How to repair crumbled and cracked powdered makeup

Why is there a nylon stocking on my expensive powdered makeup? It looks ridiculous I know, but it did solve the problem for the short term, until I decided it was just too wacky to have a nylon on my makeup! The nylon was wrapped around the compact, over the powder and tied in the back. Dumb.

I can’t be the only one dealing with crumbled and cracked makeup. There HAS to be a better way to remedy this problem.

make up compact

Here’s what I was dealing with.

makeup compact 2

Ever happen to you

Its an easy fix. Just put a little alcohol on the powder and tamp it down with a paper towel. About a capful should do it.

You could use vodka too if you are so inclined.

repairing compact makeup

Cover it with a paper towel and tamp it down with a lid or something….I used a bottle of hand soap which happened to be the perfect size.

Let it set overnight or until it dries and just as easy as that………

makeup repair compact graphic

VOILA….good as new!

Just look at it now….. amazing what a little cosmetic surgery can do!

cosmetic surgery…………….

Are you cracking up now? cracking up, get it……  Sorry

This method could be used to repair any type of powdered make up, even eye shadow. I’m so glad I found a way to repair this compact…..this stuff is expensive!

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~True Confessions~

True Confessions, does anyone remember that magazine? I just learned that it’s still around! It’s filled with juicy love stories, but that’s not what I wanna talk about. I want you all to fess up, spill the beans, tell the truth!
Topic #1
Do you EVER leave the house sans makeup, wearing a completely au natural face?

If you do, where do you go, errands, grocery store, the bank?
My complexion isn’t even toned any more. I have dark circles & even some small age spots! Help!
(No makeup in these pics, this is what I look like most days.)
On the advice of my daughter, I’ve started using mineral make up. I recently added a mineral concealer. But I don’t think the concealer really does much. I had some liquid yellow based concealer but thought that looked, well….yellow & it was supposed to be able to cover anything. Can anyone recommend a great concealer?
This looks like a mug shot…..still no makeup in this pic. OH MY WORD, I need a face lift!!!!
My usual makeup routine was always liquid foundation, eyeliner, blush, a little mascara & lipstick. Now I’m using all that plus concealer, eyeshadow in natural tones, darkening my eye brows, lip liner…..what’s an aging gal to do? I recently saw an acquaintance at a store & she wasn’t wearing any makeup…….wow, did she look different….I was so surprised! Every since then I’m terrified that I’ll run into someone I know if I leave the house without makeup. Is putting on your face something you do every morning like brushing your teeth?

Topic #2

My breasts are now vacationing down south!
Are underwires really helpful? What brand of brassiere (is that word still a part of the English language?) do you wear? Do you prefer one brand over another? Geezeee, I need so much more support! I hate to see b**bies giggling like jello! I think I need a different size, when I think I have it adjusted comfortably the straps keep falling down……….OH I hate that……..

There will be no picture of my vacationing body parts! I must be crazy for even posting my neked face!
Come on friends, help me, share your tips ….please!