A retro inspired bar cart from a vintage kitchen cart

With the popularity of the series Mad Men, all things 60s are back in style. Bar carts are making a comeback. I had a vintage 3 tiered kitchen cart in my laundry room that I wasn’t using and decided to turn it into a bar cart. Not for us, but for my grandson who lives in Brooklyn. I know he likes to invite people to drop in on the holidays for a bit of cheer so I think he will like it.
retro inspired bar cart, the Bungalow blog
A few years ago I found the cart at a yard sales for only 2 bucks!
I don’t have a complete before picture but here’s what it looked like before I painted it, wood grain on metal. You can see it was in good shape.  wood grain on metal
After I took it apart and cleaned it well, I sprayed the shelves with Rustoleum’s metallic aluminum and the handles with Rustoleum’s metallic rich caramel.
bar cart from vintage 3 tiered kitchen cart
It’s so cute now! I love the way it turned out. I styled it with a vintage ice bucket and red napkins for a festive touch.
I’ll be posting how I made the cheers and martini bar towel next.
Growing up in the 60s, Mad Men’s mid century modern style furniture is not new to me. I remember my aunt Grace’s sprawling ranch home that was filled with brand new furniture. She had a long sofa with tall art behind it and kidney shaped tables that I thought were so cool back then. It was so different from today. No cell phones, internet or microwaves, imagine that!


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