our patio 2014

Even though our patio changes a bit from year to year it’s still decorated with new, old, yardsale finds and repurposed things. It’s a mix-up of of this and that. In warm weather the patio becomes an outdoor room. We have breakfast here in the morning and watch the evening news while eating supper. It’s a place where sometimes we just relax and nap.  Come and visit a while!
With the addition of coral and orange accents this year, the patio has a different look. Previous years, I used lime green and turquoise and since some of those pillows needed replaced I decided to go with a new look. The patio furniture is from the Woodward company, Cortland collection and the cushion color is called spa. In person it’s a blue/gray color and seems to pair well with lots of different colors.

patio 2014 2

The outdoor rugs were purchased several years ago from overstock.com. and are holding up really well. The curlicue bench is something I had and recovered it for the patio. It makes a good footrest.

patio 2014

The coral printed fabrics for the pillows came from Joann’s. The garden stool is from TJMaxx. The black table between the chairs was free at a yardsale!
Boston fern
The Boston fern is from Lowe’s. There’s a Lowe’s store less than a mile from our house and that’s so handy! I love this fabric with the shell design. The colors are perfect out here.
bird pillow from Lowes
From Lowe’s again, a sweet birdie pillow.Patio 2014 3
Here’s a shot across the patio.patio orange, aqua
My swing is my most absolute favorite place on the patio.
tv on patio
We have a mini fridge and an old tv out here and when it goes bad we have another one just like it! Those old tvs are still good for something.
swing on patio
The long cushion on the swing is an old cushion from a chaise lounge that I made a cover for. It’s a pretty long swing, I can lay on it and nap.potted plants on patio, geranium
The orange garden stool is from TJMaxx. This one was deeply discounted, I think I paid about 30 bucks for it.
patio set from Lowes, cascade creek
Back to Lowe’s again…..we got a new table and chairs this year.adirondack chairs, polywood
We’ve had these polywood Adirondack rockers for a long time and they got new cushions too.patio
The old wooden desk holding the fridge still needs to be painted.  I use indoor furniture out here and it holds up pretty good. The dresser holding the tv has been painted several times but still  looks good. I keep thinking something to hold both the tv and fridge would be perfect….maybe a shelving unit made out of 2 x 4s. Someday I might feel ambitious enough to tackle that project!  Ya think???

To see the more of the patio from previous years, click HERE.
Happy Summer!

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Improvising a Burlap tablecloth from Landscapers burlap

Our patio table is so old, about 20 years I think. Originally it was white but we painted it black a few summers ago. While there’s nothing wrong with it, I’d love to have a new set. Every time I find one I really like, it costs over a thousand dollars and that’s just too costly for us.
I can’t remember how many sets of cushions we’ve been through, but the current ones are teal, black and brown. Changing out the cushions every few years isn’t the problem, it’s the glass top table that I don’t like.  It has a design on it and I think after 20 some years I’m just tired of it!
glass topped table on patio
This is a big square table and no tablecloths are made to fit it properly. To get rid of that glaring glass look I improvised a tablecloth from landscapers burlap.
burlap roll
You can find this type of burlap on rolls at garden centers and home improvement stores. I got this roll at Lowe’s for about ten dollars for a 24‘ by 3’ roll. It’s used mostly for protecting shrubs in winter and when seeding new lawns.
burlap tablecloth
I cut 2 lengths of burlap for the table, not worrying about where they overlap when laid on the table. It’s almost impossible to cut burlap straight but you can take care of that later. Any wrinkles in the burlap will disappear in a few days.
You can even out the ends by pulling out some of the threads to fray the edges a little on the cut ends. I didn’t cut the other edges, the selvedge edges of the burlap but you could if you want.
burlap table cover patio
If you don’t like seeing where the burlap overlaps, you can put down a table runner. This twig runner came from Target.
burlap table cover patio2
Rolls of burlap from the garden center can be used in so many ways. I can see it as table runners for any outdoor party and just imagine all the ways it could be used in spring or Christmas décor…..big full bows, wrapped in and around tree branches, wreathes, ornaments and more.
Next time you’re in a garden center check out those rolls of burlap!
We had a week of gorgeous weather but now the 3 H’s are back again…hazy, hot and humid! I got so much work done outside and the garden is giving us so many tomatoes but not the tomatoes we thought!! Seems the plants were mislabeled and we ended up with a bunch of yellow tomatoes and grape tomatoes! What I thought was yellow squash ended up being butternut squash. Somebody must have been playing with the plant markers at the garden store.

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Dinner on the patio with serving pieces from Villeroy and Boch

Summer gives us a chance to enjoy the patio and outdoor dining. Well, we really aren’t all that fancy around here, we just call it eating supper. But it sure is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Winter comes quickly so I like to be out there while I can.
Recently I was asked if I’d like to receive a sample of some Villeroy and Boch dinnerware. Well sure I would! I always wanted an elegant way to serve a salad and the pieces I chose from Villeroy and Boch fill the bill. The plate is so large I can fill it with fresh salad fixings and the extra large bowl I filled with greens from our garden. villeroy and boch  tureen large bowl
Trying to eat a healthy diet, we had halibut, baked sweet potatoes, and salad for supper.
villeroy and boch vegetable platter
I filled the platter with cucumbers, onions, red bell pepper, tomatoes, and basil, all from our garden and avocado, goat cheese and lemon for the fish we were having for dinner. It’s almost like our own salad bar on the patio.villeroy and boch  tureen large bowl2
I like the unusual notched design of these pieces from the New Wave collection.The plates are a sleek, wavy design perfect for a modern feel. The classic white goes well with all your other dinnerware.

A little about Villeroy and Boch:

The company is nearly 260 years old and still family owned and operated by the 8th generation of its original founders. Isabelle von Boch, a self-proclaimed “worst cook” who raised her children in California, is an ardent advocate for using good china and crystal every day, even if you are serving takeout or grilling burgers.

A big Thank You to Villeroy and Boch for the beautiful pieces that I am positive I will use again and again!

What is your favorite dinnerware? Do you use good china for everyday meals?

Yes, that is burlap on the table, a post about that is coming up soon.

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Tour the patio

The patio is furnished mostly with trash to treasure makeovers from yardsales and thrift shops, come on, I’ll give you a tour.
My old baker’s rack got a coat of aqua spray paint. The boots, basket, green pitcher, white Haeger planter and bunnies are from yardsales. And there’s a glimpse of an old door waiting for it’s new home. (another project) The lime green food dome is from Big Lots.
IMG_2011IMG_2012   IMG_2020
There are pair of boxwoods and spruce trees among other planters at the entrance.
This old wicker planter was from a yardsale  and was just 5 $. It’s seen better days but I still love it.IMG_2021 IMG_2026
You can get an idea of how large the patio is from this shot.
A real treasure from a yardsale was this vintage wrought iron patio set, 20$! The small rug at the door is from overstock.com.

IMG_2013  I love this shot…..my swing…ahhh! This large rug matches the smaller one and is also from overstock.com. The rocks on the bench are to keep magazines from blowing away.IMG_2001
Opposite the swing are the adirondack style rockers. The small black table was free from a yardsale. I love this big rug!
The curbside desks were turned into plant stands.IMG_1995
Pillow and shell book from yardsales are on the old Hershey break room bench.IMG_1982
My Mom used this old dresser in her bathroom and it was stored in my basement waiting a makeover.
I sprayed it lime and aqua and used a marker on the plastic knobs. It’s a great place to keep magazines, paper plates and placemats.
The clock and cage are from yardsales.

This mini fridge might not be too pretty but it sure is handy on the patio. Just help yourself to an icy cold drink.IMG_2016
IMG_2017Another treasure is this white tray table, 5 $, yardsale. I keep it near the back door so it’s close  when I want to bring out food. Holding the fridge is a curbside find, an old washstand that’s missing it’s doors and now has a little curtain hiding shoes, plant food etc. I think someone started to strip it and gave up. I like it just the way it is.IMG_2027
You can see the watering cans lined up on the storage bench. Right beside is where you step down to the grilling area. Our old patio set is at least 20 years old and was sprayed black a few years ago.  The cushions have been replaced several times but the set doesn’t wear out so it’s working just fine for me. I’m always tempted to buy a new set, especially when they’re on sale, but don’t think I will.  Looking at this shot I think I need another rug for the other side of the patio. What do you think?
The chandelier is an old one I had in the basement, sprayed and branches added. I’m into branches…..they’re free….lol.  I love the way they look and the organic feel. Add some votive candles and it’s a candelier!
IMG_2023IMG_2028I got this firepot from my daughter’s for my birthday. I love the colors and it coordinates perfectly with the colors out here. It’s the neatest thing. Are you familiar with firepots?  You use gel fuel and it even crackles when it’s lit. It’s so nice out here after the sun sets and the fire’s lit. Apple green candle is from a yardsale.
  I’d like to spray the plastic storage bench we use to hold the cushions and get another rug. I can see some larger pieces on the wall above the doors and windows and some tall palms, so I will be on the lookout for the perfect pieces. But for the patio’s first year in use, I’m happy.
I never imagined this would expand our living space so much. It’s where we have breakfast and read the paper, eat meals, entertain and just sit and relax and swing of course! The vintage patio set is shaded in the morning  and the other side of the patio is shaded later in the day.  What a great space and we are sure enjoying it.  Hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for stopping by!

Linked to The power of paint at Domestically Speaking. All of these things were spray painted:
wicker planter, swing,
both patio sets, old Hershey bench, little blue bench, old dresser, baker’s rack, flower pots, school desks, adirondack chairs and chandelier and both birdcages!   Phew, I think that’s it.
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You can see more of how the patio began here and here.

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Is free THRIFTY?

Finally I think I’m finished decorating the patio, at least until more ideas pop up…which would probably mean more projects…….but I wanted to show off my free swing!
My husband mentioned to a friend that I wanted a swing and  since his friend had recently moved and would not be using his, he offered it to us.  When I saw it I was thrilled! A swing is something I’ve always wanted and this one is better than I imagined. It’s almost 6 feet long and I can lay on it and nap and I do!  It’s awesome.IMG_1998It was plain brown and not very pretty so I sprayed it black, added a cushion and covered the chains with fabric and now it’s looking beautiful and comfy.  
IMG_1986 IMG_1995 Remember the school desks that I found curbside? They got sprayed with lime green spray paint and now serve as plant stands.IMG_1987
So that’s just a little tour of the patio, there’s more to come. Hope you liked it.

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New life for an old Bench

We pulled out some old benches that were stored in the basement to use on the new patio.  There were a couple of old fashioned wooden benches and this one.
A real gem! It came from the Hershey factory where my husband and I worked collectively for 62 years. yikes! At one time, all wooden items, including the floors, were removed from the factory because of possible bug infestation and somehow we ended up with this much used break room bench. It’s a fixer upper with evidence of quite a history.
hershey bench
If this bench could talk I’m sure it would have tons of interesting stories to tell.
IMG_1537 I could see carving on the seat, but it was only after some sanding that the word Jesus became clear. It made me wonder what the carver was thinking. Was it meant to be a praise or was that person hurting or grieving? Do you ever wonder about the previous lives of your old furniture?
So here it is, after sanding, repair and painting.  I still want to rough it up with a little more sanding, but I like this bench. In it’s own way it’s a part of history….a part of my personal history.
In a circular from ChristmasTreeShop, I saw these monogrammed pillows for $6.99. There weren’t many initials to pick from so I just grabbed these. They’re decent pillows and the price was good for a monogrammed pillow.
A coat of aqua spray paint and some sandpaper prettied up the little bench for use as a table.
I’m almost done working on the patio and will post about the finished project soon, there’s just one more thing I need to work on and it’s something I’ve always wanted….can’t wait!
I just realized that WPMT is a local tv station, Fox 43, I think I’ll send them this picture….lol

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New Life for a pretty old table

Visit thecsiproject.com

Remember this story from a previous post?
I spotted this neat table at a yardsale a couple of years ago and loved it instantly.  It wasn’t even for sale, just holding things to be sold. I asked if it was for sale and the sellers just shrugged their shoulders and said, “ahhhh, sure.” I came back later and picked it up after they carried the chairs out of their basement. $20 is what I paid for the table and 4 chairs!
Since our patio is much bigger now , the table will finally get a chance to show off. I happen to think she’s so pretty.
The weather was so nice for working outside, so I got to working on her. Her previous owner was quite enterprising in recovering the cushions……..they used an old towel and seat cushion and just wrapped the whole thing up in vinyl, which I discovered after removing a bazillion rusty staples.
Not to be outdone, I decided to use that same cushion. And I’m kinda cheap at times.
I tore off the blue fabric, spread out the fiber, filled up the holes where there was tufting in the cushion and filled those holes with more tufts of stuffing. Got that?
I had the wooden base, next a layer of foam, topped off with the guts of the old blue cushion and ended up with a sort of cushion sandwich.
IMG_1558 Next I stretched and stapled on some white fabric that I had on hand and the pretty fabric on top of that. I’d like to add that tools are a gals BFF. The right tools will make any DIYer’s project easier.IMG_1563
IMG_1565 Before, ugly grey vinyl. After, pretty lime green!
This set was in our basement for about 3 years. When I bought it I didn’t even know where I would use it. I just loved her cute curlicues, but here she is at last. I ♥ it!IMG_1594
IMG_1570  Here are the fabrics I chose to make some pillows and cushions for a bench and a swing. A swing we got in a very thrifty way. That’s another post.

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Old Patio, New Patio

Remember the patio dilemma?

The new improved patio was finished several weeks ago. It’s so much bigger and better than the old one with that leaky awning. I mean…it has really exceeded our expectations.

1 3 You’ve seen these pictures before, HERE.
And here’s the finished patio, that I went outside to get a current picture of in 20 degree windy weather. So cold, I must be crazy.
Decorating it will be a blast! . Can you imagine, even Bill is thinking about decorating it, which is probably not a good thing! I’m planning on using things I’ve been storing in the basement and getting a swing, finally…that swing I’ve dreamed of having  for a very long time.
hershey bench
Here’s a bench that will be getting a makeover for the new patio. It came from a break room in the main Hershey plant on Chocolate Ave. I remember when we were really tired at work, we’d take little naps on benches like this, silently praying not to get caught. The company got rid of all the old wooden things, even the floors, to prevent insect infestation. It needs one board replaced, otherwise it’s sturdy and  screaming for a new look.
I spotted this neat table at a yardsale a couple of years ago and loved it instantly.  It wasn’t even for sale, just holding things to be sold. I asked if it was for sale and the sellers just shrugged their shoulders and said, “ahhhh, sure.” I came back later and picked it up after they drug the chairs out of their basement. $20 is what I paid for the table and 4 chairs! I’ll fix the seats and scrub it up and see how it looks. It might not even need painted. That was a great yardsale day. I’m thrilled to be able to use it at last.
Added to Met Monday at A Soft Place to Land

Decorating the patio and finding a swing is a Spring project that I’m looking forward to, but there are plenty of other possible projects to be done around here  in 2010. Right now I’m thinking about what I might do. Make changes or not,  hmmm…. something to think about.
Next post will be about those possible projects. So stop back, I’d like your opinion.
From the comments I received on the previous post, the Blogging Business, it seems many of you have gotten the impression that I am going to Blissdom. As of now I am not, but I would love to. That post was an attempt to win a free ticket from Steaz. Visit their fan page here.

What happened while I was away.

Can you figure it out by this teaser picture?
Big holes, mud, columns…….

A new patio roof!
You may remember the post about our patio dilemma, well now that problem is solved.
This wasn’t a big surprise to me, I knew we were getting a patio roof, I just didn’t know when, because of association approval, building permits and waiting for the trusses to be made.
It’s huge!
With the cold and rainy weather we’ve had lately I can’t believe it’s this far already. It’s so pretty! There are 2 skylights and two ceiling fans.
I’ll have fun decorating this space next spring, visiting yardsales and thrift shops looking for treasures for the new patio. Woo hoo just another reason to yardsale!

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You’ll find lots of creative ideas and wonderful transformations there!

Coming up next, some beautiful Autumn pictures at peak season. 

Patio Dilemma

A few years ago we had our small cement patio replaced with a much larger patio of stone pavers. I laid out the design in gentle curves and it’s a great looking patio but there’s an area that’s just wasted space because it’s not covered by the awning. We had the awning over the original patio. Now everything gets pushed and crowded under that awning.

Great space….not used!

This old awning has about had it. It’s 12 years old now and needs replaced, so we had the awning maker come over and give us some ideas on how we could cover the whole patio. He wasn’t too helpful….he felt that there wasn’t enough pitch to take the awning out any further and water wouldn’t run off fast enough, and he wasn’t too keen on the curved edges either. The problem is, when it rains it washes out the sand between the pavers and how can you put spouting on an awning without it looking bad?
Here’s the awning with mold and mildew and it’s not as waterproof as it once was. We had it repaired where the seam tore. It’s just showing it’s age. The reason we didn’t get a retractable awning was because of wind. Now they have wind sensors, but I like the patio covered. It makes it feel more like an outdoor room.

So I’m dreaming of a pergola or a permanent roof for our patio. A gal can dream, right?

I’ve always loved the look of a pergola and I’ve learned that you can get an awning type thing over a pergola to block the sun.

I’m picturing myself here with a good book and a glass of green tea.

These covered patios are so inviting and peaceful looking.

Just love these curtained outdoor rooms, don’t you.

Got any suggestions for the patio dilemma?

Pix from Better Homes and Gardens and Shade Tree.

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Today I was playing on the patio & needed a table for beside the chaise……so this is what I did. Took the old urn that I wasn’t using & found a top for it in the basement. Our basement is where I shop first. ……..you know those cheap round tables with 3 legs, made out of pressed board…they’re made to be covered with a tablecloth…….I saw the top piece & thought I’d see if it fit. It did so I painted it with my ever handy black spray paint, then just set it on top of the urn. It works for me! And then I sprayed this birdcage that I found down in the basement too. Some house plants needed repotted so they ended up out here. So there it is. I just stuck that little table in there for now. I do love birdcages & have a couple more inside.
These urns on the patio have filled out nicely & the bunnies are on guard as usual.

An award,

Diane from Crafty Passions has awarded me the Arte y pico award (the peak of art.) . Thank you so much Diane! It is such an honor! Please forgive me if I don’t pass this along, I have such a hard time doing that!

Don’t forget Saturday is Cielo’s garden party tour!