Upper cabinet project in kitchen is finally complete


This kitchen cabinet project has gone on forever it seems but I’m happy to say it is finished! From the café curtains to the finishing and painting of all cabinets, it’s done and I am so happy about that!

Here’s a recap and the official reveal of the finished projects.

breakfast area

Here’s a look at the board and batten project that we did last winter, refinishing my Mom’s table and new fabric panels on the windows.

bakers rack kitchen

Looking through the kitchen and the baker’s rack freshly painted with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint.

pantry wall

Here’s my post about painting the cabinets with Benjamin Moore’s Advance paint. I love how this side of the kitchen turned out. Getting rid of the bifold doors really takes the kitchen up a notch! Notice we added doors below the microwave too.

kitchen stripped runner

A new runner from Rugs USA has the perfect colors for the kitchen’s new look.

stove kitchen

The next project might be replacing the tile backsplash with subway tile. Getting rid of the shelves on this end of the island added a lot of extra space to move around. This was the 2nd transformation of the island, remember this one,  from white to dark red?

upper cabinets

Adding tolix stools to the island is on my to-do list.Something like this,


shelf kitchen

A cute shelf was added above the kitchen window.


In the 16 years we’ve lived in this house there have been a few kitchen makeovers. Back splash sink, granite…..it’s ever evolving!

What’s next, I’m thinking of removing some wallpaperSad smile

I have been on a hiatus because I’ve been sick for the last 3 weeks. What started out as a sinus/allergy problem became a virus with a cough and aches and pains that seem to last forever! I’m sick and tired of coughing my guts out and the throbbing headache that comes with it! I’m sick and tired of feeling lousy and I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired! I’ve been to the Dr twice now and am very slowly starting to feel better. I’m itching to start a new project!


Thanks for visiting! Debbie (((xx)))

11 thoughts on “Upper cabinet project in kitchen is finally complete

  1. Your kitchen makeover looks wonderful. The cabinets repainted looks wonderful in white and love the bakers rack too!

  2. I love it! One project at a time seems to make a bigger impact to me than the whole rip-it-out-and-start-all-over. Of course it would be different if I could afford to rip it out!! Love cafe curtains, always a fav of mine.
    So sorry you got the gunk and hope you are starting to feel better. It will take a few weeks to feel stronger again but just remember to take it slow and be kind to yourself!

  3. Howdy, Stranger! I just read the italicized words and realize that you weren’t gone by choice…I thought you were just busy on your beautiful, fresh and pretty kitchen. It has got to be a sign that you are on the mend if you’re ready to begin a new project, though I’m thinking another few days with plenty of tea and rest would be preferable. Take care…nice to find you back.

  4. Hi Deb. First let me say, I hope you are well soon. Those symptoms you describe are really going around. Just talked to a good friend who has been sick with the same thing for 3 weeks. I feel for ya.

    Your kitchen is quite amazing! Really. I loved it when your island was red but wow! You really had a vision and have carried it out beautifully.

  5. Everything looks beautiful, Debbie! Love how the white makes it so light and bright in your kitchen. You’ve got to be happy just walking in there. The table and chairs turned out great! Love the painted and stained look on them. I love your granite. I’m hoping maybe later in the year {when we’ve got some money saved} we can redo the countertops and sink in our kitchen.

  6. Hey Debbie! Wow, your kitchen looks great, I love the new colors and fresh fabrics. You’ve been working hard and it shows. I remember seeing your kitchen way back in GI days and it’s really come a long way with the new updates. Fun to keep things fresh. You know, I think your backsplash is still very pretty, you could certainly leave it. Hope you’re feeling better!

  7. Nice job Debbie , I have to say I loved that red island, I remember when you did . and yes its always evolving……slate floor is next for me 🙂

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