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I know you’ll like Icon Wall Stickers as much as I do and this giveaway gives you a change to have some for your home. Icon Wall Stickers is giving away a $50. gift certificate to one lucky reader!

The wall sticker I chose for my home was the swirl rectangular frame. I put it in the hallway that leads from the kitchen to the garage.

chalkboard wall Christmas

Icon Wall Stickers come in many different colors and I chose white. It really stands out on the blackboard walls and is the perfect spot to use for seasonal decorating. At Christmas I put a silly letter to Santa inside the frame.

icon wall sticker, collage

It’s so hard to get a decent photo in this little hallway so I tried photographing it from both directions.

Icon wall sticker on blackboard wall.JPG 2 - Copy

Here it is decorated for valentine’s day. Even though this walls sticker is large, it was easy to apply and adheres well. There are clear direction on the web site as well as a video explaining how to apply your sticker. It’s really very easy!

Icon wall sticker on blackboard wall.JPG 3

I think using a frame sticker is a great way to showcase children’s art. Using it on a blackboard wall, you could use it to frame a message to your sweetie or even your honey-do list.

There are a massive amount of wall stickers to choose from, everything from Elvis to dogs to skylines, birds, butterflies, places and trains, rock stars to rockets….you get the idea!

Here’s the giveaway. Just follow the directions on Raffelcopter.


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  1. I would love to put it in my craft room, or the hallway. Leave notes for myself or my husband.

  2. I’m really drawn to the “no commitment” aspect of wall stickers right now … seems my decor preferences change frequently these days and stickers can too. No wall repair, gotta love that!

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