Trying to grow houseplants

  Last week at Lowe’s I noticed a whole display of new houseplants. On an impulse I bought 3 plants hoping to bring something green and growing home with me.  Houseplants can help brighten up your home on the dreary days of winter and we sure need some brightening in our home.

I don’t have good luck with indoor plants and these probably won’t last long, but if they last a few months I’ll be happy. We don’t get good light for plants in our home, I’ll blame my failure to keep them alive on that. Winking smile

potting plants

I set up the dining room table as my potting station.

plastic pot

These pretty pots were at Lowe’s too, I thought they were ceramic, but they’re plastic! I was totally fooled. They were around 9 dollars each.

drill hole in bottom of pot

I drilled drainage holes in the bottom.

 potting plants2

For the small plant, I used a piece of Haeger pottery from my collection.  I added a few stones to the bottom for drainage.

potbound plant roots

It was time to get this plant in a bigger pot. I loosened up some of the roots to keep it from getting pot bound.

plant tags

These are the three plants, dracaena, a palm and the other one, the leaf……..I lost the tag. It shouldn’t be so hard to grow houseplants……just the right amount of light, water and feed occasionally. I think I overdo it and end up killing them.


Every year at this time I get so tired of the dark, cold days, I get excited when I see the sun shining! This morning I woke up to a cloudy morning with more snow on the ground but at least I have some pretty plants to enjoy…….for a while anyway! Smile

Got any advice or secrets to share about growing houseplants?

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         Debra (((xx)))

2 thoughts on “Trying to grow houseplants

  1. Debra, I do the same thing this time of year. You know….I can grow anything outside but inside is another story. Spathyphyllum or peace lily is super easy to grow. They have large ones at Lowe’s for around $10.00.

    Your house looks so nice! You’ve really transformed the colors and the look of everything.

  2. LOL this happens to me too! I love gardening outdoors but have a BLACK thumb inside!!! I hope yours do well! I have 3 right now too. Two look good and one looks like it’s on deaths doorstep, lol 🙂

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