Chandeliers Aren’t Just for Dining Rooms anymore

Today we have a guest poster! Welcome Jane.

Chandeliers are not just for the dining room anymore. Today’s homeowners use chandeliers throughout the house including in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Homes in general are bigger than a few decades ago with larger rooms and higher ceilings. More and more homeowners need something to fill the space, particularly vertical space. Chandelier décor isn’t just reserved for high-end homes, either. You can get home chandeliers in every price range and in various sizes to accommodate small rooms as well as large ones. The traditional crystal chandelier has evolved, so that you can find fixtures made with a wide variety of materials – even a mixture of materials – and in widely varying styles. If you are considering a chandelier for one of the rooms in your house, be sure to choose one that’s the right size for the room and whose décor is congruent with the rest of the room’s design. Today you can get mini-chandeliers which are only 12 inches in diameter. You always want to put a chandelier on a dimmer switch so that you can control the level of light; sometimes you want bright task lighting and sometimes a more romantic ambiance. Chandeliers for Formal and Informal Living Rooms: The look of the chandelier in the living room below really compliments the space. The room itself isn’t extremely formal in its décor, so a chandelier wouldn’t be the obvious choice. But this chandelier is uncluttered and unobtrusive; it finishes off the look of the room without being too flashy and calling attention to itself. A crystal chandelier here might be too much, but this simple design is just right.


Image Courtesy of HGTV

Kitchens Chandeliers Growing Popular: Lots of people wouldn’t think that a chandelier belongs in a kitchen. However, the kitchen interior remodel below features a light fixture that’s almost an anti-chandelier. There’s no gold, glitter, or crystal. The chrome finish and simple design mean help it complement the modern design and simplicity of the rest of the kitchen. Nevertheless, it provides a touch of elegance that ordinary recessed lighting wouldn’t provide. In addition, the chandelier hangs over a multi-purpose island where it can provide task lighting for food preparation, but its presence also helps the island feel like a real kitchen table.

Image Courtesy of HGTV

Bathroom Chandeliers Add Class: Today many homeowners consider their bathrooms to be retreats where they can unwind and relax. Accordingly, many bathrooms have acquired a spa-like aura of luxury and pampering. What better way to create a feeling of luxury than with a chandelier? The crystal chandelier in the bathroom below is perfectly suited to the old-fashioned ambiance of the bathroom. It hangs over the freestanding bathtub, drawing attention to the tub as a focal point of the room and as the center of pampering for the room’s occupants. Although the chandelier is beautiful and elegant, it isn’t overly large or ornate – making it perfectly suited to the room’s style and size.zz bathroom-chandelier

Image courtesy of Houzz

Bedroom Chandeliers Create Ambiance: Chandelier lighting is a great way to add presence and elegance to the bedroom. If you want a romantic atmosphere, a chandelier dripping with crystal can provide it. The bedroom below features a smaller chandelier that nevertheless has the traditional elements of draped strings of crystal. The room’s design is simple and understated, so a smaller chandelier is particularly appropriate. However, because the rest of the furnishings don’t call attention to themselves, the chandelier becomes the room’s visual focus.

Image courtesy HGTV

Going with Tradition in the Dining Room: The dining room is the traditional location for the chandelier, but that doesn’t mean the lighting fixture has to be traditional. The chandelier below has an unusual linear shape that is well suited to the long dining room table it hangs over. I particularly like the way the crystal cascades downward like a waterfall or series of icicles. The rest of the room’s décor is simple, so this chandelier is definitely the thing the dinner guests will be talking about!

Image courtesy of Elle Décor

Thanks Jane! I love that bathroom chandelier! What’s your favorite?


Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx)))

A chandelier make over

 lamp project naked candlesticks
This was your average brass chandelier that was so popular several years ago. My #1 daughter has given it a whole new look. Perfect for her home today. She sprayed it white and covered the candlesticks with scrap book paper to really give it some zing.
lamp project paper
What a great idea and you can easily change them out when the mood strikes.
lamp project completed
The terracotta colored paper ties into the kitchen wall. She painted her oak cabinets white and painted the back splash wall terracotta.
She did a wonderful job on the cabinets too! This picture was before the wall was painted and new appliances installed.
The oak fireplace got some new molding and black paint. The marble is shiny and the paint is matte so it makes a nice contrast and looks great accessorized. When she moved in everything was blue, even the carpeting so she has totally changed the look by painting the walls a creamy white.0801091435
She did all this herself and even borrowed an extra tall ladder to take down the old and put up the new light fixture. I’m so proud!
My #2 daughter recently asked how to paint a dresser. You know I was more than happy to give advice. I’ll get you decorating yet!

 Adding to,

A picture is worth 1000 words

Trash to Treasure at Reinvented 

The chandelier story, final act

He noticed.

You can read the whole story and learn of all my little lies HERE. It’s only been about 6 weeks. Only.

I was in the bedroom and he was outside. I heard him come in the back door and ask me to help him do something. I heard him walking past the dining room and then I heard, “WHAT DID YOU DO???!!!!!”

I laughed and laughed………and so did he! Then he said, “I told you I didn’t want you to paint it.”

I just raised my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders.  The house smelled like paint when he came home from the shore, a ladder was on the patio and a paint tray and roller were in the garage and still, I convinced him that I hadn’t painted anything. Oh, I’m so bad!

Does he like the redone chandelier…..he won’t commit to that, he just gives me a look!

The end.

A Chandelier Epic, Part 2



The chandelier is finished now and looks great, but it has a crazy story of how it got that way, here goes……Warning, Long story.

My husband didn’t want me to paint it. The conversation went something like this,
Me, I’m going to paint the chandelier in the dining room.
Him, Huh?

Me, I’m going to paint the chandelier…
Him, Oh NO you’re not! I let you do what ever you want but I don’t want you to paint that!
He lets me, get that, he lets me, I didn’t like that!

You’ll ruin it!
No I won’t, you know that you always like my projects after they’re finished.

Ok, you get the picture. I left it at that for a few weeks before I mentioned it again.

As soon as I find the paint I’m looking for, I’m going to paint the chandelier.
I told you I didn’t want you to paint it!
But I don’t like the look of brass anymore, it’s so outdated! And I just painted the dining room and want a new look.
Shaking his head...You’re going to ruin it…….

At this point, he just let out a big sigh and I knew he was caving in.

Along came the perfect opportunity to git her done..….His daughter and her family went to the shore for 3 weeks and invited us down for a few days. We couldn’t figure out a time we both could go, because of Bible school and previous plans, so I told him to go alone. Yes!

As soon as he left on Thursday afternoon, you know I started right in……the project went along without a hitch,

until I decided to paint the ceiling to get rid of the sky that I painted around the chandelier and never actually finished.

I couldn’t find the ceiling paint……I always keep track of what paints I’ve used…….apparently not…… hmmmm…… I needed a color match and I can’t just cut out a chunk of the ceiling….yes I can, under the light fixture in the hallway. I thought about the inside of the closet but then remembered that I had painted the dining room, living room and hall ceiling.
It was not fun, not at all, getting that fixture back up after I cut out the paint chip I needed. It wouldn’t cooperate….sweat was dripping ….ugh!

Ok, off to Lowe’s for a color match. They couldn’t do it because their computer wouldn’t pick up a color that light…..what……..and told me to pick a color from a color strip!!!! I could cry about now! That won’t work! Have you ever tried that? It’s almost impossible!

But we tried…..and I remembered that there was a slight pink hue in my paint…..knowing that was helpful, so I settled on a color and got it mixed….. the paint matched their color sample but not my piece chiseled from the ceiling. The paint guy called in the head honcho and somehow they got a good match! I knew that it wouldn’t be perfect but was hoping it would be good enough, because I didn’t want to paint the whole ceiling. Remember I don’t have too much time before husband comes home.

I had primered the ceiling the night before (because, the sky had some glossy areas and I was afraid it would show through) so I was ready to paint.
One coat all done and it didn’t look too bad. Another coat on Saturday morning and it actually looks great.

Anyway, I told you this was a long story……..

He left on Thursday afternoon and arrived home Saturday about noon. Earlier that morning I had to take my Dad on errands and was praying that I’d get home before Bill to clean everything up. I did, I cleaned up little paint splatters and rushed like a mad woman to get the place all cleaned up like nothing had ever changed. Phew…..and guess what…..he never noticed it! NO he didn’t! It’s been almost 6 days now and he hasn’t said a word. I even left the ladder on the patio because it was raining and I didn’t feel like getting soaked running it out to the shed. He asked about the ladder and I lied and said I was using it for something. (using it for something????) And I lied about the paint roller tray in the garage sink that I had soaking.

Can you believe it? Oh what a man! How many days will go by before he notices?

I’ll let you know.

A Chandelier Epic

The big brass chandelier, at one time, I loved it. Then, many years passed and I didn’t love it anymore. You can read more about the old dark red dining room here.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, or, a gals got to do what a gals got to do!
I needed something to hold it after it was disconnected, so I improvised!

Books, chair, cushion…….perfect height.

Outside, I hung it on the wash line pole and primered it….goodbye blinding brass.

It looks better already!Next, oil rubbed bronze. This paint turned out darker than I expected, it almost looks like black satin. The difference is very subtle.

And here it is! I covered the shades in burlap and still need to add something inside the rim to conceal the rough edges of the fabric.

I’m adding this post to Met Monday at Between Naps on the Porch. Lots and lots of great stuff over there!

There’s lots more to this story of the chandelier…..funny……check back on Friday for the good stuff!

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