Unique and creative ways to give money at Christmas

Every year we give money as gifts at Christmas. With some people being hard to buy for. it can get pretty frustrating , that’s why we just give money. I know, I know, lots of people think it’s an impersonal gift but it works for us.  I think teenagers appreciate getting dollars over something  they’ll have to return, like that sweater you think is perfect but is so NOT. I searched the web and found so many cute and creative ideas appropriate for Christmas gift giving.

Creative ways

I searched the web and found so many cute and creative ideas appropriate for Christmas gift giving. Here is just a sampling of what I found. I know I’ll be trying some of these cute ideas.

money complete_tree

From Then She Made, this is a version of a money tree in a Christmas tree shape. It looks cute in a red pot and even has a star on top. It doesn’t look too difficult either. That’s always good!


Here’s another Christmas tree on a home made card featured at Stephanie Lynn. She shares more great ideas on giving money at her site.


Over at Hog Wild About Stamping I found this cute wreath. It looks to be made from 15 ten dollar bills. Yes please, but I wouldn’t want to take it apart.


This star shaped fold looks pretty impressive. You can find the directions and a video tutorial at Hand Made Gifts Made Easy. You’ll hear plenty of oohs and aahs over this one.

money flowers5

This is from I can’t keep up with a blog with instructions HERE. I think these pretty creations would look great tucked in a potted poinsettia.


From How About Orange, how about a shirt for your best guy, uncle, son, dad or grandpa? It’s sure to put a grin on his face.


Mom and dad or grammie and gramps would probably like this. I think it’s a great idea to give to any couple. Also from HomeMade Gifts made Easy.

money box4d94c09bf12d55544a9b582b45363adf

Money Origami shows you how to make a cute little box to hold a special treasure….or more $$$ maybe. Smile 

If you don’t think you could master the art of folding money into shapes, here are some ideas for you.


This idea is from The Seasonal Home, she used a cheap umbrella and added money. Surprise! I happen to love this idea!


From Photo Place, a mason jar with gum balls is a fun way to hide some bucks. It doesn’t have to be candy, it could be nuts, homemade granola or even pennies. Would your grandkids like getting a jar full of pennies? Probably not, but open it up and voila……big bucks inside!

One year I gave my grandkids a one dollar bill in a card with an apology saying that I ran out of money and was so sorry. My granddaughter gave me a disappointed look that said are you crazy?! My grandson said, “oh, it’s ok.’” I let them think that was my only gift to them  Later I remembered another gift Winking smile and gave them a new unused quart paint can and a paint can opener and said I had just one other thing for them and to open the can. Inside each can were 99 crumbled up $1 bills!  That was so much fun, They were fooled and very happy unfolding and counting the money.

That’s a great Christmas memory. Do you give money gifts at Christmas?

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