Improvising a Burlap tablecloth from Landscapers burlap

Our patio table is so old, about 20 years I think. Originally it was white but we painted it black a few summers ago. While there’s nothing wrong with it, I’d love to have a new set. Every time I find one I really like, it costs over a thousand dollars and that’s just too costly for us.
I can’t remember how many sets of cushions we’ve been through, but the current ones are teal, black and brown. Changing out the cushions every few years isn’t the problem, it’s the glass top table that I don’t like.  It has a design on it and I think after 20 some years I’m just tired of it!
glass topped table on patio
This is a big square table and no tablecloths are made to fit it properly. To get rid of that glaring glass look I improvised a tablecloth from landscapers burlap.
burlap roll
You can find this type of burlap on rolls at garden centers and home improvement stores. I got this roll at Lowe’s for about ten dollars for a 24‘ by 3’ roll. It’s used mostly for protecting shrubs in winter and when seeding new lawns.
burlap tablecloth
I cut 2 lengths of burlap for the table, not worrying about where they overlap when laid on the table. It’s almost impossible to cut burlap straight but you can take care of that later. Any wrinkles in the burlap will disappear in a few days.
You can even out the ends by pulling out some of the threads to fray the edges a little on the cut ends. I didn’t cut the other edges, the selvedge edges of the burlap but you could if you want.
burlap table cover patio
If you don’t like seeing where the burlap overlaps, you can put down a table runner. This twig runner came from Target.
burlap table cover patio2
Rolls of burlap from the garden center can be used in so many ways. I can see it as table runners for any outdoor party and just imagine all the ways it could be used in spring or Christmas décor…..big full bows, wrapped in and around tree branches, wreathes, ornaments and more.
Next time you’re in a garden center check out those rolls of burlap!
We had a week of gorgeous weather but now the 3 H’s are back again…hazy, hot and humid! I got so much work done outside and the garden is giving us so many tomatoes but not the tomatoes we thought!! Seems the plants were mislabeled and we ended up with a bunch of yellow tomatoes and grape tomatoes! What I thought was yellow squash ended up being butternut squash. Somebody must have been playing with the plant markers at the garden store.

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4 thoughts on “Improvising a Burlap tablecloth from Landscapers burlap

  1. Brilliant! You are the first one I have seen discussing landscapers burlap. The table got a new lease on life!

  2. That is such a simple idea but has lots of impact. I wish I could use burlap but I have an allergy to it- I itch like crazy after I touch it- xo Diana

  3. sorry about your mystery veggies 🙁 maybe you can try growing your own? the company I rep for has heirlooms…and are at most independent garden centers. good luck, very much enjoying your blog and decorating adventures!!

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