Using silver spray paint with furniture wax, redecorating the Dining room

One thing leads to another in redecorating a space. I’m in the middle of redecorating the dining room and it’s never as easy as slapping a different color of paint on the walls.  Painting furniture and recovering chair seats and adding new accessories are part of the process.

This dining room project on a burgundy colored bombe chest was a total experiment. I wanted a silver luxe look without too much gloss and I wanted to make this project simple by using spray paint. So on went my thinking cap and this is what I came up with. Using spray paint with Annie Sloan waxes.  drawers


I looked but couldn’t find a picture of the bombe chest before I painted it, but it was dark and had a flower design on the front of the drawers. It was an inexpensive piece so I had no qualms about painting it. Going over this piece with liquid sander, which is sometimes called deglosser was the first step.  Easy, no sanding involved! After it dried I sprayed it with Krylon metallic aluminum. It was really shiny and bright, not at all the look I was going for. That’s where the wax came into play.

spray paint wax

I mixed a little dark wax with clear wax and rubbed it on. I liked it immediately. It had the color I wanted and the wax knocked down the sheen.

silver painted bombe chest

I distressed  the drawer fronts and edges but that didn’t photograph too well, but you get the idea.

Anew gray from Sherwin Williams

The new paint color on the walls is Anew Gray, it’s a gray with tan in it, a greige. It works well with cool and warm tones.

Anew gray from Sherwin Williams DR

Here’s a look at the newly recovered chair seats.

painted bombe chest and silver

You can get a glimpse of the china cabinet with its doors removed and a newly stenciled back, that was another project that I’ll be sharing later.

I’ll be painting the living room in Agreeable Gray, a slightly lighter color if I ever get done with this project.Thinking smile It always takes me forever! I got some new pieces in there and a pretty new rug.

Have you used gray in your home or do you think this trend will be over soon?


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7 thoughts on “Using silver spray paint with furniture wax, redecorating the Dining room

  1. Better to go slowly and get the look you are going for in each room, Debbie. I love the wall color you used in here. The chest turned out beautiful. I love how the waxes toned it down so it wasn’t to “shiny” looking.

  2. This is such a pretty room! I like how you’ve used the tradtional pieces and updated with other things around it…like the gray walls, the fabric on the chairs and of course the gorgeous bombay chest. Just terrific! Yes, I too have gray in my living room…a very pretty soft light gray. It was on the walls in the house when we bought it and I loved it!

  3. Both the chest and the walls look beautiful. They are a nice complement. I know nothing of trends, but the light gray looks classic to me.

  4. HI, Debbie, I love what you are doing in your dining room. The gray looks wonderful and that chest turned out really nice. It’s fun to change things up, funny how we gravitate to the new colors out there and then all of a sudden we hate them later. I do love the gray trend, hope it sticks around for awhile longer, but I’m sure something shiny & new will catch our eye later. How long we’ve been on this journey!!

  5. The other day, admiring the pictures taken during our recent trip to Sydney with my new DLSR camera, i was going to post it online and just saw your page in google search result. You have a good post Debbie!

  6. Do u think this would work on a laminate piece? I have read not to sand laminate to just prime and paint them it’s my first project and only pd $10 for the dresser for my mom. It’s hideous so I want to do something to it before I brought it to her house.

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