Is there life after being hacked?

Blogging has been quite an experience! I was blogging for about 7 or 8 years when I experienced a bad case of blogger-burnout and other issues relating to an ordinary life that killed my desire to blog. Can any other bloggers relate?

Anyway, in my absence from the blogging world my blog was seriously hacked and google warned anybody who searched for it. All is well now, fingers crossed.  In the process of cleaning and reclaiming this blog, so many photos have gone, even my header!

But, the blog lives on and I am in the process of replacing the lost photos in order to keep it going. I still get ping backs and mentions on some of my more popular posts. Thank You!

So if you’re here, I apologize for the missing photos. I’m working on that.

Love, Debbie

Home cooking, Kale and quinoa soup

A chill in the air signals the perfect time for hot home-made soup. There’s something about a chilly day that awakens the nesting instinct and calls for comfort food. Making home-made soup is easy,  just start with a flavorful base. You can use canned broth or make your own from a chicken carcass or vegetables if you like.

For this soup I used my crockpot. I first cooked chicken breast in the crockpot then added canned broth, and in my ongoing efforts to eat healthy foods, I added quinoa and kale. After the quinoa was cooked I added the kale that we grew this year, black beans and a can of Rotel  tomatoes. Rotel tomatoes are canned tomatoes with a kick of green chilies.

kale quinoa soup

I seasoned it with salt and cumin. The taste of cumin with the spiciness of the Rotel tomatoes was delish!


If you aren’t sure about quinoa, just try it! It’s classified as a grain like barley or rice but is actually a seed and has it’s own unique earthy taste. You can use it just like rice.

I could have used rice and added carrots or used oregano and basil instead of cumin. With home-made soup you can flavor it as you like. Some of the tastiest soups are made from  vegetables and whatever you have on hand. A good time to experiment is with Thanksgiving leftovers.

There’s nothing better than hot soup, add a piece of crusty bread and you’re all set.


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Bean salsa or cowboy caviar, it’s good!

Are you a salsa lover? Grab a bag of chips and dig in! This recipe is good! One day I decided to take a little trip to one of my favorite stores. It’s about a half hour from here and if you’re in central PA you might know it, it’s Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill. They have a big garden center, a grocery and gift store and a great seafood department. There are lots of organics and all sorts of food that isn’t sold in the local grocery stores. In the refrigerated section I spied a beany concoction that looked pretty good to me because I love beans of every shape and size! I had to get it, those beans were calling my name! It was so good I wanted to make my own. When searching for recipes for Texas salsa, I discovered it goes by many names; cowboy caviar, cowboy salsa, Texas salsa and bean salsa.  There were so many recipes, so I added a little of this recipe and a little of that recipe and came up with my own version.

salsa, cilarnto, lime

I like to serve it with lime slices and avocado but I think sour cream would be good too. bean salsa

All the spices can be adjusted to your personal preference. I like it with lots of spice and always end up stirring in more after it’s refrigerated overnight.  It was a hit at our 4th of July party. Do you have a favorite salsa recipe?


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How does your garden grow? Growing vegetables

Every year we plant a vegetable.   I’ve posted about it before many times, but every year it changes a little. It’s great to go out to the garden for fresh vegetables that you grew..   Our garden is 2 large raised beds with a path between the beds and around the perimeter. The beds are enclosed in wire mesh to keep rabbits out. Here’s what the garden looks like this, vegetables

Digging in the dirt is something I really like to do, I know I’ve mentioned it before but it’s so true. Here I am, the gardener. Don’t you love the outfit? My hat is soaked with sweat and water because it was raining a little. My pants are wet and dirty and my garden shoes have seen better days. I’m dirty and sweaty but happy.compost, garden,

Since the compost tumbler is broken, I’m making compost in a pile enclosed in wire. Bill is supposed to fix it…..sometime, but …..ahem…. when?  kale, vegetable garden

In the first bed this year is a new addition, kale. I love it but have to sneak it into soups or sauté it with other vegetables to get my husband to eat it.  cucumber plant

Cucumber is another vegetable that Bill won’t eat, so I’ll be giving plenty of these away.

argula, lettuce, vegetable gsrden

Arugula is on the left and those are lettuce sprouts coming up under that wire mesh.  Birds were eating all the little seedlings and this is how I out foxed those hungry pests.  zucchini and cucumber vegetable garden

Zucchini plants always claim their space. They’re growing nicely and loaded with blooms. Also in this bed are mint and perennials that I divided last year.

onion plants vegetable garden

In the other bed, onions are a variety of sweet onion called ‘candy.’ I hope they’re nice and sweet because I’m an onion lover!

jalapeno plant

Jalapeño peppers are at the top of my personal hotness scale.
bell pepper plants vegetable garden

Bell peppers, you can’t tell from the picture but these plants are loaded with peppers.

hot chili pepper plants
Hot chili peppers are Bill’s favorite.

yellow zucchini plants
Yellow zucchini, I thought I was buying yellow summer squash and ended up with these. Now I  think I like them better than green zucchini.

tomato plant,s vegetable garden DIY wooden tomato cage

DIY tomato cages that Bill made. You can also see part of the soaker hose we use to water the garden.

tomato plant

This is our first ripe tomato of the season! I’m planning to pick it and eat it tomorrow!

vegetable garden

Here’s a shot from the far end looking across both beds toward the garden shed.

path, vegetable garden, pine bark nuggets

We use pine bark nuggets for the path. I was asked how we get into the beds……See that rock? I use that as a step up and climb in.   coneflowers

I planted this purple coneflower in the garden to keep it away from rabbits who had eaten it down to just stems.  I think it likes its new home.

Get out there and dig in the dirt, it’s so good for the soul!  What vegetables do you like to grow?

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Crafting for the 4th of July

This post should be named, crafting with scraps, because these projects were made with fabric scraps from old clothes. Old jeans, a denim skirt, a couple of my husbands shirts and even an old sheet. Here’s a patriotic wreath I made from recycled things I already had.

patriotic denim wreath
I started with cutting long strips from the legs of a pair of jeans……..old jeans that were way too small.  Way TOO small!  Different length and width strips don’t matter, they work out fine.
denim scraps
The straw form was a summer wreath that I took apart. Wrap the strips around the form and secure to the back with straight pins.  straw wreath form

I tried using the floral pins from the old wreath but they were very hard to get through the denim fabric. I did manage to use a few of them.  floral pins
These are the floral pins, a little rusty but still useable.  vintage lace trim
I wrapped some vintage trim around the wreath for a little more color and then added a bow. It took about 15 minutes and I have a cute and very patriotic wreath for the holiday.

The next project is a scrap swag.  patriotic swag from scraps

It’s so simple! I cut pieces of fabric about 10 inches long and tied them on strong twine. You could use rope and can make the fabric strips as long as you want.  patriotic swag
I added in some red yarn that I had. You can see the plaid and some red toile. This swag is about 25 feet long! I’m planning on hanging it on our red pop up shade canopy. I can’t wait to see how it looks.

We’re having a backyard party with classic July 4th foods like hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans. We’ll be playing a little bean bag toss, listening to music, chowing down and then later fireworks. If we drive down the road a little we can see the fireworks at Hershey park.

Happy Independence day!  I hope you enjoy the holiday.

Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx)))

our patio 2014

Even though our patio changes a bit from year to year it’s still decorated with new, old, yardsale finds and repurposed things. It’s a mix-up of of this and that. In warm weather the patio becomes an outdoor room. We have breakfast here in the morning and watch the evening news while eating supper. It’s a place where sometimes we just relax and nap.  Come and visit a while!
With the addition of coral and orange accents this year, the patio has a different look. Previous years, I used lime green and turquoise and since some of those pillows needed replaced I decided to go with a new look. The patio furniture is from the Woodward company, Cortland collection and the cushion color is called spa. In person it’s a blue/gray color and seems to pair well with lots of different colors.

patio 2014 2

The outdoor rugs were purchased several years ago from and are holding up really well. The curlicue bench is something I had and recovered it for the patio. It makes a good footrest.

patio 2014

The coral printed fabrics for the pillows came from Joann’s. The garden stool is from TJMaxx. The black table between the chairs was free at a yardsale!
Boston fern
The Boston fern is from Lowe’s. There’s a Lowe’s store less than a mile from our house and that’s so handy! I love this fabric with the shell design. The colors are perfect out here.
bird pillow from Lowes
From Lowe’s again, a sweet birdie pillow.Patio 2014 3
Here’s a shot across the patio.patio orange, aqua
My swing is my most absolute favorite place on the patio.
tv on patio
We have a mini fridge and an old tv out here and when it goes bad we have another one just like it! Those old tvs are still good for something.
swing on patio
The long cushion on the swing is an old cushion from a chaise lounge that I made a cover for. It’s a pretty long swing, I can lay on it and nap.potted plants on patio, geranium
The orange garden stool is from TJMaxx. This one was deeply discounted, I think I paid about 30 bucks for it.
patio set from Lowes, cascade creek
Back to Lowe’s again…..we got a new table and chairs this year.adirondack chairs, polywood
We’ve had these polywood Adirondack rockers for a long time and they got new cushions too.patio
The old wooden desk holding the fridge still needs to be painted.  I use indoor furniture out here and it holds up pretty good. The dresser holding the tv has been painted several times but still  looks good. I keep thinking something to hold both the tv and fridge would be perfect….maybe a shelving unit made out of 2 x 4s. Someday I might feel ambitious enough to tackle that project!  Ya think???

To see the more of the patio from previous years, click HERE.
Happy Summer!

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2014 Garden tour

Welcome! Lets start this tour in the side yard at the arbor.

Every year our yard and garden changes a little, I guess it’s just a natural evolution but this year the harsh winter has taken a toll on many of our plants. Even though we had to remove 2 junipers, 4 hemlocks, 4 boxwoods and 2 cotoneasters, the garden is still so pretty



This is one of my favorite views into our yard. You can see a pink knockout rose through the middle of the arbor. On the right is a ‘Korean Spice’ viburnum underplanted with liriope. On the right is Canterbury Bells  protected from rabbits with wire mesh. I had climbing roses here but I got so tired of powdery mildew and black spot and then rose rosette disease showed up…so they’re gone.side yard with arbor


The purple leaves are coral bells ‘Purple Palace’.catmint


These huge catmints are on the inside of the arbor. Behind the catmint was a butterfly bush that didn’t survive the winter.fountain


Opposite that is this fountain that we’ve had a long, long time and it’s certainly showing its age. I planted New Guinea impatiens in a bright coral because I’m crushing on that color this year.

pink knockout rose clematis


This is the big bed beside the shed with pink knockouts and clematis ‘Etiole Violette’.lady's mantel



Another butterfly bush, beside the purple globe thingy, took a hit from winter but is coming back and filling in that blank space nicely.birdhouse clematis


Time to replace that birdhouse…… We’ll have to wait until the current occupants leave.yard


One of my favorite trees, Ice Blue Cypress, is shedding needles like never before…..another consequence of the harsh winter. cedar


I asked an arborist about this and he said that after it’s done shedding it will slowly fill in.

I could never plant impatiens before because rabbits would end up eating them, but this year there doesn’t seem to be as many rabbits eating everything is sight. They should fill in nicely.

knockout rose



This is the back of the house, there’s a red knockout and Gold Flame lemonade honeysuckle


Beside the spirea is pink lemonade honeysuckle growing on a wooden arbor made by my stepfather.

row of hemlocks


Across the back edge of our property is where the row of hemlocks are. You can see where we planted arborvitae in a space where they died. Eventually we will replace all the hemlocks. Because of wooly adelgid disease, Canadian Hemlocks aren’t recommended any more for planting in the north east.



Looking the opposite direction.

border vegetable garden


The arrow is pointing to another spot where we removed more hemlocks and planted arborvitae. This picture is the outer edge of the vegetable garden. The wooden things are DIY’d tomato cages.

There was nothing here when we built this house and we planted everything! Pretty crazy! Now, it’s a lot of work, but know what? I love it. Most days you will find me with dirty knees and dirt under my fingernails. If I had more space I’d plant more!

You can see lots more garden pictures HERE.

I’ll be showing the vegetable garden, the front yard  and the patio soon. What are you planting this year?

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Easter table, golden eggs and polka dots

While going through all my things that were packed away in the basement, I found my collection of green depression glass and that was the starting point for this table.  I knew I wanted it to be fun and festive. What’s more fun than polka dots? I added metallic gold faux eggs  for a festive touch. Here’s how I created the tablescape.Easter table with golden eggs


The eggs and urn were spray painted with the blogger’s BFF, spray paint. The china, with a golden ring around the edge and the golden chargers are all part of a set I got at Sam’s Club a long time ago.Easter table


I used metallic paint and a foam pouncer brush to make the dots on an old tablecloth. It was a  quick and easy little project. The trick  is having just the right amount of paint on the brush, but it’s pretty forgiving and you can go back over it if there’s not enough paint.

.golden eggs


Coffee cups, lined up down the center of the table, hold the golden eggs in a little nest of green moss. I think the flowers look fake but they’re real grocery store flowers. Lately I can’t resist grocery store bouquets.polka dot Easter table


The depression glass adds a bit of green color. The turquoise napkins are from TJmaxx and the patterned bowls are from Big Lots.polka dot tablecloth


I think the polka dots are so cute! An unexpected touch of whimsy!natural dye Easter egg


Mottled green eggs in a napkin nest are nestled in the egg


I rolled up the napkins diagonally and tucked them in the bowls. Then fluffed them up a little bit to create the nests.


Have a very Happy Easter.


Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx)))


jadite collection and Lemon yellow


Cleaning out the basement seems to be something I do every year at about this time and each year I get rid of more and more stuff but still have so much. I came across my collection of Fire King Jadite and decided to get it out and use it occasionally……why have it if it’s just stashed away in a box is my new motto.jadite vase


The pretty soft green color brightens up the kitchen and looks good on the baker’s rack.

jar of lemons


I found this cute little peep and paired it with yellows flowers in a Jadite vase and a jar of  lemons.

jadite collection

The pyrex bowls on the top shelf draw out the colors in the painting.


This pretty tablecloth is from Target….



and the lemon squares are from Betty Crocker. Yep, a mix and pretty darn good too!

It’s looking so much like Spring! The sunshine has renewed my energy and I’m getting lots of little projects done….yeah!

What have you been up to lately?

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Pops of bright color to welcome Spring

This post should be titled, purple bunnies, gold and silver eggs, painted glass jars and DIY Easter grass…….so many colorful things going on!   Painting glass jars has been done all over blogland and I’m slow to hopping on this trend but I decided to try painting mason jars with Valspar’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid. It’s a bright color and not to everyone’s liking but in small doses it looks pretty…..that’s just my opinion.  A bouquet of flowers from the grocery store looks perfect in the painted jar helps, brightens up the kitchen and my mood. I had a serious case of the winter doldrums!
painted mason jar
I really like this cheery look in my kitchen. The tablecloth is from Target and the “move mountains” tag was with a Miss Mustard seed tee shirt that I won.
radiant orchid painted mason jar
I used primer on the jars before I painted them. You can see brush strokes but that adds to the charm!
Next I painted a glass vase that had a design on it.
radiant orchid painted vase
Painting it helped  make the design more noticeable. I added pussy willow stems and put it in the dining room and there it is! Amazing what a little color can do!
painted vase radiant orchid
It’s a nice punch of color in the corner of the room. I think Valspar may have chosen this color because it complements the grays and greige colors that are so popular now. Could be….
img class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-3731″ src=”×625.jpg” alt=”Easter bunny centerpiece” width=”417″ height=”625″ />
The verdict is out on these painted bunnies. Since they were in need of freshening up they got painted too.
Easter bunny radiant orchid gold eggs
This will be the centerpiece at Easter. Orchid bunnies and gold and silver eggs! It’ll be whimsical for sure.
gold and silver Easter eggs
The faux eggs were spray painted with metallic gold and silver. There’s also gold and silver wrapping paper in the Easter grass. No need to buy Easter grass. Just put it through your paper shredder.  You could use any colorful paper. Leftover wrapping paper, magazines or any shredded paper.
I’m so glad that cold and dark weather is almost gone and it helps to lighten up with some bright color inside…….a little Radiant Orchid, some fresh flowers, purple bunnies, pretty shredded paper and gold and silver eggs! Yes it’s Spring…..finally!
Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx)))

How to repair crumbled and cracked powdered makeup

Why is there a nylon stocking on my expensive powdered makeup? It looks ridiculous I know, but it did solve the problem for the short term, until I decided it was just too wacky to have a nylon on my makeup! The nylon was wrapped around the compact, over the powder and tied in the back. Dumb.

I can’t be the only one dealing with crumbled and cracked makeup. There HAS to be a better way to remedy this problem.

make up compact

Here’s what I was dealing with.

makeup compact 2

Ever happen to you

Its an easy fix. Just put a little alcohol on the powder and tamp it down with a paper towel. About a capful should do it.

You could use vodka too if you are so inclined.

repairing compact makeup

Cover it with a paper towel and tamp it down with a lid or something….I used a bottle of hand soap which happened to be the perfect size.

Let it set overnight or until it dries and just as easy as that………

makeup repair compact graphic

VOILA….good as new!

Just look at it now….. amazing what a little cosmetic surgery can do!

cosmetic surgery…………….

Are you cracking up now? cracking up, get it……  Sorry

This method could be used to repair any type of powdered make up, even eye shadow. I’m so glad I found a way to repair this compact…..this stuff is expensive!

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Make a moss ball with plastic bags

When I was putting together my Valentine’s mantel, I  wanted to add something green and thought moss balls would be the answer. Not having any Styrofoam balls at home and not wanting to go out in the middle of yet another snow storm, I had to put on my thinking cap to come up with a substitute.  What did I have at home that I could shape into a sphere? I thought of aluminum foil, newspaper, plastic wrap, plastic……………bags! Grocery store bags.DIY plastic bag moss ball
I love the way this plastic bag moss ball looks, it’s a touch of green while waiting for Spring to arrive.plastic grocery bags
This is only about one quarter of the plastic bags I have at home.  We do take them back to the store for recycling though. But boy do they ever accumulate!  Did you know these facts about plastic bags?  Makes you think twice about using so many of them!
Every year the United States uses 30 billion plastic bags. Each bag you reuse has the potential to eliminate an average of 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime. The average family accumulates 60 plastic bags in only four trips to the grocery store. We throw away almost 100 billion plastic bags every year, and only 1 percent to 3 percent are ever recycled. Plastic bags are not biodegradable. They clog waterways and end up in landfills where they take 1,000 years or more to break down into smaller pieces that pollute the soil and water. Plastic bags also pose a serious danger to birds and marine mammals that mistake them for food. Thousands die each year after swallowing or choking on discarded plastic bags. Producing plastic bags requires millions of gallons of petroleum that could be used for transportation or heating.
Well, that’s not good. I think I’ll make a real effort to remember to use the cloth bags from now on.
Here’s how I made the plastic bag spheres. Put a bunch of bags inside a bag and shape into a ball. Keep adding bags and smashing it into a round shape. Tape it together and that’s it.plastic bags for moss balls
The spheres may not be perfectly round but that’s ok. You can shape it more as you go along. You’ll need a small brush, some glue and moss. Plain white school glue is what I used and it worked fine. I think hot glue would melt the plastic so I didn’t even try using it.bagged moss
I had this moss from the Dollar store in my stash and used about 2 bags per ball.craft moss
Each bag had 4 different kinds of moss.
Warning, MESS ALERT, this is a very messy project so be prepared. At this point I stopped taking pictures because my hands were full of glue and moss. Just brush on some glue, add a little moss, press it on and repeat. I took a little break and allowed the glue to dry when I was about half finished with each sphere.
moss balls on mantel
They look good on the mantel atop pretty white ironstone vases.
This was a quick project and a good way to reuse those plastic bags. I felt pretty good using up some of those bags.
Here’s another previous plastic bag project, you might remember the burlap pumpkins.
burlap pumpkin 22
5 minutes to craft a burlap pumpkin.  I made them in several versions. Plastic bags can be used in lots of different ways and I’ll be trying to think up new ways to use them for Spring and Easter crafts.
Hey, we are getting a little warmer here! Temperatures in the 40’s, WOW it’s a heat wave! Come on Spring!
Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx)))


Apple Galette, french apple tart

If you love pie then you will love galette too. Sometimes called a French tart or a free form pie, a galette is nothing more than a pie without the pressure of making a pretty crust. There’s still a crust but it’s not so fussy, especially if you use store bought frozen puff pastry, which I love! It’s flaky and delicious! Even though it’s not a fancy pie, it is delicious like a pie!

apple galette recipe

Isn’t it so pretty? It’s easy too!

The complete recipe is at the bottom of the post. After preparing the apples, you work with the puff pastry. There will be 2 sheets in a box. Unroll one thawed sheet onto a lightly floured baking sheet. My favorite brand is Pepperidge Farms.

puff pastry

You’ll need to create a square, so cut the second sheet into thirds.

puff pastry apple galette

Use a little water as glue to add one third to one side of the first sheet and add another across the bottom. Where the red lines are is where I added the strips. One strip will be left over. With the left over strip, I roll up a couple of the prepared apples and bake along with the galette. Try to eat that piece while no one’s looking.

french apple tart apple galette

Heap the apples onto the center of the puff pastry square and fold over the edges. This is the part I like, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Smile It’s free form.

apple galette

After baking, you can drizzle the top with a little icing made simply from confectioners sugar and water.

Wasn’t that easy? Isn’t it beautiful? Is it delicious? YES!

apple galette 3

Enjoy cold or warm with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream.

I love this simple recipe!

[gmc_recipe 3183]

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Are you eating your vegetables? Homemade vegetable stock

In summer our garden supplies us with plenty of healthy vegetables but in winter there are no fresh tomatoes or peppers straight from the garden. So I try to get every nutrient possible out of our vegetables. I like to make my own vegetable stock whenever I’m prepping vegetables for the week. I throw the stems of kale,  greens from broccoli or cauliflower in a pot along with whatever other vegetable I have, like carrots, onions even sweet potatoes. Any vegetable at all. It’s all good.


This pot of stock is made from kale stems and cauliflower leaves, the core of the cauliflower, some tomatoes that were a little past their prime, onions, parsley from my garden that I had frozen and a bunch of carrot peels and ends. Yes, I use the peels to make my stock.

vegetables for stock

This stock was yummy. It had a strong vegetable taste which I love.vegetable stock homemade

After it cooks, I mash it a little with a potato masher then strain it and put it in jars or freezer bags. I freeze it and use it when I’m making homemade soups. It adds so much flavor and must be packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

homemade vegetable stock

The trick to freezing in jars is to allow enough head room for expansion when it freezes. Wide mouth jars work best.

Every time I make vegetable stock it tastes different.  I used the last of my vegetable stock in homemade lentil soup and it was really tasty! The next time you’re cooking up a mess of vegetables try making your own stock for soups, it’s good to the last drop and you can sneak more vegetables in your family’s diet.


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Frozen colorful ice orbs, A Snowy Winter project

With snow and cold all over the place what to do for a little entertainment?

While I was in western NY at my daughter’s house I decided to try a Pintertest project with my 5 year old granddaughter, icy orbs. This is a messy project with water, balloons and food coloring, so be warned. I made a drippy mess with these things! But they turned out pretty good and she was thrilled to show everyone her ice balls in the backyard.

ice globe 1
These pictures were taken with my phone so they’re not so good.

ice globe

They look so small but were actually about the size of a soccer ball. We made 5 balls but one broke and one is still in the freezer for another day.


I thought the icy orbs looked like frozen Easter eggs and if the snow would have been good for a snowman I would have built a snowman/Easter bunny beside the orbs! This snow was the most powdery snow I had ever seen, definitely not good for snowmen making.

It helps to blow up the balloons to stretch them out first. Basically it’s just water balloons with food coloring in them. I put them in the freezer but probably should have just put them outside to freeze. I used a wash basket to move them to and from the freezer and each orb was wrapped in a plastic bag for a little extra protection in case they broke and one did break in the freezer. It took about 2 days for them to freeze completely. After frozen, cut off the balloon and that’s it.  I don’t think I’d put them on a porch or deck because of the food coloring causing stains but they do look so pretty and twinkly in the snow.

mia snow

Even thought it was really cold we were bundled up and had fun in the snow that day!

Do you like being out in the snow?

Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas in the kitchen 2013

The baker’s rack that I like to decorate for every season is decorated for Christmas.. This year I used those pretty and popular blue mason jars and red ornaments along with just a few other decorations. I made the NICE wreath last year and it’s looking great above the baker’s rack. Have you been naughty or nice this year or a little of both?

nice square wreath

Here’s some homemade hot cocoa mix complete with marshmallows, candy canes and festive Christmas mugs. There’s nothing like hot chocolate on a cold winter night!santa figurine and blue mason jars

I’ve had the little red snowman since I was a child and love to put it out every year.wooden snowman and tree


This wooden snowman and tree were given to me by a sweet friend a long time ago and I love displaying them every year too. The jar is filled with vintage cookie cutters.icon wall sticker Christmas

Around the corner is a little hallway full of doors that leads to the garage. I never knew what to do with this space and I recently painted the whole wall with chalkboard paint. It’s now the perfect place to post appointments, grocery lists and seasonal art. I’m not a great artist but I do enjoy drawing on the wall!

The cow’s head, from Décor Steals is fancied up for Christmas with a wreath and a necklace of bright red Christmas ornaments.

The focal point of this wall is a pretty frame decal from Icon wall stickers and I’ve got a generous giveaway from them coming soon.Christmas decor

Christmas shelf kitchen

Even the microwave nook gets glammed up for the holiday.

My collection of Jadite looks so festive with a little Christmas décor. The cute little signs came from the dollar bins at Target. The sweet little Santa boot was given to me by my 4th grade teacher. He was my first male teacher and I was terrified of him but he ended up being one of my favorite teachers. I was so happy when he moved to 5th grade and I had him as a teacher 2 years in a row!branch

The branch hanging above the island was a Pinterest inspiration.

We had a Christmas party on Saturday and the branch was a big hit! You get a big impact from something as simple as a branch! I love it!Christmas kitchen with branch


Merry Christmas

                  and Happy New Year

to you and yours

from the Bungalow blog!

        Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx)))

Christmas Fireplace 2013

The fireplace is all dressed up for Christmas. I try to come up with a different look every year but sometimes I think it all looks alike!  I’m calling this mantel, rustic glitz, a little rustic and a little sparkle. But anyway, this year the centerpiece is a big twig star.  I had the twig frame left over from a long ago project and added many more twigs to it, painted it white and added Epsom salt snow and glitter.mantel christmas2 2013

At night, with the twinkle lights lite and a fire going it looks so on mante 2l

I’ve had the garland for many years and it’s seen better days for sure. I tuck in some fresh greens to fill it out a bit

.star on mantel

The burlap ribbon is new this year.

Antlers are layered on a short tree stump.tree stumps on hearth

The urns hold more Epsom salt snowy branches and are wrapped in burlap scarves.frosted branches

More fresh greens are in a galvanized bucket on the hearth.

Fireplace hearth greens

The other side of the hearth with another star, more stumps and natural elements.

Fireplace hearth star

I still have some Christmas decorating pictures of the kitchen to post soon. We’ve been busy around here getting ready to host a Christmas party on Saturday so the kitchen has been in a perpetual state of messiness! But it’s a good thing. Fireplace hearth banner

I hope you are enjoying this season and are remembering why we celebrate! Merry Christmas!

Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx))