Valentine’s day décor in the kitchen, Belated

The baker’s rack is decorated in pink and white for Valentine’s day. Painting it white has given it a new life. I painted it Annie Sloan’s old white before Christmas and it’s fun decorating it for the seasons. It holds a collection of white pottery, which you know I love. I added a few Valentine’s and ribbon for a pop of color.

valentines decor22

The pink hearts are actually paper doily hearts that I colored with a marker.

valentines decor

I added a few Valentine cards here and there.

valentines decor23


On the top shelf, the doily hearts were glued on skewers and I added a little ribbon.


I twisted the ribbon swag.


Pretty pink carnations and more doily hearts are on the 3rd shelf.

shelf bottom

The only thing I bought was the Valentine cards, I had the other stuff in my stash!

I’m about to put these decorations away and move on to the next thing but I wanted to share its prettiness!  I hope you had a great Valentine’s day!



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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s day décor in the kitchen, Belated

  1. I did have a wonderful day and I’m glad that you didn’t pass on sharing this. Sometimes the simplest of ideas catches a person and that’s the case with your twisted ribbon garland…a great idea!

  2. Well, it might be a tad late but it makes up for it in cuteness! And besides that, now no one will copy you and claim it as their own!;>) It looks beautiful and cheery and pink! xo Diana

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