Crafting for the 4th of July

This post should be named, crafting with scraps, because these projects were made with fabric scraps from old clothes. Old jeans, a denim skirt, a couple of my husbands shirts and even an old sheet. Here’s a patriotic wreath I made from recycled things I already had.

patriotic denim wreath
I started with cutting long strips from the legs of a pair of jeans……..old jeans that were way too small.  Way TOO small!  Different length and width strips don’t matter, they work out fine.
denim scraps
The straw form was a summer wreath that I took apart. Wrap the strips around the form and secure to the back with straight pins.  straw wreath form

I tried using the floral pins from the old wreath but they were very hard to get through the denim fabric. I did manage to use a few of them.  floral pins
These are the floral pins, a little rusty but still useable.  vintage lace trim
I wrapped some vintage trim around the wreath for a little more color and then added a bow. It took about 15 minutes and I have a cute and very patriotic wreath for the holiday.

The next project is a scrap swag.  patriotic swag from scraps

It’s so simple! I cut pieces of fabric about 10 inches long and tied them on strong twine. You could use rope and can make the fabric strips as long as you want.  patriotic swag
I added in some red yarn that I had. You can see the plaid and some red toile. This swag is about 25 feet long! I’m planning on hanging it on our red pop up shade canopy. I can’t wait to see how it looks.

We’re having a backyard party with classic July 4th foods like hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans. We’ll be playing a little bean bag toss, listening to music, chowing down and then later fireworks. If we drive down the road a little we can see the fireworks at Hershey park.

Happy Independence day!  I hope you enjoy the holiday.

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Pops of bright color to welcome Spring

This post should be titled, purple bunnies, gold and silver eggs, painted glass jars and DIY Easter grass…….so many colorful things going on!   Painting glass jars has been done all over blogland and I’m slow to hopping on this trend but I decided to try painting mason jars with Valspar’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid. It’s a bright color and not to everyone’s liking but in small doses it looks pretty…..that’s just my opinion.  A bouquet of flowers from the grocery store looks perfect in the painted jar helps, brightens up the kitchen and my mood. I had a serious case of the winter doldrums!
painted mason jar
I really like this cheery look in my kitchen. The tablecloth is from Target and the “move mountains” tag was with a Miss Mustard seed tee shirt that I won.
radiant orchid painted mason jar
I used primer on the jars before I painted them. You can see brush strokes but that adds to the charm!
Next I painted a glass vase that had a design on it.
radiant orchid painted vase
Painting it helped  make the design more noticeable. I added pussy willow stems and put it in the dining room and there it is! Amazing what a little color can do!
painted vase radiant orchid
It’s a nice punch of color in the corner of the room. I think Valspar may have chosen this color because it complements the grays and greige colors that are so popular now. Could be….
img class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-3731″ src=”×625.jpg” alt=”Easter bunny centerpiece” width=”417″ height=”625″ />
The verdict is out on these painted bunnies. Since they were in need of freshening up they got painted too.
Easter bunny radiant orchid gold eggs
This will be the centerpiece at Easter. Orchid bunnies and gold and silver eggs! It’ll be whimsical for sure.
gold and silver Easter eggs
The faux eggs were spray painted with metallic gold and silver. There’s also gold and silver wrapping paper in the Easter grass. No need to buy Easter grass. Just put it through your paper shredder.  You could use any colorful paper. Leftover wrapping paper, magazines or any shredded paper.
I’m so glad that cold and dark weather is almost gone and it helps to lighten up with some bright color inside…….a little Radiant Orchid, some fresh flowers, purple bunnies, pretty shredded paper and gold and silver eggs! Yes it’s Spring…..finally!
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Make a moss ball with plastic bags

When I was putting together my Valentine’s mantel, I  wanted to add something green and thought moss balls would be the answer. Not having any Styrofoam balls at home and not wanting to go out in the middle of yet another snow storm, I had to put on my thinking cap to come up with a substitute.  What did I have at home that I could shape into a sphere? I thought of aluminum foil, newspaper, plastic wrap, plastic……………bags! Grocery store bags.DIY plastic bag moss ball
I love the way this plastic bag moss ball looks, it’s a touch of green while waiting for Spring to arrive.plastic grocery bags
This is only about one quarter of the plastic bags I have at home.  We do take them back to the store for recycling though. But boy do they ever accumulate!  Did you know these facts about plastic bags?  Makes you think twice about using so many of them!
Every year the United States uses 30 billion plastic bags. Each bag you reuse has the potential to eliminate an average of 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime. The average family accumulates 60 plastic bags in only four trips to the grocery store. We throw away almost 100 billion plastic bags every year, and only 1 percent to 3 percent are ever recycled. Plastic bags are not biodegradable. They clog waterways and end up in landfills where they take 1,000 years or more to break down into smaller pieces that pollute the soil and water. Plastic bags also pose a serious danger to birds and marine mammals that mistake them for food. Thousands die each year after swallowing or choking on discarded plastic bags. Producing plastic bags requires millions of gallons of petroleum that could be used for transportation or heating.
Well, that’s not good. I think I’ll make a real effort to remember to use the cloth bags from now on.
Here’s how I made the plastic bag spheres. Put a bunch of bags inside a bag and shape into a ball. Keep adding bags and smashing it into a round shape. Tape it together and that’s it.plastic bags for moss balls
The spheres may not be perfectly round but that’s ok. You can shape it more as you go along. You’ll need a small brush, some glue and moss. Plain white school glue is what I used and it worked fine. I think hot glue would melt the plastic so I didn’t even try using it.bagged moss
I had this moss from the Dollar store in my stash and used about 2 bags per ball.craft moss
Each bag had 4 different kinds of moss.
Warning, MESS ALERT, this is a very messy project so be prepared. At this point I stopped taking pictures because my hands were full of glue and moss. Just brush on some glue, add a little moss, press it on and repeat. I took a little break and allowed the glue to dry when I was about half finished with each sphere.
moss balls on mantel
They look good on the mantel atop pretty white ironstone vases.
This was a quick project and a good way to reuse those plastic bags. I felt pretty good using up some of those bags.
Here’s another previous plastic bag project, you might remember the burlap pumpkins.
burlap pumpkin 22
5 minutes to craft a burlap pumpkin.  I made them in several versions. Plastic bags can be used in lots of different ways and I’ll be trying to think up new ways to use them for Spring and Easter crafts.
Hey, we are getting a little warmer here! Temperatures in the 40’s, WOW it’s a heat wave! Come on Spring!
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Creating a design on fabric with permanent marker

Using permanent fabric marker to create a design on fabric is such an easy project.  I made some cute towels to go with the re-purposed vintage kitchen cart to bar cart.

For this project I got a pack of 2 bar towels at Walmart. They’re 100 cotton, about 30’”x 30” and are fairly thin, which it great for this project. I washed, dried and ironed them and was surprised to see that they didn’t shrink. You can also find similar towels online.

Next, I printed out clipart from a program that’s on my computer, and now I was ready to trace the design with my permanent fabric marker.  tracing design on fabric with permanent marker
Before you start tracing, make sure the fabric is smooth and held tightly in place, I used large office clips and paper clips.  tracing design on fabric
There was just a little feathering from the ink but it didn’t bother me. After I was finished tracing, I ironed the design to help set it and then washed and dried it again.  permanent marker on fabric, holiday bar towel

And here is the finished towel. I was surprised that some of the feathering washed away but so happy that the design didn’t fade.  bar cart from vintage 3 tiered kitchen cart

It’s so ca-uute!  These towels are fairly large and if I make more I’ll cut them into smaller sizes before I trace on a design.   I‘ve seen designs made with sharpies on pillows, but for this project I was really concerned about the design washing away and it didn’t! Yeah!

permanent marker

The permanent marker I used has a fine tip on one end and a wider tip on the other.

What an easy project with so many possibilities! Think about tracing your child’s hands or their artwork on kitchen towels or making thanksgiving or Christmas napkins. Endless ideas for gifts too!

Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx)))

Make a Burlap cone to hold a floral Arrangement, Easy Craft

This is a quick and easy way to make a cone from a cereal box. I know, so simple it’s practically a no brainer but I always try to use things I have before I buy something new. I needed something to hold the feathers and stems on my fall mantel and used this cone as part of the focal point of the mantel.  Wrapping it in burlap I had in my stash added a different texture to the mantel but you could use any fabric.   2013_09_19_7968
Use a cereal box to create the cone shape and tape it together. Then roll the burlap around the cone. You might need to tape the burlap to the cone to keep it from slipping.2013_09_19_7966
I stapled around the open edge to really secure it. Next I folded over the pointed edge and wrapped it with twine. Wrapping it with twine made glue unnecessary.
Here’s the finished project. This little cone craft could be used as a teepee, cornucopia, Christmas tree, even a witches hat. It’s amazing what you can come up with from such a simple project! I have a feeling I’ll be making more cone crafts.  burlap cone 3
Here’s a closer look. I really like it!   burlap cone, mantle, mantel


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A fast way to slipcover a throw pillow.

This has got to be the fastest and easiest way to slipcover a pillows.

Whenever we get new pillows, I like to keep them looking new and crisp for as long as possible and that means no napping on the new pillows. Our old pillows no longer go with the new décor, so I made simple slipcovers for them and they become the napping pillows. You could use this method to change out your pillows for the season or when you want a new look without buying new pillows.

There’s a little sewing but it’s only two shorts seams.pillow

Place the pillow on a piece of fabric with enough fabric on the edge to make a nice seam. I can’t say how much fabric, it depends on the size of your pillow.

pillow cover 2

Bring one side of fabric over pillow and fold back an edge of at least 1”.

pillow cover 3

Do the same on the other side. Since I don’t sew this folded over part I like to leave a decent amount of fabric. Make sure to place the folds over each other. You don’t want a big gap here.

pillow cover 4

The pillow should look like this now.

pillow cover 5JPG

Before you take out the pillow, mark where you will sew the edges on both sides. It can be as tight or lose as you like. After you sew, you may want to trim the edges to get rid of excess fabric and then turn right side out.


pillow cover 11

Here you can see where the sewn edges are and how the folds look when it’s finished. Now you can stuff in your pillow. That’s it! You can stop here or add an edge.

pillow cover 6JPG

If you make the slipcovers loose, you could sew all the way around the edge, (take out the pillow first) for a little nicer look like the blue ones in the picture below. . I chose not to do that this time.


The middle pillows are the slipcovered pillows.  Now we have napping pillows with covers that come off easily for washing.  My husband likes to nap here in the afternoon, so man head smelly pillows no more!

pillows in basket22

I’ve made pillows covers this way for the European style pillows on our bed. The covers are easy on and easy off and easy to keep clean.

I love the look of lots of comfy pillows but want them fresh smelling and clean. How do you keep your pillows nice and fresh?



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Make an owl pillow-toy {tutorial}

My younger daughter sent me a picture of an owl and said,  “make this”. Well okay! I’m not going to show you the picture she sent me because I don’t know where she got it, but here’s how to make my version of the owl pillow/stuffed animal. The finished owl looks like this.


Well, kinda sorta, I forgot to take a picture of the owls after they were stuffed Crying face and I already sent them to her house for Easter.


owl pattern

First, I made a pattern from newspaper. You can use as many different fabrics as you like, that’s why the pattern is split in 4 sections. This works for the front and back. You’ll also need 2 feet and 2 wings and a beak.



For the striped owl, I used 2 pieces of fabric for the front and 2 pieces of plain denim for the back. For the flowered owl, I used 3 pieces of fabric for the front and 2 for the back. Hope that makes sense.

2012_03_28_top front

If using different fabrics for your sections, sew them together first.

owl tute 2

Sew the front and back top pieces together. Again, if you’re using different fabrics in sections, sew them together first.

Next, sew the bottom sections together.


The feet are cut from felt. In this owl, I left a section under the wing area open for stuffing.

owl wings

Pin in the wings, again these are made from felt, then insert the top into the bottom with right sides facing. Don’t forget to add the beak. It’s a small piece of fabric sewed into a triangular shape. Sew around the edge as shown below.


Now you’re ready to reach in the opening and pull the right side out.  Stuff it with polyester fiber and hand sew the open seam.

owl 99

You can embellish them any way you like. I added a pocket to this one before I sewed it all together. I left the bottom open for stuffing, but it looks better if you leave an open area under the wing.


For the eyes, I used peel and stick felt but I think fusible web may have been better. The peel and stick felt comes off easily.



The eyeballs and edges are colored in with a black sharpie pen.






owl fini


mud digger jake 

  Here’s Jake’s boy owl.

He’s so cute and so is his owl.

He loves playing in mud, as you can see! 

stuffed owl

Ttay pr 


Here’s my very pretty older granddaughter Taylor,

and here’s her girl owl. She even has blue toe nails.




This is a really good project to use up fabric scraps and you can personalize your owls any way you want.


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A child’s umbrella becomes a Spring door Decoration


Welcome Spring! Inspired by a pin from Pinterest and the warmer weather, I made a pretty new door decoration for Spring.  On our front door, a child’s umbrella now welcomes Spring to our house. I found the child size umbrella at Dollar General and used things I had from old wreaths and arrangements. It turned out pretty cute.

Spring door 3

To give the bottom end a little pouf, I stuffed in some newspaper before I added the ribbon.

Spring porch2012 door3[2]

Next, I loosely arranged the flowers in a small piece of floral foam and then stuffed that in the left side of the umbrella and put more newspaper around it to hold it in place.

Spring door 4

For shaping, I put more newspaper in the other side of the umbrella and added lots of moss on top of that and in the folds.

Door spring flowers

I glued a little nest and eggs on top of the moss.

Spring front door


Here’s the inspiration and mine.

Spring door 12



The scale of my tulips is a bit too big and the handle is turned but it’s still cute and colorful.

Spring porch2012 door[2]

Pansies were planted in the urns and are looking pretty sparse right now but they’ll fill in.


I used moss from the back yard to fill in around the pansies.

We had the most gorgeous weather last week, but this week it’s back to cold and windy with frost warnings at night! Come on Spring!

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The making of The Princess and the Pea, doll, bed and pea, Part 2

This princess and the pea creation is a gift for my granddaughter. I hope she likes it as much as I do! You can see how I created the bed in Part 1.
My first attempt at making the princess doll was not so great. One arm was so much longer than the other and I just didn’t like the way it was turning out, so I started all over again. The second attempt was better, but only slightly.
This time I made the arms, legs and head separately. Ignore the head in these pictures because I ended up cutting it off.
After I had it sewn together, I cut off her head and attached a bigger head with a few hand stitches. That’s how I do most projects…..making it up as I go along.
I drew on her face with fine tipped markers. For her hair I basically followed a tutorial like THIS. I twisted some pipe cleaners into her head and body so her head wouldn’t fall over due to the weight of her hair.
Here’s how she turned out. I’m glad I was going for cuteness and not perfection!
I used an elastic hair band as the base for her tutu, then tied on strips of tulle and ribbon.
Here she’s wearing her cape, princess hat and even furry boots. The base for her hat is made from pipe cleaners and her boots are pieces of furry trim glued together.
Her bed was sprayed purple and I added some black accents and a princess plaque.
She only has 7 mattresses. In the story she has 20 mattresses and 20 feather beds!
My friend used her fancy Baby Lock sewing machine to embroider the blanket for me. Would I ever love to have a machine like that! It’s awesome!
The pea is oversized to prevent little ones from putting it in their mouths! A round wooden ball encased in fiber filling with a piece of green felt hand sewn around it, is how I made the pea.

Do you think she looks like a blonde Shannen Doherty!

I wrapped it like this, so the box can be lifted off on Christmas morning.
This series was supposed to be in 3 parts, but I wanted to get it posted before Christmas so I squeezed it into 2 parts. She knows the story of the Princess and the Pea so it’s going to be awesome watching her open this. I’ll try to get some good pictures to share.

Merry Christmas!

Debbie (((xx)))

How I created this year’s mantle/Christmas crafts

 Let’s start with the focal point, the center frame of the mantle.
A piece of plywood I found in the basement fit perfectly in the frame, I didn’t even need to cut it. I used Mod Podge to glue on hymnal pages, then put a thin coat of Mod Podge on top and allowed it dry to over night.full2011_12_10_3120

The letters came from Michael’s and were spray painted white, then outlined with a little dark brown paint. I added some Martha Stewart glue and glitter. Next I glued the letters onto the center of the hymnal pages.

Next project, the white rose tree. I will not roll a felt flower again for a long, long time. I’m estimating I rolled about 200 for this project!
Beth from Home Stories A 2 Z has about the best tutorial for creating rolled felt flowers HERE.
rose tree
I created a cone from an old yardsale sign I found in the garage. The cone got covered with a piece of scrap white fabric, because I didn’t want any  brown cone to show. Then I started creating roses from felt squares, gluing larger roses on the bottom and gradually becoming smaller toward the top. When I was finally finished I rejoiced!
The twig tree was a quick project. Again, I created a cone, this time from a cereal box, and glued on twigs of different lengths, adding pieces to fill in empty spots. Spray paint and that’s it’s!
I think these twig trees would look great left natural too, on a piece of a wide branch for a base.
And last, the glittered pinecones I dried and created HERE.
Holiday craft link party at Centsational Girl.
Today’s creative blog, get your craft on.
Coastal Charm, Nifty Thrifty Tuesday
Seeing the Christmas décor at linky parties all over blogland is fun. It’s like peeking into other peoples homes and it helps get you in the Christmas mood. Well, it does me anyhow.
I received so many wonderful comments about the mantle this year. Thank You all so much! Big hug and kiss!
Next, I’ll be sharing the front porch.
Debbie (((xx)))

Drying pinecones for Christmas Decorations

Gathering pinecones for crafts is a fun family activity. Everybody can get involved picking them up off the ground or taking them from trees. Later you can try to identify what type of tree they came from.
The cute feathery cones are from a Douglas fir and the long ones are from a spruce tree. The small ones are from Mugo pine.
It’s best to dry the cones before you use them, and it’s super easy to dry them in the oven. Just place them on foil lined baking sheets and put them in the oven at 200 for about 2 hours or until they open.
You can see how the petals have opened.
To make them pretty, after the cones were dried, I painted them white with spray paint, allowed the paint to dry, then brushed glue all over them, then sprinkled with glitter. I used plain white glue watered down to make it easier to get into the petals.
See how pretty they are! My 3 year old granddaughter helped and she wanted to use pink and blue together. After that she wanted to play in the glitter like it was sand!  What a mess! She actually did about 3 cones by herself and was so proud.
I love these and claimed all of the silver ones for myself and will be using them to decorate the mantle.
For hanging on the tree, I tucked wire in under the petals around the stem end of the cone, and twisted it together. I left plenty of wire so they’d be easy to hang.
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Do you love the cinnamon spice smell of those bagged pinecones that are sold in stores like Michaels and AC Moore? You can make them using this method. Don’t paint them, just brush on glue (that dries clear), and sprinkle with spices of your choice. They smell yummy!
My Christmas decorating will officially begin tomorrow. I’m anxious to work on my mantle this year and have a craft going that seems endless. It’s one of those projects where you ask yourself why you ever started!
Happy decorating!

Debbie (((xx)))

A pile of twigs becomes a wreath

In between storms and rain I’m starting to clean up our yard for Fall and have been snipping branches and trimming like a crazy woman.2011_09_03_1913
In the branches I can see pretty shapes and interesting curves and just can’t throw them all away. So I decided to try to create a wreath.
2011_09_03_1915 I picked some thicker branches to use as the base, used some twine to tie them together and added thinner ones on top. It’s pretty sturdy if you tie it tightly but you could always glue it for added strength.
Here’s the finished project with the addition of burlap flowers on a bed of moss. I’m loving it!
Google burlap flowers to find tutorials if you want to make some….there are lots of great tutorials on the web.  Be careful if you use hot glue, I’m sporting a big old blister……that stuff is HOT!
You like?
More twigs will be showing up when I’m finished decorating the front porch for Fall.

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L’eggs eggs, remember these?


Remember when L’eggs pantyhose came in an egg? In the early 90’s they stopped using the plastic eggs and put them in a box instead.

From: HanesBrands Inc. has ceased packaging the hosiery in the hard plastic shells. Notwithstanding the secondary uses for the eggs by crafters, artists, and hobbyists, the two-part plastic egg containers were seen as an example of wastefulness.

That is just a shame! We are not wasteful! Think of all the ways bloggers and crafters could use them. Burlap wrapped, silver leafed, decoupaged, blackboard paint……..




Legg’s were the only pantyhose I ever wore, back in the day when I wore pantyhose.


So I got a little nostalgic when I found a bag of Legg’s eggs at the thrift store. They reminded me of my younger days!



With a little white glue and yarn they become colorful Easter eggs. Just brush on the glue and start wrapping the yarn around and around.4 I found it easier to start at the tips and end in the middle, wrapping each end separately so I could still open the eggs.


Nothing beats a great pair of L’eggs {eggs}Winking smileand they hold plenty of treats too! What’s your favorite Easter candy?

Peeps! I love me some sugary purple peeps!


Debbie (((xx)))

A little old tray Make Over

Over at the DaySpring web site you’ll find lots of Jesus is the Gift items. jesusI like them so much and wanted to display that sentiment in my home too. When I saw a little wooden tray at a thrift shop I knew it was perfect for a makeover.

I didn’t take a before picture, but this little tray had “mugs and kisses” written on it and was stained in a dark wood tone.IMG_0910 After I painted it I used black markers for the words, put red paint on the rim and added a sparkly star in gold marker and glitter.  

 cc It’s not perfect but I really love it! The total cost of this project, 50¢!  aaA little sprig of greenery and some ribbon I had and there it is. It’s my favorite decoration this year!

Sparkly star was created at Photobucket.
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Merry Christmas!

~Sewing for baby Mia~

Years ago, years & years ago, I sewed everyday. So much that I just burned out, I was so sick of sewing. I made window treatments, lined jackets, pants, all kinds of dresses & lots of baby clothes. My Mom didn’t sew, I started sewing after making an apron in high school. But now I can’t resist some of the sweet soft fabrics that are available currently. So I made these adorable outfits for baby Mia. She’s 7 mos. now & such a sweet & happy baby who smiles easily & continually has a hand in her mouth and drool on her chin! This is her football watchin jumper and the thrift store baby legs. She watches football every Sunday. Yep

And here’s my version of baby legs… socks cut off and zigzagged around the edge. They’re not as long as the real baby legs but still cute and lots cheaper! They’ll be great with the purple thrift store jumper.

This outfit is pants, beret & the dress is just sewn on a onesie. I added a little flower & some fabric to the cuffs to complete the ensemble.
The blue outfit is made from 2 coordinating quilted fabrics.It’ll be nice & warm on extra cold days.

Aren’t the berets adorable? She’ll be very frenchie in her berets!
I have another outfit that I’ll show you next week after I get home from visiting Mia and helping her move. After that, my H’s knee surgery and then it’s almost Thanksgiving…..I haven’t even started thinking about that yet! What to do about Mom….it’s about impossible to get her in the house since her walking is so weak & wobbly…I doubt we could get her in…..& a wheelchair…… I don’t know how much she might be confused…….. plus I know my H will be a bear because it’s only a week after his surgery….plus a million other things to fret & worry over…!
Please help me pray for my 2 teenage g’kids who are having some tough times, I sure would appreciate that….. Taylor & David.

FYI, Baby Legs is a brand name of leg warmers for babies. They sell for about 12 bucks at most Target stores…..just sayin in case you didn’t know. LOL Have a great day!

~Shelf & small projects~

Here’s another pic of the yardsale shelf I redid for the aqua bath. See the pretty paper I’ve added to the back? I was inspired by several other bloggers & decided it would be great for the bathroom shelf. It’s scrapbooking paper that was on sale for .25 a sheet. How sweet is that!

It really makes the objects on the shelf pop & I’m likin it lots!


The yard sale metal tray………

This metal tray will make a nice kitchen menu board.

I first rubbed the part to be painted with some Liquid Sander or Deglosser since it was shiny. Then I taped off the edges and spray painted with chalkboard paint.
” Stop fressing elst you spoil yer obbidit“…..Pa dutch, which means stop eating so much now or you’ll spoil your appetite for dinner.
I went over the edges with a little black paint to give it a tarnished, aged look & voila, there it is! These tray chalkboards are so fast & easy to make, I’m thinking of making some for gifts….which means another reason to yardsale & thrift shop! Yeah

I made a little name sign for Mia too but didn’t get a chance to take a pic. I used wooden letters from the craft store, decoupaged them & glued them to a little wooden plaque, all in pinks, of course.

It’s a drab, rainy day here in PA. I’m thinking of not doing too much of anything today. We all can stand a day like that occasionally, right?

~Thrifty finds this Week~Updates~ Award~

I found this little outfit, still has the original tags on it, for only $1.5o at the local thrift shop. It’s for Mia of course. All books were on sale for 10 cents so I picked up 5 kids’ books. This big pfaltzgraff meat platter was $3.00. I didn’t have a big meat platter so I was pleased to see that one.This cute dotted soap dispenser looks good in the newly painted pale aqua bath, it was just .75. It’s sort of spunky & makes me smile ……..
Sat. morning I managed to get to a few yardsales which are just beginning here in central PA. The tray was $2.00, a large full bottle of glue was .25, and the white vase was .75.
Ever since I saw some of these old trays turned into menu boards I’ve been looking for one. This one is perfect because of it’s smooth back and the fact that it’s not real silver. At today’s prices I’m not so sure I’d want to paint a real silver tray! This little project is quick so I’ll have pic of it completed real soon.

Update on Dawnie & Mia,( from post below) they’re doing just fine! The blood test numbers are improving, but not perfect. Dawn is happy & full of energy again and that makes me so happy too. Yesterday was her birthday & I sent her a big bouguet of flowers, she went out for a nice meal & had that good news from her Dr. Thank you all for lifting her in your prayers.

Did you know Joan’s daughter (Joans Journeys) is having a rough pregnancy ? She is due May 20th.
Brenda’s daughter (Country Romance from the heart) is also having problems and she is due in Aug. Please keep these dear blogging friends in your prayers also.

An Award, how I love me an award! Sheila from Gim’me Memories has passed this award to me. She is a delightful Christan blogger who always has interesting posts about her beautiful family, lots of great tips & menus too. Thank you Sheila! I’d like to pass this on to all you wonderful blogging friends…you make my day everyday!