Frozen colorful ice orbs, A Snowy Winter project

With snow and cold all over the place what to do for a little entertainment?

While I was in western NY at my daughter’s house I decided to try a Pintertest project with my 5 year old granddaughter, icy orbs. This is a messy project with water, balloons and food coloring, so be warned. I made a drippy mess with these things! But they turned out pretty good and she was thrilled to show everyone her ice balls in the backyard.

ice globe 1
These pictures were taken with my phone so they’re not so good.

ice globe

They look so small but were actually about the size of a soccer ball. We made 5 balls but one broke and one is still in the freezer for another day.


I thought the icy orbs looked like frozen Easter eggs and if the snow would have been good for a snowman I would have built a snowman/Easter bunny beside the orbs! This snow was the most powdery snow I had ever seen, definitely not good for snowmen making.

It helps to blow up the balloons to stretch them out first. Basically it’s just water balloons with food coloring in them. I put them in the freezer but probably should have just put them outside to freeze. I used a wash basket to move them to and from the freezer and each orb was wrapped in a plastic bag for a little extra protection in case they broke and one did break in the freezer. It took about 2 days for them to freeze completely. After frozen, cut off the balloon and that’s it.  I don’t think I’d put them on a porch or deck because of the food coloring causing stains but they do look so pretty and twinkly in the snow.

mia snow

Even thought it was really cold we were bundled up and had fun in the snow that day!

Do you like being out in the snow?

Happy New Year!

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Stairs, inspiration from Pinterest

Staircases look beautiful decorated for Christmas! I don’t have a stairway
in my home to share with you, instead I’ll inspire you with some of my
recent pins.
Source: via Bungalow on Pinterest

The touch of lime in this garland is so pretty.

Source: via Bungalow on Pinterest

I love the deep swags and simple ribbon on this one.

If you don’t like the mess of using real greens indoors and have an artificial  tree that you don’t use anymore, you could repurpose the branches in wreaths and swags or something like this for your staircase.

Source: via Bungalow on Pinterest
There’s something so special about a tree at the bottom of a staircase, even a
small one. The touches of pink and the way the ornaments are hung
from the railing are so pretty
Source: via Bungalow on Pinterest

The next 2 pictures from Centsational Girl are just stunning! Don’t you love her garlands?

This picture is before she made over her staircase. The red in the garland is gorgeous.

A little more red inspiration from Martha Stewart.

From Pottery Barn, a trio of wreaths with burlap bows and silver bells, simple but festive!
Looking at beautiful pictures of stairways almost makes up for not having one. I can dream!
Is your decorating finished? I just finished my mantle today and have only a few more things left to do. That makes me happy!

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Pitfalls of Pinterest and top Pins for October

Pinterest is a useful tool for bookmarking all your favorite things. You can categorize all your inspirations and tutorials in one place.  It’s a great tool and I use it a lot, but lately there’s been some frustration with trying to get to the pin’s original site.

Example; let’s say you pin something from a best of post or a recap post, that pin will be connected to the url of that site, not the original source.

Kristi from Addicted to Décor has written posts that expand on this subject Here and Here. If you are a pinner, please read her posts!

When pinning, please make an effort to pin from ORIGINAL SOURCES. By doing that you are giving credit where credit is due! 

With the holiday season coming, bloggers and non-bloggers will be looking for inspiration on Pinterest, so again, please make an effort to pin from  ORIGINAL SOURCES and give credit where credit is due! I’ve been slowly going over my pins to make sure they link to the original site. I even saw one of my projects linked back to Pioneer Woman! Now that’s funny!


My top pins for October are the burlap wreath I created last year and the burlap pumpkins. Want to see how many of your images are pinned and  repinned?  Type in blog name here, put in your own blog name to see who repins you.

Here’s my most pinned in September post.

Here’s my post on the importance of watermarking your photos which will help direct back to the original source.

Happy Pinning, just be nice!

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P is for Pumpkin, O is for Orange

Splashes of orange are popping up everywhere and not just on pumpkins. Shades of orange from peach to rust have always been on my list of favorite colors. Guess that’s why, back in the 80s I was so into the combination of peach and green.


Lately I’m noticing pops of orange in decor. Walls, pillows, rugs, you name it. Is it a new color trend? Will I be brave enough to paint my walls orange? As much as I love it, I don’t know if I’m ready for that! But I can still ohhh and ahhh over touches of orange.

Like these stairs, now that’s a bold, happy look in an entry. 


This rug is gorgeous! The color and pattern are perfect.



And so is this one with the complement of orange draperies.


Speaking of draperies, just look at these beauties. I love this look.


Greys are so popular now and this coral headboard against dark grey walls is swoon worthy!


Here’s a bedroom with orange, aqua and dark brown. I could sleep here. I could live here! Love that zebra rug too.


Bright orange walls create deep contrast against white board and batten. You either love this or hate it! It’s just a tad too bright for me.


Here’s another orange space with a touch of black and white zebra print in a vase.


And yet another room with an orange, brown and blue palette paired with a zebra print rug.

So now that I’ve shared my obsession with orange, have I inspired you? I hope it’s popularity lasts. I’ll be so happy to be seeing it more and more!


Coming up next is a post about our star sighting in NYC!  Woo hoo it was fun!

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September Pinterest Review


Pinterest is a useful tool for bookmarking all your favorite things. You can categorize all your inspirations and tutorials in one place. It’s been so handy for me and I’ve posted about that before, but there’s another bonus that’s equally as good.

Picnik collage

It drives so much more traffic to your site! Trust me it does! 

Want to see how many of your images are pinned and  repinned?  Type in blog name here, put in your own blog name.

At over 88 pins in September, my burlap pumpkin came in as my number one pin for the month.  #2 is the twig wreath at 55+ pins, #3 is the ruffled shade vignette at 30+pins and #4 at 22+pins is the burlap wreath I made last Christmas.

That’s a lot of pins and repins and I‘ve seen a tremendous jump in traffic. Let’s just say that when I checked my stats, my jaw about hit the floor.  

I’d love to see your most pinned in September and think I’ll have a monthly recap every month. Would you like to join in? Maybe a monthly linky party? Are you interested? If you’re not using pinterest just ask me for an invite and I’ll send you one.

With all this pinning going on, don’t forget to watermark your photos, it’s important.

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