Frozen colorful ice orbs, A Snowy Winter project

With snow and cold all over the place what to do for a little entertainment?

While I was in western NY at my daughter’s house I decided to try a Pintertest project with my 5 year old granddaughter, icy orbs. This is a messy project with water, balloons and food coloring, so be warned. I made a drippy mess with these things! But they turned out pretty good and she was thrilled to show everyone her ice balls in the backyard.

ice globe 1
These pictures were taken with my phone so they’re not so good.

ice globe

They look so small but were actually about the size of a soccer ball. We made 5 balls but one broke and one is still in the freezer for another day.


I thought the icy orbs looked like frozen Easter eggs and if the snow would have been good for a snowman I would have built a snowman/Easter bunny beside the orbs! This snow was the most powdery snow I had ever seen, definitely not good for snowmen making.

It helps to blow up the balloons to stretch them out first. Basically it’s just water balloons with food coloring in them. I put them in the freezer but probably should have just put them outside to freeze. I used a wash basket to move them to and from the freezer and each orb was wrapped in a plastic bag for a little extra protection in case they broke and one did break in the freezer. It took about 2 days for them to freeze completely. After frozen, cut off the balloon and that’s it.  I don’t think I’d put them on a porch or deck because of the food coloring causing stains but they do look so pretty and twinkly in the snow.

mia snow

Even thought it was really cold we were bundled up and had fun in the snow that day!

Do you like being out in the snow?

Happy New Year!

Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx)))


3 thoughts on “Frozen colorful ice orbs, A Snowy Winter project

  1. What fun you guys had. Yes, I love playing in the snow with the grands, little and big.

  2. Another Christmas Tradition I miss being in NC…hanging out with you and the girls in our jammies drinking coffee!!!

  3. I was trying to view your Pinterest and .com sites for instructions on the wood pallet “Sunshine” sign. I am not able to view the pictures either way. I am not very tech savvy so could you tell me if I am doing something wrong or that would enable me to view them. I am using an iPhone 5C. LOVE your work!! Thank you in advance.

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