Home cooking, Kale and quinoa soup

A chill in the air signals the perfect time for hot home-made soup. There’s something about a chilly day that awakens the nesting instinct and calls for comfort food. Making home-made soup is easy,  just start with a flavorful base. You can use canned broth or make your own from a chicken carcass or vegetables if you like.

For this soup I used my crockpot. I first cooked chicken breast in the crockpot then added canned broth, and in my ongoing efforts to eat healthy foods, I added quinoa and kale. After the quinoa was cooked I added the kale that we grew this year, black beans and a can of Rotel  tomatoes. Rotel tomatoes are canned tomatoes with a kick of green chilies.

kale quinoa soup

I seasoned it with salt and cumin. The taste of cumin with the spiciness of the Rotel tomatoes was delish!


If you aren’t sure about quinoa, just try it! It’s classified as a grain like barley or rice but is actually a seed and has it’s own unique earthy taste. You can use it just like rice.

I could have used rice and added carrots or used oregano and basil instead of cumin. With home-made soup you can flavor it as you like. Some of the tastiest soups are made from  vegetables and whatever you have on hand. A good time to experiment is with Thanksgiving leftovers.

There’s nothing better than hot soup, add a piece of crusty bread and you’re all set.


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Freezer soup

I recently  posted about cleaning out my freezer as part of getting things in order in the new year. The freezer is often overlooked and who knows what’s in there?


It doesn’t look that bad, I know, but it’s good to occasionally take stock. I found 2 packs of ground meat, 3 packages of chicken breasts, 2 bags of cranberries, a bag of mixed vegetables, a nut roll, frozen bread dough, 2 blocks of cheese, a bag of salmon and two filet mignons, pushed way in the back and hiding under other things. That’s a lot of food and I did a happy dance after I discovered the filets!


In the garage freezer the only thing lurking in the back was some packages of Italian sausage.

So, I cooked up the ground meat, threw in a bag of frozen tomatoes from our garden and the frozen vegetables. I had a few carrots in the fridge that needed to be used, so I added them and a couple diced potatoes. I left that cook for a bit and then tossed in a handful of ditalini pasta and some bouillon cubes for a little extra flavor. 2011_01_08_1015pp

Freezer soup and it was so good! There’s nothing like home made soup!

Clean out that freezer, who knows what’s in there! Come on back and tell me what you find.


Debbie (((xx)))

~Bullet Soup & Chelly Bread~

My husband will eat jelly bread with any meal, even eggs! A true PA Dutchman would pronounce it as “chelly bread.” Where we live you don’t hear that strong dutch accent often. Click on the link to hear the accent.
Now, what the heck is bullet soup? THIS IS BULLET SOUP, named by my husband because he says he shoots bullets after he eats it. We like to give food silly names, remember the tuna twins? Read the post, Silliness at suppertime. These are the bullets!
I made this yummy soup from a nice meaty ham bone, dried beans, carrots & a few potatoes. Ham & Bean soup is popular where we live. It has the same flavor as southern soup beans. No corn bread here in the north, we prefer “chelly bread!”

Bean soup recipe

W are having record breaking warm temperatures. It is near 70 degrees! I’m headed outdoors to get some fresh air. Have a great day!

~Soup Weather!~

Is it soup yet?
No, this is the meat & veges creating a wonderful aroma in the kitchen. mmmmm garlic, onions, carrots, celery & extra lean beef.

Soup yet? Well almost, let this simmer for about an hour, add the pasta & then it’s soup.

I love this recipe for Olive Garden’s Pasta e Fagioli that a friend gave me …she found it at this site. Top Secret recipes. You can find tons of copy cat type recipes there, from Applebee’s, Carrabbas, Outback, Panera & tons more. Check it out sometime.
Soup’s ready! Hot soup, freshly grated parmesan & thick crusty bread….a perfect meal for a cool day.

So what soups do you make? I make ham & bean, chicken corn noodle, corn chowder, clam chowder, potato soup & a few more. Did you ever hear of Hobo soup?Got any soup tips or recipes you care to share?
Have a great day!