hanging plates on walls Frugally

Thrift store plates can be inexpensive art for your walls. We’ve been seeing them in decor for several years now.
hanging plates 2
You probably use those wire plate hangers that can be found at craft and home improvement stores to hang plates. They work just fine and I have a pile of all sizes from tiny to extra large. I even linked 2 springs together with wire to make them work when I didn’t have the right size.
Then I discovered Disc hangers! If you’ve never tried them, they’re great.
disc hangers
I don’t like seeing the wire hanger, so the Disc hangers were the solution to that problem but I think they can be a little pricey. Just a little…….when you have lots of plates to hang.
hanging plates on wall 3Somewhere on line I stumbled across this neat trick. Use what you have to make your own faux disc hangers. I’m talking about soda can tops, or beer can, and super glue. I used a generic brand of glue and it works good, maybe even a little too good. Don’t let the glue run off the plate and onto paper or cardboard under the plate…..just saying, you might not be able to get it off without a lot of elbow grease and choice words!
hanging plates on wall
Finding the perfect pattern for hanging a collage of plates has never been easy for me. I tried the “lay out the pattern on the floor” method and couldn’t seem to get it right. The old,”hang paper templates on the wall” method seemed to work better. I was able to visualize how the pattern would look.
paper templates
The newspaper templates were easy to reposition. I had an old tureen lid and some unusually shaped plates so this is what I came up with.
hanging plates on wall 2
When I was at the shore I found some little square plates and wanted to add them to the arrangement.
hanging plates
Ignore the mess, I’m in the process of painting the living room and stuff gets moved out of the way. The paint color on this wall is Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams. The living room is being painted in Agreeable gray.
plate collage

Here’s the finished arrangement.

If I were hanging old heirloom plates I don’t think I’d use pop tops and super glue but they have not fallen yet. I don’t think they will. When hanging plates you can choose a symmetrical pattern or free form, the trick is finding something that looks good to you. And that isn’t always easy! Are you using plates to decorate your walls?

Fall is in the air, are you ready to let go of summer?

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9 thoughts on “hanging plates on walls Frugally

  1. Smart! Everything looks so pretty. The collection of white looks really nice up there. Love those adhesive discs but you are right – they add up when you are doing a project. The super glue ideas is great!

  2. It looks fabulous! I remember reading this tip in a magazine back along and promptly forgetting so thank you for the reminder. I have my E6000 and plenty of metal tabs if I start drinking a lot of orange drinks that is. I don’t like the look of the wire hangers and I don’t think that they’re good for the plates so your solution is much better!

  3. I love the way your wall turned out. It looks great and I like the two little square plates tucked in there, too. 2 houses ago I had a wall of plates. Now I only have a couple that adorn a kind of fancy wire plate holder. Great job! xo Diana

  4. Your collection of plates looks so pretty…..I love the way you have them grouped together. I tried the super glue and metal rings on some of my plates and they did hold for quite a while but then they slowly started to fall one by one. Needless to say I have gone back to using the invisible discs hangers now. LOL!!!

  5. I trimmed to top of the chair rail in our dining room random black and white plates. I used the basic wire method on the back. The ideas you shared about products that already exist and ones you have at home, are an updated version for me. Thanks! If I decide to put more plates on the wall, it will be so much easier now!

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