New York City sights


Early Saturday morning I boarded Amtrak to NYC to spend the day with my grandson David.

He meet me in Penn Station and we immediately headed to one of his favorite cafes, French Roast on W. 11th street. We both had eggs Benedict and I can honestly say it was the best I ever had! The eggs were cooked to perfection.

In our cappuccinos, he got a leaf and I got a heart.


Next we strolled around the city heading toward the World Trade Center Memorial. I’ll be sharing that in another post.



The buildings were amazing.


Dave has taken classes on the history and architecture of the city, so he was a great tour guide, but I don’t remember the names of these buildings!




The arch at Washington Square commemorates the one hundredth anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington. I did remember that, it’s inscribed on the stone!



The opposite side has a fountain.


Another little park with a fountain, again I don’t remember the name, but this is where a tiny piece of paper flew in my mouth and grossed me out and Dave spilled his Starbuck’s drink all over his boots.

rooftop garden

Roof top gardens were spotted here and there.



We saw many bikers riding in the crowded streets. I think they’re crazy!



I loved the look of these old buildings. Would you live here? Are you a city person.



Soho and Tribeca areas. As you can see, it was a gorgeous day!

No trip to NYC would be complete with a glimpse of the Empire State building.

empire closer2011_10_22_2601

We took a carriage ride around Central Park, rode the subway several times, strolled through China town and ended our day at a great little Italian restaurant. I took lots of pictures to share with you and we even saw a star! A real movie star! I got some pictures of that too which I’ll post soon.

It was a great day! Love ya Dave.


Debbie (((xx)))

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Family fun in the mountains


Going to the cabin in upstate PA is not one of my favorite things, but it always turns out to be a good, relaxing time.

I’ve posted about it before,  more posts about the history of the cabin and interior shots are here.


It is rustic at best, but the views are spectacular!


The fire outside is still smoldering from the previous night of camp fire stories and making  s’mores.



My husband and his daughter have a little target practice and friendly competition and his grandson gets a shooting lesson.



This is the view directly across from the cabin.


You should see this sky at night! I’ve never seen so many stars.


The kids playing in the creek, looking for fish or anything interesting.2011_06_30_144652

These stone steps lead up to the swing.


With a broken seat there was no swinging this time.


What’s there to do in the mountains? Taking walks or hiking in the mountains, riding bike or riding on the Pine Creek rail trail, horseback riding, fishing for native trout or swimming in the deep swimming hole and if that’s not for you there’s the magnificient PA Grand canyon. You could take a drive on  Route 6 and surrounding small towns like Wellsboro, Coudersport or Blackwell. You will find antique shops, Mom and Pop restaurants and just have fun exploring. 



Plenty of beautiful photo opportunities too.

Even though every year I balk and moan that I don’t want to go……each time I’m glad I did, There’s something about connecting with nature that makes everything right!



Debbie (((xx)))

New York City

 One Saturday I boarded Amtrak and headed to  Penn Station in New York City to spend the day with my grandson Dave.
I can’t even say the words, New York City, without thinking of this song by Stevie Wonder.
♫ His hair is long, his feet are hard and gritty
He spends his love walking the streets of New York City
He’s almost dead from breathing on air pollution
He tried to vote but to him there’s no solution
Living just enough, just enough for the city♫…yeah, yeah, yeah

From the train the view of the countryside is so diverse, with horse drawn plows and freshly washed clothes blowing in the wind, ugly urban areas and a very interesting array of people at the stations. Interesting indeed.

 I met up with Dave in Penn Station and we set off to enjoy the day.  That’s us on the subway (the boy knows how to get around the city), some street vendors, Pace University, where he’s a student and the Cafe Dalsace, where we had a delicious brunch.
Dave devoured eggs benedict, and I loved my goat cheese and sun dried tomato omelette. We both had roasted potatoes and fresh green salad and several cups of hot french roast.  Yeah, we’re coffee hounds! Our dessert was apple tart with cinnamon ice cream. It was ummmm, so good. 
Most of the day was spent rushing around looking at apartments, and I do mean rushing. A 5 story walk up was definitely not for me. Dragging groceries up those stairs, no way! Oh to be so young again.

We did manage to get in a little sight seeing. He gave me a mini tour of Pace and I saw his dorm room……..what a mess! But I’m glad I got to see it. Now I can understand a little better why he wants out of there.
On the  left, the Brooklyn bridge. Can you say traffic? Imagine driving in that everyday. The picture was taken from inside Pace.
In the center, the first Trinity Church which was destroyed by fire in 1776 and was rebuilt in 1846. It has an amazing history.
And  on the right, the impressive New York Stock exchange.

I got a few shots of the rebuilding of the twin Towers.
from wikipedia  September 11, 2001, Pace University, four blocks from Ground Zero, lost 4 students and over 40 alumni. On September 11, 2001, students were made to leave classes and evacuate to other locations in One Pace Plaza at 10:00 AM. The New York City EMT cleared out the Admissions Lobby and made it into a triage center for victims of the attack.

It was about 11:00pm when I got home, my feet were killing me and I was exhausted, but I loved being in the city with Dave..
Are you a country person?
♫Green acres is the place to be
Farm living is the life for me
Land spreading out,
so far and wide
Keep Manhattan,
just give me that countryside.

Are you a city person?
New York
is where I’d rather stay
I get allergic smelling hay
I just adore a penthouse view
Darling, I love you,
but give me Park Avenue

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A different kind of Metamorphosis

I thought it would be fun and  interesting, to see some befores, as in 26 or 27 years ago and afters as in now.
You may remember this picture from a post I did in August about Lou’s charming cottage in Mt Gretna. From left to right it’s Roxanne, Lou, Carol, and me in the lobby of Hotel Hershey. 
Until this summer, I hadn’t seen Lou in several years since she moved to FL and Carol we rarely, if ever see. Here we are now, me, Roxanne and Lou on the right.
After all the years, I think we look pretty good for a bunch of old ladies.Well, semi old ladies!
Roxanne is even brave enough to let her hair go gray since she’s tired of coloring it. It’s turning out to be a pretty shade of silver!  Pic_for_Body_of_Blog3

So that’s a new spin  on Met Monday….. A little natural before and after.
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Welcome to Mouse T#rd Manor

We’re taking a drive to Tioga county and eventually we’ll arrive at the Mouse T#rd manor, appropriately named by my daughter. Back six miles on a narrow and twisted dirt lane she sits.

There’s lots of beauty along the way, if you appreciate the woods, and I do. It’s just so darn pretty with hills, valleys, streams and wildlife.DSC04287

We’re real close now and I can just begin to see the cabin.


Here we are, near what’s left of the historic town of Leetoina. The Mouse t#rd Manor is a hunting camp that my husband belonged to since 1975. There are a total of 10 members who don’t hunt much any more, it’s become more of a place to hang out. All around the area are great sites to see, like the PA Grand Canyon, trophy trout streams and lots of fun family activities, hiking, kayaking, Rails to Trails…any kind of outdoor activity and lots more on Route 6.

DSC04293 DSC04311

The sound of the stream across the road is so peaceful. DSC04308 DSC04316On Christmas, 1990, the original camp burnt down to the ground. All that was left was part of the original stone wall. Arsonists set fire to several camps that year. In Spring 1991, the members bought logs from a local logger, stripped all the logs by hand and created the new camp. The slate floors are from a nearby slate mine.

Inside the cabin the accommodations are campish. Some of the furniture was made by hand from the leftover logs that were purchased to rebuild the camp. Ignore the dirt, dust and soot, please. There’s a fireplace and a big wood stove to heat the place in winter and chase out the dampness and musty smell, replacing it with a smoky smell that penetrates your clothes and your hair! All the furnishings are from yardsales or were castoffs. DSC04313 Around the fireplace you can see the original stone wall that was left standing after the fire.

This is the stairs going up to the sleeping area. DSC04303 DSC04301 The kids love climbing on the bunks. DSC04295 One of these out buildings is the tool shed, the other is my least favorite part of coming to camp. The dreaded outhouse! Oh, it IS dreaded…I hate it. Inside the camp there’s a bathroom that consists of a sink and a shower…at least we have running water. DSC04310 DSC04326 DSC04321

Here’s Bill posing by the swimming hole which, at times, can be about 8 feet deep, but it’s so cold.

That’s a little tour of beautiful Tioga county in PA, hope you enjoyed it. And I’m lucky to be going back there again in August! Guess I have to start getting into my camp mindset!

I’ve added this post to Outdoor Wednesday at A Southern Day Dreamer. Lots more to look at there!


I’m just now getting around to posting pictures from the christening in July of my new g’baby Mia, in beautiful Canandaigua. Cousins, my g’son Dave 17 & g’daughter Taylor 15.
Here’s my dd#2, who’s the godmother & me. We clean up real good! Yeah Baby!
Sweet Mia & her mama, my #1 daughter. Note her pretty christening bracelet that was purchased from an ESTY boutique. Mia’s christening bracelet was beautiful & will be a wonderful keepsake. Just look at those toes! Aren’t baby toes the cutest!

It was a naked christening so she was changed into her christening dress during the ceremony.
Below is Mia, her big bro & her mom & dad.
Mia & her godmother & godfather.
Mia’s daddy is catholic so she was christened in the catholic church. It was a casual ceremony & we all enjoyed it lots. Her big bro was the christian witness as well as part of the ceremony & her little cousins were included too. Afterward was a nice party at the clubhouse. The heat was extreme that day so all the kids went swimming to cool off.
Here’s my #2 g’son Jake….he’s getting a taste of icing but he really wanted to dive right into that cake! Well……so did I!

You’ve all heard of the Nester, right? Well, I made this swag a la the Nester. We used it as a decoration at the party. Now it hangs as a valance in Mia’s room.

I used pieces of some of her outgrown sleepers in the swag. See the little bunny feet? It’s really cute…I love it.

Dad is doing much better so hopefully things will settle down a bit. Phew!!!

Hope you all have a great week!