Home cooking, Kale and quinoa soup

A chill in the air signals the perfect time for hot home-made soup. There’s something about a chilly day that awakens the nesting instinct and calls for comfort food. Making home-made soup is easy,  just start with a flavorful base. You can use canned broth or make your own from a chicken carcass or vegetables if you like.

For this soup I used my crockpot. I first cooked chicken breast in the crockpot then added canned broth, and in my ongoing efforts to eat healthy foods, I added quinoa and kale. After the quinoa was cooked I added the kale that we grew this year, black beans and a can of Rotel  tomatoes. Rotel tomatoes are canned tomatoes with a kick of green chilies.

kale quinoa soup

I seasoned it with salt and cumin. The taste of cumin with the spiciness of the Rotel tomatoes was delish!


If you aren’t sure about quinoa, just try it! It’s classified as a grain like barley or rice but is actually a seed and has it’s own unique earthy taste. You can use it just like rice.

I could have used rice and added carrots or used oregano and basil instead of cumin. With home-made soup you can flavor it as you like. Some of the tastiest soups are made from  vegetables and whatever you have on hand. A good time to experiment is with Thanksgiving leftovers.

There’s nothing better than hot soup, add a piece of crusty bread and you’re all set.


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Bean salsa or cowboy caviar, it’s good!

Are you a salsa lover? Grab a bag of chips and dig in! This recipe is good! One day I decided to take a little trip to one of my favorite stores. It’s about a half hour from here and if you’re in central PA you might know it, it’s Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill. They have a big garden center, a grocery and gift store and a great seafood department. There are lots of organics and all sorts of food that isn’t sold in the local grocery stores. In the refrigerated section I spied a beany concoction that looked pretty good to me because I love beans of every shape and size! I had to get it, those beans were calling my name! It was so good I wanted to make my own. When searching for recipes for Texas salsa, I discovered it goes by many names; cowboy caviar, cowboy salsa, Texas salsa and bean salsa.  There were so many recipes, so I added a little of this recipe and a little of that recipe and came up with my own version.

salsa, cilarnto, lime

I like to serve it with lime slices and avocado but I think sour cream would be good too. bean salsa

All the spices can be adjusted to your personal preference. I like it with lots of spice and always end up stirring in more after it’s refrigerated overnight.  It was a hit at our 4th of July party. Do you have a favorite salsa recipe?


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Roasting a blue pumpkin, they’re not just for decorating.

Blue pumpkins are so popular these days but have you ever wondered what they look like inside or if you could eat them? The answers are about to be revealed! You can indeed eat them and they are as bright orange as any orange pumpkin I’ve seen.

I think these bluish pumpkins I bought are called Jarrahdale pumpkins. I’m not positive though. Anyway, there’s a predicted shortage of canned pumpkin this year and I noticed that a can costs $1.65 at the local grocery store. That was a regular sized can, about 2 cups. If you like to bake pumpkin recipes, that can add up.
Since I bought 5 of these pretty blue pumpkins for fall decorating,  I decided to use them for baking.
roasting a blue pumpkin
They’re bright orange!  inside of blue pumpkin

Be extra careful when cutting them apart because they are hard to get through! I mean these babies are tough. After cutting my pumpkin into quarters, I scooped out the seeds and placed the quarters on a baking sheet shin side up. I didn’t use any salt or oil.

pumpkin after roasting

They roasted at 350 until they were soft and then after they cooled, I pulled off the skin.  mashed pumpkin
I got a good 4 cups from a pumpkin that weighed about 5 pounds. I used 2 cups for a recipe and froze the rest for later and I still have 4 more blue pumpkins to use up! I never tried cooking with a white pumpkin or a Cinderellla pumpkin, have you?

Let the baking holiday begin!

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A Fall lunch on the patio

Our patio gets lots of use in the warm summer, but after that we don’t use it much. We don’t have a fireplace or heat source out there and are content just to use it in warm weather. Well, the weather has been gorgeous, except for a few rainy days and we were still eating outside until this week. With the sun shining and a little chill in the air, it was relaxing and fun to eat al fresco at home.

Fall centerpiece

Most of our patio furniture is put away for winter but we left our table and chair set out to get a couple more uses out of it. I added a simple centerpiece of pinecones, pumpkins and a branch from a pretty maple tree.

grilled cheese apple sandwich 2
The menu was grilled cheese with apple on whole grain sourdough bread and home made tomato soup. I used a mandolin to slice the apples thinly. It was only a short time ago that I was introduced to cheddar cheese and apples. The combo is scrumptious. Warm apple pie with cheddar melting on top is yummo! If you’ve never tried it you should.

Fall lunch
My cream of tomato soup didn’t turn out so great but it was ok for dipping my sandwich. Next time I’ll find a different recipe.

grilled cheese apple sandwich

Doesn’t that melting cheese look good? It was! grilled cheese apple sandwich tomato soup 2

So that was our yummy lunch on the patio. This week the weather is much cooler and tomorrow the temps are expected to be around 50 degrees! Winter is coming!

Winter is coming and that means Christmas. You know that bloggers are already working on Christmas projects. I’m thinking about Thanksgiving first, but I will admit to thinking about decorating the mantel for Christmas!  How about you?

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Roasted red beets

Roasting is my new favorite way to cook vegetables.  Fall is the perfect season to give roasted beets a try. After roasting, I take off the skins and store them in the refrigerator. They’re great for tossing in salads, pickling or just sprinkling with salt and enjoying.

Red beets have always been one of my favorite vegetables. I tried growing them in our garden before and never had any luck but this year I harvested my first crop of beets. It wasn’t a bumper crop but I did get a couple dozen.  raw red beets

They aren’t the prettiest vegetable but I was pleased with my first crop.

To get them ready for roasting, I cleaned them and cut off the leafy greens. Some of the greens I tossed in a salad. Leave some stem attached to help hold the beet while taking off the skin.  roasting red beets

Roast them in the oven at 375 to 425 until they are easily pierced. You can drizzle olive oil over them if you like. To contain any juices, wrap the beets in foil. Wrapping in foil kelps to keep them from drying out too. I didn’t do that and it wasn’t too messy. Nothing like red beet juice all over. I ruined my kitchen curtains a long time ago with red beet stains!

roasted red beets
You will get pink fingers though. After roasting and cooling the skins come off easily. They will keep for about a week in the refrigerator.  red beets in salad

Beets are slightly sweeter after roasting and make a tasty combo with a mild goat cheese or feta, a little salt and balsamic vinegar.

red beets

Lots of people say they don’t like beets but I bet they’ve never tried roasted beets with coarse salt, feta and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Now that’s good eating!

Most recipes for roasting beets recommend wrapping them in foil but I didn’t and they turned out fine. I’ll try that next time, It probably would cut down on oven time.

What’s your favorite way to eat beets? Please don’t say you don’t like them!   They are full of good for you fiber, vitamins and minerals! I love beets!

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Dinner on the patio with serving pieces from Villeroy and Boch

Summer gives us a chance to enjoy the patio and outdoor dining. Well, we really aren’t all that fancy around here, we just call it eating supper. But it sure is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Winter comes quickly so I like to be out there while I can.
Recently I was asked if I’d like to receive a sample of some Villeroy and Boch dinnerware. Well sure I would! I always wanted an elegant way to serve a salad and the pieces I chose from Villeroy and Boch fill the bill. The plate is so large I can fill it with fresh salad fixings and the extra large bowl I filled with greens from our garden. villeroy and boch  tureen large bowl
Trying to eat a healthy diet, we had halibut, baked sweet potatoes, and salad for supper.
villeroy and boch vegetable platter
I filled the platter with cucumbers, onions, red bell pepper, tomatoes, and basil, all from our garden and avocado, goat cheese and lemon for the fish we were having for dinner. It’s almost like our own salad bar on the patio.villeroy and boch  tureen large bowl2
I like the unusual notched design of these pieces from the New Wave collection.The plates are a sleek, wavy design perfect for a modern feel. The classic white goes well with all your other dinnerware.

A little about Villeroy and Boch:

The company is nearly 260 years old and still family owned and operated by the 8th generation of its original founders. Isabelle von Boch, a self-proclaimed “worst cook” who raised her children in California, is an ardent advocate for using good china and crystal every day, even if you are serving takeout or grilling burgers.

A big Thank You to Villeroy and Boch for the beautiful pieces that I am positive I will use again and again!

What is your favorite dinnerware? Do you use good china for everyday meals?

Yes, that is burlap on the table, a post about that is coming up soon.

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grilled watermelon, A new take on an old favorite

Watermelon is a classic summer fruit. I can remember as a child, eating a juicy watermelon and spitting out the seeds and later being amazed when a watermelon vine miraculously  sprouted. We never swallowed the seeds because we were afraid a watermelon would grow in our bellies. I loved those salted watermelon slices.
Back then that was how you ate watermelon, never in salads, salsa, drinks or grilled. Grilled? Yep that’s right, I came across a recipe that had grilled watermelon, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar. Since it was foods that I love, I decided to give it a try. It was really good, different, but really good! And it was pretty too!   grilled watermelon 44
Chopped mint would have been a great addition to this salad but my husband doesn’t like mint so I just added some on the side.      grilled watermelon 3
There is a great company in Canandaigua NY that sells the best balsamic vinegars and it was so good with grilled watermelon.   grilled watermelon 4
To make this, put a slice of watermelon on a hot grill and grill only on one side, just long enough to get some nice grill marks. Grilling makes it even sweeter and redder. Plate it, then add feta cheese and a drizzle of your favorite balsamic vinegar.    grilled watermelon 2
So yummy and refreshing on a hot summer evening.

Watermelon is used in so many different ways today, salsas, sorbets, salads, you name it!
In mojitos, margaritas or as an addition to iced tea or sangria, be sure to enjoy watermelon while you can. It’s good for you, loaded with anti-oxidants, delicious and fun! How do you like to eat watermelon? Seedless or do you prefer seeds for a good old fashioned seed spittin’ contest?

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Healthy eating, vegetable hash

After the sickness of this winter, I was feeling better but still had no energy or strength. I’d start to do something and quickly run out of steam. I even had to sit down to fold the laundry. All I wanted to do was lay on the couch and knew I had to get over that fast. My desires were to get outside and do some gardening or work on projects inside and I needed more energy for that.

On instagram I saw lots of pictures of the Paleo diet, clean eating and whole30. I starting thinking that maybe a change in diet would help and boy did it! I feel lighter and have much more energy and an added perk, it’s so much easier to fall asleep.

My new way of eating consists of vegetables, lean meat, fruits, nuts and berries, whole grains and some dairy. It’s not strictly Paleo but it’s working for me. Grains, dairy and beans aren’t part of the Paleo diet but I’m not ready to give up whole grain bread or beans, I just eat them sparingly. Today I had one slice of a good whole grain bread and that will be it for today.

veggie hash and eggs

Part of this new way of eating it trying out new vegetables and recipes. You can make a great vegetable hash to eat with eggs. It’s a colorful and filling breakfast.

veggie hash

I diced onion, orange bell pepper and parsnips and cooked them in a sauté pan with a little coconut oil. The vegetables browned up nicely and then I added a big handful of fresh baby spinach and let that cook a bit more. I served it with some eggs over easy and a side of sliced tomatoes. It was so good!

veggie hash and eggs  2

I’ve always loved vegetable but now I’m eating new ones like kale and parsnips and am loving them too. I’m using coconut oil for cooking and delicious balsamic vinegars for dressing salads or just drizzling on vegetables. As far as sweets and packaged, processed foods, I can’t say I will never eat them. If I get a craving for a slice of cake, I’ll have it but not often. That’s the key for me sticking to a healthy diet. It would be a sad state if I could never again have a yummy treat. ……but just a little. Send a kiss

Come on over to Instagram! I’ll be posting photos of the good food I’m eating.

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe to share?


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About my recent absence from blogging

Recently blogging has been on the back burner. I didn’t even get all of my Christmas or Valentine’s decorations posted…sigh. I wanted to, but the energy to do that simple task just wasn’t there. I was sick all winter. It started immediately after my father passed away and I thought that I may have caught a bug from being in the hospital with him. Because the holidays were fast approaching, I went to the doctor immediately.  He gave me a refill on my steroid nasal spray and a different antihistamine. The very next day I was much sicker with fever and chills. This time I got an antibiotic and thought after I finished taking it I would be fine.

I wasn’t. I kept getting worse! The cough was unrelenting and my sinuses sounded like squeaky floors.I was coughing so much that I could barely speak.

 snow 2013 Dawn's

To make it even worse, I was stuck at my daughter’s house in snow. Another snow storm hit after this one! There was a lot of snow.

When I finally got back home I went to the doctor again for yet another antibiotic. I don’t do well with antibiotics, while they took care of my sinus infection, I ended up with some awful intestinal problems.


Guess what?? I needed another antibiotic to get over the crud in my gut! That’s 3 different ones, cipro, augmentin and flagyl!  At one point I was so sick that I went to the ER and spent the day there getting rehydrated.

It took about three months before I started to feel better. After all this I’m determined to be healthy. My diet has changed drastically. I shop the outer aisles of the grocery store now and try to stay away from processed foods. My diet consists of vegetables, lean protein, fruits, nuts, whole grains and low fat dairy.


I’ve always loved vegetables and now I’m eating avocado, kale and parsnips which weren’t in my diet before.

Collage junk food

Fast foods and sweets aren’t a daily part of my diet like they were before. I will eat something sweet if I’m really craving it but that hasn’t happened too often.

So that’s the scoop. It’s been a rough winter…..dark, cold and sickly for me. I’m feeling better and the sun is starting to shine, flowers are growing…..things are looking up!

How did you manage the winter? Did your family get hit with virus and flu? Got any tips for staying healthy?

I ‘ll be sharing my recipe for breakfast veggie hash soon. It’s good!


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Chocolate covered Strawberries and Blueberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are so good, especially if the strawberries are big, ripe and sweet. As much as I love chocolate in any form, I’ve never melted it at home to coat berries or even Easter eggs! Since I had a gigantic bag of chocolate chips, (that my hubby bought at Costco thinking I would make him 20 batches of cookies…didn’t happen) I decided to try melting the chips and coating strawberries and blueberries. It’s my version of health food.

I had to do a little search to find out how to melt chocolate chips.

melting chocolate chips

I found that you need to add shortening to the chips and it’s good to coat the chips before you start to melt them. To 2 ½ cups of chips I added 2 Tablespoons of shortening. The microwave works fine for melting chocolate, but I chose to use my vintage Pyrex double boiler just because I like using it.

melted chocolate chips

I kept the heat on low to simmer the water and kept stirring until it was completely melted. At this point I may have eaten a spoonful of the melted goodness!

chocolate covered strawberries

Using a wooden skewer I dipped the berries in the chocolate. The fruit has to be really dry…something about the chocolate seizing up.

chcoclate blueberries

Sorry for the quality of this picture, at this point my hands were coated in chocolate too. After a couple attempts at making chocolate blueberry clusters, I decided the best way is to place the berries in a pile on a piece of parchment and cover them melted chocolate, then separate a cluster of about 5 or 6 berries from the pile. It’s very messy!

tea cup pedestal

I used my teacup pedestal, embellished with Valentine’s ribbon, to serve the berries.

chocolate covered strawberries blueberries2

I may have over-dipped them but that makes them even more yummy! Winking smile

chocolate covered strawberries blueberries text


Have you ever dipped fruit in chocolate? What your best method?


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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, gardening


We plant a garden every year and I have to admit, this year, our garden is a mess. Between too much rain, no rain, pesky insects and rabbits, it’s looking pretty bad.

Despite all that, we are still getting some vegetables. Not as much as we have in past years, but still plenty for us. Our neighbors must be wondering why they aren’t getting many tomatoes or zucchini from us this year.

The GOOD.     We got some absolutely delicious cantaloupe, there were plenty of zucchini for making relish and my husband got plenty of his beloved chili peppers. And I had a burst of energy and actually put up some peach preserves. Put up means canned around these parts.


The BAD.  Cracked and split is how almost all the tomatoes look and an insect is eating them up right on the vine. It has to be insects or birds because rabbits can’t reach that high. Next year I guess we’ll spray them.  We never have before and always got nice looking tomatoes.


The UGLY. This year I tried a new tomato, Black Krim. The pictures don’t show just how ugly they are. When cut open, the edges are black and I thought rotten, but boy are they loaded with a rich tomato flavor and not rotten at all…..just ugly.


We planted a couple rows of green beans and  harvested about…….four! That’s four beans. I saw that the plants didn’t have many blooms on them and sure enough it was rabbits. Our garden is completely surrounded by wire fencing but baby rabbits still get in and had a grand smorgasbord. We didn’t see them because they hid in the zucchini plants.Bunny

Next year a new fence will be the first project on the list………unless Clint Eastwood shows up.



How does your garden grow this year?

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Girl party on the patio

Recently I hosted a  jewelry party on the patio.  I invited a few girlfriends over to a Premier Designs party. It turned out to be a perfect evening for outdoor entertaining.collage
Snacks are expected. So what do you serve a bunch of women on a warm evening? Some snacks that aren’t too heavy, because no one is going to do more than nibble, but you want to have a nice colorful selection and a great cool drink.
Since it was a Premier Designs party, I dubbed the drink a ‘P D tini.’  Non alcoholic. Blue elixir, fizz, over ice, garnished with cherry and lime. 1
This simple drink was such a hit. I think because of the way it was presented, it was festive and fun. The chalkboard was just a piece of old paneling sprayed with chalkboard paint. (Edited to add this post to the Chalkboard party at Beth’s blog, The Stories of A to Z. She’s a talented PA gal who has a fun and fabulous blog! Having a portable chalkboard like this one has so many uses, everyone should have their own. Think yardsales, picnics, cookouts, lemonade stands and lots more!)
To make it mysterious, I didn’t share the ingredients until the end of the party.
Blue elixir=white grape juice and food coloring.
Fizz=ginger ale.
Simple as can be!

My large white pitchers handled this job prettily! The chalkboard labels came from etsy and I can think of hundreds of ways to use them!
I served 2 cheeses, and green and purple grapes on a double white pedestal,  strawberries and fruit dip (recipe follows) on a big white platter and for something crunchy, I mixed pretzel sticks and goldfish crackers and served them in a large round lidded, clear glass canister. It was a pretty spread but I was too busy to get any pictures so these pictures are a mini re-creation!
Something sweet, inspired by Paula Deen was frozen margarita dessert. I skipped the tequila.
(Take from Paula Deen’s best Desserts magazine.)
Here’s my fruit dip recipe.
Mix up equal parts of softened cream cheese, marshmallow creme and cool whip. That’s it! Have you ever made this? It is some seriously good stuff. It’s fluffy, heavenly, yummy!pdtini

Mary Kay, Tastefully Simple, Pampered chef, Longaberger, Arbonne, Southern Living at Home…I think these are still around. Are you into home parties, like 31 Purses, Miche Bags or tupperware? Is tupperware still sold at home parties? I’m going to a Miche bags party on Saturday and am looking forward to some girl time.
Home parties, love em or leave em…I’m somewhere in the middle. The only other home party I hosted was Mary Kay, how about you?
I’ll be showing you all my goodies on Thursday! Come on back to see all the bling!

Another chalkboard project HERE.

The lowliest of lowly casseroles

Tuna Noodle Casserole.
I can take it or leave it, but I can’t deny that it’s ageless and quick.
Without soups like cream of mushroom, or chicken, how could we just whip up dinner! Was there even tuna noodle casserole before condensed soup?
I did a little searching and found out the answer is Yes! This recipe from 1935 uses a cream sauce to make TNC. I really don’t have the desire to do that, guess I’m spoiled or just lucky.
1935, Tuna-Noodle Casserole

1 seven-ounce can tuna
2 cups cooked noodles
2 hard-boiled eggs
2 cups cream sauce
1 tablespoon diced onions
salt and pepper.
Butter bottom of baking dish. Put in one layer noodles, then one layer tuna and eggs. Cover with noodles and pour over the mixture the rich cream sauce with the onions in it. Bake in oven for thirty minutes.”
—“Let Can Opener Care for Unexpected Guests,” Los Angeles Times, October 23, 1935

And then, canned cream of mushroom soup was introduced in 1934,  right in the middle of the depression. It just happened to be in the right place at the right time because it took off. This recipe is thought to be the first TNC casserole recipe published by Campbells.

1941, Casserole dishes.

Learn how to use Campbell’s Soups in your casserole dishes. Discover what zestful flavor they give–what quick and easy substituted for cream sauce some of them are–the precious minutes they save you in preparation–they make meals so attractive! The following recipe is sure to become a family favorite.
Company Casserole.
1 package (6 oz) egg noodles
1 can Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 cup milk
1/4 pound pimiento cheese, sliced
2 hard-cooked eggs, chopped
1 can (7 oz) tuna fish
6 tablespoons flaked cereal crumbs, buttered
Easy Way s to Good Meals: 99 Delicious Dishes Made With Campbell’s Soups, Campbell Soup Company [Campbell Soup Company:Camden NJ] 1941   From the Food Timeline

 70 years later and we still make TNC, well, I do. My version is pretty close to the original recipe., but I don’t use hard boiled eggs and I will admit to using generic brand soup and adding in different ingredients to jazz it up. A couple handfuls of frozen mixed veges or peas, sometimes a few dollops of sour cream or I’ll stir in some cream cheese or even mayonnaise. Condensed cheese soup makes a great TNC too.
This time I added grated Longhorn cheese and black olives (on half ) and topped it off with panko bread crumbs. 
Is TNC a dish you still make? Original recipe or your own version? Have you ever put hard boiled eggs in it?
Here’s dinner, Historic Tuna Noodle Casserole, my way, circa 2010. Doesn’t it look good?


Foodie Friday

Cantaloupe or Cantalope or Cantaloupe, however you spell it, it’s delicious. It’s my favorite summer fruit!
Do you salt yours? I love the juiciness the salt produces and the sweet and salty flavor.
I did some research and found out that cantaloupe is actually a squash and a member of the muskmelon family. A serving, about 1/8 of a cantaloupe, provides you with 400% of vitamin A, 100% of vitamin C, a ton of antioxidants, potassium, fiber and folate. So, you have no reason not to eat it!

Let an unripe cantaloupe sit on your counter for 3 or 4 days to ripen and enjoy…….. now while they’re in season!

We’re off to the farmer’s market today and guess what I’ll be buying….yum!

More food at Foodie Friday.

~It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like~

A white turkey day! Look at the beauty we awoke to this morning. This is our backyard covered in fluffy snow.
I love how the trees look coated in snow. I couldn’t quite grasp the holiday spirit the day after Halloween that all the stores were pushing, but this should help to bring on the spirit.With Thanksgiving coming quickly, I know I’ll be cooking the same tried & true favorites. Here’s our menu,
roast turkey with gravy
warm rolls
Cole slaw, which is wonderful on leftover turkey sandwiches!
cranberry sauce, must be canned, isn’t that sad?
Pa dutch style potato filling
glazed sweet potatoes
baked corn casserole
green vegetable, probably broccoli
deviled eggs

two different desserts
There you have it, I planned this menu carefully, keeping the carbs to a minimum………of about a million.
Giving Thanks

What’s on your menu? Do you ever try new dishes or does your family demand tradition? Whenever I try to deviate from the menu I hear grumbling, how about you? You will find more Thanksgiving ideas over at There is No Place Like Home.

My H is home from the hospital now & he keeps me hopping! He’s got so many pills to keep track of, plus an ice machine that keeps his knee iced, a machine the bends his knee, a cane, a walker & a thing that looks like a dog leash that helps him move his leg around. But, I do have to say, he’s in extremely good spirits and that helps me so much. I was expecting him to be a bear!

~Just Peachy~

We’ve been getting lots of peppers of all kinds, zucchini, squash, tomatoes and lots more fresh vegetables from our garden. I love home grown tomatoes! Their flavor is the best! Now the luscious fruits of summer are upon us. Melons and peaches are my favorites. I don’t have a good recipe for peach cobbler so when I saw this at the grocery store I thought I’d try it. It’s a mix & you add milk, butter & peaches. Simple!
Look at those mouth watering beauties!
Here it is ready for the oven. I think I could eat it like this! It smelled heavenly when it was done. I’ll be enjoying it warm with a bit of vanilla frozen yogurt…yummm

~~~I want to thank everyone who stopped by with their kind comments on the yardsale & thrifting post below. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU! I really appreciated all the comments. I hope you’ll return again and I’m slowly adding new blogs to the blog list in the sidebar. THANK YOU too Rhoda for hosting with your Southern Hospitality!~~~~

I got lots of questions about yardsale tips & the kinds of neighborhoods I yardsale in, so here goes……..
I felt like lots of people do…..it’s just somebody else’s junk……I wanted no parts of it. Then I passed a big yardsale & stopped to see what was there…..I don’t remember what I bought but it was enough to make me much more interested in YSing.

As far as tips…..Rhoda states the best tips in her published newspaper article…check it out. I could only add to that, don’t get discouraged, you’ll eventually find great things….just keep going.
Be polite when asking for a better price & watch where you’re going! LOL…..read this!

What type of neighborhood? Any! I try to stick close to home……it’s not a real bargain if you use up all your gas to get it. There are lots of new developments very near here where you’ll always find toys & kids clothes & sometimes great household items. I was at a YS where they had a framed sign stating that all the kids clothes were in excellent condition, had no tears or stains & were washed only in Dreft! The clothes there were like new & a real bargain. Don’t be shy about buying clothes at YS, there are some nice things out there. If a place looks really seedy or dirty, just pass on by.

My favorite places are community YS. You don’t have to travel far between sales.
I do have to add, that you have to develop an eye for seeing things in a new way. The trash to treasure eye…..if you see a piece on a table crowded with lots of other things, you might pass it by. Maybe a piece is just dirty or can be redone. Remember, reuse, re purpose, recycle! An old wagon could become a coffee table, a cute chair can become a nightstand. You can paint anything too. I buy all my picture frames at YS & paint them with Sophisticated Finishes. I’ve even painted lamps.

If you think I’ve collected great things from YS, just remember I did it one piece at a time!

The guest room redo came to a screeching halt! My dad collapsed & was taken to the med center in Hershey. Luckily I was with him at the time! He’s doing lots better & will be home tomorrow. He’s 84 & lives alone so I am constantly running between him & Mom. His mind is sharp & he’s very stubborn. I think he’s still got some good years in him! At this point I think I’ve developed a sense of humor about caring for aging parents……I’ve just about seen it all!

Thanks again for the kind comments, you all made me feel JUST PEACHY! Have a great week!

~A Decadent Breakfast~

This morning I woke up feeling like having something other than the usual cereal for breakfast. Some really ripe strawberries & blueberries were in the fridge so I thought, pancakes! We don’t have pancakes very often but once in a while I get a hankering for a sweet breakfast. I topped them with lots of syrup & even a big dallop of butter. Oh I’m sooo bad!

Heart Smart Bisquick was the base for these yummies…….so they can’t be all bad, right?

~Family room & soup~

Here are some pix of our family room just off the kitchen. This is a room that is especially cozy in the cold months & I love to curl up in here on the couch & watch the fire. Do you remember a previous post where I ask where’s your nest? My couch nest is in this room.
I made the topiaries & added feathers to the lamps.

The window panels are from Tuesday Morning, the pillow is from Big lots.
Another topiary that I made.
This chair is a yardsale find that I painted & recovered the seat.

A coffee table vignette for Fall.
The big clock that I love was on clearance at Kirklands for about 20$. It’s a chilly day and there was frost this morning, how about a bowl of hot PA dutch chicken corn noodle soup? A carb lovers feast…corn, noodles, potatoes and rivels, (dough balls) & chicken of course. It’s yummy, I was raised on this kind of food so it’s pure comfort to me.

This is post #98! I’m planning a giveaway for after Thanksgiving! It’ll be fun!
Added the recipe for Chicken corn noodle soup
You’ll need a big pot of broth. I just boil chicken til it almost falls off the bone. Take it out of the pot and set aside. I like to put the chicken & broth in the refrigerator overnight & then skim off the fat the next day. Then I strain the broth. Pull chicken meat off the bones.

Start to heat broth & add 3 to 6 cans of corn, a combination of yellow & white corn. Add about 4 chopped potatoes. Bring to a boil & add rivels.
Rivals- 1 egg & about a cup of flour, mix together, it should be kinda dry & crumbly. Grab a small piece & crumble it over the top of the boiling soup. Small pieces are best, you can add more flour if needed.
( Making rivals is an art, sometimes my pieces are too big & I have to cut them)

Then add noodles, as much as you like. I have a big soup pot so I add a whole bag. Cook til noodles are soft & add the chicken last. Add parsley, season to taste with salt & pepper.

You don’t have to add rivels, that’s a PA dutch thing…they add rivals to bean soup too.

You can add bouillon cubes for more flavor or canned broth. That’s it.