter to get the darker yellow color.We enjoyed this Daffodil Cake…..it disappeared quickly. I got a chance to use this old tube pan that belonged to my Mom. I love to bake, but I also love to eat what I bake! My husband & I both have a strong sweet tooth, he more than me. So if you’d care to try this lovely treat you can click on the recipe to enlarge. ENJOY

Do you call then daffodils or jonquils? You can learn the difference here. Whatever they’re called they sure are lovely.

Happy Spring!

~ Feels like Spring~

The weather has been wonderful the past 2 days. The birds are singing, the sky is bright blue & it feels warm….around 60 degrees. That’s warm for us in PA at this time of year. You can’t help but feel happy when it’s so warm & sunny!

Ive been cleaning and decluttering, a sort of freshening up for spring. The front door got a newly redone arrangement. I just added the pink tulips to liven it up. Already the birds have started building a nest in it.
This NEST sign I found at a thrift shop for a buck & I’ve added it to the dining room table.
The white tureens were removed from the sideboard & replaced with the cloche, little bunnies and dk green feather wreath. Some faux eggs are nestled in onion skins.
Since it was such a gorgeous day I took a stroll around our yard & look what I found! My dh has been at it again! Feeding those pesky flower devouring rabbits! I have begged, pleaded, ranted & raved at him to STOP FEEDING THOSE RABBITS! But NO, I found 2 apple cores that he put out. I then spotted big bad rabbit & tried to get a pic but it ran off. Good, I hope it stays away.
Speaking of pests…these are vole tunnels. They can really wreck havoc on your lawn & eat plant roots. We might have to get an exterminator if they get real bad. After the snow melts you can see the damage they’ve done.

You can see the promise of warmer weather in the newly budded trees & the first shoots of daffodils bravely sticking their heads out of the ground.

I spotted this lonely little pansy by our shed…..it brought a smile to my lips……how could this delicate thing survive the harsh snow & ice of our winter. Don’t you feel close to our Lord when you see a sight like this….I know I do!
Visits with MOM. My last visits with Mom have been much better. I can see her medication has taken hold. She isn’t agitated, instead seems to have lost her energy. I suppose that’s the trade off between being overly or under medicated. Today I brought her a shamrock shake from McD’s which she loved. We went outside to watch the kids hunting for Easter eggs. They were all between 3 & 5 yrs old. She smiled lots, especially at the pretty little girls. The eggs weren’t hidden well, most of them were just lying in the grass where they could be easily spotted. Mom said, “Why do they call this an egg hunt? They’re right there!” I just laughed, she was right!
I forgot to take my camera.

Hope you’re having a lovely day!

~Decorative Details~Spring

When pulling a room together it’s all about the details. Attention to detail & accessories are the fun part & really help to pull a space together. I received some questions about painting knobs and framing out the mirrors, so here goes………

Here’s the shower rod in the process of being painted with Sophisticated Finishes in Blackened Bronze. You should be able to find these finishes at craft stores. I like the end result….a shiny black/bronze. I painted the towel rack & the tp holder too. Since I was painting over a shiny surface I used primer.

It was easier to paint this way . It’s a tension rod & that’s a plastic bag to keep paint off the wall.

Picture is clickable for a better view.

This is a kit from Sophisticated Finishes. I used only the blackened bronze paint so I didn’t need to use the other paints in the kit for antiquing. ( I didn’t realize that when I bought the kit or I would have bought only the blackened bronze paint.) These cheap foam brushes always come in handy for projects like this. Sometimes they’re on sale for 20 for $1.00. That’s when I stock up.

Here are the kitchen cabinets, the knobs & pulls were bright brass. I sprayed them with a good primer, then sprayed them with black satin. So far they’ve held up very well.

Framing the bathroom mirrors……

Flat trim works well & it’s glued on with a glue like Liquid Nails. I think there is a Liquid Nails for glass. I’ve used these squares in the corners but they could be mitered , whichever you prefer. We placed the corners & then worked around, making sure it’s level. In the blue picture, above you can see an added rope trim. That’s because the glue was placed too close to the inside edge of the trim & could be seen reflected in the mirror. So place the glue nearer the outside edge.The rope trim does add a nice touch & hides the glue. This is an easy project that makes a big impact & really dresses up the bath.

The black is in the harlequin powder room.

Yearning for Spring like me? Several years ago I had an MSN site Decorative Details .

I’m going to delete it soon but before I do I thought I’d share the pictures of the garden from previous years. Click on the link if you’d like to view the pix.

Here at the Bunnies Bungalow one thing is certain…we have plenty of bunnies, both inside & out!

A bunny urn with more bunnies standing by on the spring dining room table. The bird’s nest is nestled in the urn & surrounded by twigs, paper & feathers. The purple is an Easter reminder & the nest symbolic of the rebirth that happens each spring.

I hope that was helpful to those that asked. Even though Spring is just around the corner it seems so far away. We are getting snow showers again this weekend, so I’ll just keep warm inside & dream about warm weather & gardening while I add more springlike Decorative Details to our home.