jadite collection and Lemon yellow


Cleaning out the basement seems to be something I do every year at about this time and each year I get rid of more and more stuff but still have so much. I came across my collection of Fire King Jadite and decided to get it out and use it occasionally……why have it if it’s just stashed away in a box is my new motto.jadite vase


The pretty soft green color brightens up the kitchen and looks good on the baker’s rack.

jar of lemons


I found this cute little peep and paired it with yellows flowers in a Jadite vase and a jar of  lemons.

jadite collection

The pyrex bowls on the top shelf draw out the colors in the painting.


This pretty tablecloth is from Target….



and the lemon squares are from Betty Crocker. Yep, a mix and pretty darn good too!

It’s looking so much like Spring! The sunshine has renewed my energy and I’m getting lots of little projects done….yeah!

What have you been up to lately?

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Thrifty Collecting, Jadite

I saw on tv where a woman bought an art print for 25¢ at an estate sale and later sold it for $62,000. Can you believe it? Seriously!  Stuff like that never happens to me, NEVV-EEEER EVER. But I did score this Jadite  {Jadeite} milk pitcher for 75¢ and with a little research found out it’s worth 80 bucks.
Not bad, but it’s not 62 grand. $62,000!IMG_1839
My confession.
I’m a collector.
Many times I felt in need of a 12 step program but Jadite is one of my true weaknesses.
At one time I kept it the kitchen cabinet and actually used it. {GASP}.  I happen to think it’s perfect for serving breakfast and even makes breakfast taste better. French toast or pancakes with blueberries or beautiful yellow yolks of my favorite eggs over easy, look so mouth wateringly good on these delicate green plates. It’s all about color. They say you eat with your eyes first.
I’ll admit to owning over 100 pieces…….several batter bowls, mixing bowls, swirl plates and D handled mugs, vases, platters ……… Charm, Jane Ray, Shell, Alice, I didn’t care what pattern, I bought it, but only if it was cheap.
JadeiteSandPjade   Rare pieces like these aren’t in my possession. Yet.
I never ran across any for sale…..cheap.
!B)wcT9wBmk~$(KGrHqUOKiMEwQ70HZ3QBMO28uG Hg~~_35

I own no C handled mugs,
but have many D handled ones, like these.!ByWumqw!mk~$(KGrHqJ,!iQEw5Ife3huBMRY6NVM2!~~_35
My collection was wrapped up in paper and carefully packed away in boxes and now lives in the basement. There’s just not enough space in the kitchen.
Are you a frugal collector too?  Plenty of people  are avid collectors and routinely scout out antique stores and auctions. They research and learn all they can about what they’re collecting and know which pieces are the rarest. That’s not me, I’m a hit or miss collector.
I read that Pioneer Woman loves Jadite and has a nice collection. So if she likes it as much as I do, that’s reason enough to keep on collecting Jadite. Right?
What’s your weakness?

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