Easter table, golden eggs and polka dots

While going through all my things that were packed away in the basement, I found my collection of green depression glass and that was the starting point for this table.  I knew I wanted it to be fun and festive. What’s more fun than polka dots? I added metallic gold faux eggs  for a festive touch. Here’s how I created the tablescape.Easter table with golden eggs


The eggs and urn were spray painted with the blogger’s BFF, spray paint. The china, with a golden ring around the edge and the golden chargers are all part of a set I got at Sam’s Club a long time ago.Easter table


I used metallic paint and a foam pouncer brush to make the dots on an old tablecloth. It was a  quick and easy little project. The trick  is having just the right amount of paint on the brush, but it’s pretty forgiving and you can go back over it if there’s not enough paint.

.golden eggs


Coffee cups, lined up down the center of the table, hold the golden eggs in a little nest of green moss. I think the flowers look fake but they’re real grocery store flowers. Lately I can’t resist grocery store bouquets.polka dot Easter table


The depression glass adds a bit of green color. The turquoise napkins are from TJmaxx and the patterned bowls are from Big Lots.polka dot tablecloth


I think the polka dots are so cute! An unexpected touch of whimsy!natural dye Easter egg


Mottled green eggs in a napkin nest are nestled in the bowls.green egg


I rolled up the napkins diagonally and tucked them in the bowls. Then fluffed them up a little bit to create the nests.


Have a very Happy Easter.


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Updating a mirror backed hutch with foam board and stencils

Our dining room hutch had a mirrored back and I was itching to give it a new look. Its look changed dramatically with just foam board and a stencil. I cut the foam board to fit over the mirrors and stenciled it with the Casablanca stencil from Cutting Edge stencils. Adding a stenciled back and removing the doors was an inexpensive way to get a whole new look. Updating the mirrored backed hutch with a new stenciled back changed the feel of the dining room from formal to more casual.
In the years 16 years we’ve lived in this house the dining room has undergone several changes. The builder’s white became a most horrible yellow in the early days here. I struggled over picking a color and ended up picking a bad one. Next it was a dark red which was a big trend in dining rooms in the 90s.
hutch with blue and white transferware dishes
This dining room suit was a cheap buy when we needed furniture for the room because we moved our old dining room furniture to the basement. It’s definitely not something I’d pick today.
hutch in believable buff dining room
When I wanted to lighten up the red walls, I painted it Believable Buff by Sherwin Williams. It was a good neutral and I didn’t tire of it so quickly.     hutch with stenciled back
Now, jumping on the gray bandwagon, the walls are Agreeable Gray, a taupey gray, by Sherwin Williams. Here’s how the hutch looks today with the doors removed and the stenciled back. Are you embracing all the pretty gray shades?   hutch
It was too busy looking with the fretwork on the doors and the the stenciled back. There was too much going on so I removed the doors. I never really liked them anyhow! Be gone doors!
mirrored back hutch, stenciled back, white ironstone 2
The dining room is slowly getting a new look. It’s a work in progress right now. I’m working on painting the hall and living room before I can call it done.   mirrored back hutch, stenciled back, white ironstone
My white ironstone collection looks pretty good with the hutch’s new look.     stencil on foam board
Working with foam board is not my favorite thing, it was difficult to cut and I would suggest practicing first if you want to cut it. I did get better as I went along. You’ll need a sharp exacto knife and a straight edge.   foam board stencil


After it was cut I stenciled it. I taped it back together to make it easier to stencil. Can you see how it curled after it dried? To try to remedy that I turned it over and piled some weight on the ends. It worked in a kinda/sorta way. Super strength double faced tape works well to hold it in place in the hutch but I need to add a few more pieces in spots that don’t stick well.
hutch door hinges
I had to stain the areas where the door hinges were. I left them like that and didn’t try to hide the fact that there were doors on this piece. So with just a few more pieces of double faced tape this little project will be finished and I’m calling it imperfectly fine.

When the painting is finished I’ll be pulling out some autumn decorations. We’ve had a few cool nights and it feels like autumn is in the air. What have you been up to, decorating for fall?

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Using silver spray paint with furniture wax, redecorating the Dining room

One thing leads to another in redecorating a space. I’m in the middle of redecorating the dining room and it’s never as easy as slapping a different color of paint on the walls.  Painting furniture and recovering chair seats and adding new accessories are part of the process.

This dining room project on a burgundy colored bombe chest was a total experiment. I wanted a silver luxe look without too much gloss and I wanted to make this project simple by using spray paint. So on went my thinking cap and this is what I came up with. Using spray paint with Annie Sloan waxes.  drawers


I looked but couldn’t find a picture of the bombe chest before I painted it, but it was dark and had a flower design on the front of the drawers. It was an inexpensive piece so I had no qualms about painting it. Going over this piece with liquid sander, which is sometimes called deglosser was the first step.  Easy, no sanding involved! After it dried I sprayed it with Krylon metallic aluminum. It was really shiny and bright, not at all the look I was going for. That’s where the wax came into play.

spray paint wax

I mixed a little dark wax with clear wax and rubbed it on. I liked it immediately. It had the color I wanted and the wax knocked down the sheen.

silver painted bombe chest

I distressed  the drawer fronts and edges but that didn’t photograph too well, but you get the idea.

Anew gray from Sherwin Williams

The new paint color on the walls is Anew Gray, it’s a gray with tan in it, a greige. It works well with cool and warm tones.

Anew gray from Sherwin Williams DR

Here’s a look at the newly recovered chair seats.

painted bombe chest and silver

You can get a glimpse of the china cabinet with its doors removed and a newly stenciled back, that was another project that I’ll be sharing later.

I’ll be painting the living room in Agreeable Gray, a slightly lighter color if I ever get done with this project.Thinking smile It always takes me forever! I got some new pieces in there and a pretty new rug.

Have you used gray in your home or do you think this trend will be over soon?


Follow along on instagram, we’ll be at the beach for a few days with surf, sand and sun!

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Apples,Snow and sneaking branches from the neighbors yard.

Snow. On Saturday we got about 8 inches of heavy, wet snow. It just didn’t feel right. The trees were still filled with colorful leaves and it wasn’t very cold, so why were we getting snow dumped on us?


White impatiens sheltered under a tree, hadn’t yet been hit by frost.


Our garden reminded me of a fairy tale snow garden.

The day before this crazy weather, the news had been warning of the coming storm, so I snuck into our neighbors yard to clip a few branches!  shhhh, it’s a secret. Could I get arrested for sneaking a few branches?


I wasn’t ready to say good bye to the pretty leaves and wanted to make a loose arrangement for the dining room. I speared apples with skewers and added them to the vase.


Then I decided to sit here and have some cider and a snack and watch the snow falling outside. Enjoying Autumn inside, while watching a snow storm outside was a new experience for me.


I even dug out this old embroidered placemat.


Autumn is just too pretty to leave us so soon!


Pears would have worked in this arrangement and adding fruit is an easy way to celebrate the season. It looks so pretty too.

Our neighbor was waving at me from his window while I was sneaking. those branches.Who me?


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My Pathetic slipcovers

Dark colors and red dining rooms were the rage and I loved this black and red print fabric from Calico Corners. Several years later I grew tired of it, especially since the decorating trend has gone in the opposite direction and the dining room has been lightened up.

 I’ve been sewing forever, but never attempted slipcovers, so making slipcovers couldn’t be too hard. Right?    WRONG
 I used Miss Mustard Seed’s video tutorials as my starting point. She sure makes it look easy, but I think it takes talent too. There’s no denying that she’s got tons!

And so I began cutting, pinning the pieces together and sewing,

and ripping out and pinning and sewing again. Pathetic, huh?

Then I decided to baste it together.
Amen, that did work better for me. I could see exactly where to sew the seams. WooHoo!

The hardest part was the skirt and I did NOT add piping. Phew, that would have put me over the edge!

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Ta da!

It’s not great, definitely could be better, but I think I like it as it is, loose and casual.
Just check out those wrinkles. Aren’t they to die for? (snort) Wrinkles are so hard to get out of drop cloth fabric.

The back is just plain b o r i n g.

Here’s the spot I had the most trouble with. Since there are two chairs, I thought doing the second one would be easier. I would figure out how to make this better. That didn’t happen!
So now I own two (almost done) slipcovered chairs, wrinkled and puckered and lovely in their imperfections.
I honestly doubt that I would ever attempt to slipcover again, but have you got any tips on making slipcovers? Or a disaster story to share?

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Since I’m still not quite finished with the skirt on the 2nd chair I’m linking up to

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**I changed my mind about the gallery wall in the living room and am rethinking the whole thing. I still need to find fabric for the curtain panels and am thinking about skirting a table in that room that’s on the other wall.  Slow and steady………that’s how I git her done.

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Let’s talk about the Dining Room

sideb Well here it is almost finished. It’s taken so long because I’ve had so many other things to do. Like work outside when it’s not raining, the usual cleaning and I spent the night in the ER with my husband and then two nights later we almost went back to the ER again. He’s having some problems recently but he’s hanging in there.

So here’s the paint color…..I DO have such a difficult time picking paint colors, but this time it was fairly easy. The LR is Whole Wheat by Sherwin Williams and I wanted to stay close to that, but lighter. Believable Buff was too dark and Antique White, the top color on the strip, was too light. I almost used Spanish Chestnut from Walmart but instead went to Lowe’s and had a color mixed up by Dan the paint man! He did a great job!


I didn’t like the dab on the left, so he tweaked it and came up with a color lighter than Believable Buff and darker than Antique white. It’s only a subtle difference but it worked for me!


It’s slowly coming together at last. The tureens have a new home on top of the china cabinet.


Summer centerpiece is now on the table.


The chandelier still needs a makeover but I took the shades off and I’ll probably redo them and put them back on.

chandThere’s still lots to do in here but at least the painting part is done. DSC03828

Since it’s been so rainy I haven’t been able to get out to spray paint anything….like the curtain rod and corbels, a shelf and some urns. I sure hope it’s dry next week so I can get this done.


Good Bye red dining room! Next, I’ll be working on the thrift store secretary’s desk.


I was finally able to get to some good yardsales and will be sharing that this week.

Have a Great Day!

~Painting the Dining Room

Finally I’ve been working on the dining room. Good Bye dark red paint that I once adored. It’s time to freshen up a bit! I had some primer, so I rolled that on very quickly, rather haphazardly! But to my surprise, only one coat of paint was needed after the primer. Yeah

Guess what, I like this…….lots…usually I have a hard time picking paint color, but I love this new look.

Today I’ll be putting the room back together. It’ll be a busy day, planting containers and dressing up the patio, laundry and general cleaning! Oh well, that’s life.
I’ll be talking about the paint color in my next post.
Have a great day!